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Parents Concerned Over Possible Registered Sex Offenders for Halloween

State officials are cracking down on registered sex offenders, just as Halloween is around the corner. It’s called “Operation Boo,” which requires that all registered sex offenders to adhere to certain curfews and restrictions between 5 p.m. and 5 a.m., starting on Halloween night. They also cannot put up Halloween decorations or give out candy to trick-or-treating children. Full Article


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    And I am concerned about the drunk drivers that will be on the road coming home from a Halloween party. Everyone has a concern.

    • C

      A valid concern, indeed.

      I’m concerned about tripping and falling over Halloween decorations whilst out trick or treating with my little ones. Who’s looking out for MY safety?

  2. Rick

    More wasted money and effort. Cali is off the hook! So much concern for children’s right, I guess adults dont have any? More nonsense, not to say it isn’t possible, but way better chance of being robbed and ran over. Bet the po’s love the overtime , laughing all the way to the bank.

    • Lake County

      Maybe I’m just selfish but I don’t understand why kids lives are more important than all other lives. We all have an average of 75 years to live on this earth. Some of us will have short lives and some of us will live to be too old. Every day of life is important regardless of our age. All lives matter, young and old. The lives of our youth should not be considered more important than the lives of our seniors. All ages are important and contribute to our overall quality of life and education.

  3. Rick

    By the way, how many sex offender crime free Halloween’s will it take before these nutty concerned parents aren’t given any more attention. Answer, until the planet dies. Honestly, these stories need to stop being printed as concerned parent stories, but instead Halloween myth stories.

  4. wonderin

    Witches, black cats, sex offenders, goblins, werewolves, ghosts and other sorted devilish creatures to scare and delight. BOO!

    • Harry

      Wonderin, Do not forget clowns.

    • Harry

      Wonderin, “Witches, BLACK CATS, sex offenders, goblins…” We have a black cat, name Cyrene and he decorates him-self on front window ledge, every night. I guest, if a RC was on parole that would be 5-7 years in the clink.

      • wonderin

        That’s hilarious, Harry and a good example of how crazy this has all become. Happy all Saint’s day.

  5. C l a r k

    “Possible”… They can be afraid of that word through out their lifetime.
    ” Possible “…those people continue to live in fear.
    Everything is ” possible “…..DUI runs over your Halloween outing…
    …..scary clown is seen on Halloween….
    ……rain or lightning strikes on Halloween….
    ……” Possible “….world war 3 is possible….
    The greater ” possible ” is that someone NOT registered is more likely your danger.
    Put that in your “possible” and sit on it.

  6. C l a r k

    “Possible”….isn’t that a category on the gameshow JEOPARDY…..
    $200.00 Bink:
    LA Times news reports today: LA Unified school personnel: misconduct crimes…
    What is ” possible “….at LA Unified.

  7. G4Change

    Are San Diego and Orange Counties like the “Florida” of California? I might be wrong, but it seems like most of these fear-mongering sex offender stories and crap legislation tend to come from there.

  8. Timmr

    The spouses , children and other relations of the registrant don’t count to this reporter. This witch hunt applies to all registrants on Halloween. The CDCR is encouraging parents to report all registrants who have decorations by calling 911. This is worse than the sign requirement.

    • wonderin

      Unbelievable! This almost seems to be sarcastic presentation to insult the ridiculous nature of operation Boo, but then reality kicks in and your right, Timmr, my child’s home becomes a target for any deranged parent.
      This reminds me of the old videos of students being taught to hide under their desks at school if their was a bright flash of light signifying a nuclear attack from the Soviet Union.

      • Timmr

        I wonder how many people tie up the 911 system to report a pumkin in someone’s yard? Would the operator take such a call as a prank or send in the swat team?

  9. Stephen

    I’m coloring in a name badge to keep you perverts away from my stash of candy. I’m also teaching my dog to search the registry before it goes to the bathroom on your lawn. Please take notice of all the crime on Halloween and throw it back at these stupid reporters, and ask them if they feel responsible for not warning the public. Turn the tables on them.

  10. mike r

    the reporter can’t even get the main topic of the article right…States alllll sex offenders must comply with curfew requirements…..ahhh I don’t believe that includes anyone not on parole….

  11. Rick

    I guess we’ll be having the same stories next year, and the year after, and the decade after, and the century after, and the millineum after, and forever after lol.

  12. Michael

    If this is supposed to be about kids, why the 5 p.m. and 5 a.m. curfew/restrictions? Parents can legally allow their kids to roam the streets all night, but a registered sex offender has to be indoors by 5 p.m.?

  13. Harry

    The after Halloween score card, so far, have not yielded any RCs attacking kids, however, this sad thing occurred.

  14. Rick

    They will probably blame it on RC’s. Took their eyes off road to check SO listings. These uncaring people who advocate these registries can go one by one, the fewer of them the better. I have no mercy left for them.

  15. jd

    Just to clarify, this bogus law applies only to RCs on probation or parole, right?

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