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Horizon Personnel Services is continuing their MASSIVE hiring surge for the Jessie Lord Bakery in Torrance. They do no background checks. The application and interview are pretty much a formality. They’ll hire you on the spot and put you to work the next day.

Apply to the factory in person on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9am-Noon:

Jessie Lord Bakery
21100 S. Western Ave.
Torrance, CA 90501

You can also apply at the Horizon Personnel offices in Carson:

23545 Avalon Blvd.
Carson, CA 90745

For more info. call (310) 513-0112

Good luck.

Happy 4th of July to my fellow registered “citizens”! Let us remember that this day of the celebration of Freedom that we are not included because we have been excluded from having the ability to ever again have true freedom while this list exists and there is NO way off. Don’t matter if you actually did the crime and paid your debt to society. It doesn’t matter if your case was a victimless crime, or even if you were simply caught up in the system and could not get out! So for the select American citizens who can enjoy their… Read more »

TirdOfHiding , thanks Bro , sad and hard times for us , don’t ever give up , and keep your head up , don’t let them see you down ,look all people strait in the eyes friend and foe ,keep your spirit strong so your strong for those you care about , I feel everything you wrote , because at least I needed to here it, Happy4TH

Elie Wiesel, famed hunter of Nazi’s passed away last week. He will be sadly missed. Most of the Nazi’s responsible for the Holocaust are no longer alive at this time. But his work is not complete since new Nazi’s have inhabited the field. Their starting point is persecution of sex offenders/sex deviants. Their end game is complete authoritarianism and totalitarianism. I hope for the sake of the world, as seen with the Hitler years, they do not get to their end game.

Let’s begin a new generation of Nazi hunters. Start websites with their personal information and see how it works.

I am a bit shocked no one has mentioned the Alton Sterling situation. According to the new he was a rso. In spite of that, the black community is still supporting him. That is pretty big in the scheme of things that are happening to rso community.

I can’t keep up with these slaughters, but I figured it was a matter of time before one of the victims was a registered citizen. Maybe more are, but they don’t mention it. Is there a petition to sign or some other support we can give to the protesters?

I am watching the President as he gives a response to the two recent tragic police shootings that resulted in the death of two African American citizens. While listening, I noticed how he mentioned the use of data that indicated disproportionate responses by police to people of color. I do not doubt it. He also mentioned that there were meetings of prominent members of the law enforcement community to try and use data to develop best practices with regard to these incidents. However, this is the same President that totally ignores or is ignorant of data which affects almost a… Read more »

Mike, your comments are spot-on. I’ve been seeing this for eight years now. It’s painfully obvious and his words and actions have proven exactly what you are saying.

Somehow, the “calming” from the White House, is more like “Stirring”!

Don’t get me going, but his reactions and actions regarding “Islam” are no different.
Personally, I’ll be one happy camper when Jan. 2017 finally arrives.

As for the RSO, I’m still not totally convinced that any political party is worthy of backing at this point. We are being hit hard from both sides of the isle.


Obama is a no different than previous, just darker pigment. He could care less about citizens. His worry is his legacy. Screw him.

This type of trash scares me. Can’t even live homeless in peace without a half death hearing aid wearing grandpa coming at you with a monkey wrench

With these two recent law enforcement murders, along with the O.P.D. corruption scandal, the rest of the country is finally realizing what we already have experienced, that the legal system is full of corrupt people, and civil rights are in danger for everyone if you don’t bow to big brother.

Well I see all hell is breaking in Dallas, everyone should have seen this coming, the system is truly broken.

And so it begins………

And so it begins………a civil uprising, and hopefully a change for the better.

A favorite pastime activity of mine is to read the Police Misconduct Report from the Cato Institute. Here is information from that report for the period between June 6 to July 6, 2016. I categorized the information and here is the shocking results for just that one month. remember, this isn’t political, but is based on arrests and involves only those police reported or caught. Child porn 4 arrests Rape 5 arrests Sexual Assault 7 arrests Other sex crimes (sexting, lewd conduct, stings) 13 arrests Total arrests for sex related misconduct involving a police person during that one month period:… Read more »

And that is only for the sex crimes. What’s the murder rate?

it’s a fact that most black people don’t shun ostracize and harrass their brothers of color they don’t do it in prison and they don’t do it on the outside either. this is personal experience and first hand knowledge. and as far as the police shootings i feel for the officers and their families but communities and minorities that are treated differently than other citizens whether it’s being killed by the cops or ostracized and tortured by the communities there are going to be more of these incidents occurring.

