State Department Revokes Second Passport

The State Department has revoked the passport of a second California registrant.  Similar to the first known revocation, a State Department letter dated January 22, 2018, informed the registrant that he is “not entitled to a U.S. passport that does not contain the passport endorsement required pursuant to” the International Megan’s Law (IML).  The letter also informed the registrant that he could apply for a new passport which includes the endorsement required by the IML provided that the registrant pays “all required fees”.

Unlike the first known registrant whose passport was revoked after he completed an overseas trip, the second registrant recently attempted but was unsuccessful in traveling overseas on a vacation with his wife.  The couple was given a boarding pass for a flight to a Caribbean island, however, the U.S. airline on which they had purchased roundtrip tickets refused to allow them to board the flight.  The registrant received by mail at his home address the State Department’s notice that his passport had been revoked within 30 days of his scheduled departure.

In a related story, a California registrant purchased a roundtrip ticket to South Korea in December 2017 in order to attend an important business meeting.  Although he attempted to obtain a boarding pass for his flight to that country, the U.S. airline refused to issue him a boarding pass.  The registrant subsequently requested a full refund for his roundtrip ticket, however, the airline has refused that request.  The registrant has obtained legal assistance in this matter.  He has not received a letter from the State Department regarding revocation of his passport.


State Department Revokes Registrant’s Passport

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The Government from state to federal has made it nearly impossible to re enter society, they are just as guilty of ruining countless families, it is time to fight and inflict the same pain on all them but in a different way, but we wont as usual, enjoy the pain until you die.

I have no idea what they’re talking about in this news article. But I know that when I got my passport three years ago, it cost about $145 for the new passport and passport card, not just $25 (or $35).

So please clarify for me, as I get so much contradicting info. (Suprise).

When you are off the list (10 yrs) you have to petition the Feds to remove you. But they will still mark passport and send notices, even though you served your sentence, paid all fines, no other problems, and THEY took you off the registry.

Am I reading this right? If not, please clarify. Because what is the use of going through all the mess if they will never give you your life back.

Good point,
Freevmarket forces would normally include competition, some may carry you despite another’s refusal. But how does it really work?.
IML law reserves a mass visit to DC! Can it be a million? I believe so.

The logistics immense! Overcoming P&P restrictions….busses ect.
A devoted web site possibly?

I need a completely factual answer to this question without any speculative response please.

Let’s say one submits his present UNMARKED passport for renewal. Will he : 1) Get a new Marked passport 2) Get a new UNMARKED passport 3) Will he get NO passport at all ?

If you know the answer, please respond asap as this is a time related question.

Thank you so much.

I obviously did not make myself clear, so I will try it this way.

Since January 1st, 2018, did anyone on this blog renew his/her passport w/o it being revoked ?

If yes, did the new passport you received contain the unique identifier ?

Thank you for your help.

This may be a totally stupid question, but if it’s on one page in the middle of the passport, what happens if that page accidentally gets damaged or worse?
Or maybe something sticky gets spilled on it, and two pages get stuck together.

Or, if they do send you a letter, and somehow your old passport gets lost, will they just re-issue a new one when you reapply?

Hopefully, someone will actually post a picture of what this stamp looks like and where is in the Book

All my fingers and toes are crossed that Janice is successful with the injunction then we would at least have some time to travel and give the other attorneys a chance to end this ridiculous law

Sam not sure about all that. Yes I am on registry, and yes I meet the conditions for revocation. What I don’t know is that if they are aware that you are overseas (seems like it should be in some database somewhere) will they just revoke it unannounced, ie. no notification by mail or otherwise? If so, the surprise will happen at a border or on visa renewal or a residency application, something like that. Most day to day institutions will not know if your passport is valid or not. They are just photocopying the first few pages as ID.
Those that care about the actual validity of your passport will either have you contact your embassy in their country (sounds like fun for you!), deport you back to the US, or shoot you on the spot! Probably the first one, maybe the second. Might be a good idea to go online to the US Embassy web page and contact an attorney who specializes in immigration. At least you will have a name to give the border guys so they can notify your next of kin!!
Sorry for the gallows humor, but sometimes all you can do anymore is laugh…it’s all so pathetic!!

