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WV: Sex offender arrested for driving truck to mailbox

The West Virginia State Police have made an arrest for a man failing to update his sex offender registry. Full Article

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My associate on SOSEN has this truth:

STUNG’S FIRST POSTULATE: “The purpose of all sex offender legislation is to return all sex offenders, no matter the level or date of their offense, to prison for the rest of their life.”

How very true.

This is very true. The longer one spends on the registry the more apparent it becomes. It’s been over 15 years for me and now I have a compliance officer assigned to me. Illegal searches, talking to neighbors.. etc. All it took was a new radicalized sheriff to throw my entire county in Michigan in total chaos. My zip code had 30 RSO’s now it’s down to 8. LE is determined to get all RSO’s back in jail. The local county sheriff even told the press RSO’s belong back in jail. Even the misdemeanors offenders going on decades of being non trouble.

That’s what happens in a penal system designed to make profits. They need to keep making money you know, so the jails have to stay full. You know Bernie Sanders actually introduced legislation that would make for profit prisons illegal at the federal level.

All those “task force” cops have a hero and savior complex.. They actually think you’re making a difference!

Every time those rodeo clowns show up, I ask them if they still have fantasies about safeguarding children. This is not “justice” it’s retaliatory vengeance with malice. Megan’s Law is too militant and adversarial. I’m sick of it ALL.

David M.

I also live in Michigan, not sure what county your in, but I am in Oakland County, I live in South Lyon it’s a small town even though they call it a city, there is about 19 or 20 on the registry. I have been on it since 96, but since they changed our registration dates to our conviction dates it now says 92 so in that case I have been on it for 25 years come June. I certainly feel bad for you being harassed, because I have not had any contact with police what so ever since I have been out except for registering of course, they even stop just to say hi and ask how I am doing, but they do not show up at my house unannounced and never have, even when I was on parole. It could be because we are a small town and I have lived here all my life 46 years, not sure but I do feel for you especially if it is Wayne County that your in,just hang in there god will this will be over soon, hopefully by this fall.

I live very close to you Bobby. I get compliance checks all the time. Even illegal searches. Our Michigan reform group kinda went dead. I keep writing Miriam about the crazy stuff going on with me.

The strange thing is, everytime I try and register a vehicle I just acquired or sold, I am told I must provide evidence that that the vehicle is mine. I have been denied too many times registering a vehicle, despite the law requiring me to. I feel this may end up with a lawsuit soon if it continues.

Every time this happens, I contact the California Department of Justice and have them remind the registering office that I don’t need to prove anything, i just need to be able to register the change, verbally as needed. I have been forced to register many times over the last few months over changes to vehicle registrations, plate changes, and status changes of a vehicle. For example, changing plates of the vehicle requires an update. Changing from paratransit shuttle bus status to “motorhome” status also changes the identification in the DMV computers and forces me to update registration again, even though I just went in a few days prior.

This is a waste of law enforcement’s time as well as mine, and there is absolutely no element of public safety in performing these actions, yet one tiny mistake can result in a felony and prison time. I am finalizing my last changes with vanity license plates on a single vehicle and status as motorhome and i’m good to go. My other vehicles will be my bikes, which as of yet, I do not need to disclose. (That’s coming soon)

None of this crap makes any sense to me.

In CA you only need to provide that update once a year.

Not if you are homeless. I am not exactly homeless, I have an RV conversion in progress at an address, but law enforcement won’t let me use it as a “residence” because it’s not a residence. Hence, why I am registered as a transient.

You only need to notify them of an address change, name change and if you start attending school. All other changes are only made on your annual registration. Just read the paperwork you sign every year or read the long 290 PC laws.

Here is a link to the paperwork we sign each year:

A person takes a car get to post $25,000 bail and may spend 6 months in jail, where as a person getting his mail has a $75,000 bail and be sent to prison for 5 years. If, this guy was driving this vehicle on a private drive-way to get his mail, he do not need a driver’s license or the vehicle have be registered. Our legal system are more devious than most crooks.

It’s bull crap. The only real crime was Driving without a license.

Hmm, don’t they usually like to upload the arrestees registry photo on stories like this? Not to mention there is no one by that name on the West Virginia registry, and if you read the vehicle provisions/ requirements of their penal code they are pretty lenient , somewhat on par with California’s. The way this article is written, making that policeman out to be the savior authoritarian figure- pure propaganda news story. I’m calling bs on this one.

Correction- there is a person on a website called offenderadar by that name. Whatever that is.

COINTELPRO. Bait traps to get RSO’s to click on a site to collect information from visiting a site or story. Spreading of mis information (propaganda) and suppressing the truth.

The registry laws are segregation laws. Same type of people like these type of laws. Just a different year and different group of people. Same out come and reasoning validates discrimination and segregation laws.

“allegedly admitted that he had driven the vehicle to the end of the road to check mail and back to his residence.”

His biggest mistake here was admitting anything at all to a LE officer. He should’ve respectfully declined to answer any questions above and beyond identifying himself. This is a good reminder to all of us to exercise our right to remain silent. No good can come from a RC talking to cops.

I live in the LA/OC area. I register anuually/expunged offense. I barely even recall my own license plate # and vin. They request both on the annual. I always take my registration in with me. My wife owns a car and we own a sports car as well. I never register the others because those are her cars? Any thoughts?

What if I go in vacation and rent a car? Or, borrow a car to run to the store?

Ie: what if I own a used car lot? What if I get in an accident and require a loaner? What if I’m married and have 2 children who drive?

The last time I registered, they didn’t something odd? The printed something out with like 6-8 makes and license plate #’s of cars I think I might have owned at one time. I honestly can’t recall license plate #’s that well. The woman requested I check yes or no and sign it? I stated not sure on a few.

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