I was at a coffee shop. 5 youths, all obviously under 17, were there and while waiting in line in front of me, one girl grabbed her friend’s crotch and said,”when do i get this today”. Really? This is the mentality of our youth. In plain view with no thought. How about when kids get a registrant violation, their parents must be registered as well. The parents would shut this crap down in a heart beat. The registry would quadruple in a matter of one year.

I am not a legal scholar, but why can’t we take the registry to the world court. It seems that this is a human rights violation. Many countries seem to think so.

Actually, many countries are following our lead. AND, under the new international megan’s law Obama signed recently, we are now seeking formal treaties regarding travel by registrants, meaning the other countries also would have to track their citizens, whether through actual registration or other, and report when they travel to the US. The US has been sending those libelous notices for a few years now, under the initiative of Obama rather than Congress; Congress only a few months ago passed the international megan’s law making it a legal requirement, prior to that it was all under the executive.

In Illinois, four registered citizens are suing the state with regard to residency restrictions with regard to child-centric locations, such as parks, schools, and other public areas. This is exactly what is needed on a state-by-state basis.

The attorney, Adele Nicholas, appears to be doing a bang-up job in litigating for the RC’s. Her contact information is here:

“Too often we judge other groups by their worst examples, while judging ourselves by our best intentions.”

“Disagreement escalates too quickly into dehumanization.”

– Bush 43 at Dallas memorial service for slain officers on July, 12 2016.


Wow. No really. Just wow.

Anyone else getting a privacy notice during reg?

yep, i got one stapled to the back of the forms. I asked what is the privacy stuff about? as I am not to be disclosed on the meagans website, they could not answer. Just more BS

Is 5 business days counted as the days the reg office is open? Or 5 days from birthday.

You raise a good issue – and sorry, but it happens to run into a related issue I have raised often in these forums. Also, the word the statute uses is “working” days, not “business” days: “290.012. (a) Beginning on his or her first birthday following registration or change of address, the person shall be required to register annually, within five working days of his or her birthday, to update his or her registration with the entities described in subdivision (b) of Section 290.” I contend this is very challengable, as they have not defined “working days.” I would think… Read more »

Lake County is available by appointment 5 days a week. They go out of their way to help you register on time. They have a separate building/office just for registration. I never run into other registrants there. At most you may have a 10 min wait for your appointment. And they no longer do full fingerprints again every year. They figure they already have enough copies. This was not true 8 years ago when they used to book us into the jail for registration.

Okay, you got my attention: booked you into jail to register?? Can you provide a bit more background on that, please?

Well, I don’t mind if they don’t do full fingerprints (do they do something less than full?), but 290 requires them to do fingerprints (it doesn’t specify “full” or otherwise), they don’t get to decide to do less. But that’s not the registrant’s problem. Taking you to the booking room at the jail for the 290 booking is one thing, but not if you are locked in the building or room or a cell. You must be free to decide at any moment to leave — or they are falsely imprisoning you and would be subject to liability or prosecution… Read more »

A few years ago I was told that it was 5 days, not 5 working days. I replied by saying I would call back. I called back, got the same person and told her it was 5 working days, she said no. I told her that it states 5 WORKING days 14 times on the forms. She put me on hold, gave me the Riverside County Pervert Policeman – He told what day and time I would be coming or he would be arresting me the next day. Lesson learned, when the cops are banging the secretary, do not argue… Read more »

Well, the San Diego Sheriff deputy said to me the five days included only the days the office was open to register, in their case four days, so I can include a day from the next week in the five, but I couldn’t get out of him some written PC 290 interpretations from the DOJ or anywhere that applies to all jurisdictions in California. I doubt if there are any. Isn’t the AG an attorney or have attorneys at command and can interpret the law? For me? Just a little favor for being so compliant. Nonetheless, the deputy told me… Read more »

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You drink Pabst too!?!

My girlfriend has a disease which makes getting pregnant very difficult. Being a sex offender, adopting is basically impossible. I’m wondering if surrogacy is a legitimate alternative or if that suffers from the same problems as adoption.

Thanks for any help.

You might consider it a mixed blessing that your girlfriend cannot have children. I love my kids more than anything in this world and they bring my wife and I tremendous joy on a daily basis. However, if I knew that being an RSO would be anything like it is now, and the complications that would come about regarding school participation, friends, parties, travel, neighbors, etc., I would not have have started a family. Indeed, I would have left my wife so she could marry someone without this cursed baggage and enjoy the normal life she deserves. As human animals… Read more »

I’m sorry you’ve had really negative experiences. I do, however, know several RSO parents who have very normal lives that include them being part of their kids’ activities.

