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NY: PFML sues a poor man from another state in retaliation for Internet comments

The Suffolk nonprofit hired by the county to monitor registered sex offenders has sued a Cincinnati registered sex offender, accusing him of defaming the group with his online posts. Full Article
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I know Derrick Logue and he is a good man…These THUGS picked the wrong person to BULLY.Derrick will make this a International subject and shine the light on these roaches and I will do what I can to help…….

like how they say for reckless disregard for the truth. ya kinda like the reckless disregards for the truth the legislators used to justify these laws

I know Derek and realize he is rough but please remember his crime happened in 2000 and he has been homeless a few times. He has been offense free since and is in survival mode as our government keeps trying to make him fail. He will fight for those all alone and stick his neck out with nothing to gain and just wants to live just like the rest of us.

Survival mode makes us bold and daring and to be honest every registered citizen and family should feel threatened by our government. He has so little to give but will try to help homeless registered citizens living under a bridge. If you are civilly commited and ask him for help he won’t just ignore you.

I honestly thinks our government wants me and every registered citizen dead. Along with our families! Our families mean nothing to them. They will not even debate killing us by poverty with new laws.

Many of us lost our right to travel based on lies.

Article 1, Section 10 of the U.S. Constitution, which bars states from passing a law that “makes more burdensome the punishment for a crime” after it is committed.

Back in colonial America we used public shaming as punishment, such as requiring adulterers to wear a scarlet “A” on their clothes.

Almost fifteen years ago when I pled no contest I had almost zero restrictions in my life. Now I have so many restrictions survival is near impossible. Spending a quarter of a century on a list creating such hardships that simple things like a job and shelter become almost impossible.

Watching the movie… Suicide forest I started reading. A expert said a individual placed a doll upside down on a tree to show his contempt of society. He was tortured by society. For some reason that struck me.

In 2002 I lost my reputation and dignity. In 2015 I have lost my right to live most places and to travel most places. Legislators scramble to create more barriers for me and my family, with little regard to how destructive these new restrictive laws are.

Dare I say legislators so destructive that the outcome of laws has created extreme poverty and homelessness for many of my fellow American citizens.

Homelessness should never be the outcome of laws. Poverty should never be the sentence and shame should never be a life sentence.

Society should always try to help those trying to live productive positive lives. It should never be a goal to destroy life.

One, seemingly small, distinction: “Many of us lost our right to travel based on lies.”

We didn’t lose our rights, our rights were denied us. Government can neither give or take away our rights, it can only recognize or deny them.

We possess rights as a function of being human.

Another thing which we would do well to keep in mind is the Ninth Amendment, a greatly disparaged (by our governments and our Justices) but an extraordinarily powerful (if it were to be acknowledged by our courts) and essential element of the Bill of Rights.

It reads: “The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”

In other words, just because a specific element, such as the right to international travel, for example, isn’t in the Bill of Rights, does not mean that we do not possess it.

It is through the belittlement of that Amendment that so much horror has been visited upon us.

keyword: reckless disregard for the truth

1 : disregard of the truth or falsity of a defamatory statement by a person who is highly aware of its probable falsity or entertains serious doubts about its truth or when there are obvious reasons to doubt the veracity and accuracy of a source [the knowingly false statement and the false statement made with reckless disregard of the truth , do not enjoy constitutional protection “Garrison v. Louisiana , 379 U.S. 64 (1964)”]
2 : a reckless lack of attention to the truth that misleads or deceives another (as a magistrate) [whether false statements were made intentionally or in reckless disregard of the truth in support of the warrant “State v. O’Neil , 879 P.2d 950 (1994)”] – See more at:

first I will start with , this derric guy is very cool , and Jason has this right , calling these monsters, THUGS , and Bullys , these so called people have been givin a free pass to make things a night mare for RC’s and there familys with no thought about the harm they do to everyone , even the people that they say” they are there to help , one of the things that they are not teaching in the so called theropy is moving on , no they keep these poor victims filled with fear and hate , just so there Org has a reason to be! not one time has anyone that I ever read about ever has anything to say about truth EVER ! like they are bilding there own privet Army of programed victims that walk around all wall eyed full of hate trying to creat new victims out of people that never did anything to them , rather than moving along in life , and doing something that could help everyone , like forgiveness , truth , fact based truth is where the answer really is! not fear + hate = line the pockets of unjust law makers! because the victims are still there in the wake of sick thinking money hungry scum bags that uses some poor little children’s names as a way to make them selfs richer, and throw yet more fear unfounded truth to generate more hate ,

There are a number of groups that receive millions of dollars in government money and they use the money to create the need for their organization. It is a true government funded bureaucracy. They use partial truths and half truths to create fear and the perceived need for their organization. When a case comes up or they hear of it, they lobby the prosecutor and the media with all sorts of suggestions and in a high profile way, create the need for drastic action. Unfortunately some of the crimes are horrendous. In some cases these groups can issue grants to law enforcement to pay for an additional position which gives them a ton of access and creates an incestuous relationship, pun not intended.
That is why it is critical for all of us to become much more organized to write, and donate for this cause.

