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Caribbean: Sex offenders registry

TWO YOUNG attorneys have decided to work feverishly to change the sex offender registry policies within the Caribbean region. Inspired by the heart-breaking stories of victims and by their experiences in court, Gina Maharaj and Jonathan Bhagan have partnered with Zandoli International Foundation in North Carolina, USA to lead the Caribbean Committee Against Sex Crimes (CCASC). Full Article

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More bad news. Looks like the entire Caribbean region may soon be off limits if these two lawyers have their way in stirring up trouble — TWO YOUNG attorneys have decided to work feverishly to change the sex offender registry policies within the Caribbean region. Inspired by the heart-breaking stories of victims and by their experiences in court, Gina Maharaj and Jonathan Bhagan have partnered with Zandoli International Foundation in North Carolina, USA to lead the Caribbean Committee Against Sex Crimes (CCASC).,234116.html And, here’s info about the Zandoli Foundation. Looks harmless enough, but I fear that they will empower… Read more »

I might care if I ever traveled there, but I dont. Anyways, your way more likely to be raped, robbed, an murdered by their own backward citizens, then bothered by anyone on the so registry, who wont be able to travel there anyways, or be exposed to carribean style crusader vigilantism and corrupt police and theives working together, lol. Yea, we have our own discriminatory rules too. We dont want them coming to our country either selling drugs and killing people.

this disease is going to keep spreading like the epidemic that it is unless someone can find and spread the cure

Mike R, the root cause of this epidemic the public’s fear of RCs, caused by politicians’ fear mongering to get easy votes. Yes, we can and should battle anti-RC laws in the courts to slow the epidemic, BUT as we’ve seen the courts alone won’t bring comprehensive justice. New anti-RC laws will continue to pop up like weeds until we address basic human fear. To use an analogy, if we just put a bandage on an infection without dealing with the cause, it will continue to spread. The only way to address a person’s irrational fear is to use this… Read more »

I would have to disagree with the horse analogy. A horse is an animal that someone would want to pet, and that person would have a reason to want to overcome their fear and pet it. Others that didn’t fear the horse would want to show those that fear it why they shouldn’t fear it. The horse never actually did anything wrong to begin with. Sex Offenders are always going to be feared, and there is no sugar coating it. Nobody, other than a relative and maybe close friend (or rare needle in the haystack that is Janice) is ever… Read more »

I think you are right on. We (or rather our crimes) are never going to be looked on but with derision and disgust, and we will feel that disgust, whether it is actually felt or not, by the non-registrants who are helping us. While we may never or maybe should never obtain the level of simpathy that an LBGTQ or people who are discriminated by color of skin wil share among the liberal population, we can obtain someday a general understanding that we are also human because of our faults. This would require that people look into themselves and realize… Read more »

You must also look at the atty’s motivation here and ask why are they doing this. Where are the attys actually from, e.g. Caribbean or USA? Are there possible political motivations at hand? Is it really the safety aspect as the article mentions as the crux of this effort? Do they realize the Caribbean basin is made up of various countries on these island and a regional pact may not be the best where it should be an individual country’s decision? The article mentions island hopping to satisfy predilections, but is that factually/statistically true or mere more unfounded hysteria? If… Read more »

rick should care whether it affects you or not….it effects your fellow human beings and Americans and it is affecting the entire world as it is setting precedents for these other countries to follow suit….as far as Roger’s comments I have to agree with the fact the population needs to be educated but as Chris states there will always be fear and fear mongers who want to instill fear for their own political or personal gains…I have to respectfully disagree that there is any other way to defeat these laws other than in the courts….any civil rights movements were… Read more »

Well I actually do care. My post was meant to demonstrate that we also have perceptions about them. Just a little reverse psychology. Anyways, if you elect to create your own site, thats your business. As for taking these issues to the courts, ya I agree you should. You appear to have the capacity to do so. I’ve filed 3 lawsuits, two were dismissed for technical reasons and the third was dismissed with prejudice and entirely ignored by the judge. I have wasted hundreds of dollars and hours putting them together. So it does get frustrating. I am in the… Read more »

As I’ve said before, the judge will immediately dismiss a case that tries to claim registration is involuntary servitude. All the state has to do is give examples of all the other things people have to “register” for, like driver’s license, business licenses, census, taxes, jury duty, draft, and all the other “administrative” types of registrations and sex registration won’t look different enough. Then they will claim that the potential fines and jail time for failure to register are needed to insure it is done. They will claim that it’s in the public’s best interests and there is no less… Read more »

I have to disagree. Driver’s license: you get the benefit of driving legally Business license: the benefit of doing business legally Census: no legal penalty for not participating Taxes: theoretically, you get the benefit of roads and other public services; also, no in-person appearance needed to file them Jury duty: only activates for registered voters, not every citizen. You can easily avoid this by not registering to vote. And theoretically, you would get the benefit of seeing that justice is done. Draft: no legal penalty; also no in-person registration required As for the state receiving no “profit or product”, the… Read more »