Anybody have any experience with surrogacy as an RSO? I know in CA you can become a surrogate parent with full parentage rights before the child is born and no adoption is required, so I’m thinking that might word, despite being an expensive option.

Sam…on the California site, it says that registration has to be done within 5 working days. I also believe that you can register 5 days prior or 5 days after your birthday. Maybe someone else can confirm this?

I have always read it to be mean five days before or after, as in the term they use, “within.” They didn’t say “after,” they said “within.” But I don’t get to make the interpretations.

But as I just posted above, the police departments have change it from five days to one day.

One day to register in the price club? Shoot! Cali will break a record for lowest time allotted to register in all 50 states. Heck, as soon as a visiting offender steps onto the tarmac at LAX, the cops might as well cuff em & take em down to the station

I wish they hurry up and get this sex offender passport up and going so we can test it out. See how she drives. What new countries will be added to the list of turning away offenders. Even if the list drops down to a handful of countries, the American government will find another way to keep offenders from traveling. If the word “SEX OFFENDER” in big bold letters is not enough to scare a foreign custom’s agent, the state department can always put the mark of the devil. Or how about a skull & cross bones. That should scare… Read more »

Really is a moot point. Governments are already informed of us traveling and of our status…have been since 2013.

The marking of the passport really was just grandstanding by that traitor Obama, who swore to uphold the constitution of hte United States of America but ignored it when he signed the International Megan’s Law into effect.

You really don’t get the significance of the passport marker. Governments may be informed of traveling offenders, but not customs agents. Traveling in many countries especially Europe, all you have to do is flash your American passport and the customs agent will at most thumb thru it. Now when they thumb thru it and see the scarlet letter, that gives them pause to deny you entry right there at the border. I’m sure sex offender notices right now are being sent out to on American offenders traveling in Europe and governments are ignoring them & customs agents are letting people… Read more »

Immigration officials have the information from the database as soon as they scan your passport. It is available to them instantly. Some countries/agents may still opt not to scan the passport on entry (although this must certainly be diminishing, as a practice) but many do. Keep in mind, too, that you may not always be aware that they have scanned your passport if they are interrogating the RFID chip embedded within it, as opposed to running the magstripe edge of the passport through a reader, a procedure which is apparent to the traveler. Keep in mind that there are several… Read more »

Very good points. It’s been over a decade since I traveled internationally. My old passport doesn’t have the chip technology. And yep, customs likes to thumb thru my passport lookin for bad marks, deportations or enemy countries I may have visited. You’re spot on about that. I do hope you’re right David that the mark won’t make much of a difference and American offenders can continue to travel to European countries and even some African ones. I’m not interested in much of the rest of the world. However, the UK will probably be off limits for a while. With the… Read more »

Hi David so in the last couple of years I’ve been through a few things when traveling, three years ago travelled to Mexico and was sent to secondary right away they where planning on sending me back until I told them that I was Mexican but did not have a passport, they asked me to prove to them by getting parents copies of birth and marriage certificates which I provided after making a few calls, last year travelled back to Mexico and was sent back next morning even though i provided the paperwork from the previous trip. Ever since then… Read more »

I agree with you, as I have written previously – but a lot of people here don’t see it that way. OBAMA ignored the law in 2013, when HE started that crap. In 2013, that was started under executive power, not under Congressional mandate. Yes, if they are going to be sending all this info on registrants that previously had not been sent, than even those who do not have an additional notice sent will have great trouble. The mark on the passport — they already have that info without seeing a mark on the passport. While the mark on… Read more »

I’m open to your points & any education I can get. But I don’t see where Pres Obama made an executive order in 2013. International Megan’s Law was introduced in 2013 via R-Chris Smith in the 113th Congress. The bill passed the House but died in the Senate. What happened between the 113th & 114th Congress? The tea party GOP take back America crowd gets the senate in 2014. Now our boy Smith reintroduced the bill in the 114th Congress and get’s it passed in 2015. Yes, Pres Obama signed it into law but you still got to look at… Read more »

yes i agreee, i have been to the philippines 2 times and both times no issues till i return to the usa,i was unaware of this 21 day travel notice since i register 1 time a year so i never inform anyone of my trips and i can petion to get removed in 2020 from any registration. its 15 years incident free in nj from release from prison which was 2005 for me. my passport is valid till 2023 and after i am off the registry i will renew it 2022 i suppose when im not on anyones radar. how… Read more »