This is a big crock of you-know-what! I hope he countersues and wins millions from these bullies!

I think we all need to stand by this man! I’m on disability and i will throw in 5.00 to a legal fund if we can find a high price law firm to defend this silliness and the sue this group for legal fees, etc…

And today the corrupt guy Dean Skelos of New York who proposed the first counter-productive level 1 registrant registration duration increase of 10 to 20 years in 2006, gets sentenced for corruption for 12 million in kickbacks to his son.

PFML was around then too and benefited by this. Maybe the company paying Skelos son was getting money funnelled through them by PFML. These are valid concerns.

If PFML takes public funds, then it’s my thinking their records are also public.
They say they hire ex-cops, the question would be why are they ex-cops and not active cops.

Stephen – It doesn’t matter WHO PFML hires, stalking registrants is against New York state law – People v Diack – The state claims the entire field of sex offender registration including “monitoring”. Local municipalities cannot enact their own local laws regarding SO’s. The Suffolk county Community Protection Act and Laura Ahearn’s Parents For Megan’s Law operating under this Act, is in total violation of the State Pre emption doctrine. Ahearn is illegally paying people to stalk registrants with the blessing of the county with tax payer dollars… There’s is much more deception going on here than meets the eye. Suffolk is swimming in corruption and it will be exposed. Derek hasn’t done anything wrong and she attacked him with a frivilous suit. I guess she didn’t realize she would be digging her own grave with this one. Now all the foil requests he sent to her will have to be given over. Everything she does is frivilous at tax payer expence. The corrupt County gives her money it transfers from the “victims” fund (ironic) to harass registrants (against state law). Derek will tear this wide open now…That woman has been exercizing her freedom of speech (lying) about others for YEARS! Now she wants to talk “hurt feelings” because Derek asks questions that may imply the truth? Are you friggen kidding me! Look at all the women and children she has contributed to make homeless and be made outcasts! She wants to talk “hurt felings” She’s about to learn what that means! She cherry picks which children she supposedly cares about. The ones who bring in profit! Not the ones being thrown out of their homes and bullied in school or by other kids because of a family member on the registry. She is a fraud!

I’m not very worried about the lawsuit, it is frivolous and looks like it was written by a layman rather than a lawyer. The lawsuit was written specifically to try to intimidate me and anyone else who dared to attend our protest that day. i’m sure it will get tossed out.

I also believe that Chuck Rodrick of the Offendex extortion site has been recruited to target me. He started slamming me on all his harassment sites, citing this lawsuit as a source.

We all wish you well Derek…You are doing good in this world…difficult as it may be, a bunch of us are very proud of you.

Good Luck and be Blessed,

Best Wishes, James

What is the citation of the suit? I wanted to see the lawsuit

I read the suit. I agree that it’s poorly written (and includes some grammatical errors)

Additionally, I found it interesting that all references to PFML are in regard to their “good name” through “victim’s advocacy” and NOTHING about their perhaps illegal monitoring and possible harassment of registered persons.

Their only references to Derek are his past offense (which is public record he is not hiding from) but not that if his advocacy which is just as valid as theirs.

Good luck, my friend!

I should have posted this link in my last comment (Sorry RSOL Admin for the busy work)

Derek will be on DR DREW SHOW tonight 5/4/2016

7pm EST

Maybe this is a good time to expose PML for their lies which they use to uphold the registry and their myth based organizan.If we can force them to back up their lies and myths (which they can’t) and we produce the facts , studies and research, maybe we can blow these liers out of existence . Their whole organization is based on lies and myths fears and emotions.Can we destroy them through this?? This question is directed to CA RSOL Admin…..Thanks in advance!

A retired New York State Supreme Justice, who now teaches law in Brooklyn, has added what he thinks of Laura Ahorn and her PFML:

You know, I’m a one finger hunt and peck person on an iPad ….typing these looooong stupid addresses is absolute crap……….At least it came back in BLUE , so the next person doesn’t

Interesting. Lets hope many people read this before their contract is renewed. Maybe Laura Ahearn’s employees will have to find a new way to bully people. Thanks for posting.

Nicely done, Two States…thanks.

Your fingers may bleed, but it helps us!

Be Good, James

A (retired) New York Supreme Court Justice sides with Derek Logue, and against PFML, ina letter to the editor.

Any update on what happened with this Case and Derek?

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