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Man I have to say it, WTF are you doing to your son and sister for that matter?
Call 1-800-273-8255 suicide hotline.
How old is your son? how about your sister? Just because you have been through hell do not put them through more than what you already have by your mistakes. Do not make another bigger mistake because you k]made a mistake in your past and these domestic terrorist are attacking you every which way. How old are you? If you want to come on here and state shit like that then you need to talk it out on here as well. Believe me I am talking straight from the same or worse experience than what you are dealing with. When i first got out of prison after doing three years for the internet BS I had already lost the three years with my 11 year old son. I was homeless living in homeless shelters and in tents because of f^&^&$ Jessica’s law with the GPS strapped to my leg. And still could not, was not supposed to anyways, to see my then 16 year-old son that was on drugs and killing himself because he lost his dad and could not understand what was happening since his brain was still developing. I was about to walk in to the American river in the middle of winter and just let go. The reason I am stating this is to point out that I have a right and the experience to be able to say what I am stating.
Buck up dude, if not for you than most definitely for you kid and sister. I was in the same boat, my son and my sister and nephew were the only ones that I cared about and was and am very close with, and the only reason I did not just let go. I could not do that to them, and neither should you. They are more important than you at this point as the have a chance for normal lives and they did nothing wrong. If you did something like you are talking about it would most likely destroy these people if they are anything like my son, sister, nephew. They can get past what you may have done and still love you and have normal lives, but they would never get past what you claim you may be considering. No sympathy from me buddy. Buck up, call the hotline, talk it out here, do Whatever the F^&%^%$ you have to do, but do not do something like that to these other people that have not done a damn thing wrong, except love you if you do what you say you want to do.
Call 1-800-273-8255 suicide hotline.
Man up and call the hotline or talk it out here, whatever, but do not do this to your family or let the terrorist win…….. I do not even think you should be talking like that to your family members after what you have put them through already, but they say talk to whomever so you do not do it, but whatever talk on here or to suicide hotline and leave them out of it..

You all can call me a D^^%^ or whatever and say I should try and support this dude and be more empathetic or sympathetic, but nope. I think someone needs to throw down some reality on this dude and leave it at that. Dude is obviously strong enough to make it through that initial arrest and everything that went with it, he sure as hell should be able to handle a little tough love from someone he does not even know. If you are not working go to college man. Borrow up all the financial aid loans and all that shit as possible, go to college for as long as possible. I owe $40,000 in loans and I can give a shit less anymore.
it is paying my bills and keeping me comfortable right now and they will have to help me get into a good job or they are screwed. I am going to keep going and be a professor or whatever, as long as they pay me I will go. It will also raise your self confidence being around normal people every day at school, it will boast your confidence that you can be and have a normal life, it will show your son and sister or family members that you are tough and you will not lay down and take whatever the terrorist want to give you. Are you American??? Were you born American??? Have you recently become American??? If you answered yes to any of those prove it. Fight back like all other Americans have had to do in the past for their freedoms and lives. Think about your grandfather or great grandfathers that have been in the trenches in wars when they were as young as 18 and shit. What do you think they would be saying to you?????? SAME SHIT I AM… That’s what…………. All this F^$$^ coddling and BS of society and our kids and people in general is destroying the strength of this country………..

Call the hotline or talk it out on here. You should leave others that have not done anything wrong out of it completely as possible. We on here have all made our mistakes right along with you so talk it out with us, but be real about it, if you really think you are about to do something that stupid call the hotline as they are trained in this shit.


Can you use the Piasecki Third Circuit Court of Appeals ruling on habeas corpus in your filing now or is it too late?

On top of that shit, go to court and file file file suit. What the hell do you have to lose, you are already at rock bottom it sounds like. WTF, it sure as makes me feel better fighting my own fight and taking the fight back to them. You have a computer and internet, write letters to politicians, send emails to the president, whatever.
And I do not know how smart you are or what level of education you have, but what you are going through is not just from what is happening to you. If you are feeling like you say you are you have a chemical deficiency in your brain just like I did. This is scientific fact. Depression and feelings of suicide are caused by a chemical imbalance of serotonin and dopamine in your brain..

Every psych class and evolutionary biology class has stated the same thing. My anthropology class that I am in right now is talking about this very topic. See a psych and tell them you want serotonin (mirtazapine) and dopamine (wellbutrin) uptakes. After about a month you will be fine.
The article states, “There may be a link between serotonin and depression. If so, it is unclear whether low serotonin levels contribute to depression, or if depression causes a fall in serotonin levels.”
This is the only BS about the article, we do know…
You will not even notice it but you will be fine. You will not feel the same enjoyment and pleasures as others that do not have these chemical deficiencies, but you will not feel like suicide and worthless and all that shit that goes with depression and you can be there for your son and sister. It is an illness and hereditary, it is in your genes. Do not deny it or rationalize it just do something about it and get the uptakes.
And no I am not a doctor, you do not have to be to know this basic and what is common and consensus knowledge now.