Good for you your price club membership is almost up. I still have a long time as a level 2 but I live in Pittsburgh and neighbors dont give a krap about me. As the good Doc, I suggest you find a Philipino lawyer in Jersey. Or take a day trip to the Philipines consulate in DC. They’ll answer all your questions. It takes me 6 hours to get to DC from Pittsburgh. Dont know what part of Jersey you’re in but between DC & NYC, you should find a consulate. The Philippines embassy is also in DC..they may help… Read more »

True that this was not introduced by Obama. But I’m not giving him a pass. The purpose of the separate branches of government is to provide checks and balances against this type of tyranny. So, even if the legislative branch goes off the rails with unconstitutional and hateful legislation, the executive is supposed to provide a defense against it. Obama’s credibility is forever destroyed with me. When he talks about compassion and justice, I know he’s only talking about it for some – not all. I voted for him but am now entirely disenfranchised. And I won’t be voting for… Read more »

I am no fan of either candidate except that if HC is elected, you can bet that her nominees to the Court will be much more liberal than if DT is the president. To me the idea that our citizens would vote DT to be the POTUS is mind blowing. Obama signing the bill so quickly has ruined my opinion of his intellectual honesty.

Doc Martin, they have been sending those notices since 2013 — it doesn’t need a specific executive order, and it was NOT under an law requiring it – that law was only just passed. We never really got the legal justification for it since 213 although everyone felt they were simply stretching the Patriot Act to do so. Now, with the new law, they will not be subject to a lawsuit alleging they are wrongly stretching the Patriot Act. But you can’t blame it on the Tea Party. International Megan’s Law was passed UNANIMOUSLY. And all this national registration crap… Read more »

I’m an old guy who’s been around for a while. I remember the 90s and well, way further back than that. A little girl name Megan Kanka was murdered in a township in New Jersey. After pandering to public outcry, a republican named Paul Kramer got the New Jersey assembly to create a state law called Megan’s Law that called for mandatory community notification of sex offenders. Since the program was “successful” (yeah right) in New Jersey, another republican US Congressman from NJ name Dick Zimmer said hey! Let’s do this on a national level. So what happens in ’94?… Read more »

Wow.. even popular games are being used by the news.. Pokemon Go leads players to a Sex Offender Housing building..

which is ironic given the fact the game developed from a country that’s considered one of the pedophile capitols of the world….Japan. They just go around to making child pornography illegal which means paying a fine at the most. Plus the country still legally produces anime child porn. Pokemon was actually developed from anime concept

I’m looking into getting a felony reduced to a misdemeanor due to the fact it’s s wobbler. I’ve taken the on line test recordgone offers and clearly qualify. I will use them as a last resort if I can’t find another attorney that I’m willing to pay not only to do this, but to help with the many questions I have. Someone mentioned Chance Oberstein whom I do preferr but I don’t have his contact info even after searching the net. Soooo, does anyone know how I can contact him or can anyone recommend a lawyer that’s qualified for this… Read more »

I’m located in LA county btw

Mr. Oberstein is available by phone at (949) 365-5842 or by E-mail at

Janice, thank you much for that info.


Apparently state senator Sharon Runner died yesterday July 13th 2016.
I know it’s churlish to speak ill of the dead, but now that she is gone and since people that are so ardantly against registrants like to do this sort of thing, I wonder when one of her colleagues will introduce SHARON’S LAW TO HANG ALL REGISTRANS.

I’m not one to speak ill of the dead. My thoughts and prayers are with her family. I hope Sharon finds peace with herself. Finally she can let go of the anger and contempt she had for a certain category of American citizens who just want to live productive lives without the heartache and grief Sharon has wrought upon their families. May Sharon find what she is looking for wherever the almighty decides to send her
R.I.P. Sharon….God willing

I hope god judges Sharon Runner the way she decided to judge others…good luck with that.

What Steve said…if there is any justice in the hereafter, Ms. Runner will receive as she dished out here.

I’m sorry, I was pleased to see that she was finally dead…like the Wicked Witch of the West.


How many have suffered because of her ideas. Her name and memory will pass like dust in the wind.

Too little, too late. Terrible laws are the legacy of terrible people. They live on beyond their authors and are the anchors around the necks of future generations.

