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ACSOL Meeting October 13 in West Sacramento

Please mark your calendars for ACSOL’s upcoming meeting:

Saturday, October 13
10 a.m.
1275 Starboard Drive
West Sacramento, CA

Registrants, friends and family and interested service providers are invited to attend these free meetings. There will be no law enforcement or media present in order to protect everyone’s privacy.

The meetings start at 10 am and last about 2-3 hours. Topics of conversation include information about ACSOL’s advocacy as well as current topics and pending legal action.

Please Show up, Stand up, and Speak up!

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  1. mike r

    Ha, prepare for Mike R, I will be there. lol. You guys can meet the one guy who has taken the fight to them in CA on their own turf and where it is really going to count, believe it or not. Although all your efforts to help change public opinion is just as important, I am coming to understand that, and the incremental steps are equally important as I have benefited along with many others from these steps. We needed both King and Thurgood in the fight for civil rights for African Americans and I’m no Thurgood but I will give it my best.

    • Popeye

      Wow Mike,
      I looked at some of your court case filings. I am impressed and pleased by what I saw. We need 70,000 court cases like that! BTW did you get a call from Jeff Sessions?

      • mike r

        Thank you Popeye, Love the moniker by the way. Loved Popeye as a kid. I do not know if you were kidding about the call but Nope, if you notice I dismissed against Sessions in a smooth move and blindsided the CA AG screwed her in many ways by doing it as well. Stuck her with a partial motion to dismiss the only claims she brought up while she was depending on the US AG to file against the others. Bad move, now she is stuck, she can only file one motion like that under civil rules of procedure. Could not of planned it any better but it just happened that way. A lot of stuff is just happening that way which not even the most skilled attorney would of thought of. Once again, did not plan it that way but it just happened. Just like the last minute Judicial notice request. Looking from the outside it appears I actually sandbagged that doc and hit her right at the last minute, beautiful tactic. I have never seen any attorney use these types of skill before in any case. They are totally inside the box and do not think for themselves, at least a lot of them…There are exceptions of course but they are rare…

    • Mackc

      Hey Mike I was wonder what cases have you filed and I wanted to look up some of your work. I am working on my own cases right battling parole over my job I am owner operator and i have my own business it was approved by parole in a different county and I transfer county and this new supervisor agent is trying to put me out of business so kinda looking for help and guidance

  2. norman

    I will be there as well

  3. mike r

    Oh, and Janice I do not want to tell you how to run your meetings and stuff and everyone should be able to tell their stories but please, this happened the last time I went with my now wife and it did not go over well, but if someone starts talking about how they touched young girls privates please put a stop to it. That was really disgusting and is why I have never been to another meeting. I do not know what I would do and took everything I had to hold back on the dude… You can post this or keep it to yourself or whatever but I just had to say it. Maybe f you post and someone sees it they will not even attempt something like that. And the worst part is he was trying to justify it in a worst kind of way when there was no justification. If anyone does something like that just take responsibility and move on, do not try and justify it to.

    • Trish

      Great ! Perhaps you can add some more fuel
      to the raging Inferno in america!

      • NPS

        Glad I’m not the only one who sees this. As I scroll past his comments, there are still words that jump out, and all of them seem to have this superior holier than thou type of wording. Just ignore him. He seems to be a lot more divisive which is exactly what people who support the registries want. If a person is going to be part of the fight, you have to accept those with deplorable charges as those with more mundane charges. Otherwise, we can’t move forward.

        • mike r

          I never said that I did not accept those with horrible charges or that they do not deserve justice as anyone else does, what I did say is I do not accept those that do not take responsibility for their actions and blame everyone or everything else or those that make excuses to try to justify their extremely bad behavior, just to be clear..

      • Trish

        Let’s focus on the fight against registry ! We have plenty of people like you RC or not that point out all the wrongs ! “….Oh what a Hellllll of a ride this REGISTRY IS AND WILL CONTINUE TO BE ! Thanks again ! I’m sure you do feel that way ! But talking openly about all this is not HELPING THE CAUSE!

        • Trish


      • Tim Moore

        Thank you Trish and NPS!

    • Janice Bellucci

      @Mike R – I remember the Sacramento meeting to which you refer. It is unfortunate that you do not remember what I said to the group first and then to the person who described his offense. Our request at all meetings is that NO ONE describe his or her offense during our meetings. Why? Because we support the civil rights of everyone convicted of a sex offense. When the person in question started to describe the details of his offense, I asked him to stop and when he did not stop, I interrupted him. I am very sorry that your wife was offended by his description and hope that you will both return to ACSOL meetings because there is much valuable information to share. Please know if anyone starts to describe his or her offense, he or she will be told to stop speaking and interrupted if they do not stop.