If you don’t register for the draft, there is a legal penalty in the fact it could stop you from getting any financial aid for any education during the draft registration period or afterward. You may not go to jail, unless the draft is reinstituted, but you can be haunted by not registering. Drivers and Business licenses are not rights, but privileges. You pay to renew each of them when required to maintain their use. There is a financial product for the state in the registration money they receive – it goes to the care and feeding of the registry… Read more »

I have to disagree with you, the duties, and privileges you raised are provided for constitutionally and or you receive a benefit. Basic contactual law states both parties must receive a benefit in order for any contract to be legal. We are going to find out soon in a court that deals specifically with contracts, not the worthless constitution.

I agree that two parties signatory to a contract need to receive a benefit, e.g. money for a service, etc. I also agree to what you are doing regarding what is your benefit, Rick, for the contract you’re forced to participate in? It is understood what they receive and the public receives, but what does Rick receive (besides hassle, heartburn, etc) in the contractual terms and conditions?

See my response below incorrectly placed in politely beg to differ post.

Can you sue the government in small claims court?

You can sue in small claims court for anything of value above for 20 dollars or more. I will be making claims in excess of 20 dollars for costs related to reporting, the lossof my image, loss of all of my constitutional rights, etc. In nys a vaid contract is comprised of two parties agreeing to get something back. The sora takes away all of my rights as a us citizen. They get all of the benefits of this unilaterally imposed contract by forcing me to comply. I never agreed to such a contract. Who would agree to giving away… Read more »

In what state can you sue the government in small claims court?

Mike R, I didn’t say anything about defeating existing laws. Of course we need to fight them in the courts. No argument there. My point was that this will be an endless game in the courts of “whack-a-mole” until we can lessen the FEAR the public has of us (yes, that includes judges), which will decrease the motivation for politicians to create new anti-RC laws. How, you ask? The best way to begin the decrease of public fear is to SHOW the public how low-risk RCs continue to behave lawfully while OFF the registry. Then they will be open to… Read more »

Benjamin Mays, a social gospel activist whose rich oratory and progressive ideas had left an indelible imprint on King’s father. Committed to fighting racial inequality, Mays accused the African American community of complacency in the face of oppression, and he prodded the black church into social action by criticizing its emphasis on the hereafter instead of the here and now; it was a call to service that was not lost on the teenage King… this is exactly what I am attempting to do and marshal Thurgood waited until they had the perfect individual in Rosa Parks (ie frank Lindsey) to… Read more »

All of these laws were created on ONE premise. High recidivism. These laws passed the strict scrutiny because of that ONE single belief. I don’t understand why someone doesn’t fight that one single issue. Can it be fought?

The supposed “high recidivism” rate will always be a bone of contention until the data is borne out to those who need to see it, understand it and acknowledge it. That will essentially need to happen from SCOTUS first when Justice Kennedy retires. He will need to see, understand and acknowledge he was in error when he said what he said about the high recidivism rate from an article used in a government document that should not have been referred to or published out of context at all. You can read about that plenty here and online. There is a… Read more »

That’s what lawyers are for. Lawyers SHOW them the errors. It’s what we’re saying and have been saying. It’s mighty frigging odd that nobody is doing that.

There is a way to possible correct the prevailing the “high recidivism” thought train within SCOTUS. As has been noted many times previously, the “high recidivism” rate was provided by the USG’s Solicitor General (SG) as noted in an “‘Frightening and High’: The Supreme Court’s Crucial Mistake About Sex Crime Statistics” ( to SCOTUS for use in their considerations of the case at the time. Come to find out, there is a way for this error could be possibly corrected as noted in this article “Inside the Supreme Court’s little-known revision process” ( The question becomes does the Atty General… Read more »

It’s one idea. I’ve seen a few ideas posted that I place in the same category as this. They “might” work but they all require the longest route possible to abolishment. A more direct and expediate option would be for it to be introduced into a legal case, perhaps in the IML suit. Pretty much any suit as a side argument. The discussion just needs to be initiated in court and perhaps in the “right” court but no need to do long drawn out approaches.

rick I applaud you and your efforts dont ever let anyone deter you or convince you that you cannot succeed in your personal efforts to find ways to fight this crap anyway you can…I to believe a civil suit for damages is a viable option and am actually considering drafting a motion for such action..the following is just an example of what such a argument could look like despite the fact that it’s just an idea thrown into a quick draft and I understand that it’s nowhere near what the actual motion for summary judgement would have to contain and… Read more »

wow that’s quite a bit of work! How does this affect the Caribbean Sex Offender Registry?

