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MO: Senate Bill 655 changes the way MO handles sex offender registry [three tier]

[ = 5/29/18]

State lawmakers sign off on a potential law changing the way the Show Me State handles its sex offender registry.

Senate Bill 655 would create a three tier system, similar to the one used at the federal level. Those guilty of the least serious convictions could ask courts to take them off the list after ten years. That option is also available for convicts on the second tier -with more serious charges – after 25 years on the registry. But those with the worst offenses would remain for life.

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I like the way they say you “could” ask the court to be removed after your time is up. It should be automatic. Period. Who wants to pay all that money to go to court again, provide character letters yet again, pay an attorney, just to be denied if the judge doesn’t like your face or had a bad day. At some point, we would like to move forward and not bother our friends and family who are either elderly now, or you made new friends who don’t and shouldn’t have to know about your status. 10 or 25 years… Read more »


You are spot on. It is similar to when you need to opt-out of something because you are automatically opted-in instead of being asked to opt-in. It should be an automatic removal from, but you cannot unethically take money then if people are automatically removed once done.

Agreed, but we both know that the registry isn’t about protecting anyone, it’s about increasing political clout. This is just another way to inflate the bureaucracy and make it sound like they are doing something good.

Spot on. Social bigotry often violates the rights of other individuals who want to make their own choices in life!

I think it’s more leaning towards if that person had been caught doing the same sex crimes again in that 10 years or if that were found violating parole maybe.

I agree and I also think bunching statutory rape into the tier 3 on the list is completely wrong since Statutory rape is a non violent sex offense unlike forcible rape . Imagine being off parole for over 20 years and finding out this news that you again get hammered after serving your sentence , going to treatment programs and completing them then they change the law again and hammer that person once again . I can tell you this is just ridiculous , as I am that person this is now happening to since this new change to the… Read more »

I agree with what you say about these tiers on how they need to be address. My situation happened 28 years ago and I still have to be on the registry for life in the state of Mo. that isn’t fair but life isn’t fair either. This Senate Bill 655 is a joke instead of helping us succeed in life they want to discriminate us. Other crimes as well gets a pat on the back the old saying.

“Supporters claim narrowing down the list would help it focus on the most serious offenders.”

Wow.. lawmakers really do have high hopes and think big, don’t they?

If it’s anything like the CA’s new registry where Tier 3 includes completely non-violent offenses like possession of CP, they’re not going to accomplish much in helping focus on serious offenders. I bet if you talk to most LE’s, they’ll say that it doesn’t help them much having someone in Tier 3 for CP possession along side someone with multiple rapes and convictions. It’s like lumping together someone convicted of stealing $1000 petty cash from their office and someone who held up a bank and hurt/killed people in the process.

Just call me Clyde Barrow! (of “Bonnie and Clyde” bank-robbing fame).

“Agreed, but we both know that the registry isn’t about protecting anyone”. My question is, what is Mo’s law now? Is it all on the registry for life?

I believe that any kind of change is a good start. I personally would like to see the Holloween law changed. No one is going to wait a whole year to abuse a child. The state needs to do background checks on out of state offenders to make sure they are in the right tier.

This new system that just went into effect just screws anyone that was convicted of say Statutory rape more than 20 years ago because they just threw that non violent offense into the worst offenders tier 3 with no hope to get off the list . More new punishment on top of serving their time and then waiting all this time to possibly get off the list and then get slammed once again with this nonsense for a first and only time offense more than 20 years ago is nonsense and continually hitting someone while they are down after being… Read more »

More inaccurate tiering that no one pays attention to anyway, splendid. To any who think it’s a good start or positive development, I respectfully disagree. The registry never has done anything regarding its stated purpose of preventing sexual recidivism, and no amount of adjusting or tweaking it will make it any different, primarily because sexual recidivism was never as prevalent as reported. Not unlike the polygraph and it’s supposed ability to detect lies – it never could. Computerizing them didn’t make a difference. Changing interview techniques didn’t make a difference. Retraining polygraphers won’t make a difference. Nothing ever will because… Read more »

This new addition to this law is so wrong in so many ways . My crime , a non violent crime , statutory rape , occurred 23 years ago and I have been off parole for 17 years with no problems or any issues whatsoever . I helped raise two of my own children whom lived with me and four step children as I got married 11 years ago and my family grew . My wife and the whole family know all about my case as well . So , I completed the Missouri Sex Offender Program ( MOSOP )… Read more »

So many similarities here; I am also a Marine veteran who served honorably with an unblemished record for two hitches, and not even a single moving violation since !998. But shortly after being honorably discharged, I made the poor decision of being with an underaged person. I turned myself in, cooperated with the authorities to the fullest extent, went through a very lengthly state run program and completed a 60 shock sentence in the penitentiary. I was released and given 5 years probation and released from that after only 13 months and I thought I had all that behind me,… Read more »

I think if its your second offense than yes make them register. But here it was my first offense i was a teen in highschool and now im put on lifetime monitoring. I cant even hold a steady job where im at because all my bosses want to discriminate and call me scum of the earth because i was convicted of a sex crime. Im 25 and have a beautiful fiance and i went to college for culinary arts. Im making up for everything and im still tagged as a monster. Now i have to register for life and wearing… Read more »

@Cody Hello I am also in Missouri , and I feel your frustration Cody, Missouri has some of harshest laws on sex offence’s and the law makers of this state are some of the worst kind of people in existence most are no more then, well Momma would call them all Hypocrites. Changes are happening not so much here right now although once a state within our union has a supreme court ruling that S.O.R.N.A Is Unconstitutional in whole and not just pieces of it then it will go to the United States supreme court for a ruling then it… Read more »

I wouldn’t bet on seeing any changes with the Tump Court. For the record the USSC errored in it’s initial decision on SOs based on fake science and it can not be rescinded except by the court it’s self. With the overly conservative court we have for the next 20 to 30 years I don’t see that happening.

@Cody: You said: “I think if its your second offense than yes make them register.” Why? How will being registered stop a person from committing a new crime? You yourself suffer from being registered but if you wanted to commit a new crime, how will being registered stop you?

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