Here’s a funny one (yes, this is real)

Lawmakers Push Bill Requiring Older Men To Report Every Release Of Sperm

Only in GA… someone queue the Devil went down to Georgia

Man Lake, I was going to ask if this was a joke, but apparently it is for real. People are hilarious… And scary when they are in power like these fools in politics. Where the hell do this degenerates hail from??? Talk about so some regression back in the Homo tree. This is like back to before the Homo tree, as even apes and chimps are smarter than these people.

Really guys? You seriously don’t get the satire of this bill?
This is in response to the government’s overreach in legislating women’s bodies…in particular bans on birth control, abortion, etc. This bill is largely symbolic.


Yes, I got the satire of it. Sometimes though the satire doesn’t make a haha as intended with all of the dumb laws passed around it. I get her point in doing this though. In the end, I think it can be a war on either gender any day of the week.

LMAO. No NPS I did not even read past the first line to be honest. It is just so damn common for politicians to be idiots I did not even bother to read more or look for context, I just assumed it was real. We all know that old saying about assuming…

I knew this bill was just symbolic, but it was worth a good laugh. Although with all the stupid laws that do get passed, nothing surprises me from politicians these days. I do think these symbolic bills are a big waste of taxpayers money. People were involved in writing this, publishing, reading and etc….so some taxpayer funds are wasted on this 2 line symbolic bill.

It was NEVER/ RIGHT or suppose to be about her and her body…man did not make her the way she is…the father has equal rights and so does the baby !!!!!!!! END OF CONVERSATION !!!!!!!!!

TS, yeah it is done in the lower court, no more arguing, no more filings. It is up to the real judge to accept or deny the magistrate’s findings and recommendations or do whatever he thinks needs to be done such as sending it back down with instructions for the magistrate of accept and close the case. Then it is off to the 9th.. Betch your ass I will use Piasecki in my briefs to the 9th though……..

What happened to @ R M, Hope I wasn’t to harsh, but man, come on… This shit is hard on all of us, but we have to be real. I truly do try to be more sympathetic and empathetic, but even being in the same shoes as I was it is still hard for me. My P.O. is the one that was the hard ass with us, he was like deal with it like a man dude. You got yourself into this shit deal with it. And I think he was exactly right. I actually really liked the guy. He reminded me of my buddy that did not let me do dope. Shit he helped get me housing and took me to get my bus passes and all kinds of shit he did not have to do, but he was all business. Cross the line and you’re gone back. I really hope @RM takes it to heart and sees a psych or makes the call. I feel for him and his family man. If I would have did something crazy and clocked out I know my son would be devastated beyond repair for the rest of his life. Sure he would go on, but man it would haunt him forever. And my sister too. So he needs to think about them if not himself !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since we’ve discussed here in this forum before, it is appropriate to remind us of our country’s knee jerk reactions from history among the many they have done before:

The War Relocation Authority, established on March 18, 1942, 120,000 men, women, and children were rounded up on the West Coast. Three categories of internees were created: Nisei (native U.S. citizens of Japanese immigrant parents), Issei (Japanese immigrants), and Kibei (native U.S. citizens educated largely in Japan). The internees were transported to one of 10 relocation centers in California, Utah, Arkansas, Arizona, Idaho, Colorado, and Wyoming. The quality of life in a relocation center was only marginally better than prison.

If Megan’s Law is merely “regulatory, civil or administrative” (as SCOTUS claims), then how can THAT be perceived as justice, or even more succinctly – the “will” of the people? It’s a paradox to me because they claim it’s not punitive, yet it IS punishable with a criminal offense if not strictly adhered to via role or duty.

Isn’t that the definition of someone’s life whom’s under siege and held hostage (subservient servitude under duress?)

@Facts, we will see what the 9th thinks about just what you are suggesting because that is one of my claims exactly…. The magistrate just stated, “While SORA does compel action by plaintiff, the compelled action is not “service” and thus cannot constitute involuntary servitude in the vein of African slavery, peonage, serfdom, or feudalism.”

So under her own logic, I must prove that it is in fact “service” and it is a done deal. I thought I made it clear but apparently I have to be more precise.

So, the only thing these people listen to is case law. I need 9th circuit and SCOTUS case law demonstrating that registration is a service.


I’m curious if interment would be considered “servitude under duress”? Seems to me that the recent 3rd Circuits Habeas ruling could be a persuasive argument.

Internment is the IMPRISONMENT of people, commonly in large groups, without charges or intent to file charges, and thus no trial. The term is especially used for the confinement “of enemy citizens in wartime or of terrorism suspects”. Thus, while it can simply mean imprisonment, it tends to refer to PREVENTATIVE CONFINEMENT, rather than confinement AFTER having been convicted of some crime.

Has anyone ever tried to be enrolled in enough colleges and reside in enough states to make it physically impossible to actually get to all the jurisdictions in the amount of time it takes to get there? (Some states that you have to give notice of travel would make this especially easy)

“The pre-Thirteenth Amendment understanding of “involuntary servitude” indicates that the condition did not result from government compulsion of an unwilling actor, per se. Rather, courts and legislatures drawing the line between permissible enforcement of contracts and the creation of “involuntary servitude” under the guise of a voluntary agreement looked at four interrelated factors.12

First, did the promisor enter the contract while in a state of “perfect freedom,” or did the promisee have some overarching power over the promisor?

