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NY: Sex Offender Registration – Driven by Fear or Real Risk?

____ ____, 59, doesn’t deny that he committed a low-level sex offense when he was addicted to drugs in 1987. Yet when he pled guilty in 1991 in connection with an acrimonious divorce proceeding, he said he never envisioned the charge would brand him for almost 30 years. Full Article

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Hmm there is some hope if there is ever a tier system here and we are placed in some bs category without due process.

“Abdullah said he received a rehearing in 2005 after a successful class action lawsuit for defendants who received seemingly gratuitous level placement.”

Otherwise excellent article.

“Abdullah said he received a rehearing in 2005 after a successful class action lawsuit for defendants who received seemingly gratuitous level placement.”

Okay, so again, if the registry is considered “regulatory” then the lawsuit should not have been successful. However, it appears to me that even a civil court offers a finding that shows the registry is indeed punishment.


Nicholas Maietta-

I’ll just bet if we did a survey and asked the general public if they believe the SOR is punishment…

We all know what the answer would be.

There are just a bunch of Judges that don’t want to be relieved of their duty.
So in public interest, they must contort their decision to align with the hysterical demands of the public.

The world knows Aaron Persky as the California judge who sentenced a Stanford athlete to six months in jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious 23-year-old woman behind a dumpster.

Judge Persky is hanging on by a thread, after that ruling.

Society wants the SO to be “punished” until the day they die.


I know his Attorney, Zachary Margulis-Ohnuma, and I’m glad to read that there was success in his court case at least.

However, the article doesn’t make it clear if this person received a Downward Departure from a Level 2 to a Level 1.

Articles says “In the mean time, Abdullah said his charge continues to affect him in a variety of ways. He said he and Mary considered moving closer to her siblings in Arizona or California”

Oh no no! Please don’t move to California. You’re just jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

Although I would absolutely agree that he avoid AZ just as much as FL, CA has some benefit over NY on a few details. NY is on a tiered system, but you should check out the “Instrument” that is used to classify RC’s. It’s pretty rough, and far worse than the Static-99 (which is at least based upon some research). NY doesn’t just use your convicted charges in their assessment, but all charges (convicted or not) and any other information contained in your police report in their decision. NY’s “Instrument” was developed by a bunch of law enforcement, politicians (including judges & prosecutors) and victims rights people. I lived there just long enough to see that returning to CA was a better option. The amount of info disclosed on their website for Level 2 and 3 is quite detailed, and 2 & 3’s also have the please of their arrival announced into whichever community they reside upon their arrival. Oh, and NY collects email addresses as well. Want to see a whole lot of scary laws being proposed against sex offenders? Do a quick search of current proposed legislation for RC’s. And if you live on Long Island to the east of NYC, you’ve got PFML. I’m not too sure about Westchester County’s RC programs (north of NYC), but I would bet it’s pretty rough as well.

For Level 1’s, they continue to get shafted by the ever changing laws in NY. NY might be fine for some Level 1’s, but CA was a better fit for me. Oh, and just like FL, NY keeps RC’s posted on their own website after leaving the state, which also ends up on the Federal website. They even mail annual updates to my CA address, which is what’s listed on their website.

Interesting to know but considering Abdullah’s current status of being delisted from the New York registry, I wouldn’t try “dipping my feet” into the water of other states. He could be worse off.

I don’t know if & when California will implement the tier system, but for now, just about everyone is listed. At least New York doesn’t list tier 1 offenders plus every RSO isn’t listed for life. This is where Abdullah may run into problems if he moves to Cali.

I didn’t know New York keeps RCs posted on their website if they decide to leave the state. But at least out of state offenders have 10 days to visit or decide if they want to live in New York. Unlike Vegas which gives you only 48 hours. I honestly still don’t understand how states like NY & FL can keep your name on their books long after you leave the state or even died in some cases. How does that work?

Say you registered your name when you stayed at the Orlando Disney World Hilton a few years ago. Is your name always attached to that address? That would mean someone with an app would show 100s of offenders registered at the Hilton going back many years. I don’t think Disney World would be too pleased if that were the case!

“I didn’t know New York keeps RCs posted on their website if they decide to leave the state.”

If I have my way, hopefully that will change in the not-so-distant future.

I wouldn’t worry too much about Dean Murray’s proposed legislation. He’s just another fearmongering GOPer from Long Island. His legislation won’t get passed the progressive wing of New York’s heavily democratic controlled assembly.

The article states that he was able to go from Level 3 to Level 2, then to Level 1 in 1991: “For years, Abdullah said he felt too depressed to try and fight his level two classification. Yet when he finally challenged it, he received a level one categorization in a decision that applauded him for his achievements since entering his guilty plea in 1991.”

PFML Long Island is starting to take on water. Soon enough it will be listing. Laura Ahear is going to jump ship. Mark My Words & Remember I am Saying This!!! She is Trying Right Now To Move on to bigger and better things, abit on the backs of registered citizens of the UnitedStates of America. She has amazing political connections but She may very well fail.

“It’s like a social death sentence…”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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