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‘Untouchable’ Makes the Case for More Lenient Sex Offender Laws in America

A new documentary forwards the argument that our sex-offender laws are based largely on bogus stats and deserve to be reevaluated. Full Article

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Untouchable (Film) Available for Streaming on January 15

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  1. Agamemnon

    The problem Ron Book continually refuses to acknowledge – and I hope this documentary points out – is that none of the laws he’s lobbied for would have prevented his daughter’s assault.

    • TS

      Somewhere I read, Ron Book does acknowledge what he’s doing wouldn’t have done a thing for Lauren. It’s at the end of some interview he says that but I can’t say specifically which one. He’s so hooked on the lobbying money he couldn’t separate himself from it if he wanted to, I believe.

      • Facts should matter


        HATE is the only thing that keeps the Books, Kankas and Walshes going. They want to exact revenge on everyone that has a sex crime.

        • Tim

          @Vigilante Celebrity
          IMHO such are actions are motivated by those humans suffering guilt rather than grief from painful loss. The money doesn’t hurt either. This IS who America is now, people looking to be offended, some for attention, some for profit. Social media is as much anti-social, but bells and whistles win the day!

    • Registered notoffender

      Book doesn’t care about protecting children, he only wants to punish offenders. Notice his comment about “we will take your kids”

    • Screw book

      Nothing he has done, is doing , or will do in the name of his daughter is honest. He does all this for himself. Period.

  2. TR

    I say Ron Book is a crook, and probably involve in something and that if he thinks that whatever he’s doing is legal that should indicate a pattern of suspicion.

    • John

      Involved in something ?? No…involved in ” many ” things.

      There is always suspicion surrounding Ron Book and he likes to muddy the waters of politics (with no allegiance to any party ). Looks at this news from back in May 2018 during the investigations of the Parkland shooting. Sheriff Scott Israel of Broward County was being investigated and in discreet, reached out the protection of Ron Book while his own daughter Lauren Book sits in the commission that was doing that very same investigation.

      watch the video of that news and think what you will.

      Fast forward to the present January 2019, It was reported that Ron Book is one of the biggest donors of newly elected Governor Ron Desantis ( a republican ) keep in mind that his daughter Lauren is a democrat. Newly elected governor Ron Desantis had a inauguration private dinner with his big donors Ron Book, Disney, private prison company The GEO Group, and the Florida Police Benevolent Association (all enemies of registered citizens by the way). Afterwards and just recently now, The new Governor ( one of his first acts ) removed/suspended Sheriff Scott Israel from his Sheriff duties ( its all over the news ) and the majority felt it was unjust and corrupted to the point that it caused a mass resignation of many police officers from that agency including some high ranking officers (majors and colonels ) because they felt it was unjust and an attack from good old Florida politics with the Books at the helm of it.

      • Tim

        I find it interesting that the article is titled : ” Sheriff meets with father of member of commission to investigate Stoneman Douglas tragedy ” That ” father ” is Ron Book and that ” member of commission ” is Lauren Book. I wonder why the news article didn’t refer to them directly by their names in the title of the article but decided to run the story anyway of the Sheriff being caught talking to Ron Book and tying it to his daughter with the commission ?

        I have been looking at that news lately of the Sheriff’s removal and while I’m not so thrilled of police officers, I’m glad the Sheriff is fighting that decision by the new governor holding a press conference with his attorney and his supporters and stating that he will run again in 2020. Should be an interesting election and see how Ron Book and the governor plays this out. The people elected him and so the people I believe should have a say. Not a governor being funded and ill advised by a suspiciously corrupted lobbyist.

  3. Trapped

    Something that I wanted to mention. When arguing for or against the registry I always see the term ” after release from prison they are required to register”. I received a sentence of 5 years probation. Yet I am required to register for life. The registry is touted as a tool to protect families from dangerous people like me, yet the prosecutor and the judge found me to be so non-dangerous I wasn’t even sentenced to a day in jail. The registry isn’t punishment? I would have gladly spent 5 years in prison in exchange for my lifetime “non-punishment.

    • Registered notoffender

      Its not uncommon in my state for people to plead to felony assault to avoid the registry at all cost.

      I only got one year of probation because I did so much jail time. A long probation is a trap, especially with a violation happy corrections officer

      • MP

        A long probation is a trap, especially with a violation happy corrections officer.

