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VA: They’ve been living in shacks by the water in Norfolk. Now they have to go — but where?

Officially, the prime spit of waterfront property off the Campostella Bridge – valued at $1.6 million – has been vacant for years.

A plan to build 246 apartments there, approved by the city in 2011, fell through.

But unbeknownst to the owners, the land has already been occupied.

Gina Gallegos and her boyfriend, ____ ____, arrived 18 months ago and claimed a large clearing in the trees. Gino Linn Reid has lived next door, deeper into the woods, for four years.

By most definitions, they’re homeless. But the homes they’ve made just east of the bridge on the south side of the Elizabeth River go far beyond tents in the woods.

____ built a shack out of leftover pallets from cabinet and lumber stores down the road and bought a gas generator for power. ____, a registered sex offender who’s spent 16 years in prison , made a frame from driftwood and draped it with tarps. Inside, he has carpets, a gas grill, two couches, a sink, a battery-operated TV and a small tent – where he sleeps. Outside are stone steps and a brick walkway. Full Article

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  1. 72FLH

    sad story . they were doing what I would like to be doing , I am good at it , I could teach anyone how to do it , and over a short period of time could be living pretty high on the hog , low over head , but they would freak out here in Cali if they find out some SO is getting by with out being watched by nosey people, the land is what I need , because all you need to do is put just about any thing on it and turn it into an address , so you have no problem when you REG , I checked out about what it cost to put in a well , and that cost like 20k , here in cali , and that was out by Edwards air force base , that’s the big trouble right their , water is the key , if anyone has any ideas please let me know , I would love to get out of the this dag city , but any way this was a good article , found it cool that the owner said he wished he never found out , and the state of mid of all the people was great ,I wish they live next door to me . when live out doors like that its all about state of mind , if I owned some land I would try to contact them and ask if they wanted to come here , I like people that are about heart and soul as well as spirit , sad time for them , and all RSO’s that cant even live where no one even cares about , yet these people had the spine to not only survive ,but see how wonderful it was seeing the fire flies the stars , all the simple things that the snoops in this word are missing out on

  2. Doc Martin

    I love human interest stories but we still got to call out the bull when people aren’t totally honest. Aggravated battery against a minor involves a lot more than kissing on the lips. Gino Reid is definitely hiding something. Courts normally don’t have much information involving guilty pleas because both prosecutors & courts are barred from releasing discovery information that normally comes out in a public trial. However, police reports & criminal complaints are public if investigative journalists really wanted to dig around. I’m not making any judgements on this man, but 15 years in the pokey don’t add up for indecent exposure and failure to register. Especially by someone who can’t stand being in a building for over 2 hours would have done everything to get registered and avoid being sent to the cooler. There’s something more nefarious to this man’s offense. I really don’t give a rats as what he did, but please don’t pull the wool over our eyes. And that includes this media outlet

    • David Kennerly

      There ARE people in prison for kissing minors on the lips.

    • 72FLH

      I don’t care what he did , and because he did his time it really DONT matter , he can tell it anyway he sees fit , the courts sure as hell do , are we at this point still playing this don’t pull the wool over our eyes game when it comes to fellow RSO’s? he did his time and its really no ones BIZ , the man has no where to live because of this lets play get the dirt on anyone we can game ! sick of it ! these people were staying under the wire the best they could , I know because I am still doing it , living around people that hate me And my family , would give anything for folks to just leave us alone and just keep my name out of their mouth , my so called crimes are no ones biz its over 30 years old , I am sick of these self righteous finger pointers acting like just because you don’t say that you did everything the cops courts say they did , if you all beleave everything the cops and courts say why are you here? courts are fair? cops and people never lie? cps never never makes people and kids say things that are not true ??? yet here many of us that are not good for the crime , yet every time you try to run it down it always sound so far fetched that your left wondering why you even bother telling anything at all , if you are good for it and it makes you feel better or what ever more power to you, but your time is over , is it not time to move on ? and try to live some kind of life ? should we always have to worry about some freak find us on some web site and try to kill us with a dang hammer? just so someone says they feel safe? the truth be told most use it as a way to push hate like some kind of drug dealer . I cant even write on here what I say when people ask me about my charges were , before I &%#@#%^@! I always say 30 years ago , and if they don’t like that that’s when I go none of your biz %&*&$#@#%^ , bikers can do that its a Cali thing