      • mike r

        Sorry, I should of been more specific about your response because it was pretty swift and you absolutely did everything you said in a very respectful and timely manner, you could not of foreseen what was going to happen and I commend you for your swift actions. I knew you would remember that even though it was a couple of years ago, it was very uncomfortable to say the least. Once again thank you for your swift response that day and for clarifying by this response. Thank you for all you do and I will be there once again, maybe not with my wife because she is a sexual assualt survivor and I unfortunately do not know if I could convince her to join us once again after that incident, but I will be there.

        • Quatrocani

          So @mike r and his wife are terribly offended by a complete stranger’s account of his offense but not by @mike r’s / her husband’s actual crime? Strange.

        • norman

          @mike r..looking forward to seeing you at the meeting..

  4. mike r

    What the hell is that supposed to mean? I am not adding no fuel to no fire if you are talking to me. I made my point and I meant it. It is disgusting to hear crap like that (especially if the person is trying to justify it and refuses to take responsibility for their own actions such as was the case at the last meeting here in sac a few years ago) and I will get up and leave and never attend another meeting if that is allowed to happen again. No fuel to no fire, just a fact.. Trish, you must be a women by the name I am guessing and it would seem that you would agree with that logic. And thank you Janice and team for posting that, and yes I am still trying to get past wanting to hurt someone when I hear them talk about touching very young or disabled girls (which was the case) like that and I doubt if I will ever get over that, especially now that I have grandkids including a granddaughter. If someone did something wrong and took responsibility for their actions it is a totally different story (which was not the case and I am sure Janice remembers the episode, or maybe not and I will not get into details) but I would still prefer not to hear it in an open forum like that.

  5. AnotherAnon

    I fail to see the benefit of anyone reciting the details of their offense here or at any meeting, except the emotional support group, perhaps. In the monthly meetings the details should be saved for attorney/client privilege in private. Even if claiming wrongful conviction (very possible) the details are not necessary.

  6. mike r

    OMG, are you frigging people kidding me. I am the only one of a few who are actually fighting in court and you people are going to state BS like that. Yeah i am working with the police LMFAO big frigging time. I think that is one of the biggest jokes I have ever heard in my life. How about you, I am not even going to call you what you are, but how about you go on Pacer and look at my case, I suppose I am faking those court docs. Working for the police. Once again. LMAO big time. Ungrateful f$%#$%%%$% Where do this people come from, the Twilight Zone cast?

    Thank you Anotheranon
    I fail to see the benefit of anyone reciting the details of their offense here or at any meeting, except the emotional support group, perhaps. In the monthly meetings the details should be saved for attorney/client privilege in private. Even if claiming wrongful conviction (very possible) the details are not necessary.

    Absolutely right, my god what is wrong with these people. WOW, I am just dumbfounded by these people, I suppose reciting Anotheranon’s statement is some how stoking the fire or some mystical co-op with the police. LMFAO that is the funniest thing I think I ever heard on this site or even in my life, ever.
    Once again thank you ACSOL for posting that because I think any sane person would agree……This kind of BS really makes me want to somehow preclude individuals like this from benefiting off my case, and all the other’s hard work in research and development of my case, when I do finally win my case. These people must still have some serious skeletons in their closet that they have not come to terms with or something, oh these are the ones that are still not taking responsibility for their actions and are still blaming others for their situations that they let themselves get into and just want to whine and cry about how bad it is and do nothing. At least we know for a fact that this Trish is, she already admitted it being someone else’s fault she is on the registry. If it is in fact a she. These people’s statements are as outrages as the accusations against Kavanaugh. Well I have to go to my college classes now, yes I am trying to better myself every day while fighting for my (and your) rights in court, being a husband, father, grandfather, and close friends to others, I suppose that is some kind of wacko conspiracy as well. Man if it wasn’t for the news feeds and the logical minds on this site I would have just used the platform to collaborate my case filings and just abandoned it long ago. Except for the fact I have mad respect for Janice and team and I want to keep logical and intelligent debate going and keep people posted about my case and even, YES, get some encouragement every once in a while instead I am getting this from these people. I am sure glad for the logical minds still on here because it is hard to even comprehend how these people’s minds work, oh yeah I supported Kavanaugh so now I am a racist, bigot, misogynist, and now working for the cops. What a JOKE…..