We need to work very hard to ensure that hers is a legacy of ignominy, that her name is synonymous with ignorance and blind hatred and that, one day, religious zeal will play no part in shaping public policy.

Religious zeal is a BIG part of my zeal as a Christian to fight for the rights of ALL registered citizens. It was one of the reasons I stepped into the park in Carson to violate their ordinance. Thankfully many of my fellow registrants along with Janice and CA RSOL where there to support and protest that law. Christianity above all other faiths screams many examples of our Lord setting the example against things in society that are like the evils of the sex offender registry. It amazes me any knowledgeable christian regarding their faith would be in support of… Read more »

Sharon Runner is wolf in sheep’s clothing and most so called Christian Churches are ruined by them and it is the norm. I am sure the Runner’s would have kicked Jesus out of their ‘Christian’ groups.

Robert Curtis, I’m right there with you. We are not doing a good enough job with Christians. We really need to hold their feet to the fire. Personally, I cannot stand HRC. That does not mean that I like Donald Trump, but when it comes to the RC’s, our problems come from both sides of the isle. Many liberal lawmakers are punishing us with equal vigor as their conservative counterparts. If we can focus a bit more on the “Christians”, who claim to be the more compassionate group, then let’s put more effort into educating them for our freedom. I… Read more »

1John 4:20 Says “If someone says, “I love God,” and hates his brother, he is a liar; for he who does not love his brother whom he has seen, how can[c] he love God whom he has not seen? 21 And this commandment we have from Him: that he who loves God must love his brother also.” Ms. Runner did not love brother RC. I hope she repented, before her last breath.

I have a bit of schadenfreude with this news. My mother and my grandson both died in the last 60 days. I hope they meet Sharon and make her afterlife miserable.

I just looked at the updated RTAG Travel matrix. It’s still basically the same. Western Europe is pretty much a go except of course UK & Ireland. Seems like someone was turned around in Russia. And the Philippines is definitely a no go. The best news of the updated matrix is RSOs have not encountered any problems on the African continent.

This one is hard because one of the enemies of our rights has died:

Senator Sharon Runner
The headline reads the author of Jessica’s Law

Is that really something to be considered as an honor? I left comments perhaps unwisely but I couldn’t help myself. After reading what I wrote… was I out of form? Please give feedback…

She was undeserving of your kindness.

“Ding dong the witch is dead,” is all that came to mind when I read the headline.
If the road to hell is paved with good intentions, she paved herself a super highway.

Runner did more harm than good. Good riddance, I say.

Big media hysteria about Pokemon Stops in my city “As Pokemon Go continues to sweep the nation, CBS-58 has uncovered a new concern with the popular game. Dozens of “Poke Stops” visited by players in Milwaukee, sit just feet from the homes of registered sex offenders” Oh my God! Registered offenders might run out of their homes and snatch a kid up from the crowd! Gotta love how the article leaves a link at the bottom for parents to check in your area for sex offenders. It doesn’t matter that 90% of them aren’t even on the registry and… Read more »

My sympathies and condolences to the Runner family. Sharon Runner had her beliefs as we in CA RSOL have ours. Perhaps we are a stronger organization because of the fight she gave us.

yep good bye and good riddance to an evil wicked traitor who prayed on public fear and used children as a platform to further her personal agendas. may she rot in hell and hopefully her traitorous husband can join her quickly. I had to live through that hell that she sponsored while on parole so I have no sympathy for her or her loved ones.Justice will be truly served once her hubby joins her..

maybe we’ll have a break from having to fight or worry about further residency bills for awhile…..

No Robert Curtis,you were very mild in your comments,here is what another person wrote, it sums it up perfectly.

The world is a better place without her. She attacked our constitution in the name of the tired old adage “it’s for the children”. May she rest in peace while others can now live in peace.

My own opinion is she was a human monster,is worthy
of hell along with her husband,for the harm they have caused.

That was my comment. I also thought it was pretty mild.

What the other comments were retorting to was not my comment. They were already there before I commented. Apparently it was so bad that it was worthy of a deletion.

And no, that is not my real name under that comment.

Its O.K. to be glad someone evil is out of peoples lives. Many cheered at the news of Saddam Hussein’s death, or other evil persons. She used religion to justify treating people like scum. She has alto of explaining to do to her god now.

Saddam ruled with an iron fist out of necessity to keep peace an otherwise ungovernable tangle of tribes with thousand year old feuds. He held his nation together.