      • 72FLH

        people told me what there crime was and I just went yep , yep , is that right? well hay can you please hand me that saw ? maybe a few of those nails ? and could hold that latter ? a story is a story worth listing to , because some people just want to get it out , the people that were living out in those woods are the very kind of folks that I could hang out with , the guy and gal even had a motersickle , those are my bros and sis , if they were out here I would try to find them my wife and grown kids would love having some real friends no matter what kind of critter they are! we are critter friendly ! good peaceful people is what we look for and what we need to be around , don’t care about their past ,

        • Doc Martin

          Nicely put. And I’d probably do the same. The good Doc is not here to judge. I just want my friends to be honest with me. If they’re going to tell me the whole story, tell me the whole story….not half the story. If that’s the case, I rather not have them tell anything at all


      Hey Doc,
      Really? I think you had better look at what you wrote. I am going on 18 years on this registery. For over half my adult life now I have been. The wool being pulled over your eyes is being done by the courts, politicians and you. The sheeple. Wait till your son, nephew, uncle or grandson gets caut up in this mess. I have a son,13, about to start H.S.. Think I am not concerned? I can give a rats behind what this man did in his past. It’s HIS past. Not yours or anyone else’s. The mere fact that you had the audacity to post here defending the a55hole that beat him with a hammer tells me that you A) are not a registrant B) are ignorant and do not know how lies were told to you and the courts to get these unconstitutional laws passed and C) that you probably don’t have children.
      Heck, the attacker probably has no kids, what business does he have accessing the information anyway. Right there is the reason. Only reason he accessed the information was to make a hit list. That right there is intent.
      Now, go preach your quasi religion somewhere where sheeple listen. Me, well, anyone comes on my property to do harm to me or my family…..THEY WON’T LIVE.
      Please excuse me if I do not invite you to my home for dinner. I have no place in my world for you. It would have been better if I got drunk and plowed into a minivan full of family.
      End of rant.” Drop mike. Exit stage left.”

      • Doc Martin

        Wrong article buddy. Although the Alaska vigilante hammer bashing incident was pretty ugly….ouch! If you had read my comments, I said I don’t give a rats as what this homeless guy in Virginia did…..I just don’t like it when I think I’m being hoodwinked. Sorry buddy, that’s just how I feel. You’re free to not read my comments and go park it some place else. This forum is also about diversity of opinion. Just because we’re all in the same boat doesn’t mean we have to think alike. And I was actually being charitable in my criticism. You said you have a 13-year old kid. If he did something wrong, was dishonest and told you half the story, you probably be more upset by his dishonesty than his actual act. That’s the only point I’m making. And yes, I’m definitely a high risk registrant. People living around me will tell you I’m the neighborhood pervert. Ha! Ha! But they’re still good people who’ve gotten use to my presence to the point where they don’t care

        • 72FLH

          Hookscar , Bro always make sure you know what article your on , its easy to get kind of turn around reading storys and comments , ole doc and most people I have seen on here really do have good hearts , its just been a hard long rode for many , but you can bet we would all be good folks to have over for dinner, its really hard to read people on the internet , because you cant see them lol , we should all have the right to a true new start in life , we are going to have to make everything happen , we need to donate when and as often as we can , and we really need to help each other in our lives if we can , even if its a kind word when they need it , Ride to live , live to ride Bro

        • HOOKSCAR

          Sorry if anyone took what I said negatively. Just got pissed and let off some steam. No offense meant.

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