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Adult Sex Offender Management

Research Brief by the U.S. Department of Justice – Office of Sex Offender Sentencing, Monitoring, Apprehending, Registering, and Tracking (July 2015). Full Brief

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This is the useful part of this brief………

In addition, SORN was studied for its impact on the
rates of sexual recidivism for registered sex offenders,
with the majority of studies demonstrating no impact
(Adkins, Huff, & Stageberg, 2000; Freeman, 2012;
Letourneau, Levenson, Bandyopadhyay, Sinha, &
Armstrong, 2010; Sandler, Freeman, & Socia, 2008;
Schram & Milloy, 1995; Zevitz, 2006; Zgoba & Bachar,
2009; Zgoba et al., 2008). However, two studies did show
a significant decrease in sexual recidivism for registered
sex offenders (Duwe & Donnay, 2008; WSIPP, 2005).

The two studies that showed a decrease in recidivism needs to be debunked. It must of been a faulty or a biased research or the facts were somehow manipulated to get the results that the researchers wanted……….

I call attention to the “Perpetual Punishment” that these laws Perpetrate on a selected group of Americans in violation to their Titles & Right enumerated by the founding of the Nation Centuries ago.

In a review of eight individual surveys on SORN’s
impact on sexual offenders subject to it, Lasher and
McGrath (2012) found that 8 percent of sex offenders
reported physical assault or injury, 14 percent reported
property damage, 20 percent reported being threatened
or harassed, 30 percent reported job loss, 19 percent
reported loss of housing, 16 percent reported a family
member or roommate being harassed or assaulted,
and 40 to 60 percent reported negative psychological

How long will the song be sung?

Son of Liberty Child of Freedom

This post should be all that is required to have the entire Registration process flushed down the toilet.
Serve your time and then begin to have a life. Period.


In addition to creating a Merchandise Exploitable Forever of those American’s subjected to the evil that these Corrupt & Twisted Counterfeit Laws inflict they are, these Americans & there families lead down the path of Bankruptcy, Disease, & Death.

Who will account for the Unjust damaging effects of those Wicked Servants who Usurp the Titles & Rights of American’s day after day. Heaven & Earth bear witness to the Mounting Debts of those Wicked Servants.

“In terms of the impact on sex offenders of residence
restrictions, research indicates that many sexual
offenders have had to move or would have to move
due to the implementation of residence restriction
laws (Barnes et al., 2009; Chajewski & Mercado, 2008;
Levenson & Cotter, 2005; Tewksbury & Zgoba, 2010)
despite having limited housing options, particularly in
urban areas (Barnes et al., 2009; Chajewski & Mercado,
2008; Levenson, 2008). This combination led to a report
of increased homelessness (Levenson, 2008), loss of
family support, and financial hardship (Levenson &
Cotter, 2005).”

I think an important part of this document is the conclusion:

“Overall, sex offender management policies are often implemented on a one-size-fits-all basis for all sexual offenders. It must be stressed that all of the above noted
policies that show a positive impact should be implemented in a targeted rather than one-size-fits-all fashion commensurate with offender risk and need.

“Finally, it is recommended that sex offender management policymakers strive to use empirically supported strategies. Granted, there are times when new strategies are identified in the absence of research and need to be tested for effectiveness, as innovation in criminal justice practice (including sex offender management) is
important. Given this contingency, it is recommended that future implemented policies should be evidence generating so that empirical study can occur.”

The big question is why the DOJ SMART office does not follow its own published policy on Adult Sex Offender Management? The DOJ SMART office implemented the travel restrictions on sex offenders in 2011, now International Meagan’s Law, without any empirical study or a shread of data linking sex tourism abroad and US citizens listed on the US sex registry.

The DOJ SMART office also published their Recidivism of Adult Sex Offenders report in July 2015 in which the office falsely stated “Sex offender recidivism is difficult to measure. The surreptitious nature of sex crimes, the fact that few sexual offenses are reported to authorities, and the variation in the ways researchers calculate recidivism rates all contribute to the problem.”

