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Alton Sterling: When a Sex Offender Gets a Candlelight Vigil

Only in death, it seems, can a person on the sex offender registry be considered a human worthy of love and sympathy. Full Article

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This is a great article! And just about all of the comments are on par too.
I’m surprised the media, especially Fox News, haven’t exploited this with headlines like “Cops Kill Violent Sex Offender” or other garbage like that.
The whole thing is tragic. This country is falling apart under the weight of its own oppression. People are rising up. What happened in Dallas last night was unacceptable, yet I personally do understand having that much disgust toward cops. Dear God, please help our country before it’s too late!!!!

Fox News may not have exploited it…..yet. But conservative media has already started. Remember this guy? Allen West? Failed presidential candidate?

West says Sterling went for the gun. Well….actually the cop claims that’s how it went down and how many times have we heard the “reach for the gun” narrative?

West also calls Sterling a pedophile. Well, the girl was young but not that young. He was 20 and she was 14. It’s not like he was 50. Many cultures around the world including some European countries (and our own in the early days) consider 14 the age of consent. Not saying it’s right. But it definitely doesn’t put a person in the pedo category

Don’t matter how old he was. This author lost me at “registered pedophile”. Muah hah hah.

It’s bothersome that pedophile is the go to, overused & often incorrect word of choice with the media and the general public. How is every sex offender ever a pedophile based on that?? Logic alone says that can’t be so. And when did the media (such as West) and the public suddenly become an expert able to determine that? But damn that word stings, creates drama, headlines and fear among other emotions. It would be nice, for a change, to read or hear someone speak correctly about an offender.

Even then if his death was not recorded, it would likely be a completely different outcome……

The Baton Rouge DA was very quick to release Alton’s background to the press as if it somehow justified the killing.

I don’t like the politics of Reason Magazine but it is a good article.

I lived in Edmonton around the same time this man committed his crime in Louisiana. If this man committed the same offense in Canada in 2000, it would have been perfectly legal. No 4 years in prison or being on a sex offender registry. It wasn’t until 2008 that the age of consent in Canada was raised from 14 to 16

Just think, I wouldn’t be on here and reading if I offended North Above BC in 1981.
NOT FAIR, we all should get a Candle Vigil, were all human no matter what the Ignorant and uneducated state(s)(d).

I don’t know if anyone here has seen the video, I have. I think it’s sad what happened, but also that it’s sad for us now. Alton Sterling DID indeed have a gun on him when he was shot. The video shows him telling the police he had a gun, and the officer pulling the gun out of his pocket once he had been shot. According to reports, the officers had seen the gun in his pocket, and shot when Sterling was reaching for the gun. This is going to be most unfortunate for us, because now that’s going to paint registered citizens as being dangerous. I’m not looking forward to the backlash for sure.

Was he a felon if not it is legal in many states to own a gun and carry it. Why would you think this puts a cloud over all RCs head? Many RCs carry guns and it is perfectly legal, many of us have no conviction and are still forced to register.

Sterling was reaching for the gun. This is going to be most unfortunate for us, because now that’s going to paint registered citizens as being dangerous. I’m not looking forward to the backlash for sure. What backlash is that? The only thing that would be unfortunate is if you put up with any so called backlash, stand up man.

Actually, the Federal government sees any felony, even one that has been expunged or deferred as making that person ineligible to own a firearm.

Wrong, it is legal to have one in many states, as long as you go by state law. also Civil rights and gun control act of 1968 clearly states as long as you were on deferred adjudication you MAY possess any firearm or ammunition you owned or received prior to being indicted without violating any gun laws, then when your case is dismissed you would no longer be consider to be under ANY disabilities of conviction imposed by the Federal gun control act of 1968. All the time I was on probation I had guns with the full consent of POs and the court. I also know many that have bought firearms, had to wait a few days on the back ground check and were approved because they had no final conviction.

And that too, was my point. I was under the impression that any felon could not own or posses a firearm, ever?

