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Thousands of Users Shared A Child Pornography Video on Facebook Messenger

Police departments and local news stations across the nation are reporting that a child pornography video depicting a young girl and adult man began spreading to thousands of Facebook messenger inboxes late last week, BuzzFeed reports. The disturbing pornography’s wide circulation on the platform was propelled by a message accompanying the video entreating people to forward it to others as part of a campaign to find the perpetrator and his victim. Full Article


In Denmark, Viral Video Sparks Wave Of Child Pornography Prosecutions



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Put all those people on the registry right away! 😂😂

The have all just committed a sex crimes against a child willfully without any remorse or empathy in the process of trying to find someone committing an offense against a child.

Kick them all off facebook and ruin their lives as well!
Give them the maximum federal term and lifetime registration too!

But really. If no one gets charged in this for possession and distribution of child pornography then that is complete hypocrisy. Sure they did it thinking they were doing good but they broke the law doing it.

They shouldn’t be treated any different than someone else who willfully possessed and distributed CP.

Maybe if all these people were suddenly charged for this people would realize the flaw of the registry and that ignorance of something should still be a plausible defense in certain circumstances.

for the one instance that would be 7 years in the federal pen, rack em up..Facebook, Distributing charges, whole different matter..

Charge them ALL – every last one – with felony viewing and or distributing child pornography!!!
I’m serious. Will they just give them all “a pass”? (They would charge any of us with several felony charges for such activity!) 😡
Let “the good and righteous people” see what it’s like in our world!! 😡

Personally, I hope everyone who shared that video will be charged and convicted and placed on the registry. The people who spread this video did so with the “intent” to catch the guy, but it’s still distribution of child pornography. My guess, many of these are the same people who don’t think of the registry as punishment, and are quick to want us either locked up for life or dead. I want more and more of those people on the registry for what they deem as innocent or well meaning acts. That way, the registry becomes even more bloated and more obvious that it doesn’t do anyone any good!

I understand the rush for vengeance on a society that has dammed us all.
But to be honest, I couldn’t wish this life on my own worst enemy.
Hope it provokes thought tho.
How easy it is to lose ones life to this mess.
God save us all.

@ Ready To Fight, until there becomes an overwhelming public outcry AGAINST the Registries, nothing will change!! This is an excellent opportunity for “good people” to get a taste of what has been wrought upon us. This needs to happen!! And, good people, get ready to turn in your passports. You hysterically demanded all this, now you’ve got it! Enjoy & share the love! 😡

LOL , heck yes stick it to them , lets see how they like this registry ! Reap IT !

Yes, I do not believe there is any good faith clauses in the statutes for distributing child porn. List em up and hang em by the balls (each and everyone of them) like the rest of us would get. Thousands, LMFAO. Now what are you going to do Mr or Mrs DA. You know I feel for kids that are trafficked or prepubescent kids but outlawing pics and videos isn’t they way to address the issue. Locking people up for decades (or at all) for viewing anything is just wrong man. I actually think it isn’t constitutional either. How come they couldn’t outlaw the Anarchist cookbook, or the terrorist handbook, and tons other (in the eyes of a regular Joe or the state) harmful material. This stuff is still all over the net.

I don’t wish prosecution of these people for CP possession or distribution, nor do I think they should have to register as sex offenders. But I do wonder if the states that these people are citizens of will prosecute them. I can’t see why they wouldn’t. The state normally prosecutes anyone they can, even when it makes no sense, such as in teen sexting cases where the perpetrator could be his/her own victim and abuser. Why should this be any different?

I’m not wishing for anyone to get nailed…but I’m not wishing against it, either! Mass prosecutions–and heaven forbid bannings from FB–could be just the type of spotlight we need to have cast on the idiotic, haywire system that is ML. Imagine the uproar when a few hundred do-gooder soccer moms are added to the registry…for life in some cases.