The Runners are purely interested in preserving their puny jobs by capitalizing on Sex Offender Hysteria no matter how many innocent men, women and children needlessly suffer.

Saddam was a Machevellian prince of the cradle of civilization, Mesopotamia. Sharon Runner was no more than a pimple on the armpit of California, Lancaster.

I really wish we had a “like” button for posts. I would give yours several.

Just receive the New York Annual Registration Package. As usual the level of incompetency astounds me, especially with the ESTOP information. This year they decided that Google gmail address changed to become one of my ISPs and Time Warner(TWC) was an email address AND a screen name. They changed one of my cars to have NY plates and decided to not list the plate number of the other this year. They also omitted the model number on the missing plate car. My KIK screen name became an ISP, an email address and a screen name in the past 12 months,… Read more »

omg remmy I truly feel for anyone in new York. what a gudaphee Hitler communistic regime new York has… everything you just named off couldn’t be in America you must be living in some third world country under some crazed dictators regime…

25 years ago, if you talking of what is going on now with registration, most everyone in the United States would tell you it could never happen in America.

America of today is a very different attitude and mindset.

I visited South Africa in Jan 2014 and Jan 2015, both trips for 3 1/2 weeks, while a RSO from North Carolina. I flew in and out of Dulles, had ZERO hassles into SA and back into Dulles. I was asked how long I stayed and purpose of visit. This year, after being removed from the NC state AND national registry Nov 6,2015, I visited SA from Jan12 until March 29. Again, ZERO hassles at all back into Dulles. I am interested in the current status at the State Dept of Int Megan’s Law , and since I am no… Read more »

i would also like to know, im on register in NJ and can get off in 2020. will that stop all this craziness for me?

If your offense has anything to do with a minor, then yes, you will still be affected by the IML.

Now in all elections, I am a single issue candidate. The only consideration that I have is not taxes, it is not terrorism, not the roads, the only issue is the registry. With that being said, while no fan of HRC, I feel certain that if she is elected, that the new Justice on the Court will be much more moderate than anything that Trump advances. Years ago, there were conservatives, moderates and liberals and in divisive issues the moderates would be lobbied to get to a resolution. Now we have conservatives and moderates. None are true liberals, just not… Read more »

That was my philosophy when voting for Obama… much as I hate to admit it. So much for that. It was a Bush appointee, Justice Roberts, who preserved “Obama Care,” after all. Some of the legal beagles on this forum will have better educated opinions than mine, but IMO presidents choosing hard core liberal or conservative justices seems to have gone out the window when Reagan nominated Bork. Since then they seem to choose people who stand a better chance at passing congressional approval than supporting their policies. I have nothing but contempt for HRC. She is the biggest liar,… Read more »

Well Said “C”. I firmly believe that our best hope is those who truly believe in our Constitution. And the “Constitutional Scholar”, “Community Organizer” made a mockery of our Constitution during his reign. Hillary’s “What difference does it make” quote, will stick with me forever. And why the heck haven’t we been able to annihilate these terrorists? It surely won’t be a slam dunk now….after they have been allowed to run rabid for 8 years. I too believe that the Punitive nature of where this registration and notification scheme has gone, along with the horrifying residential restrictions, is clearly “Ripe”… Read more »

I am no fan of HRC, but with regard to the Supreme Court, Judges nominated by Democrats have a much better record on the registry issue as all three of the dissenting judges were moderate judges, Stevens, Ginsberg and Breyer.
The judges on the right ignored the liberty interest and voted to uphold the government because the government needs to protect the public and obviously did not vet the available data, although at that time, the data was not nearly as complete as now.

“A true conservative (not that I buy that Trump is a real conservative) would be against the registry and see such laws as a violation of our constitutional rights. I am not so sure HRC or her ilk still believe in that document” Yeah, you keep believing that man! HE! HE! Let’s just put more conservatives on the California and US Supreme Court. And see how fast the California sex offender ordinances will come back, along with the 3 strike laws because I don’t know about many conservative judges who care about prison overcrowding which is unconstitutional. And this International… Read more »

I’m not suggesting that we vote in conservatives. In fact I do agree…Trump is no conservative, not by a long shot. I’m sure some of the top GOP minds are doing what they can to sway him, but he’s a stubborn cuss. These social conservatives that are currently holding office need to be reminded each and every time they violate the constitution. Email them, call them, and write them. Anytime they sign a bill where the RC is dished more punishment, we need to remind them to pull that constitution out of their pocket and read it again. All I… Read more »

