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AUS: The case against a sexual offender registry

Ever since the implementation of the Sex Offender Registry in the US civil liberties have been completely eroded, they are also completely ineffective in preventing and reducing sex crimes. The Sex Offender Registry has eroded constitutional rights to privacy and life while neglecting its core mission to reduce and prevent sexual offences committed. Although the Sex Offender Registry in Australia is a relatively new construct, and its public access severely limited, Derryn Hinch expresses sentiments to expanding both the registry and its public availability. This is not only unjust, but as in the US could pave the road to absurdity, as seemingly harmless crimes are registered under the registry as well. Full Article

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One two better shut your australian doors, three four americas coming for you, five six throwaway your crucifix, seven eight its far to late, nine ten your country will never be the same again.

We are a nation that enjoys promoting fear, we use it to corrupt other nations and to control them. We are a nation of only 300 million people, but we control billions with our propaganda machine. Your citizens will be our victims, we will make you fear each other, we will make you pass laws to teach your citizens to be afraid.

We will only recognize those citizens who think and believe as we do, we do not champion diversity, we strip it away. Just ask our people, africans, asians, all indigenous or central and south american people. Remember, “if you are not our friend, you are our enemy,” President George Bush Jr.

Get rid of your public registry australia, a conviction site is just as effective.

Some amazing reporting here. Some of the comments reflect the public’s total lack of education into this area.

Why is it that the English speaking “Christian nations” are the worst offenders of civil rights in this area. Is it because of self guilt? I see public officials condemning groups all the time , then getting exposed for the very actions they abhor. Sorry, Australia, for dragging you into our hell.

You know I make these comments to try and educate people about the irrationality of the registries and their illegality. Whether our politicians and judges are democrats, republican, or independent, it is clear that they are unfit to claim leadership roles in this nation.

They allow legal drinking knowingly understanding it will cause deaths, and now marjuana. They permit the abuse of prescription drugs. They get their enjoyment by deploying our citizens to be killed in foreign conflicts instead of letting them determine the outcome, or allowing regional powers to deal with it. Then when these people strike back at us this nation cries foul after we’ve killed their family members including, men, women, and children.

The u.s. has no worries abut being invaded by anyone, or taken over militarily. Our worst enemy is the continuation of a system not designed to help, but solely to punish. Obviously its not working, take a look at sweden, even murderers are treated humanely and given every opportunty to live a free and productive life upon their release.

There is no privacy left in this nation, everything you say or do online in any capacity about you or your family or your thoughts is being monitored by the feds, state, or or other private or public searching systems. They know everything about you and your family. And they love splashing it across the media when it benefits them.

They claim we are all americans, but you find out you are not when you apply for a job and fill out an application that will eliminate you for just about anything. And they will use every opportunity to denigrate you because of your race, creed, color, past, and beliefs.

You would think that by now people would understand that complex systems create complex problems. That human beings cannot handle to much stress. That the human mind is weak and capable of incredibly messed up stuff. But that these are the conditions of human nature, its not evil, its a part of the human contruct and human frailty. And every human being is different, every experience, every act of kindness or hate. No two events of any kind can be identical. But instead of understanding, they use it only to punish, embarrass, harass, and subject people to public discrimination.

Lets get this straight, in any public forum people are legally entitled to be treated as all others are. You cannot use your religious or other beliefs to deny them equal access to anything. Privately you can think what you like, and on solely private property associate with whoever you want. There was an old saying, “no taxation wthout representation.” Well no one but a few seem to be representing a person who commits any kind of sex violation.

Therefore, those with sex violations should be exempt from paying any tax of any kind, until they are allowed their full citizenship rights back. And should be entitled to separate facilities of all kinds. I have no problem with a separate america, its been that way my entire life.

One thing to keep in mind here is Australia is part of the Five Eyes ( along with their UK related brothers and sisters. These are specific countries in treaties and alliances with the USA. If you look at the travel matrix, all of the Five Eyes countries have the same status on felons and RCs – deny them. So, of course they are going to follow along with the USA’s lead on this topic despite the Aussie people and their individual thinking. It goes beyond just what this program defines, but you will never see that in writing publically. You would never see a denial either by the USA or any of the Five Eye countries on this topic regarding the treaties and alliances. Money and similar aid talks when it comes to alliances and treaties.

+O.A.L. – the projection of self-guilt is probably spot on with respect to those you mention. It is a commonly known psychological issue. Disgraced Rep’s Hastert and Foley are prime examples of these people you mention. There is a respected Christian news website ( ( that details just how much porn the Bible Belt consumes and when. Is it any wonder they have some of the strictest RC laws in the nation?

Is this post actually on an international online site? Well, anyways, the history of slavery in the five eyes is probably extensively well documented. It was allegedly banned in the u.s. by the 13th amendment, “no slavery or indentured servitude shall exist except as a punishment for crime.” Requiring a person to comply with any aspect of a registration system is slavery. You are forcing a person to tell the government practically everything about themselves or go to prison. In the u.s. the supreme court said it wasnt a punishment, but it suspends all of your rights of citizenship. What a joke right. I dont know the laws of australia, but they are likely to ban slavery as well.

Personally, I dont have a problem with the government having a website that solely identifies a person with a sex violation, and they leave your address and personal information off of it. As long as they have a website that identifies all other crime violations. But when you make me spend my money and my time doing it, you better be paying me. You dont get anything free in the united states. Even prisoners are paid for work in the u.s. and some have to pay while being in prison.

Hey, well be proud of our country, we are great again, a great bad example of how to destroy lives and the rule of law. Other countries, heed our example or fall into the pit. We’ve sacrificed our own citizens so that you may live free.

This should be required reading for every politician and everyone who aspires to be one.

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