@NPS: I have a 1203.4 also granted in 1991 (not that it’s done any good). Now you know of six people who have one.

My wife and I have round trip non-refundable airline tickets to Amsterdam in the third week of March. We are to join a group on a 14 day tour of Europe, but the final payment of about $2000 is due tomorrow.
From what I’ve seen posted, no one knows if all the passports are in process of revocation, or just select cases.
If anyone has heard more, or has just received their letter, I’d appreciate hearing from you.


Make that 7…I have a pretty certified copy of mine…but, my conviction being a 288(a) means that this Entry of a Not Guilty Plea means nothing at all.


Best Wishes, James

While this isn’t a guarantee to anyone looking to renew, I decided earlier this month to renew my passport book and also to apply for a new passport card. A few days ago I received the passport book – without a stamp. I then a few days later received a card. I am quite surprised. I am currently registered here in California for a misdemeanor 311.11(a) from 2014 and I was previously denied entry into Mexico. For obvious reasons I cannot guarantee that if you should attempt to renew you will have the same thing happen, but I’m also now concerned they may realize the mistake and look to revoke.

What the State department is doing is not safe and won’t protect anyone even children under the IML, instead this is going to put lives at unnecessary great risk of being exploited and harmed in some crazy way, but they don’t really care and Chris Smith is a moron.

I have done both Flight and land Travel. In my opinion it’s not the record or some pre check because on both Land and Air customs has been the same (Often even land travel requires a roster to be forwarded before arrival to a destination country using a commercial transport service)Some countries even took my Finger prints and photo. Even one of the countries I had flown into and denied entry only occurred when a specific alert was sent. I had no issues before that alert nor after that alert because it wasn’t for the trip at hand. I can tell you from my travel and RTAGS matrix almost all of the countries with a notice sent in advance will most likely ban you. I am not saying to do this on purpose. I always report my Intended travel but things happen so follow the law as specified and required) My state officer also told me they could care less what place I go just when I leave and when I am back. Others may differ. If I went to France for example and my girlfriend wanted to see other places I believe you would pretty much have no issue from most neighboring countries. I have been told but have not tried England although I have read others have done land travel and did get in. They supposedly do some check but I believe Air in that case is more risky. Hong Kong is your Asian Gateway. Remember if by plane you would be using most likely a international airline and doing so after arrival because of some plan change last minute. You would have to research central and South America / Caribbean on Gateways to use that work best for you but many exist.Never fly to Mexico direct (From the USA)as once you are banned via a notification you will be in the Mexican immigration computer most likely forever. I have read even on this forum and talked to people who never had issues driving or by land travel in and back out of Mexico (Even with a underage charge) it hasn’t happened but it’s way better to be sent back to a gateway country then back to the USA. Many countries will accept you and many think the alerts are silly. The reality is most countries don’t want to let anybody in when the US sends these alerts that equate to a Dangerous or Most Wanted type poster. This is Punishment

Anyone have any experiences with Princess Cruises? I have a cruise booked with that line. It’s a “closed-loop” type leaving and returning to Ft. Lauderdale, so my reading is that I can use a birth certificate (or passport card). A cruises section on RTAG would certainly be helpful. So far, I count rejections only from Carnival and Royal Caribbean.

Some good news.
Renewed my visa successfully. Took about an hour. So I’m good for a few more years. So I’m not traveling anytime soon outside the country. But I can go to a lot of places without having to go outside the country.

I think the US and here are still on bad terms politically so I should be okay for a while.😂😂 They had a protest not too long ago over the whole Israel thing.

Congratulations, Really!

It is very good to see a happy story out of our group.

Keep living well…This is the best way to show the bastards.


Thanks for the encouraging report. I did read here a while ago that someone asked Carnival and they said their ban applied only to Carnival, not their other owned lines (like Princess and Cunard). PLEASE report on how your upcoming cruise goes. We are trying to decide between the closed-loop partial Panama R/T from Ft. Lauderdale, which requires only a birth certificate, or the longer full-transit cruise that ends in CA. I have a valid passport, recently renewed.

