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ACSOL Executive Director Selected as Top 100 Attorney

The Executive Director of ACSOL, Janice Bellucci, has been selected a Top 100 attorney in the state of California. She will be formally recognized as such in an upcoming issue of The Daily Journal newspaper, the legal industry publication read by judges and attorneys.

“I am honored to be selected as a Top 100 attorney in California,” stated ACSOL Executive Director Janice Bellucci. “I believe this honor is due to a growing understanding between and among judges and attorneys that registrants’ civil rights continue to be violated.”

The Daily Journal also bestowed this honor upon ACSOL Executive Director Bellucci in 2015. There are currently more than 275,000 attorneys licensed in California. Bellucci was admitted to the California bar in 1983 and during her career, she has provided legal assistance to the U.S. House of Representatives, NASA and the U.S. Air Force as well as individuals.

“I dedicated my career to protecting the Constitution by restoring the civil rights of registrants in 2011 and I pledge to continue doing so until all registrants’ rights are restored,” stated Bellucci. “Due to the efforts of ACSOL — through education, legislation and litigation — we are moving toward a tipping point when elected officials and others will join us, perhaps even lead us, in the protection of those rights.”

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  1. Eric

    Wow!!! Very impressive, congratulations. And just think of the clout you now carry with your message of helping those on the registry. Thank you.

    • BA

      This is especially deserved she has never given up the fight for our constitutional rights no matter the circumstances! The country will be a better place because of Janice, chance and frank and the team. We are all grateful……….

  2. Nathan


  3. Anonymous

    Janice, You are incredible. Congratulations. Relish in it & ENJOY the honor!!!!!!! We are so proud of you & we won’t let you down.

  4. AO

    Congratulations! Much deserved! I have no doubt your name will be remembered for being on the right side of history.

  5. Harry

    Congratulations! From the extreme north State.

  6. Timothy DA Lawver

    Top 100!
    Lady you’re the n my Top 10!
    Your actions on this particular issue are HONORABLE.
    Too bad D’s &Re know nothing about that word.
    Money they know and get, constitution be damned; let us be popular.

    Thank you.

  7. concerned

    Congratulations from Florida!

  8. AnotherAnon

    Well earned. Congratulations.

  9. E

    Congratulations, Janice. I feel like shouting this from the rooftops. THANK YOU for your tireless work and commitment to us… but mostly, to the US Constitution. We need you, and you have not shied away from this calling. May you continue to experience deep satisfaction in your work and life.

  10. G4Change

    God Bless You, Janice! Congratulations!

  11. Mike G

    Congratulations Janice! You have certainly earned it!

    We are all very grateful that you care!

    As soon as I win that lottery, a sizable chunk will go to you and ACSOL…. 🙂

  12. James

    Congratulations Janice! Without you, where would us registered citizens and our families be? I thank God for you Janice. Please stay physically and mentally healthy so that you can continue to do the great work you are doing!

  13. The Static-99R Is A Scam

    Well, hopefully this recognition doesn’t inflate Janice’s ego too much. But I personally believe that Janice is one heck of a lawyer. Few lawyers are as smart and tenacious as Ms. Bellucci.

  14. Roger

    This is wonderful recognition of your hard work, Janice! You deserve it!

    Without you and the rest of ACSOL, I’d likely be homeless because of very limited places I could live (residency restrictions), I could be restricted on where I could go (presence restrictions), I could have a GPS on my leg for life, and many other nightmare scenarios.

  15. Eric Knight

    Great news, Janice! Almost worth the $836.00 for the annual subscription to the Daily Journal just to have the keepsake!

    Sarcasm aside, it is truly phenomenal to be in the top 100 in the most populous state for lawyers in the country, and the world (except for India, China, and the US.) This is major league all-star level. Congrats!

    • The Static-99R Is A Scam

      A few years ago, I was interested in subscribing to the Daily Journal because of its interesting, well-put-together, and up-to-date legal news. But then, the yearly subscription was $600+! Too bad the online subscription is not any cheaper.

  16. New Person

    congratulations! Well earned and deserved!

  17. Nicholas Maietta

    OMG Wow! Way to go, Janice!

  18. PR

    Well deserved Janice. Congratulations.

