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IA: Why Prosecuting a Teen Girl for Sexting Is Absurd

A 14-year-old in Iowa is facing sexual exploitation charges for sharing a suggestive photo of herself – and that’s not as rare as you might think. Full Article


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Two thoughts…

1) if you’re going to prosecute the boy for possession of child pornography, it’s only right that you prosecute the girl for producing and distributing child pornography.

2) the truth is that neither should be prosecuted, this just highlights how ridiculous this whole thing has become! It’s time we admit the hysteria and hype has gone way overboard and it’s time to revamp the entire system!

You know we live in a cruel nation. Its only answer for typical teenage behavior is ruin them forever. I guess the prosecutor in this case never had a girlfriend or hung out with the fellas as a teenager and never saw a girl naked.

I would like to know how they found out about the pictures. But as far as I can see this case does not meet the statutory guidelines for prosecution. I just never realized just how they use religious beliefs to ruin people legally.

Whats worse is that they run this country. Nothing new here, the same old garbage religious nuts have been pandering forever. Theres nothing more disturbing than an exposed penis, with the exception of breasts, to waste thousands of dollars on, lol.

Read through the Des Moines (IA) Register series of articles on this and you will find there was a large group of students who had taken and received photos when someone was caught sharing them. This young lady’s photos were in the group. I hope she wins.

So, What if she merely kept these non-obscene photos on her phone? Can she be charged with the manufacturing of and possession of, possible intent to distribute, but not actually distributing child porn?

I think this prosecutor is trying to make a name for himself and teach moral lessons when it is not his place to do so, but the parents place in the end. Those who did share nude photos were dealt with as they should have been. Case closed. Yet he is being challenged and has taken exception to it.

People know when to say No and they are taught that. People also know how phone apps and sharing apps work today since this generation is raised on this technology. To think and say otherwise is foolish. Next thing you know swimsuit photos will be verboten and burkas issued in Iowa to teach lessons.

CP arrests and convictions are easy for law enforcement and the courts. Pretty much every branch of law enforcement (border patrol, homeland security, whatever) has jumped on the CP hunting bandwagon. Arresting somebody for possession of CP (no matter what the circumstances are) is about as good as it gets. If your having a hard time apprehending terrorists on the most wanted list and worried that your agency is facing budget cuts…just arrest yourself a few CP possessors and watch next next years funding swell. Who’s next in joining the hunt….meter maids?

It’s out of control…and it’s only going to get worse. It has turned into a witch hunt and the circumstances don’t seem to even matter anymore. Doesn’t matter if you are 45, 85, or 14. Doesn’t matter if it was 10,000 files or one. In my case…investigators found 3 illegal files in my hoard of nearly 2TB of legal adult porn. The file (the hash tag value) that led police to my door was a file I downloaded using peer to peer that had been named to appear as though it came from a legal adult porn website. Think anybody cared? Nope!

The public sees everyone arrested for CP as a child predator, a monster, somebody that should be exterminated. That is…until the person arrested is their 14 year old daughter for producing and distributing CP. Then and only then do they put their torches and pitch forks down. Take a look at your teenagers smart phone and don’t be shocked when you find child porn. When that happens…remember what you thought of “that monster” you read about a few months earlier in the paper. Now your kid is facing not only possession…but distribution as well. Welcome to Price Club.

@ms: “Take a look at your teenager’s smart phone …” No, you’d better not – because if you do find any inappropriate pics(CP), then you are now guilty of viewing CP!
Then we can welcome BOTH of you to the Price Club!
In my opinion, it’s twisted irony that the prosecutor just had his sh#t thrown back at him in a federal lawsuit. Interfering with parents raising their children is no laughing matter in States like IA. Who knows, it might even ruin any start to his future political career. I’m glad the parents took that Bull by the horns!

Thanks for supporting sex abuse

Amazing, a u.s. citizen cant send a picture of themselves to a friend that is sexually interpreted. But a man who uses his stardom and money to abuse women can become president of the united states.

Thank you republicans, just shows the level of hypocrisy all of you possess, you will hire a well established sex abuser to run the country, and give him your full support. Remember, he said once a molester always a molester, seems so fitting now.

I’m confused. I thought Bill Clinton was Democrat?

Well at least he wasnt stupid enough to get it tape recorded before he was elected and then ask people to vote for him..hahaha, snort snort. I would have never voted for bill if he said the crap trump does.

Theres a women for trump rally in nys on wednesday, I bet they show up in droves. The only kind of sex offender they love is a rich and powerful one, lol.

So Sports Illustrated’s Swim suit issue is “enticing” sexuality?

Then there’s that sports Illustrated Nude, but covered issues. Are those enticing as well as they’re all open to the public.

Anything with a swimsuit is considered porn? So commercials with kids in swim wear is CP? I mean how will sunscreen for kids gets sold now?

If they’re taking this far, why now make them push it all the way over so the industry can wake up to realize how absurd all this is.

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