Second, was the promisor compensated for her services with a “bona fide consideration,” or did the relationship constitute “unrequited toil?”

Third, were there temporal limits on the contract? Agreements extending over extremely long periods of time were suspect while more limited engagements were not.

Finally, did the promisee—the master— physically dominate and degrade the promisor—the servant— with abuse and claim a right to personally capture her and return her to service if she tried to quit?



1. We do not enjoy “perfect freedom” and the government has overreaching power on us.
2. After 5/10/15/20 years our freedoms are not restored, no matter what we do to prove otherwise. Unrequited refers to something that is not returned or reciprocated.
3. In most cases there are not temporal limits and at the very least they extend over long periods of time.
4. The “master” (government) degrades us. Sheriff’s posing on FB, plastering signs on lawns and doors, etc.. This is abuse with a threat to capture if we quit their registration scheme.

“1. We do not enjoy “perfect freedom” and the government has overreaching power on us.”

It’s actually worse than that. Megan’s Law implies that our freedom is a conditionary privilege. Not only are we made out to be something that we’re not, we’re forced to live that lie under threat of a criminal penalty. So… there is definitely a indirect punitive element present. Yet the current argument they present is: “it’s not meant to be inferred as punitive, but as public safety tool.” Yeah right.

Community notification = PUNITIVE!


Good find, Steve! I think that that puts things into proper perspective pretty handily.

“Second, was the promisor compensated for her services with a “bona fide consideration,” or did the relationship constitute “unrequited toil?””

Unrequited=not returned or rewarded. Toil=work extremely hard or incessantly.

All the requirements are there, but there is that damn word again though. “Service”
Unless I can find SCOTUS or 9th case law showing service is more than or equal to “African slavery, peonage, serfdom, or feudalism” then the court is going to walk right over the claim.
I will be using all the recent cases in my brief to the 9th, and hopefully I can find SCOTUS or 9th case law that backs the “service” issue up better.

You know, I wonder if we can claim that we are providing a service to the public through the Megan’s Law Website? I know we are not the ones providing the service, but we are the ones providing the information and are the subject of that service. Just thinking out loud here……… Undoubtedly the site is a service to the public provided by the DOJ and AG.

Yeah I really do not see a involuntary servitude claim going anywhere. It is just to far a stretch from current case law. Although we know what it is, the corrupt system is not going to allow it to be considered as such. There are to many instances where a person must provide information or a service to big nanny. IDK, I will definitely keep the claim going, but it is a long shot. That bar is pretty high, involuntary military service is not involuntary servitude. Neither is involuntary jury service, or involuntary service as a witness. Nope, neither one according to SCOTUS.

City Councilman Chaim Deutsch’s proposed ban is designed to prevent certain sex offenders from taking public transportation, CBS2’s Jessica Moore reported Wednesday.

Other links to same story:

Here is a story out of New York, where a law to ban “repeat sex offenders” from the subway is being suggested by the governor and a city councilman. Note my use of the quotation marks, which implies ALL individuals whom have to register as a sex offender. However, the story refers only to those who have been convicted specifically of groping other people while riding on the subway.

The problem, of course, is that this law WOULD apply to ALL registrants. I have no problem with punishment geared to the individual as part of the court sentence within the limits of Constitutional authority, but have absolute opposition for using the registry to impose this draconian ban. Pure and simple.

So they want to ban people from the only means of travel to even get to the registration office….. looks like a trap. It cost too much to live in that area of Manhattan(the financial district) if you need to be within walking distance of it. And if you live in Brooklyn or queens unless you have a car you’re looking at 3 hours in a bus or about 2-3 on a bicycle.

It’s just as bad as them trying to instate residency restrictions even though they were found unconstitutional so many times in NY because it would make it impossible to live or work or even walk in the city.

Has anyone read this article about your governors comments? Maybe there is some hope for you! I hope so.

I’ve been following this from the moment he made the announcement. I’ve also sent him messages saying that all of his points he made arguing against the death penalty are the very same to argue against the registry.

Watching “Steve Wilkos” today( don’t ask) and a woman was accusing a man of acosting her son. She said that the man had looked at transgender porn. Steve said, “ Looking at porn doesn’t mean that you will abuse minors. There is no reason to think that”. She then admitted that he was right.
My point in this being that maybe we need to get on shows and get the truth out there. The legal and political system is not coming to our aid. Those that think a change is coming from that angle are living in a fantasy world. More people listen/watch media than trust government. Let’s create a conduit to them by doing this grass roots style. Honestly, standing in front of a bunch of stuffed shirts and saying “I appose this” is not going to get a damn thing done.

“My point in this being that maybe we need to get on shows and get the truth out there.”
Does “we” include thee? If so, let us all know which show you get booked on and the air date.