@For the cruise lover…Caribbean cruises visit many islands/countries for one day only. I have read in the cruise advice blogs that your’re advised to leave your passport in the stateroom safe, lest you lose it while ashore. There is no customs when visiting a port for a “shore excursion,” you just use your ship ID card. I think you could visit Cabo San Lucas, Costa Rico, Jamaica, and other forbidden locales just as long as you are on board when the ship sails. Anyone have experience with this?

“Right now only Carnival and RC are turning us away.”

Message from Paul Rigney
Registrant Travel Action Group, Inc

Thanks for all this information.
I see that it is OK to travel to some European contries. Does anyone have experience with traveling to Spain? My wife wants to travel there, but we are concerned about whether they will let me in.

This is incredibly bad news, by that I mean all of this crap surrounding the revocation of passports.

L1 from NY, I travel to Europe at the end of 2016 and have been here ever cents and had contemplated returning in November but now we have more or less decided to stay here indefinitely or at least until my registration is up which is in 2023. This is an absurd issue and there is no way that I want to go through her US passport and I have my passport revoked only to have to pay for a new one and not receive any kind of reimbursement for any years on used on my current passport.

Have any of you traveled on Supervision to Puerto Rico or St Thomas since all you need is your drivers license?
Did you have to check in or were you able to enjoy your time there?

When we initially traveled to Europe we flew to Frankfurt and like many of you we were frightened that we would be questioned or otherwise detained but none of that happened.

Even though I sent a letter to New York State 21 days prior to our trip New York is noncompliant with sora and they do not send at least they did not when I left the information to ice and Angel watch.

I have since traveled to over 47 countries on the European and African continent and have not been stopped even wants other than normal border controls with a glance at the passport and a stamp.

I think the key is once you are in Europe or Africa unless there is an Interpol notice then my designation in the United States has absolutely no effect whatsoever because no information is shared or passed on to border agencies in whatever country you’re going to visit.

We were reluctant to go to London but even taking the tunnel from Calais France to London proved a non-event.

We are not returning back to the United States until my registration is completed there’s absolutely no reason to return and being that we now have a permanent resident visa it makes it all that much easier.

My wife and I had planned for many years, on touring Israel, Jordan, and Egypt. We have traveled all over the U.S, Mexico and Europe in the past. But, I’ve recently read scenarios of what would happen to me if I entered a foreign country because of the accusations that the US will send them before I get there. I guess I don’t have to worry about that anymore, because they will just confiscate my passport just for showing up at the airport or at the CLEO to give a 30 day notice since it doesn’t have the Star of David on it, which will identify those to be rounded later. Or am I getting that mixed up with another time. (Tongue-in-cheek)

By the way, my crime was in ’81, conviction was ’83, released from probation in ’88, imprisoned to my home in 2018 because the police came to my house and told me so. (2 wks ago). These Missouri laws go so far as to say if I spend more 3 days, not necessarily consecutively, within 1 year of each other, at my son’s house, then his address has to be listed on the sex offender registry as an alternative residence. Unless I slept there, then it has to be reported 3 days prior because he lives within 3,000 ft of a school. That goes for my daughters too. Plus their car license plates, which I believe would inherently make them and my grandkids in danger of vigilantism.

I believe the police monitor me already because when my wife has gone out of town before, (3 times), the police show up here to perform a “compliance check”. I asked them if she was being surveilled in order to compliance check me, and they said it’s only coincidence. (As if I believe pigs can fly)

I’m not really worried about IML anymore. I’m worried about how I’m going to give my daughter away at her wedding in another state without getting a minimum 10 yr prison sentence, for violating a law which is deemed to be civil in nature, (not criminal in order to avoid expo facto), just because I can’t get “permission to travel” from the police , since I can’t provide an itinerary of dates, times and places of everywhere I’ll be. And to be honest, I don’t want her address listed on the sex offender registry, as my alternative residence either. If a vigilante did something to her, I couldn’t bear that.

Just one more thing. I plead guilty under a plea bargain long before people were aware of tactics used to obtain guilty pleas. At the time, I had family and that was the best thing for all. Turns out, the state didn’t have to keep their side of the bargain, because SORNA is Federal Law, and they don’t recognize state plea bargains.