As far I am concern, the mainline Democrats and Republicans are the same, they are equally entrench in self serving power and have no regard for the Constitution or the founding purpose of this Country. And are completely out of touch with the average American lives. I am not voting for anyone in this pig pen, thus I am grudging leaning my vote toward Trump, at this time, not he will do anything for RC causes but he may dry up the pig pen. Congratulation, Janice and team on the name change (ACSOL). This does move us over the hill… Read more »

I have one problem with the name change….and it is significant:

All these pernicious current Registration Laws are sanctioned as being constitutional under Smith v. Doe (2003)….it is exactly the constitutionality of these laws that is entirely the problem, in my opinion (ie they are constitutional).

So “Reform,” of these Registration Laws always seemed more on point as to what we are about.

I like all the new possible interconnections….but maybe someone could explain better the Name to me?

Best Wishes, James

I thought the same thing James However, the judicial branch was put in place to interpret the constitution, and many times they get it wrong. Plessy vs Ferguson upheld ‘separate but equal’ as the law of the land. There’s the Dred Scott decision that denied citizenship to African-Americans. Most recently the Citizens United ruling gives person hood to corporations. And of course Smith vs Doe is the latest ruling where the constitution was misinterpreted because how could the registry not be a violation of the 8th amendment against cruel & unusual punishment? Many laws imposed on registrants just aren’t living… Read more »

Actually, moderates will not be saving us. Moderates are who brought us nationwide registration and all the collateral punishments that go with it. And moderate Hillary Clinton is the single individual who got husband and moderate Bill to bring us a federal mandate for registration. Moderates Hillary and Bill are the two individuals who brought this upon us, together with then Attorney General Janet Reno, also considered to be a moderate, who most reports say also was pushed on Bill by Hillary. All the moderates in Congress just voted unanimously to bring us the International Megan’s Law — unanimously. And… Read more »

I’ve been saying the same thing all along, Anonymous Nobody. We can’t pin this mess on the Repubs. We have a Democrat ex-attorney general here in Nevada who is vying for a US Senate seat. Catherine Cortez Masto. She has been hammering the airwaves with her stance on being tough on Sex Trafficking. She claims she will “Expand the Sex Offender Registry.” Joe Heck, her Republican opposition is also after Harry’s Seat this November. Haven’t heard him mention a thing about any SO’s. To say that it would be better to vote a full Democratic ticket would be a very… Read more »

You correct in that there have been no liberals nominated to the court for a long time. But do look at the block that always votes against us, Roberts, Kennedy, Alito, Thomas and the deceased 5th member Scalia were all nominated by Republicans. They vote as a block. We are much better served by a Justice nominated by a Democrat, or at least so far. I shudder to think of what Trump might nominate.

I have no idea who to vote for. They both scare me. I can only hope that maybe a great independent candidate will show up with support and save the day. However that is not likely. It’s not just about who will be president, it’s also about who they will pick for the Supreme Court.

Unfortunately, sex offender hysteria and support for the registry broadly spans the political spectrum. And you’re right about the moderates whom I also believe have taken over the Democratic Party ever since Bill Clinton implemented his triangulation strategy in politics. In addition, Democrats have made tremendous inroads expanding their ethnic minority base composed of individuals who may hold some liberal economic views alongside staunchly social conservative viewpoints such as reverence for family, church, and protecting children. People often make the mistake that heavily democratic regions or heavily democratic supporters are “liberal” Nothing is further from the truth. My city Milwaukee… Read more »

That’s a pretty accurate perspective. One quibble: Gary Johnson is not a “conservative” libertarian. He is a libertarian-libertarian. He is also not on “the right”. I would go further and say that libertarians are also never “conservative”; they are always liberals, in the best and original meaning of that term. Many who call themselves “libertarians” but who are really conservatives will argue the point but, frankly, they’re ill-informed. We “libertarian-libertarians” cannot be positioned along the continuum of left-right which purports to communicate all that is needed to know about political ideology. What the left-right distortion field fails to reflect is… Read more »

Sharon Runner has died.

Old news, but good news, just the same.

You missed the celebration? Some of us are still recovering, and not from the shock of it all.

So much for Canada ring the more liberal and tolerant nation to our north.

It’s still liberal and tolerant. I don’t know anyplace in America (not even West Virginia) where a person would have gotten only 9 years for repeated incest with his daughter PLUS child porn charges. And who knows how young the daughter was. In most states, this man would have never again seen the outside of a prison.