I think talking to lying, pandering politicians must be done but I agree with you to some extent. People who support Registries are just like the people who supported segregation. I always, always remember those famous pictures of blacks sitting at a food counter with all the wonderful “good” people standing behind them and pouring drinks and food on their heads. Those are the people who support the Registries.

Those people would still love segregation if they thought it was PC. They NEED to hate. The problem with killing one snake legislator is that there will always just be another snake that pops up. The public needs to be taught that it is not PC to support Registries. They need to be taught that only backwards, uniformed, unsophisticated rubes support Registries. Luckily, that’s the truth.

I am in Missouri, and I read daily on this site as well as other’s as many of you do. With the way law’s changing all over the Country constantly, there is no chance of destroying this Monster without all of us working together. I would like to see a real effort to bring the country together to do this. My thought’s are that if we could get one person from each state to represent a uniformed effort, We can set up a go fund me page to be promoted in every state to every registrant as well to family and friends together we could raise funds for the fight on a Federal level possibly have enough to hire lobbyist, I know this is a lot. I also know that when people pull together they become powerful, then the powerful listen. Just my thoughts.

I agree with you Richard and that would get public attention but the real facts are there are so many restraints and vigilanties and other groups that a Member would feel threaten to come out in the Public eye in fear of retalation from LE and other groups now this is how the goverment and the people want to keep it the more restraints the more intimidation keeping the members of SOR in check to there standards its like this I had a 10 yr membershit and it ended yet I still feel the effects of someone goes looking into background Im getting fked all over lets say i go public for all of you and though Im not a member of the club, I opened the door to a nightmare of retallation from neighbors and haters of the club not to mention I speak out some asshole will try to find a way to put my ass back on to shut me up. I was a lucky,,, crime in florida but i transfered my probation to another state and got the 10yr membership in july 95 now I moved back to FL while still on the 10yr i got a relese letter from the 10 yr state ending Reg now in fl a life time state and the fact that the offense was in FL. they had to honor the other states request as even though the offense was in Fl i was put on 10yr for that offense now ive been off 16 yrs I dont think the state can come back and say OOPS we made a mistake your back on but with the SOR anything is possible I will say that if you was on a 10yr membership and it ended and you visited florida before you ended they have to remove you..yet they wont cause the revenue thay receive will be cut

The DA opposed and the judge denied my felony reduction to a misdemeanor on Friday. Said I don’t seem to be doing too bad in life since I have a wife and 4 kids, own my own house, am a supervisor with 25 guys under me, etc… wtf kind of crap is that to not reduce me to a misdemeanor? I was convicted of a 311.11A on March 1st 2010. No prior or post convictions. Anyone else have success in reducing with these same charges?

I applied back in Sept. With the same charge and had same result. I was told to come back in 1 yr. I hope this isn’t a trend starting in conjunction with the revisions to the tier registry. I think judges are feeling pressure to not grant reductions in any sex offense case for fear of public reprisal.
The stress on my personal and professional life is taking its toll on me and I if this doesn’t happen, I am fearful that I won’t be able to go on.


So you have to show hardship to get it reduced? BS. If it should be reduced, then it should be. PERIOD.

Judge is afraid to make this move for the first one that’s reduced and bites them in return afterwards could be costly to their career. Atty in Denver who works on removing people from the registry said on a NARSOL conf call that is the biggest factor against a positive step for the person.

I agree 💯 with your comment. It is like saying that the conviction isn’t effecting your life. Each person has different circumstances that are impacted by a similiar conviction.
As a follow up, I just spoke to someone that was granted his reduction on Friday in Santa Clara Co. His conviction was in 2013, so he is eligible for and will be pursueing an expungement. Not that it should, but different jurisdictions approach the reduction with VERY different opinions, especially prosecutors!

So let’s get this straight…since you’re successful, you don’t need a reduction. Yet if you were not successful, you wouldn’t have shown enough improvement to merit one. Heads I win, tails you lose, anyone?

Yes. My attorney took the DA to the back to talk with the judge. He came back and said that since I do not seem to be having a hard time in life and that my conviction doesn’t seem to be effecting me much, they’re not going to grant it. My attorney said I’m likely going to have to wait until everyone in the DA office retires in order to get reduced. I am one google search away from loosing the respect of all my employees and upper management. My name is all over google because I have a unique name. Smh.

Absolute, utter BS. These criminal regimes are forgetting their own lies. That’s a common problem for liars.

The ONLY criteria that should be considered at all is – is keeping you listed improving public safety? That is the only legitimate criteria. F all the rest of that. Perhaps your attorney should’ve pointed that out.

If I were you, I would try to make the life of that DA and judge, their spouses, and their children, a living hell. I would attack all of them by any legal means available from every angle available. Every day. I will not allow people to live in peace.

For me personally, I know that keeping me listing is reducing public safety and putting everyone at a LOT more risk than they would be. The Registries make me literally want to murder people. It is well known that some people have acted directly on that. Some of them have murdered innocent children. Don’t think I’d do that but I have zero concern for any adults that think Registries are okay. Zero.