So are the prosecuting District Attorney’s simply going to cry, Oh woe is me! There’s too many of them. We can’t pursue charges.” Is that the way Justice works …. just because the caseload would be too heavy, they decided not to pursue anything? Is that Justice?
(But of course, John Q Public would be absolutely fine with that, because these righteous, upstanding citizens were just trying to do something good, their intentions were pure and honest.😝)

While I also wouldn’t wish the registry on anyone, I still think all involved should be prosecuted as a matter of due process. Intent and circumstances are irrelevant, as we continually hear. Facebook should also be held criminally liable.

Honestly I do. I wish it on the children, I wish it on the masses of everyone, so finally maybe there will be more outcry. Register everyone for everything. Then see how fast it all falls apart

Perfect timing! This was on NPR’s Morning Edition news this morning. All the teens are being prosecuted.

You know that there’s something rotten in Denmark when it, of all countries, joins the anti-porn crusaders. How things change in thirty years time.

You know the “juvenile delinquent” was persona non gratis in fascist Germany and they handed out sever punishments to the young, mostly males. It was part of the hysteria of purifying society. This thing in Denmark reflects the creeping fascism in Europe (and here). It may not wear the official label, but it is taking the mannerisms of authoritarianism. For those who say, ah, the parents will see their precious offspring punished and push for more tolerant laws, the more in the camps the better, I don’t think it works that way under a fascist temperament, if that is truly the way things are going. What has happened is people start looking under every rock for the bogeymen, even in the home. And there is fear of the growing police state and the suspisions of associates and neighbors looking at your every move. One does not want to draw attention to oneself, because the penalties are severe, if ony to be labeled friend or relative of a sex offender. What happens is the hysteria leads people to disown the accused, even if it means a family member. It doesn’ matter if the accused is wealthy or a prominent citizen under such a regime, there were several that went to the gas chambers, former men and women of stature. I am not saying Denmark or any western nation has gone that far yet, but it starts small and must not be encouraged at all.

You beat me to it!
There will be another WAVE of Child Pornography Prosecutions here in America because of this one.
The more children on the list the more the parents will demand that Megan Law be removed.

I bet most of those parents will demand an exception for their child due to circumstances or innocent or civic-minded intent, etc, rather than demanding an end to ML laws.

You know, I hope/wish Chris Smith somehow was one of those people that unwittingly shared it to his entire family and friends and gets caught with something like this. Then he would know the idiocy that he has been pushing.

Someone who pushes that hard for something usually has a bigger set of skeletons hidden away.

+1. Because don’t you know it’s only “them” (i.e. us) who are the problem, not their little Johnny and Susie.

Interesting story. Can the American local and federal DAs not prosecute if Denmark is doing this given the online content and circumstances regardless of the non-criminal intent? (Especially in SC where the local and federal DAs should be salivating over the opportunity to prosecute.) This went countrywide (maybe even internationally)! Crossed state lines which is federal charges by itself. Prosecutors cannot go soft on this. It would show the American DAs being soft on this crime then if they want to appear tough on crime come elections and future political life regardless of the number involved and their status. How many high profile, high society, or prominent families would be caught up in this and thus raising the topic to greater discussion? I don’t know how you could plead this down to a lesser charge given the seriousness and distance of it despite the non-criminal Good Samaritan intent with no sexual gratification desired. It would undermine the entire topic. This could make Chris Smith’s year.

It certainly would grab headlines, attention and possible thinking of those who could be convicted, forced to register, and understand the plight of the RC and registry. It could be what the anti-registry movement needs because even if those registered due to it would be removed after a certain time, it would never go away due to the lifelong nature of the internet.

While I don’t wish the RC situation on anyone and wish DAs would show more latitude in life, you cannot pick and choose those adults who you prosecute here with the current legal environment. If the DAs did, then it could then be biased towards certain adults who are over 18 with adults brains which are fully developed unlike a minor who is 17 years 364 days old and cannot make correct decisions to save the own skin while forwarding this video.