        I agree. I would rather do some jail time than a long probation. What you said is true. My attorney most often gets requests from clients wanting them to deal the courts to reduce their long time of probation with some jail or prison time. I knew of a registered citizen who I met in jail that had a 10 year probation sentence – sex offender probation in Florida is not easy. When I met him in jail, he was there for a violation. His 4th. He had completed already 3 years. He made a deal with the court to do 5 years in prison to quash the 7 years of probation he had left. He took the deal with no hesitations. He has been done/out since.

  4. kat

    Murderers, thieves, forgerers, arsonists….they are all reintegrated back into society after prison, walking the same streets we walk, visiting the same places we visit and no one seems worried enough about the re-offenses they might commit to put them on a registry.
    As more and more juveniles end up on the registry because of computer misdeeds or sexting amongst friends, perhaps society will start to rethink the registry issues.

  5. Jack

    I think nobody’s being honest about what the registry really is in the media. This is just a throwback to the 1600s when they would put a mark on a woman’s clothing for adultery in New England. A society let’s not forget that viewed women and especially girls, as property.

    • Tim Moore

      And they like to label victims for life, which is pretty dehumanizing for them, also.

      • Will Allen

        I was a child victim. The “damaged for life” is a lie. I also find it insanely offensive. When someone says it regarding me I want to tell them to go F themselves.

        The great thing about scum like Ron and Lauren Book/Crook is that a person is a sad, lifelong, damaged victim all the way up until the point that the victim does something wrong that involves $EX. Then that person magically transforms into un-redeemable scum. It is an incredibly shallow, childish, hateful, and inhumane way to view things.

        I do not believe that the Crooks are so stupid that they fail to understand that the Registries would not have helped in their situation. But instead, I think what they believe is that the Registries should help the next potential victim. Their nanny moved on after abusing Lauren and the Crooks surely believe that Registries would’ve helped prevent any further victims. I think they are correct to believe that as well.

        However, that is not an indication at all that Registries are “needed” or worth their cost. Neither of those are close to true. Honest people will admit that. The Crooks probably never will. The world would be much better off if they never existed.

  6. Dustin

    I’m willing to bet All of Ron Book’s anti-registrant activity is nothing more than making him and his daughter “untouchable” within the walls of the government, most of whom are already in his pocket. Any official who opposes them on anything gets touted as being anti-child, no matter what the issue.

    Notice Lauren Book had nothing to say in the wake of the Parkland shooting, likely because that would have put Ron at odds with the NRA. The overall situation struck me as them being perfectly OK with children being mowed down with guns as long as they’re not having sex.

  7. Tim Moore

    Trauma may make you depressed or reactionary, but the Books with this “we don’t need to look at facts, because we are traumatized” ruse is pretty grotesque.

  8. Nicholas Maietta

    1) Ron Book openly admitted to intercepting communications of registered persons and/or organizations working to reform the laws. (I’d like to know under what authority and the methods used, as as well as information gathered). I believe he and his team may have committed a criminal offense.

    2) Ron Book openly admitted to punishing the registrants even after their sentencing, by using his “access” and legislative “powers”. Doesn’t this constitute grounds for taking down the laws? This needs to be seriously looked at.

  9. Lisa Rogers

    If you watch the film, Ron Book’s babysitter is being deported back to Honduras. She escapes the registry. I’m sure many regisltered person’s would love the opportunity to escape the punishment of the registry. Maybe he should run off to Honduras and do his sex offender lobbying there. His daughter also has acquired significant amounts of money for her non-profit. She is making money off of being a victim. In the film, it appears as if Mr. Book cries big crocodile tears.

    • AJ

      @Lisa Rogers:
      Yes, and he also admits to having “people” in Honduras on his payroll, hunting down and watching her family. This is a man who cannot accept that someone got something over on him. Sadly it was a woman abusing his daughter, but he still cannot accept having been out done. He is one vindictive SOB, that’s for sure. He also seems to be the type of person that nobody truly likes, but nobody speaks against. I also think he suffers from LMS. 🙂 Sadly, the SOB will probably be around for quite a while, being only 65ish.

      • Josh

        I don’t know how much you know about Ron Book and maybe you don’t care but if you’re interested just google Ron Book Corruption and you’ll be blown away by how much this little man has gotten away with…The guy has such a ego that his grandkids have to call him coach instead of grandpa…..this guy is truly one of America’s biggest & most corrupt pieces of CRAP…I also believe he’ll have to answer to the Almighty some day for the lengths he’s gone to, to persecute registered citizens….

        • AJ

          Thanks for the tip. I’ve seen some of his sleaziness, and am not sure how much I care to look into it. I do think his daughter has a purer heart than he does (a very low bar to clear, to be sure!). I also think she’s afraid to step out from under his shadow (and leverage), which means unless and until she becomes her own person, she’s no better than he is.