Had to do my yearly membership (annual) the other day and there were no new added conditions as I’ve read someone on this site made mention of. I even asked the registering officer to be sure if any were added which he claims none. In addition to the registering officer there were 2 other uniformed sheriffs in the room, small room approx 10×10. To my surprise it went rather quick, however the subject of Internet exclusion came up due to the fact it is the last statement to be checked off by registrants informing them that they are aware of… Read more »

New “list”. Goggle:”Fresno county creates early prisoner release website” by Alex Baccus. Appeared yesterday. Maybe you should post it.

I’m sure many on this forum are familiar with Pervert Park. And its recently been reaired by POV on public TV However, POV is also reairing another excellent program I feel is far better than Pervert Park. It”s called the “overnighters” The documentary chronicals the life of a charismatic small town pastor with a big heart who let registered sex offenders stay in his church and his home amongst his family. The pastor was basically a saint who risked his family, church, and standing in the community. I won’t tell you the whole story but you must watch the film.… Read more »

Hey Erwin,

I have seen overnighters. It is excellent. I have not been able to watch pervert park yet, I’ll try and watch it online on PBS. Overnighters really hits on the fact that even if you are sex offender who is homeless and are offered shelter and work by someone, you still are fought against. It’s great at showing the inner struggle of the pastor who has to come to terms with his own issues.

Has anyone had any luck at becoming a member of a YMCA? I would like to become a member as I want to be able to swim as it is an amazing way to get in shape and train for an open ocean race we have where I live. The thing that sucks with indoor pools is that they are all pretty much in schools where I live.7

I love how under YMCA’s mission it states that it welcomes ALL no matter your race, background or financial situation but then it says “All sex offenders are forbidden”

I used be card carrying member of YMCA back in 90s here in Honolulu. Years after I stopped going to Y, I was convicted of a sex crime and did jail time, probation and was put on the state registry. I tried to rejoin Y a couple of years ago but the application specifically forbid sex offenders and if they found out, they kick you out of the club & refund your money. So I decided what’s the point in trying to join. I’m pretty sure it’s a national policy. However I wouldn’t discourage you for trying join. Worst they… Read more »

I forgot mention good news is most other health care clubs don’t have that policy. I joined the Island Club and Spa. Now I very happy

Rob oh you must be the one that did not get the memo , RSO’s are not people anymore . my dog has more rights than I do lol , well in some ways the RSO are kind of like dogs , because if we don’t REG we both go to doggy jail , and we both have to have a leash , cant be out running at large! . the only ways that I can see that the dog has anything on us is 1 is that the dog can hump on a tree if he wants and people will… Read more »

I used to swim at my gym 3 times a week back in my triathlon days, then once a week open water swim in Malibu or pier to pier in the South Bay w/ the tri club. I only stopped because we had kids and got too busy. My gym has a pool, but I never use it – the old lady aquacise class always grosses me out too much….but, I digress. If you can afford it, join a gym with a pool. I get a righteous discount through my health plan and, knock on wood, no hassles with being… Read more »

Thanks for the advice everyone. One of the reasons why I wanted to go to the Y was its based on level of income and it is A block from my place. The University I go to unfortunately does not have A pool. The local fitness clubs around here are out of my price range. I had initially ruled out going to the local school pools but in doing some research there are no restriction on “sex offenders” using the school facilities and in Maine there are no restrictions on entering school grounds, only how far you have to reside… Read more »

Zika virus is now in Florida. I’d feel bad…but it’s Florida. Therefore, I propose an immediate quarantine of the entire state. No citizen of Florida shall leave the state, either domestically, or internationally. Floridians will immediate surrender their passports, and said passports will be marked conspicuously with an identifying feature and returned to the citizen (for the cost of a standard passport). This is necessary to ensure that, should a Floridian manage to escape the quarantine and/or attempt to cross a domestic or international border, they can be immediately identified as a Floridian and denied entry into any other state,… Read more »

I love it. Great take on how pitiful that State has legislated in its past.



Zika causes children to be born with small brains. They say it crossed the border recently; but, with all the small minded people there already, maybe the virus has been there all along.

had to find comments so my stuff was not in in the way, I thought to organize was what at least part of what this form was about , it cant all be about court ,I donate every month and just trying to get up out of this wreck of a life , and become more stable so we are able to help more than we are able to now, it cant all be about the” haves! ” < what about the have nots ? I think everyone is trying to do what they can , but being able to… Read more »