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Sex Offender Advocates Object To Local Mapping Of Registered Sex Criminals (Updated)

The Board of Directors for the National Association for Rational Sexual Offense Laws objects to local public safety maps which pinpoint the addresses of individuals listed on official state sex-offender registries. NARSOL submitted this letter to Patch explaining why such maps should not be published at Halloween.

Update – Follow up from Patch

‘Then I See The Delight In Your Eyes Turn To Fear’

Heyl: Some Sex Offender Names Soon Could Vanish From Online State Registry

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This is why the public registry is a punishment. Registrants are literally being listed on hunting lists, not only endangering ourselves, but all our loved ones as well.

Actually these governmental bodies are encouraging the hunt.

I still have many good & close friends, and they want to talk to me about these “Patch Halloween sex offender maps.” They have willingly disclosed to me that they DO NOT use these “maps” for saftety or to avoid said houses on halloween, but because it’s just interesting for them to click on all of the “dots.” They like to gossip about those “dots.” THEY DO NOT WRITE DOWN OR MEMORIZE THE ADDRESSES in order to avoid on Halloween. For The Patch, this is when their ratings SPIKE!! They are NOT trying to “save” anyone and they know it.

“Sex Offenders” have great entertainment value which is why I always say that we should be less willing to ascribe to them more legitimate feelings of (unfounded) fear. We are the source of endless titillation and drama in their otherwise dreary, quotidian lives.

Yes, another service we provide without compensation, entertainment. The circus has not just arrived in your town but has been for a couple decades now live on the Internet. Senator Senselessbrainor speaks: “Behold the freaks. Track their movements. Live vicariously in their transgressions. Be glad in your mediocre lives you are not them, though. Now break your bread, guzzle your Bud and sleep soundly plebians while we govern at will.”

This is a great article. Not a single recorded instance in over 20 years of someone on the registry violating a trick-or-treater, yet fatalities due to autos increases four fold every Halloween evening.

Please contact NARSOL if interested in volunteering to send letters to local Patch newsrooms or to send letters to other local news outlets that encourage sex offender Halloween hysteria. Some local Patch sites did not have maps posted a week ago, but are now posting, because “their readers want to see them”. Many Patch localities are also publishing the NARSOL letter.
Every little bit helps.

If my probation officer ever found out that I was sending letters to anyone, speaking out against the registry or of these Patch articles, she would revoke the crumbs I have earned over the last 6 years AND she would destabilize my family life. Also, I had to disclose my email password. Can’t do it.

Can you afford to donate here? You still have free speech rights and a donation is free speech.

Tim, I did ask them and got no response

Ok, I can’t speak for them, I contacted them and sent out letters to 30 or so of the Patch subsidiaries. Some did many, many more. Don’t know why they wouldn’t be interested in more help, its a big country. Maybe we can organize a similar effort to target local tv stations that exploit the sex offender Halloween (and any day of the year) hysteria. I think the more people involved in these efforts, the better, as long as there is a plan to follow and the effort looks professional. We need to represent an organization like ACSOL or NARSOL… Read more »

I would say that this community’s efforts at writing comments and responses to online publications has been successful. The tenor of these comments sections has definitely changed whenever one of us shows up which is more-and-more often. What would be wonderful would be a wider and more comprehensive effort to engage with media, in general. I’m not sure if either organization issues press releases but that should be a part of this strategy. Press releases provide an opportunity to get our ideas across and may be welcome on a particularly slow news day. Connecting directly with journalists, either real or… Read more »

I believe you are right. People feel they can say anything about any group when they know their words go unchallenged. We must also try to invade the echo chambers of social media. That is where the ignorant go to legitimize their own voice by endless repetition.

Things like this trigger unnecessary panic and potential vigilantism by pin pointing registrants on maps as targets for such actions.

Then you have things like in this post link below, happen to a registrant.

My post to the patch: You publish these maps because of a 44 year old tragedy? How many children are killed every Halloween by drunk drivers? I know of two young girls in LA who lost their lives last year. And of those killed, how many of the drunk drivers had previous DUI convictions? Now, since 1973, how many children were harmed by known or unknown sex offenders on Halloween? It seems that if you really wanted to help parents keep their children safe, as you claim, you’d publish the names of those convicted of DUI. The truth is you… Read more »

C. Very, Very Factual argument!! Brilliant.. keep up the good work my friend.


Would you mind others using your verbiage in any letters written to the ignorant media and other organizations?

Heck, no. I’d be flattered.
However, you might want to clean up the typos I just discovered. 🙂

Based on all the facts, no instances of RO’s committing crimes on Halloween and all of the other data lowest recidivism etc while kids are being killed by DUI drivers every year and no dots for them..there is no valid reason for them to do the dots…this is done plainly for their financial gain with no benefit to the public…seems like harassment to me.

Annual Patch maps, Operation Boo and similar activities are nothing more than self-promotion under the guise “protecting the public.” They are little more than publicity stunts conducted at our expense.

Do you really think that ‘Patch’ really cares about kids? absolutely not..they only care about viewership to increase their advertising profit. Exploiting the registry creates fear which we all know is a very strong emotion which leads to (potential) increased viewership…if people convicted of dui had a similar registry they would be exploiting that… Patch is nothing but scum on the bottom of my shoe…btw I have never heard of Patch until now..pffft..they are now outa my life..and my clicks that add to their revenues..

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