  19. Paul

    Congratulations Janet. Thank you for your dedication to a righteous cause and for all your hard work.

  20. Richard Fasching

    Congratulations, Janis You Have been and are a key asset to this organizations goals of protecting the rights of registered citizens and family’s. I am writing you from Saint joseph Mo. where we don’t reap the success of your work done (not in such a direct way) as Your own State of Cal. However I know this trickles across the country and around the world. I do believe, it is gonna be the actions of this organization, that will destroy this Monster of unjust laws. That violates the rights of millions if there was just 1 or 2 more like you, this would all ready be over. I want to say Thank you, for your sacrifices and endless devotion to help so many! Thanks Janis, You Rock!

    • Janice Bellucci

      Thank you, Richard, for your kind words which touched my heart. While I truly appreciate being recognized as a Top 100 attorney, your feedback and the feedback of others being punished by the registry are much more important. Please know that we are working to increase the number of attorneys dedicated to restoring the rights of registrants and their loved ones. We will continue those efforts until punishment of registrants has ended.

      • Aaron

        @Janice I would like to thank you as well for continuing your efforts and working hard for registrants.

        One thing that I have not seen any response to, has to do with the possibility of an Appeal to the IML case.

        Perhaps a few of us would like to know if you plan on pursuing an appeal or are you dropping any further IML challenge?

  21. Mot

    Janice; congrats and I am so glad that you not only fight for us as a group but also take the time to reply to emails keep it up

  22. AnotherAnon

    To add a comment to the congratulations, I assumed that Janice and Co. were fairly isolated or maybe even ostracized for the work done by ACSOL. That negative potential magnifies the success exponentially and it is good to know all the hard work is recognized. Janice has mentioned there are dangers to doing the work she does and she charges forward nonetheless. Amazing.

  23. J__M

    Just wanted to add my voice to the Chorus of Congratulations to Janice. Being recognized by your peers as being one of the best must be extremely meaningful. And receiving this recognition for practicing law in one its very challenging areas just further distinguishes you Janice as a Shining Star.

    Thank you so much for being a beacon of light helping us see through the dark labyrinth of living as a registrant in the shifting sands of regulation and endless punishment. Seriously — Thank You Janice!

  24. totally against public registry

    Janice, you are the number 1 in the top 100….Thanks for everything you do. We all appreciate your work and the work of your colleagues and team. Thank you all!

  25. Francisco

    I thank you Janice, all the here from Pennsylvania where in my opinion the PSP and the AG and the legislature are willfully ignoring the mandate of the PASC after the Muniz ruling, and have granted me, a Pre-SORNA 12/20/2012 no relief of this draconian/Hitler era/communistic registry still 14 months later after the decision.

    Many lawyers are using the opportunity & desperation of registrants to charge them insane and/or unreasonable amounts of $$$ (when many can’t get job offers due to the registry) to represent them or to just send a letter to the PSP or AG to make them comply with what should be automatic yet, the LEO’s drag their feet. I gave up on looking for reasonable/affordable lawyers (I am unemployed and was just denied SSD/SSI after 1 year wait) to do the “right thing” or the “moral/ethical thing” (I get it, the lawyers have to pay bills too!, but in this manner…really?).

    I also gave up on waiting for my relief. I they want me they can come get me. The courts have to see thru these purposeful violations to inflict shame & punisment. They already violated my PA resident rights with “shaming laws” and “equal protections under the law” plus, the Muniz findings and all the unaccepted U.S. unconstitutional stuff and yet, no lawyer that I have presented all these facts to wants to help me sue all appropriate parties for civil rights violations. There has not even been outrage, protests or class actions in PA by the SOR community or their supportive family or friends. It is truly a shame.

    Anyhow, even though I follow NARSOL, PARSOL & others often, I still come here occasionally to read and educate myself as well on the current SO issues & laws. So congratulations on your recognition/award and
    again, thank you very much for all you do genuinely from your heart and professionally from your expertise.

    Sincerely, PA Registered Person for nearly 15 years no due process (originally 10 year registrant)

  26. David

    A very well-deserved (and hard-earned) acknowledgement of Janice’s effort in fighting for civil rights. Congratulations!!
    Your efforts on our behalf are greatly appreciated, Janice.

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