Regardless of the non-criminal good Samaritan intentions and no sexual gratification desired, they broke the law.

(Side note – FB would lose a lot of users here with their current policy which may get them to rethink their user policies.

Additionally, just like the marijuana argument with the many high profile people pushing to legalize it, high profile people involved here on registry considerations may be analogous to getting reform done.

Conversely, the politician will use the “saves one child” discussion point as well while others will use no one was physically harmed here during sharing which has been countered daily by those here and in the legal arena. I don’t think the law wants to open up the pandora’s box of sharing videos like this to the caveat “was only trying to help” when LE wants to be the helpers/solvers.)

This would be the time then to send your public outcry to the AGs and maybe major newspapers/media of those states mentioned in the article to push for prosecution and employ the crab bucket theory. The arguments are here in all of the replies to this story.

I emailed both my County D.A. and the Federal D.A. regarding this case. …… Public is watching you, DAs. ….. What you gonna do?? ….. Be soft on sex crimes and children exploitation?? Or maybe just cry about your lose-lose situation! 😆
Watch your poll numbers!!

This will be the treated the same as when it was discovered that CP was on many of the computers for high level people at the pentagon. Remember what happened to all of them? Of course you don’t because it disappeared form the news and was swept under the rug.

Begin federal investigations for every person who received (streaming might have created a temporary file locally which is enough for a receipt charge), possessed (downloading and deleting can still result in a file being recovered and be sufficient for a possession charge), and distributed the video. Numerous enhancements for the individual charges might apply forcing the minimum sentencing guidelines range way higher. Receipt alone carries a five year mandatory minimum sentence and distribution has at least a five year mandatory minimum sentence as well without any enhancements. While I do not wish legal entanglements on anyone the fact remains everyone in that chain did commit at least one federal felony. Rarely do the feds care if someone had no ill intention.

Don’t forget that the Feds can create multiple charges from a single movie. I forget the exact amount of time (I think 10 or 15 seconds), but each segment of that time in a movie can be charged as an individual “image.” So yes, it could easily snowball into multiple charges.

This November it will be 6 years since I was released from my 90 day sentence for possession of child pornography. It was a first offense and was a wobbler in california. My question is should I try this year to get the conviction reduced or should I wait another year so that I will be 7 years since conviction. I was given 3 years probation, no issues during probation again first offense.

thank you

We were advised that at the completion of probation, he could petition the court to reduce from felony to misdemeanor. You should be able to do it already. We were also advised that at 7 years post conviction, we could petition for a CoR. Please note I am not an attorney, I am simply relaying information specific to our situation, which sounds very similar to yours. We have not done either, as he is still on probation. I suggest looking up CA wobblers. There is a lot of info out there.

They will do it for under $900. Takes about 6 months to complete. You could have done it 5 yrs ago! Everyone I spoke to got it done w/o much fanfare. Only one person was advised to wait, but they had filed immediately after probation. They ended up getting reduction 6 months later. Good luck to you.

Get the reduction. You could’ve done this as soon as your probation was over; there’s no reason to wait. Since you were convicted prior to 2014, then yes, your conviction can be reduced. After 2014, all CPs are straight felonies (no longer wobblers). This would also put you in Tier 3 once the tiered registry takes effect. Look into getting it expunged, too.

Bill ~ Like others said. If your offense is eligible for reduction to a misdemeanor and/ or expungement, you can do it as soon as you are done with probation. Then you can apply for a COR, which is either 7 or 10 years, depending on the offense. All that is easily looked up online. Recordgone is great, and I would contact them by phone rather than doing their online eligibility test. They are really nice and will let you know if you are eligible. If you are, do it right away.

So all the prosecutors in this country simply decided not to pursue any charges against anyone who was distributing this child pornography video, whether knowingly or unwittingly? What the Hell is that about? Thousands might have distributed this and prosecutors just give them all a free pass?? (Whereas, if it was someone on the registry, he would get 20 to 30 years. WTF! 😡)

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