The Registry Nazis like to say their motto is, “If it saves one child, it’s worth it.” But their real motto is, “If it murders thousands of children, it’s worth it, as long as I get my jollies and feel good.”

@K & e

I am not familiar with this process you are describing, but that would appear to me a violation of some sort (e.g. USC 1983 Civil Rights?) and worthy of an appeal to a higher court or a filing of some sort by an established atty in a different court against a decision who is holding your history and current circumstances against you when the law plainly shows you are eligible and worthy of a reduction. If they want to claim judicial prerogative, then I believe they would need to show why a non-hardship situation isn’t worthy of a reduction where a hardship situation is worthy of one. Makes no sense. I wonder out loud if it is an equal protection clause violation?

I spoke to someone today that had a reduction hearing Friday and was successful. 311.11a in Santa Clara Co. conviction date in 2013. He served no jail time , but 3 1/2 yrs probation(?). He has to go back for expungement in a month because of court calender screw up.

I would like to know what argument his attorney used to get him reduced. My attorney wants to try and find other cases that were successful so he can try similar tactics.

I’d love to know what county you attempted the reduction in. It certainly seems that is a huge factor in the success of such motions.

I’m in Sutter County north of Sacramento.

For anyone in Georgia, the next DCS board meeting is scheduled on June 20th, 10am.

2 Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive SE
East Tower, 8th Floor Board Room
Atlanta, Georgia 30334

The board meeting will be held at the Sloppy Floyd Towers in the 8th floor Board Room of the East Tower.

I saw and questioned the board meeting participants on a previous video at and commented and inquired as how to attend. Here’s the response I got:

Dear Mr. (me),

Thank you for reaching out to us with your concerns. I am forwarding your message and document to Mr. Niles.

Public attendance at the quarterly DCS Board meeting is welcomed, and the date, time, location, and proposed agenda of each upcoming meeting is posted on the DCS website as soon as it is confirmed. Currently, we anticipate the next meeting to be held on Thursday, June 20 at 10:00am, but this is subject to change. Changes to the schedule are posted here:

Please let me know if you plan to attend the meeting and I will be glad to assist you and answer any questions you have about the meetings.

Racheal B. Peters | Director of Public Affairs
Georgia Department of Community Supervision
2 MLK Jr Dr SE Ste 864 E • Atlanta, GA 30334
w: 470-755-4358 e: l: linkedin

I will be there. If nothing else but to listen as I will be nervous as hell (being under their supervision). I do realize DCS doesn’t make the law but they do enforce it and I have issues with that.

Anyone want to join? Registrants, ACSOL, NARSOL, family members, anyone? I can provide a ride from near the Fl/Ga line hwy 75.

A client of mine who happens to be an old defense attorney said an insightful thing today. He said, “ The law is not to be mistaken as a tool to correct the wrongs of society, but as a marketing tool to allow society to pat itself on the back and sell itself that it has done something to make society safe from its own inner dark side. Those effected by the law in the present are seldom those who will ever benefit from it in the future.” A deep thought to consider when addressing the registry.

On a different note.
Do people get as fed up with hearing these politicians screaming race inequality. You know I would have voted for Bernie and think god Hillary was the Dem candidate. Now you can see how Bernie is just another pandering, lying politician screaming race this race that, when he is one of the old white guys that is probably racist as shit. He sounds and looks like an idiot up there yelling Trump racist, America racist, justice system racist, school systems racist, inequality from racism. NO it is you corrupt politicians, the Hollywood type elites, the big corporations, the natural resource exploiters, and the upper middle classes that are the problem. Inequality is not racial anymore, it is strictly financial. I love how they are trying to put the real reasons on the race card and are playing it to the fullest. This keeps the sheeple from thinking about what the real problem is, monetary inequality is what is killing this country. Monetary inequality in every thing that I just named that they are screaming racist about. I am really liking Andrew Yang’s idea about giving everyone a $1000 a month guarantee income. Only it needs to be for those that are making 50 or 60 grand or less, and for those not working already put rules and requirements on them like training or work requirements even if it is just going and volunteering at old folks homes or in home services or road clean up and repair or whatever. It is BS that a family that is barely making it, if at all, do not get any help from the gov but where someone that is doing crap are getting all kinds of gov benefits. Or the big corps are getting bailouts and handouts and are making billions and billions off of all of our natural resources that are AL of ours, just as in Alaska they give a stipend from this exploitation of OUR natural resources. If you
have 15 kids and do not work you get tons of food stamps (which they sell half price for cash) and cash every month, but if you work you do not get shit. Nothing but taxed and pay every penny of your checks just for a roof and food and to the gov. Your car breaks down, your homeless, you get sick for a month, homeless, you’re company you work for goes under and you cannot get a job for a month, you’re homeless. I know lots of people that cannot afford to register and smog or insurance for their vehicle because they are taxing the hell out of registration and gas for so called road improvement while you cannot even drive down ANY road here in Sacramento without dodging potholes constantly. These are working couples and they cannot afford to pay their bills with two full time jobs. Shit I know at least three couples where the man is working doing contract jobs under the table because they could not afford for them to keep going the legal routes and survive. Ridiculous, give those people the $1000 a month and watch all these people in those situations jump out of poverty and into the real middle class (because anything under $50,000 now is poor), and in a few years they will be stable enough making over the limit and so on to the next person or couple. Andrew Yang has the right idea just as long as it is implemented right. I love this statement,
“It is impossible to overstate the positive impact of $1k a month on households around the country. It would take people from a constant mindset of scarcity to a mindset of assured survival and possibility. It would transform our society in myriad positive ways by taking the boot off of people’s throats,”
This is a fact. They talk about universal health care shit, that most people do not give a rats ass about when they are trying to survive and buy food or pay their damn rent.

