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FL: Florida’s Sex Offender Registry Proves Inescapable

It was the kind of headline guaranteed to generate clicks even over the winter holidays and amid a federal government shutdown: “Number of Sex Offenders Living in Florida Is Growing,” warned the Associated Press. In December, the Florida legislative auditor’s office released a report noting that the number of people on the state’s sex offender registry had expanded 53 percent since 2005, to about 73,000.

But the report also contains this detail: 60 percent of those on the list live out of state, are in prison, or have been deported—up from the 43 percent in those categories in the auditors’ first report in 2006. Full Article

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Hopefully the Florida suit makes it through so that it can be used as a precedent in NY and Wisconsin

I’m almost at a “what did you expect moment”. It’s obvious the reason they are not removing people is federal funding. They can’t reasonably assert that having out of state registered offenders protects anyone. All they can say is “We follow all state and federal laws and have nothing further to offer”. If I was in FL I would demand they physically verify ALL out of state registered offenders addresses if I didn’t think they would actually try it. I think NARSOL, WAR and FLAC should hold a national convention in FL in a small town that lasted just long… Read more »

@JohnDoeNC What a splendid idea to have an annual national meeting there! I hear Tallahassee is nice and could be a good place to hold it since it is so close to the FLA/GA line. One could make TX on I-10 in a day easily if they wanted from the state capitol or even go north on I-95 to NC or even VA. State Sen Book could attend too! Talk about poking a bear possibly or an eye at least (Whadda think Sheriff Roscoe? Good idea? What does Ron think about this?). The taxpayers of FLA with FLA registrants from… Read more »

Why would ANYONE travel to such a flawed place. You look up any negative article concerning the registry and you will find the word Florida somewhere in it.
Hell, look up any negative article about anything concerning immigration, conservation, human rights, politics, and you will read an ignorant statement made by a Florida official.
The place is where intelligence goes to die!


I agree with your premise on why travel to FLA given this; however, registrants have the right to travel and should do so if they can and are able, even to FLA where one has three days to enjoy it and then leave (if they follow the law). Many states are flawed in similar manners, e.g WI and NY, but that should not stop registrants from traveling and enjoying their right to travel, even overseas.

Agree, but why give any patronage to a place that discriminates. If Florida was a business, then boycotting it would raise awareness, so why not boycott the friggin’ state. It’s not like you can’t find the same recreationals somewhere else.


Understand the boycott idea but not everyone there is a fan of the registry, e.g. the families of those on it that live there. However, if you’re going to boycott there, then add to your list the other similar places to boycott as well. Pretty soon, you’re possibly traveling via the pages of a book or other reading material because you may not have internet access. There are other places to recreate too, of course, so do as you wish, but do travel within your rights to do so. That’s really my point.

A money grab as we have discussed here before on this, a pure money grab by those in power:

“A bigger registry may help the state pull in federal funds. In fiscal year 2018, Florida, like 20 other states, was awarded money through a U.S. Department of Justice grant program that helps pay for upgrades to registries under the 2006 Adam Walsh Act. Its grant for fiscal year 2018 was about $399,000, and altogether the state has received about $2.4 million since 2008 for registry improvements.”

If “we” win this suit, it could have marked impact across the country. Given there are quite a few States that never remove (including after death), this certainly bears watching. Though from the author and not the State, this passage raised my eyebrows: ***** The Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s application for that money, which The Appeal obtained through a public-records request, uses the size of the registry to sell the state as a leader in punitiveness. ***** Punitiveness? Nooooo….can’t be. It’s non-punitive, just ask the winking judges, DAs, or legislators. Later, the true reason behind keeping people on the… Read more »


This reply you supplied here needs to go over to the FAC website as a reply to their posting when they put it up, which I don’t see they have done yet (as of 1:24 PST, Mar 5). This will really hit home on the east/gulf coast.

Apologies, FAC does have it posted. I just did not see it on the first review of the headlines. Oops.

@ JohnDoeNC: How about a small town like Tallahassee, the State government!?

(BTW, note that words in the article that are underlined in red provide a link to more information and/or resources.)

“A bigger registry may help the state pull in federal funds. In fiscal year 2018, Florida, like 20 other states, was awarded money through a U.S. Department of Justice grant program that helps pay for upgrades to registries under the 2006 Adam Walsh Act.” Is Florida and states doing the same engaging in fraud?


You comment spawned this: all it would take would be for a copy of this article to make its way into the hands of the Office of the Inspector General @DOJ (anonymously of course and is all that is needed) since they administer the grant funds. If DOJ is complicit with it, then it needs to be elevated for investigation, e.g. Congress. Just a thought

IG offices for the Federal posts are quite trustworthy. They are typically some very sharp people who take their roles and responsibilities *very* seriously. Having had first-hand interaction with one of them, I’m speaking from experience. One can still absolutely submit an anonymous complaint. The only real benefit to giving a named complaint is you will hear back regarding what the IG finds out. The downside is your name is public information. As you can imagine, most go anonymously and simply look for results.

You all may want to read this about the action those in FLA are taking on this article and issue – they are moving out on it:

NARSOL: Florida’s artificially inflated sexual offense registry: More federal funds for the state?

Anyone who is on the FLA registry in CA, etc, should be in contact with their elected WDC officials to bring this to light. It could start some real arguing about monies fraudulently received with other state constituents being used for it.

I am on the fdle sex offender website, but have moved and i am not required to register where i live. There is no sex offender registration where i live. Can i be removed from floridas sex offender website? I currently live in nicaragua.


Ask the folks over at the Florida Action Committee website because they’ll be able to answer your question more appropriately then here in the California forum. However, the answer is most likely not because Florida likes to keep even dead people on their registry and others even after they leave the state.

how are you getting into nicaragua, we have a house there, i stopped going when iml came out.
any info would be great, i am not in florida, but register where i am at, low level

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