Steve Yoder addresses this falsehood in his recent article:

The truth is that sex offender recidivism is not difficult to measure and in fact was quite well documented when this report was published. Why does DOJ SMART office continue to publish the myth instead of the truth?

They do it so they can justify their jobs

Overall, this report agrees with almost everything that we have been arguing for years now. Where there were some studies that worked against us, there was always one or more studies that disagreed with those studies (such as recidivism rates by using certain management programs). They agreed that residency restrictions do nothing to prevent sexual offenses or recidivism, GPS monitoring doesn’t help, etc. And I’m glad that the report here stated that future legislation and implemented programs should be based upon empirical evidence that it works. However, they seemed to justify SORNA and other useless programs on the basis that it makes people generally feel safer, because they think it makes sex offenders “obey the law.”
Another interesting aspect of this report is the information about reported incidents of harassment, physical and verbal attacks, loss of jobs, effect of personal relationships, and the 40-60% response from registrants that they regard it all as psychological torture. Janice should be able to use all this information in future court proceedings.

People are awarded large sums of compensation for being stupid idiots who cannot keep from spilling their hot McDonalds coffee all over themselves. Seems that we should be compensated for the harassment, physical and verbal attacks, loss of jobs, effect of personal relationships, and the psychological torture, that we are forced to endure.

We have already paid the price for our mistakes. Now it’s time to be compensated for the
cruel and unusual unconstitutional punishment that is being imposed upon us.

[Though I understand the anecdotal appeal, in fact, prior to the coffee-burned woman being unwilling to settle her claim and insisting on a jury trial, McDonald’s had paid millions of dollars in settlement costs and had repeatedly refused the recommendations of it own safety division to turn down the temperature on their coffee makers. The woman sued to bring awareness to the public about McDonald’s careless disregard for customer safety. The lawsuit’s huge dollar award was the jury’s way of punishing McDonald’s for its wanton disregard for people’s well-being. Just as with registered (s)ex offenders, if you dig deeper than what’s on the surface, you’ll see the ugly lies and the hidden reality.]

If I read you correctly, you agree that there may be a real chance for
compensation for all of this unconstitutional psychological punishment, due to the “ugly lies and the hidden reality”.


this coffee story is explained so well here. The poor woman who got burned did not come out that much ahead. See the film ‘Hot Coffee’ about the case. It is illuminating, much like this post. It’s better to know about something before you use it as an example

If you don’t know that coffee is hot, you shouldn’t be allowed to buy it or come within 500 feet of it.
And you shouldn’t drink it. Get a cup of ice. It’s safer.

I just love all of the common sense in the world today.

The common sense of the lawmakers and hysteria is why we are on this web site today. I wish I had the common sense 27 years ago not to be a drunk. But I didn’t. So I take the blame.

Robert James

I and many others here are very depressed…. and a little fun and sarcasm and comparisons aren’t meant to show how much knowledge we have on every issue, it mainly serves to lighten the load somewhat.

Take Care


Their is a good documentary on the hot coffee situation as others have mentioned. You should watch it “punished for life” as it goes into depth on what really happened and allows you to look past probably the most regurgitated statement about frivolous lawsuits of all time. This lady wasn’t an idiot who sued them. But to answer your question, most people in America buy coffee through a drive through window, meaning they are in their car. People are ordering coffee not scalding water that can cause serious burns. I buy coffee almost every day and have never bought coffee that can actually serious hurt me when taking my first sip. Especially if I’m driving their is a good chance the coffee will splash around, I don’t expect that to cause me harm.

The registry’s definition as non punitive needs to be re-examined, taking into account its current scope and application. We can’t simply continue allowing opportunistic legislators to compound ineffective laws with even more ineffective laws.

What would stop a legislator from proposing an amendment to SORNA that requires death for all those on the registry, or mandatory relocation to concentrated housing facilities, away from the general public?

It’s already been defined as non-punitive. If it is not re-examined, these things could be permissible.

More ways for government to get in our lives and use children to seal the deal. The true child molesters are the ones who get voted in to office and this is an election year so the real crooks need to get there brownie points in.

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x