What happens if you are required to register for 5 years…you do 2, then leave, then come back. Do you just do the remaining time or do you start over?

Three more years.

Your State may try to say it starts back at zero, but doing so would almost certainly be struck down as unconstitutional. (I know of at least one State that claims only time in-state as counting for credit. If it’s ever challenged, they’ll certainly lose.) Making you start over would penalize your exercising the right to travel, which is a violation of the Equal Protection Clause. The 14th Amdt. says State cannot treat migrants (which you would be) differently than natives.

From Saenz v. Roe ( at 490): “The right to travel embraces three different components: the right to enter and leave another State; the right to be treated as a welcome visitor while temporarily present in another State; and, for those travelers who elect to become permanent residents, the right to be treated like other citizens of that State.”

I am not a fan of the political game here but you’re absolutely wrong about Bernie Sanders. He is misguided in many ways and some of his ideas are way left but when it comes to racial politics the man is not a fraud. He marched with Martin Luther King, yes he stood up for minorities before it became a trendy thing to do.

Back then you got called a =_:$:$: lover for standing with blacks.

All that may be so, but my premise still stands. The race card is irrelevant now days. It is BS. There is black privileged, white privileged, brown privileged, etc… Sure there may be pockets of racism and there may be a slight advantage in some scenarios, but the major divide is now income inequality. All this racist screaming is what is causing this new racial divide that has been nearly wiped out in America. Just because we have extreme white supremacist and extreme black supremacist and so forth, that does not reflect the country as a whole or even in a significant part. Just like me, I am an old white guy and I do not have prejudice views. I see a person for what they are not what color their skin is. I see the white kid with his pants hanging off his ass the same as I see a black kid doing the same thing. They are both equally idiots. Lmao. I work with hard working black and Russian and Ukrainian guys and they are all equal in my eyes and the owner of the companies eyes. Racism is a thing of the past and these damn politicians need to leave it in the past and address the real issue, income inequality……….

Nothing much has changed, except bias has become bloated since it now includes the “criminally different”. Here’s a decades-old film about what happens when “blacks” move next door. The similarities are startling. The knee-jerk reactions from the “virtuous” and “good-status” neighbors. Especially, property value dropping when one moves into your neighborhood. What has changed, except it has now extended to other types of Americans. This is what happens when we don’t put a stop to these things before it starts hitting the silent (and thusly complicit) next.

I am looking for answers/suggestions/ cautionary advice on how to view/ approach a situation.

This morning I walked my dog as I always do. Taking the same route as I always do. This route passes by a private school. I have taken this route for 3 yrs. today after passing the school and maybe 10 minutes later I noticed an unmarked LE stopped and observing me. He then drove past without incident. 5 minutes later, the car was again in my view as I crossed a street. He quickly turned around and drove away from me. I am approaching my apartment and there he is yet again. Turning down my street. 5 minutes later a community service officer drives by, turns at my corner, drives around the block, then drives away.
Am I paranoid? Is this harrsssment? Can they stop me for anything? I am 1 yr off probation, no interaction with LE for anything . These kinds off things put me in to a tailspin mentally and disrupt my attempt at putting this behind me. I literally can’t eat now because my stomach is in knots, yet I have done nothing to warrant this attention.


Document these events with photos, video, days and times. Keep a record then look for patterns. LEO hate to recorded though you can by constitutional right.

Personally, I would like to have a police escort everywhere I go. Just for the heck of it. As long as they don’t get in the way. It should surely be safer than just being out on your own. If someone tries to mug, shoot you, or worse, at least police would be around for once.

I do wish they would sit outside of my property. 24/7. Would surely help to keep criminals away, would it not? Let LE do something useful for a change.

Protection is not my concern, neither is worrying that I will be “caught” in some act prohibited by the 290 guidelines. One arrest in a lifetime is enough.
It is that point when you feel life is maybe going to move in any direction instead of just treading water, and then someone gives you the stinkeye, or an over zealous mother thinks you are about to go Predator on her baby because she sleeps with megans list. You start feeling tiny cracks forming in the armor you placed around your life , and LEOs look to take advantage of that to re enforce their need to feel superior. I am amazed I don’t have an ulcer!