In my previous opinion, I was assuming that Sterling was convicted of a felony. I was not aware that there are currently RSO’s legally able to have a firearm.

When I ask the attorneys about joining their lawsuit in Nevada about ex-felons owning firearms, they ran away from me as fast as they could. They suggested that I may be required to file a separate lawsuit. So we are different in the eyes of society.

To reiterate, of all members of our society, there is no question in my mind that we, RSO’s should be able to protect ourselves and our families. Especially, with the verified fact that vigilante’s do make us a prime target.

I wonder if my wife could purchase a firearm, and I’ll deal with it later if I have to be the one to use it for protection. Or, would I be in jail for having one in the home? If someone breaks into my home, my best defense now is a can of wasp spray. Isn’t that great?


One other thing I will add, I never lost my right to vote even while on probation, voted every election, national and local, was allowed many times to leave the US for 30 days at a time, they only gave polygraphs 1 time a year and towards the last three years only had 1, they did home inspections but never in 8 years ever searched the house, just stopped by every few months to make sure you were living there. Have only had 1 home compliance check in over 4 years and I did not allowed them in. All RCs have rights, they may vary from state to state, YES the many restrictions do suck but in the end it is up to each person to know their rights, work for a better life and stop worrying every time a RC breaks the law. The main thing I see on most all blogs is how so many RCs complain about not being able to move on, can not find a job, house etc. Then try harder people, Stop allowing yourselves to be kicked down. Heck there are still more than 100,000 jobs that the oil companies can not fill, there are welders needed every where, auto body people and so on.

Yes went way off subject on this but I support both CARSOL and RSOL, Texas Voices and WAR sometimes. It is funny we are fighting against a passport mark which is damn wrong but it seems the many could not even travel if the wanted too. Seems some cannot even make it to SAC because they have no money. This country is just like so many, there is never a Great place to go, all have problems of some sought. Make the best of what you have and think about the things you can do while you fight these unjust laws. What we need more then anything is a way off this registry, that will be the end for many.

Technically Mike is right about convicted felons not being able to own firearms. However, it only applies to felons convicted of a federal crime and the only way they can get their rights restored is thru a pardon by the president…good luck with that

Now if an individual was convicted of a state crime, then the law gets more murkier because some states allow felons to apply for relief of disability from firearm ownership. My state Wisconsin doesn’t give any relief. A felon can’t even own a B.B. Gun! However, Minnesota next door allows a person to get their rights restored only if their crime was non-violent in nature. That’s when you need a lawyer to interpret state statue on the meaning of “violence”

Then there is the question of the kind of firearm a felon may own. This also depends on the state for example only long guns are allowed in some whereas states like Pennsylvania are more lax and many felons can own pistols.

Best thing to do is ask yourself if a federal crime was committed. If yes, forget about owning any firearm for the rest of your life. If no, did you commit a violent felony? Remember some sex crimes fall in the violent category. And I seriously doubt any state will restore any rights if a person committed a violent crime (especially robbery of kidnapping) If you believe your state offense was non-violent, then you can look into your state’s laws on getting your firearm rights restored

It’s an interesting litmus test of how the public reacts/divides: a few years ago when that psychopath killed that guy in Washington State in his own home, comments all lit up like the maniac was a hero for killing sex offenders; cop shoots armed offender, public outrage sweeps the nation.

This is not good that Sterling had a gun on him. I for one, believe that we need to be armed for protection more than nearly any other class of citizen.

There is a lawsuit being filed in Nevada asking that 5 years clear of Parole/Probation a non-violent felon should have the right to own a firearm. And I agree.

But this guy had a gun and I’m not sure if in his state that was allowed or was it legal?

This could make it real rough for quite sometime. But the guy had a death wish anyway.
Who wrestles on the ground with law enforcement period. Then when you have a gun in your pocket?

I’m thinking of some dumb ass stuff I’ve done while intoxicated in my past. And it doesn’t include fighting with cops…to prove how tough I am?

Just Sayin’


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