          What’s crazy is it’s well known that he’s this Machiavellian hemorrhoid for both M/DC and FL, but apparently the electorate doesn’t care enough to do anything about it. So in some sense, I feel they deserve the corruption and graft and greed they allow to go on. The only way it will probably stop is if the Feds somehow became interested in things. FL’s and M/DC’s “leaders” will simply keep fleecing and fooling the public.

          I gotta say, if enough people see this movie, I would not be surprised if some vindictive RC flies a drone over his goose pond and drops poison in there. I hope not, as the birds have done nothing wrong. But I do have to admit to the sin of schadenfreude if it happened.

  10. Derek Logue of

    Here’s the side of Ron & Lauren Book that should have been in the Untouchable film, but isn’t. Feige had them dead to rights but decided to punt the ball on first down in the red zone.

    The Books have been caught in numerous lies over the years. They lie in court, they lie in legislature and they lie on TV. Who is to say they aren’t at least embellishing, if not outright lying about this abuse narrative of theirs? I for one don’t trust people who are big, fat liars.

    • FairLaws

      The books look like fools in that movie on their own .I seen you post how they punted all over the web,I think they chose to stay out of your childish feud with the books.

      • Will Allen

        Wow. Don’t think I’d call it “childish”. It has had very extensive impact. In the actual, real world. If just 1/10 of the people listed did as much as Mr. Logue does, the Registries might’ve been gone a decade ago. But nope. Most people sit back and do squat.

        • FairLaws

          My husband fights them the only place it matters, the courts.

        • Will Allen

          FairLaws (January 23, 2019):

          Well, I am glad he/you are fighting but obviously the courts are not the only place that matters. In fact, it may matter the least.

          What does matter is what the millions of sheep in Amerika believe. The dinosaurs who love the Registries and big government are dying off, literally. We need to replace them with people who have brains and a sense of fairness. People who have been properly programmed from an early age.

          If a person only fights this harassment in the courts, I expect that they aren’t doing very much, or effective, fighting at all. Obviously it is important to fight in courts and some very important things have been won there, but the big changes won’t happen because of that. Plenty of people who are fighting in courts are only fighting for themselves (e.g. to get off of the Registries).

        • FairLaws

          And if you look at all of our successes over the past years it’s usually come in the courts

          State legislators continually add new laws that try to restrict the rights of registrants. I disagree strongly that Public Opinion has come to our side often times it takes an unbiased judge to realize these laws are unconstitutional. Packingham, does v. Snyder, etc – all wins coming from the courts.

          When men decide these laws? We get international Maighans law, California tiered registry etc.

          The courts is where our wins are coming from.

        • AJ

          @Fair Laws:
          “My husband fights them the only place it matters, the courts.”
          Could you please expand on this? Fights how? What laws? What injury is claimed?

  11. Will Allen

    FairLaws (January 24, 2019):

    I hear you. As I said, certainly some big wins have come from courts. But we have also prevented a lot of stupidity where I live just by attacking the people who wanted it.

    I feel if we all did absolutely nothing except fight in courts that it would control a lot of it but we would have a Registry with a million people listed on it forever.

    I think it is important to frame the Registries as an act of war. The Registries have gravely cost Amerika. They are today. That won’t change in the future. It is driving widespread hate and destruction. And murder. Amerika is devolving. People may not care much. I KNOW our enemies don’t and they have to be loving it. You want your enemies to be doing stupid, harmful, wasteful things. While the Chinese are kicking our asses, we are doing stupid.

    I think it is important to run a non-stop propaganda campaign that exposes the Registry Supporters for the harassing liars that they are. I really think that the majority of people support the Registries because it gets them off. They LOVE gossip. Obviously, if the Registries were useful at all, we would have already had a national Gun Offender Registry. I think that should be repeated every single time that anyone opens their mouth. There is simply no way that it can be justified to have $ORs and not millions of other people Registered. Just can’t. So is that the kind of country that Amerika wants to be? One with millions incarcerated and millions Registered? Maybe.

    But I also think it is pretty easy to frame Registry Supporters as helpless people who love big government. People who are not helpless don’t need Registries at all. Simple fact. We can run a campaign of truth that strong, smart, accomplished people don’t support Registries. Losers do. And I believe to the bottom of my heart that if someone would definitely learn/study/determine who it is that supports the Registries, it is overwhelmingly losers. It should be immoral, stupid, and not PC to support Registries. Get enough of the right people to say that and the sheep will follow. Most sheep don’t even know they are sheep.

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