@e: You have the SCOTUS’s protected right to photograph and/or video tape with audio anything at all you can see while you are in public including LEO’s. If you find them annoying you videotape them while you go up to them and ask them point blank why they are following you.

I wouldn’t trust LEO to protect me or anyone for that matter… they have no legal duty to protect anyone and they have proven that in court. They also can and do lie, cover up crimes, kill over 1000 citizens per year, etc. etc. etc..

I’m in agreement with @TS on this: record and document them. They’re like cockroaches: they hate to be exposed, and typically scurry for cover once found out. The more you turn it into “fun” for you, the less fun it is for them. They thrive on intimidation and fear; showing you know your rights and are willing to exercise them tends to make them think twice (or is it once?)–and sometimes back down because of their own ignorance of laws and rights. Heck, maybe even venture past them and snap a few close-up pics or some video.

Are there any presence/”safety-zone” restrictions that say you cannot be there? I assume not, but it’s best to have that knowledge in hand.

As for your questions:

Am I paranoid? Yes, but in this case, rightfully so.
Is this harrsssment? No, because any LEO can observe anyone in public for any (or no) reason.
Can they stop me for anything? “Anything,” no. But if they concoct some sort of reasonable suspicion, yes. If you didn’t do anything but walk your dog, only stopping for traffic and picking up his poop, they will be hard pressed to come up with any sort of reasonable suspicion.
These kinds off things put me in to a tailspin mentally and disrupt my attempt at putting this behind me. I literally can’t eat now because my stomach is in knots, yet I have done nothing to warrant this attention.
Understandably so–and their goal. You’re trying to lead and live a normal life, free of the past, and the salivating cretins are giving you the stink eye. Almost anyone would be a little on edge if surveilled as you were. Just remember that if you are stopped there are only three things to speak: 1) Am I free to go? 2) Am I being detained? 3) I do not consent to searches. (Mind you, they can always do a quick *exterior* pat down for weapons, etc., to ensure their own safety.) These are the only two questions to which a LEO must answer honestly. Otherwise they are allowed to lie as they wish and see fit. Also find out if your State is a positive-ID State (i.e. you must give a LEO your name and address and such). Mind you, giving your info does not equate to giving them a physical piece of ID (DL, passport, etc).

Thanks for support. I guess I will change my morning path and bow to the insecurities of the uninformed and ignorant.
As to the legal safety search, maybe I need to leave the poop bag untied to allow them to get a good wiff !
Joke aside, it is so enlightening to see how ex felons are treated. The “mile in my shoes” has opened my eyes.

Thank you all for being there in spirit in difficult times.


Don’t change your pattern. If you do, then they win by getting you to alter your life when you have the right to walk as you please with your dog (just don’t get caught for littering by leaving poop bags around). Stay the course, document as you see fit, make a stand. If you have to, video record each walk, download to several safe locations, and then see what happens over time. They will always say they are just patrolling as they can on the streets. You can always do the “I am watching you” hand signal to them.

@e:”I guess I will change my morning path and bow to the insecurities of the uninformed and ignorant.” NO NO NO, you said you weren’t doing anything wrong, so why change anything? If you do, you will continue to be a minion of theirs.

I fully understand your choice, given how much it seems to have shaken you. Maybe take a similar path, using some of the old route and some new, randomizing it a bit to make it tougher for them to track your travels. Doubling back is often a nice way to mess with them, too. At minimum, I’d walk the same path a few times to check their interest level. Maybe that one day the did it, they realized it was a false alarm by some Chicken Little school employee (who almost certainly checked ML).

We all need to do whatever gives us the least stress and most comfort and peace while under the registry cloud. I highly encourage you to learn your rights–and LEO limits–just so you have them if ever needed, dog walk or otherwise. A search using the words, “know your rights” will return a number of good sites with helpful info. BTW, those in the “border zone” ( have some extra studying to do!

My guess is some nosey PTA mom noticed a man walking a dog by the school everyday. She recognized a face online from a price club memebership. Bingo! She calls the cops, they investigate, and realize he’s just walking his dog. Great use of police resources…not.

“Alert issued after influx of sex offenders call Virginia State Police for help” This is as a result of people claiming to be law enforcement calling up registrants to scare them into giving them money. This has now happened twice to me.

Waaa, waaa, waaa….. call them constantly. They put the law out there, let them enforce it (doubt they will).

One thing I would like to know: how the hell are they getting our phone numbers??? And correlating the numbers with the Registry? They called me twice on my cell.

@NDIK, et al

This (below) was posted over at the National Office’s website which maybe helpful to you and others who are suffering the same scam as it gives the way they do it and ways to help stop them from doing it. Now, by the way, this morning, my cellphone company just downloaded to my phone for free a way to block these folks, but with a monthly fee to use it. Bastards enable their behaviour but won’t enable me as a customer a way to not have it happen without fleecing me for more money. Figures. Anyway, read on…

How the scammers get your number — and how to stop them

To specifically address what you are asking about. Here is a portion from the posting:

“The answer is absurdly simple, really. The scammers cough up the $15 a month subscription fee for an online background check service like Intellius, BeenVerified, or PeopleFinder. They then go down the list of people listed on the public sex offender registry and plug those names into the background check service’s website. The service accesses multiple public records which include not only government sources but also data that are sold by retailers, organizations, telemarketers, and even social media platforms like Facebook. Remember when they asked for your phone number in order to enhance their “security” features?