Well, I think that its quite a draft, I wish I could show you my last lawsuit, it was a book, lol, full of well established facts and law. But I think it would be beneficial to use the michigan decision immediately in your citations. Also, compare and contrast your issues with winning case law, that makes your issue difficut to ignore. In addition, dont expect anything from the lower court, in all likelihood it will rule against you, what you are looking for is an opportunity to get to the ct. Of appeals where if they rule against you… Read more »

steve finally your in the same page….dont whine about why it isn’t happening though do something about it…sarcasm…thats what I hear anytime I’ve said these exact same things…

man pk get off of the comment police trip man you are just causing interruptions in the flow of conversation… who cares if were on topic constantly as long as were having productive dialog man….stop your bitchin and complaining…..get a life where your not trying to police people and pull your control freak habit on something else besides trying to disrupt productive conversation….no more it looks like some others are starting to come around to our way of thinking its just a slow ride for them lol…Roger I still have to respectfully disagree with your tactics…we have to face the… Read more »

PK was only giving you a polite reminder to stay on topic. It’s much easier to find your long postings when they are posted in the correct place. PK didn’t deserve your rude response.

love it….Hey no more did I hit it on the head with that last comment or what ???????hopefully some of thee guys will get my point now and back off with their strict on topic policing here…..its ridiculous…this stay inside the box attitude is why nothing has happened of any substantial effect on the registry scheme yet….need to get out of that box hit em with everything we got and listen to the wisdom of the past on how to fight this shittttttt…..that comment by Mays is an excellent example on what our cause needs to do too….we just need… Read more »

Absolutely, excellent post. I especially like your percentage posts. I would love it if you’d come to my future site and post those same and sane facts. From what I’ve gathered, there is no rational reason to continue this abomination called a registry. Your facts need to be continuously posted lest the registry supporters forget.

great feedback rick I would like to see your motion even if it is a book….your right the objective of any motion will be to get in front of scrotum…love scrotus how fitting

Wow, I wish I could show it to you, it covered everything, all encompassing, destroying every facet of the sora. If you have access to the legal site PACER im sure you could see the whole thing for itself. I had to shorten it because of costs, lol. I wish I could publish it to demonstrate all of the laws, including federal and state, these clowns are violating and have numerous us supreme ct decisions backing it up. In short they have violated every major precedent in us legal history. Think about it, us citizens are being required to tell… Read more »

unless we can be more committed than them we will lose this and IML will gain a standing in the UN:

” They intend for it to work in tandem with the US International Megan’s Law to Prevent Demand for Child Sex Trafficking (HR 4573).

They are seeking consultation from the United Nations, as well as the US Department of State, to perfect the policy prior to it being signed into international law. “

As we know, the UN has no real standing in the world today. The UN also should not be picking and choosing which human rights to watch and comment on. Either watch and comment on all or none at all. Enough other entities pick on the USA and their miserable human rights when it come to RCs that the UN should not be any different regardless, even when they are HQ’d in NYC.

I notice the a sex registry just announced in the Carribran now the Casrribean is to be pounded by a hurricane, along wih Florida. If I believed God was immediately reactionary, I would think its no coincidence the Carribean and Florida are to be pounded by a HUrricane. But then again, in Florida, and soon in thew Carribean I’m sure, registrants can’t and will not be allowed to go to homeless shelters with families and will have to fend for themselves. SO this couldn’t be an act of God.

I hate to say this, but I hope florida is decimated. I dont want people hurt. But I do want massive damage, so they can all live under bridges.

It will be interesting to find out what happens to the 250+ sex offenders in that camp since they aren’t allowed in hurricane shelters.

I guess that’s one way Florida can get rid of its sex offender burden. They just had to enact the right laws and hope they didn’t get overturned before the next hurricane solves the problem for them.

Another proud American! Cheers! Are you saying you wouldn’t travel domestically to Florida to help those people who are stranded and have to leave their homes for a day? That’s got to be so stressful for those people, to have to leave their homee, and maybe not have electricity or cephone! What about their jobs?? Hopefully none of those people will loose their dignity and have to move to a different neighborhood- only where the government allows them to move.

Why wouldn’t you help those poor Americans who have been so good to you?

Because sometimes the willfully ignorant need ten feet of water over their heads to see want really needs taking care of and what doesn’t. Gaia knows, they will still deny the obvious and claim they didn’t please God enough, and therefore his watery wrath bestows on all for the fault of the liberals for not enacting even tougher sex offenders laws.
Seems like the scarier the world becomes, the more America runs for the comfort of its sex offender security blanket. That blanket better be equiped with aqualung or baby’s going to drown.

I believe that the human rights watch is part of the UN if I’m not mistaken and human rights watch has been very critical and vocal about the human rights violations being committed mostly here in the US…I love it that the hurricane isn’t just going to hit Florida and go away but is supposed to come back around for another round…love it…collective karma man

Human Rights Watch is not part of the UN (

Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights does exist to do a similar mission (

whats happening with that case rick??? if you can provide me with any way to get to that particular case I’ll be willing to join their site even if it cost to subscribe…

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