  7. Laura

    Mike –
    I was not at that meeting you are speaking of but I hear what you are saying. You and your wife are entitled to walk out if you find something is not to your liking. However, I would like to say to you and all that attend these groups to keep in mind that these meetings are not about the individual law a registrant may or may not have broken, or whether or not you find someone’s act disgusting or not as disgusting. But that these meetings are about the unjust application that these laws have brought about and placed not only on the registrant who has been charged with a crime but mothers, fathers, siblings, spouses, children, grandchildren and any and all those that still care and want to support their loved one. These meetings not only offer support for registrants (when they feel no one cares) but offer very helpful knowledge so that all affected can navigate through the very horrendous hurdles our society believes is safe guarding only those citizens they deem worthy. By getting disgusted and walking out over something you find distasteful is a choice but will not benefit the ultimate goal which is to support change so that registrants and anyone that these laws have negatively affected will hopefully in the future be treated fairly. To continually punish anyone after they have paid their debt to society is unacceptable. Or at least it once was here in America. Remember…We are all in this together.

  8. mike r

    Agreed Laura, I will try my hardest to refrain from that type of language and from responding to these personal character attacks. I appoligize if my language offended any one but I had to state what I stated, maybe I could if kept my opinion out of the calculus but u do not see any other way to get my point across and to how serious the sittuation was for both my wife and myself. Like I said I have mad respect for Janice and I hope she has at least a smigging of respect for what I am attempting to do with my case. I and others have worked diligently for over two years just before even filing, not to mention the countless hours since I filed my complaint. Peace to each and everyone of you no matter your opinions or remarks. And I look forward to seeing you Janice at the meeting.

  9. mike r

    Not even bothering responding anymore unless I have something positive or productive to say. It is out of respect for Janice, definitely not any weakness I can guarantee you that.

  10. mike r

    @Quatrocani, you were not there obviously and you have no idea what my charges are so you have no idea what you are actually talking about, it was obviously bad enough that, like I assumed, Janice would remember it more than two years later even with her busy schedules and meetings.

  11. mike r

    Another thing, does anyone see Trishe’s, NPR’s, Quatrocani’s, or Tim’s case on Pacer where he/she is fighting for his/her rights as well as others. that is a BIG NOPE. Look it up, Richardson v Sessions. I am even putting my own name out there on front street because i want them to know who took the registry and fought for their liberties. Probably need police escorts or body guards from wackos and every other sexual assault and #metoo groups once this ball really gets rolling.

  12. mike r

    @Norman, is that in a good way? LOL. No kidding, it does not matter to me. Looking forward to anyone that wants to meet me. I really could use some encouragement i my case, seems as though I am almost totally on my own if not but the few I engage about it. Although I have got some real encourage off of a lot of people on here. Here is a link again just in case someone is interested (don’t tell anyone, that’s my undercover operation, LMFAO)
    It is pretty much updated for whoever to see….Lot of work went into that so far. I am telling you anyone can do it, just follow my lead and and file file file….Hell, you might want to get them in there now so they will be pending by the time my case is over. Put some more pressure on the judges a little if there were enough. and you would get pretty much instant relief, at least the soonest, nothing is instant in the courts.

    • Popeye

      Hi Mike,
      A suggestion: Have a synopsis about what you are doing in court. Tell a story with a timeline and you will have many more folks looking at the info and appreciating what you are doing.
      Yes I was being funny about Jeffrey Sessions. He is a very busy guy. :->

  13. mike r

    You know, they say no LE and all that but I kind of disagree with that policy. Why not have people from like CASOMB or from influential LE officials so that you can have honest and productive meetings that these officials, and even frigging politicians, if you could get them to go, would have a chance to hear our stories (not our offense details) and be able to have Q and As and dialog with the ones that the policies that they make effect. These people that make policy may very well be real beneficial in understanding and possibly influencing those policies. I am not sure there ever has been such a thing. Does anyone on our side organize and go to any CASOMB meetings? do politicians or LE get to meet with RCs in a public setting and not just in their official capacities? I think I would go to meetings like that if there were people that make or enforce policy who are willing to listen to us. Shit even have community influential figures come, I bet an Organization like ACSOL may have the influence to get people and organization reps to actually come to these meetings. Even the national meetings I am not sure if LEs or politicians or whoever are invited. I may be wrong on that but it would be a good idea I think. Anyways best to you all…

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