The website spits out a report that includes the names of all of your relatives and close associates, all of your known addresses for the past couple of decades, and yes, every phone number that is even remotely associated with you and members of your household. The scammers then simply call each of those numbers until – bingo! – you pick up the phone and say, “Yep, that’s me!”

For the scammer, it’s a little like fishing: just a matter of patience and perseverance. Eventually, someone will bite, and, even if only one in a hundred falls for it, it becomes a profitable venture.”

Life on China’s social blacklist “worse than prison.”. Can you relate?

“In some places, the telecommunication companies apply a special ringtone to the phone numbers of laolai as a warning.“ Let’s not give Chris Smith and his ilk any ideas.

I registered in a county in Ca, and was informed that next time I will be required to fill out additional forms becuase it will be my 10th year of registration.

Has anyone seen this form? I wanted to bring whatever I needed to fill it out since per sheriff policy any refusals of any information trigger a failure to register investigation.

I have been registering for 16 years and with the same agency for the past 14 years and have never been told about any additional information. Name, rank, serial number. Nothing more and nothing less

There is no CA State rule about your 10 year anniversary. The information you provide them yearly is the same as any year you register. Please protect yourself by reading the 290 Penal Code online. You do not need to provide them with any additional information than what the State requires of you. You should not give them any additional information than what is mandated by law. If they insist on requiring additional information, ask them to show you where in the CA Penal Code book it says you are required to provide that information. I can guarantee they have a PC book handy. You must stand up for your rights or they will walk all over you.

Here is a brief summery of the 290 law, (but I am not an attorney so you should read the 290 PC yourself or get the advise of an attorney):

A statement in writing signed by the person, giving information as shall be required by the Department of Justice and giving the name and address of the person’s employer (paid or volunteer), and the address of the person’s place of employment if that is different from the employer’s main address.

The fingerprints and a current photograph of the person taken by the registering official. (Including full palm prints if requested).

The license plate number of any vehicle owned by, regularly driven by, or registered in the name of the person.

Copies of adequate proof of residence, which shall be limited to a California driver’s license, California identification card, recent rent or utility receipt, printed personalized checks or other recent banking documents showing that person’s name and address, or any other information that the registering official believes is reliable.

A DNA sample. Usually only one time.

And under Federal law, you must notify them of travel to any other Country 21 days in advance.

You should be given a copy of any forms you sign.

The form is 8047 “notice of sex offender requirement”

Funny fact, it has a section, “where I reside when I’ll be released”

I haven’t seen anything requiring it, except maybe 290.015 (a)(5)

Maybe someone more knowledgeable can chime in?

Lake County: Of the perhaps 50 or so law enforcement agencies that I’ve seen doing Registrations, I’ve yet to see a single one that is capable of operating within the law. ALL of them want to operate outside of the law. All of them. And they are just so pathetically incompetent at it in general.

Bo: Does it really say, “where I reside when I’ll be released”? LOL. That doesn’t even seem to be proper English to me. So are they idiots or am I?

I have to agree with @Will Allen here in their willingness to go outside the law and justify it as normal. Seen it myself.

Sorry. “Full adress where I expect to reside upon release”

@Will Allen:
“So are they idiots or am I?”
Who says it has to be an exclusive-or? You can both be idiots, just perhaps for different reasons. 😉

Anon ~ We registered two years ago, and there was the 10 year paperwork. It was just more of the same, and no additional documents were required. Just a 3 page form in our case. Last year, we were told the same, and we told them we already filled it out the last time, but they said they had no record of that. I even had the copies from the year prior, but they still said we had to fill it out again. I guess, they did not record it properly the previous year. No biggie, it wasn’t anything special. Just a few more minutes of our time.

I see a lot of newcomers here (new names at least) and I applaud you all. I have decided to withdraw from my daily activities on here and other sites in an effort to reduce my stress and my time spent fighting. I’m just tired. I will continue to fight for me, my rights, and my path to getting off of this circus ride.

I’m leaving this here because it shows (or appears to show) that SCOTUS does listen to the masses when their decisions impact people and maybe have a chance to change it going forward. Key difference here was request timing, not the basic request itself. The court does have egg on itself here but, BUT, does this mean it understands the difference between “frightening and high” and reality?

DON’T FORGET TO SUPPORT SB 145 by calling and writing NOW! Here is how:

Well, this is why I/we are hated so much… a registered sex offender offends again on a school playground:
One bad apple spoils the whole damn bunch and instilling fear into American society.

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This is scary the judicial system is relying on AI to do their human work. I wonder what a person who is impacted by the registry would rate for bail? Any guesses?

Freedom, in the hands of an algorithm