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MO: State Rep. wants death penalty as option for repeat sex offenders

It’s the one issue in Jefferson City that State Representative Randy Pietzman says nobody likes to talk about. “This is not a popular topic to talk about if you’re just trying to get re-elected,” he said.

But that’s not going to stop him from tackling it head on because he says it concerns the safety of every Missouri child. Full Article

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  1. Punished For Life

    It’s law enforcement and lawmakers just like these who have done something in their lives that very well could have landed them in jail or prison. And they go hysterical when they acquire a little power.
    Merkel and Peitzman need to go look in their own closets and then be happy they didn’t get caught for doing something crazy or stupid in their personal lives.
    Increasing the punishment for certain crimes is possibly in order. I would never condone sex with a 3 or 4 year old, but come on you idiots. Death Penalty?
    People who think the way they do, just make me sick to my stomach.

    “This is not a popular topic to talk about if you’re just trying to get re-elected,” he said.
    Yes, but that is exactly why you are talking about it.
    And are the RC’s actually committing these new crimes? I bet not.
    No…it’s teachers, clergy, relatives and everyone you trust on a daily basis.

    Now go and get yourself re-elected and keep spewing your hate.

    • Timmr

      Obama has also said he is open to having the death penalty for repeat child rapists. It is very popular with politicians to find reasons for killing people, whether it be from drone attack or lethal injection, and there has always been plenty of people commiting despicable acts to choose from, who’s next for the axe? and plenty of bloodthirsty people looking for legal ways to satisfy the blood lust.

      • Michael

        To be fair, that was 2008 candidate Obama, not President Obama. We don’t know where he stands on the issue today.

  2. Renny

    I agree with him, but the idea should be amended to include any elected official or sworn peace officer convicted of ANY felony should have all their assets seized and be executed without appeal.

  3. G4Change

    This is what happens in a state where the ACLU doesn’t seem to give a f***ing s**t about registered citizens. I think it’s great that the ACLU seems to be involved in other states. But, here in Missouri, the ACLU probably wouldn’t spit on us if we were on fire!
    Years ago, when the unconstitutional Halloween crap laws were passed, the ACLU in Missouri stepped up and tried to get it thrown out. That’s the last we’ve heard from them. Even though the Missouri Supreme Court ultimately ruled the Halloween laws to be unconstitutional, the cops are still enforcing them. Why? Because nobody including the ACLU gives a s**t here in this state.
    Now they want to bring in the death penalty. You know what, it will probably pass because it’s Missouri. And, they will probably be able to apply the death penalty retroactively because, hey, it’s just a price club membership, right?
    Wake the F**K up, ACLU of Missouri!!! You’re f**king useless and clueless!!!

    • David Kennerly

      Your State Representative, Randy Pietzman, who claims to be defying popularity instead of pandering directly to it by bravely asserting the need for such a death penalty, seems to be blissfully unaware of the U.S. Supreme Court’s rejection of the death penalty for sex offenders by the State of Louisiana, just a handful of years ago in 2008.

      So, there’s really no need to worry that the chemical cocktail induced ‘big sleep’ is in anyone’s future for sex offenses, alone.

      • G4Change

        Problem is, David, that the State of Missouri ignores it’s own State Supreme Court decisions and nobody does and darn thing about it. What makes you think that they will give a crap about a SCOTUS decision?
        This has become a rogue state, and the ACLU of Missouri is out to lunch and doesn’t seem to give a crap about the rights of registered citizens. Look how long they let things fester in Ferguson. African-Americans in that town were being bullied for YEARS by cops and city officials, and the nobody (including the ACLU) seemed to do a thing about it – and this wasn’t even a registered citizen issue. They were being racist and targeting all African-Americans in that town. Finally, the whole thing blew up and something was done.

      • Michael

        You beat me to it!

    • Eldon Dillingham

      Kansas ACLU is no different than Missouri ACLU. The ACLU seems afraid to take on serious violations of registrants rights. They probably worry about funding as too many contributors, in my knowledge, have gross misconceptions of individuals who are registrants – until, of course, a registrant is a member or friend of the family.

  4. Rick

    That’s funny, I want judges and politicians that don’t uphold our laws and constitution to get the death penalty too, their decisions get people killed.


    It’ll never happen. This person is grandstanding for votes, is all.

  6. Michael

    Leave it to a Rightist to suggest a law that SCOTUS has outlawed because laws such as this violate the Constitution’s ban on cruel and unusual punishment.

  7. Josh James

    When does this type of rhetoric become hate speech? I am a registrant. when I hear this, it’s like they want to kill me (not just some person on the registry). Can I file for a restraining order?

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