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The Adam Walsh Reauthorization Act of 2017 Passes in the House of Representatives

Today, the Adam Walsh Reauthorization Act of 2017, which would allow the protections of the Adam Walsh Protection and Safety Act to continue saving the lives of children throughout the nation, passed in the House of Representatives with broad bipartisan support. Full Press Release

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Oh how unsurprising….how about the story where Adam Walsh freaks out because the members of the house of representatives overwhelmingly no longer support the Adam Walsh act and subsequently fail in reauthorizating it? That’s going to be a delightful day.

More trash passes for there own personal, financial and political gain. What children are really protected?

Ok, Call me an idiot but how does this affect all the lawsuits around the Country such as Michigan’s Does v Snyder and the N.C. case that I can’t remember right now or will it even effect them at all, what also gets me is the Adam Walsh Act, was named for a child that was Murdered NOT Sexually Assaulted. The other thing is WHY is John Walsh not on the Registry his girlfriend now, wife was 16 and he was 23 when they started dating, from stuff I have read. These laws are as useless as a P.P.O.

Bobby you said, ” The other thing is WHY is John Walsh not on the Registry his girlfriend now, wife was 16 and he was 23 when they started dating”. We all should write letters to our congress members and ask them why Mr. Walsh is not charged? That they need to seek charges, against him to protect the integrity of their vote. I believe Mr. Walsh is no longer married to this girl, that he abused.


I did some digging and this is what I have found, John E. Walsh born 1945 71 and Reve drew Walsh born 1951 . I can’t find it now but I read that she was 16 and he was 23 when they started dating, they got married in 1991 after college, and they were going to get a divorce in 03, reconciled and are still married today. My point is if they started dating when he was 23 and she was 16 then why is his dumb ass not on the registry retroactively. just saying

Sorry I meant they were married in 1971 not 91

You can watch the video on YouTube of John Walsh laughing and confessing that he was 23 and she was only 16. Saying that he could get into a lot of trouble but still kept the relationship going. It was a bar called Brunners. Look up John Walsh dates young girl on You Tube

hi Robert,

Thanks for the heads up, I tried finding it even typed in John Walsh dates young girl, and other searches on John Walsh, and can’t find it any where, if you happen to run a cross it again can you share the link. It just erks me that he is getting away with it I guess. and all of us have to deal with this unconstitutional registry.

Bobby you are right. I also cannot find it anymore. I had it in my favorites because I was sending it to all the idiot politicians and now it is not there either. I would not be surprised that John Walsh got wind of that video and demanded You Tube remove it. Maybe my sending it to every politician I could think of in Florida where he lives and members of Congress pissed him off because it showed he was a sex offender and laughing about it.

Must be nice for Mr. Walsh…having plenty of money and connections…which gives him power. He can commit a sex offense (multiple times with a “mature” 16 year old when he was 23) and never be punished for it. All while he runs around doing everything he can to insure thousands of others pay for their crimes. Mr. Adam Walsh…you are a giant hypocrite and an “unregistered sex offender”. I hope that youtube video that mysteriously vanished resurfaces for the masses to see.

@Bobby, Robert & MS
The John Walsh video used to be on YouTube, but seems to have disappeared. Try here:

I’m sure they only held hands and watched sunsets.


P.S. Note the source of the video is from a cable TV channel (Bio), so it’s had plenty of nationwide airing.

By dating you mean sexual intimacy?

Interesting details John Walsh reveals about the thoughts of his evil mind and the True Hypocrite he is.

Link to Bio:

“John Walsh produced a lot of contention amid a late spring press visit in 2006 when he expressed to the media he playfully advised representatives to embed “blasting” chips in the butts of sex wrongdoers. He expressed, “I said insert it in their rear-end and in the event that they go outside the span, blast it, that would send a major message.” Walsh expressed this was a “joke,” yet that “no one thought it was clever.” Walsh later proposed embedding GPS contributes such offenders. John Walsh likewise confronted feedback when he exhorted ladies to never enlist a male sitter, which was seen as an unmitigated sexist comment. “It’s not a witch chase,” he said. “It’s about minimizing dangers. What pooch will probably chomp and hurt you? A Doberman, not a poodle. Who will probably attack a youngster? A male.”

“In his book – “Tears of Rage”, Walsh transparently concedes being involved with 16-year-old Revé when Walsh was in his mid-20s and mindful of the time of assent being 17 in New York. Pundits of Adam Walsh Act have called attention to that, had he been sentenced, Walsh himself would be liable to sex guilty party enlistment under the law which he forcefully advanced. A few pundits blame Walsh for making predator alarm by utilizing his attention.”

“Walsh was heard by Congress on February 2, 1983, where he gave an Unsourced case of 50,000 kidnapped and 1.5 million missing youngsters every year. He affirmed that the U.S. is “covered with damaged, executed, assaulted, choked kids”, when truth be told, later Department of Justice study from 1999 discovered just 115 frequencies of cliché kidnappings executed by outsiders, of which around 50 brought about death or tyke not being found. Pundits guarantee that Adam Walsh Child Resource Center, which began without subsidizing in 1981, produced 1.5 million dollars yearly after his confirmation before the Congress.

Help us edit this article and get a chance to win a $50 amazon Gift card.”

The website invites Editing of the article for those incline to reveal further Truth.

I speak a True Song

As Yehovah Lives, so should we

These assholes can’t seem to get anything done but this…THIS they have no problem with.

Great for manipulating the ignorant masses so they are never gonna let this one go!

Our government just doing it’s work – HAHAHA

We can be in the middle of a major nation wide apocalyptic level alien attack and congress would still be working on the AWA…. It’s pathetic.

…to continue saving the lives of no one…

People make mistakes. That is inevitable. Those that are reflective enough to learn from them will not make them again.

The opportunistic politicians who manipulate the public to believe us to be monsters: They are the true evil. They repeat their lies over and over for the sole purpose of keeping their small, temporary and ultimately illusory power.

It makes no difference. You, politicians, greedy and corrupt, I swear to you, you will not rule me. I will be dead soon enough, but still you will not control me.

I will greet whatever comes next with clear conscience and calm mind.

I am not my worst mistakes. I am not my past. Despite your best efforts, you will not define me as such.

This I promise my soul.

Some evil men hurt children with a weapon, like the recent terrorist attack. Others like our legislators do it with a pen.

It sounds almost comical if it wasn’t so serious to hear legislators say… “If it saves one child.” Then push to take away kids health care, food stamps and kids safety net programs.

Watch the YouTube on this silly bunch of nonsense and realize this group of clowns are so out of touch they don’t get lots of kids are going to get hurt in a effort to save money. I can’t help but think… How many kids get to die to save money? I honestly don’t have much faith in either political party.

As much as I hate any public registry at all, right now I’d welcome California actually being Adam Walsh compliant. At least then we’d have a real timeline with seemingly far easier way to end your registration than what we currently have or even what’s being proposed in our tiered registry. Oh to pine for being punched in the face than kicked in the groin.

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