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  1. nike r

    Man I have to say it, WTF are you doing to your son and sister for that matter?
    Call 1-800-273-8255 suicide hotline.
    How old is your son? how about your sister? Just because you have been through hell do not put them through more than what you already have by your mistakes. Do not make another bigger mistake because you k]made a mistake in your past and these domestic terrorist are attacking you every which way. How old are you? If you want to come on here and state shit like that then you need to talk it out on here as well. Believe me I am talking straight from the same or worse experience than what you are dealing with. When i first got out of prison after doing three years for the internet BS I had already lost the three years with my 11 year old son. I was homeless living in homeless shelters and in tents because of f^&^&$ Jessica’s law with the GPS strapped to my leg. And still could not, was not supposed to anyways, to see my then 16 year-old son that was on drugs and killing himself because he lost his dad and could not understand what was happening since his brain was still developing. I was about to walk in to the American river in the middle of winter and just let go. The reason I am stating this is to point out that I have a right and the experience to be able to say what I am stating.
    Buck up dude, if not for you than most definitely for you kid and sister. I was in the same boat, my son and my sister and nephew were the only ones that I cared about and was and am very close with, and the only reason I did not just let go. I could not do that to them, and neither should you. They are more important than you at this point as the have a chance for normal lives and they did nothing wrong. If you did something like you are talking about it would most likely destroy these people if they are anything like my son, sister, nephew. They can get past what you may have done and still love you and have normal lives, but they would never get past what you claim you may be considering. No sympathy from me buddy. Buck up, call the hotline, talk it out here, do Whatever the F^&%^%$ you have to do, but do not do something like that to these other people that have not done a damn thing wrong, except love you if you do what you say you want to do.
    Call 1-800-273-8255 suicide hotline.
    Man up and call the hotline or talk it out here, whatever, but do not do this to your family or let the terrorist win…….. I do not even think you should be talking like that to your family members after what you have put them through already, but they say talk to whomever so you do not do it, but whatever talk on here or to suicide hotline and leave them out of it..

    • mike r

      You all can call me a D^^%^ or whatever and say I should try and support this dude and be more empathetic or sympathetic, but nope. I think someone needs to throw down some reality on this dude and leave it at that. Dude is obviously strong enough to make it through that initial arrest and everything that went with it, he sure as hell should be able to handle a little tough love from someone he does not even know. If you are not working go to college man. Borrow up all the financial aid loans and all that shit as possible, go to college for as long as possible. I owe $40,000 in loans and I can give a shit less anymore.
      it is paying my bills and keeping me comfortable right now and they will have to help me get into a good job or they are screwed. I am going to keep going and be a professor or whatever, as long as they pay me I will go. It will also raise your self confidence being around normal people every day at school, it will boast your confidence that you can be and have a normal life, it will show your son and sister or family members that you are tough and you will not lay down and take whatever the terrorist want to give you. Are you American??? Were you born American??? Have you recently become American??? If you answered yes to any of those prove it. Fight back like all other Americans have had to do in the past for their freedoms and lives. Think about your grandfather or great grandfathers that have been in the trenches in wars when they were as young as 18 and shit. What do you think they would be saying to you?????? SAME SHIT I AM… That’s what…………. All this F^$$^ coddling and BS of society and our kids and people in general is destroying the strength of this country………..

      • mike r

        Call the hotline or talk it out on here. You should leave others that have not done anything wrong out of it completely as possible. We on here have all made our mistakes right along with you so talk it out with us, but be real about it, if you really think you are about to do something that stupid call the hotline as they are trained in this shit.

  2. TS


    Can you use the Piasecki Third Circuit Court of Appeals ruling on habeas corpus in your filing now or is it too late?

  3. mike r

    On top of that shit, go to court and file file file suit. What the hell do you have to lose, you are already at rock bottom it sounds like. WTF, it sure as makes me feel better fighting my own fight and taking the fight back to them. You have a computer and internet, write letters to politicians, send emails to the president, whatever.
    And I do not know how smart you are or what level of education you have, but what you are going through is not just from what is happening to you. If you are feeling like you say you are you have a chemical deficiency in your brain just like I did. This is scientific fact. Depression and feelings of suicide are caused by a chemical imbalance of serotonin and dopamine in your brain..

    Every psych class and evolutionary biology class has stated the same thing. My anthropology class that I am in right now is talking about this very topic. See a psych and tell them you want serotonin (mirtazapine) and dopamine (wellbutrin) uptakes. After about a month you will be fine.
    The article states, “There may be a link between serotonin and depression. If so, it is unclear whether low serotonin levels contribute to depression, or if depression causes a fall in serotonin levels.”
    This is the only BS about the article, we do know…
    You will not even notice it but you will be fine. You will not feel the same enjoyment and pleasures as others that do not have these chemical deficiencies, but you will not feel like suicide and worthless and all that shit that goes with depression and you can be there for your son and sister. It is an illness and hereditary, it is in your genes. Do not deny it or rationalize it just do something about it and get the uptakes.
    And no I am not a doctor, you do not have to be to know this basic and what is common and consensus knowledge now.

  4. Lake County

    Here’s a funny one (yes, this is real)

    Lawmakers Push Bill Requiring Older Men To Report Every Release Of Sperm

    • TS

      Only in GA… someone queue the Devil went down to Georgia

    • mike r

      Man Lake, I was going to ask if this was a joke, but apparently it is for real. People are hilarious… And scary when they are in power like these fools in politics. Where the hell do this degenerates hail from??? Talk about so some regression back in the Homo tree. This is like back to before the Homo tree, as even apes and chimps are smarter than these people.

    • NPS

      Really guys? You seriously don’t get the satire of this bill?
      This is in response to the government’s overreach in legislating women’s bodies…in particular bans on birth control, abortion, etc. This bill is largely symbolic.

      • TS


        Yes, I got the satire of it. Sometimes though the satire doesn’t make a haha as intended with all of the dumb laws passed around it. I get her point in doing this though. In the end, I think it can be a war on either gender any day of the week.

      • mike r

        LMAO. No NPS I did not even read past the first line to be honest. It is just so damn common for politicians to be idiots I did not even bother to read more or look for context, I just assumed it was real. We all know that old saying about assuming…

      • Lake County

        I knew this bill was just symbolic, but it was worth a good laugh. Although with all the stupid laws that do get passed, nothing surprises me from politicians these days. I do think these symbolic bills are a big waste of taxpayers money. People were involved in writing this, publishing, reading and etc….so some taxpayer funds are wasted on this 2 line symbolic bill.

      • Mr Truth

        It was NEVER/ RIGHT or suppose to be about her and her body…man did not make her the way she is…the father has equal rights and so does the baby !!!!!!!! END OF CONVERSATION !!!!!!!!!

  5. mike r@TS

    TS, yeah it is done in the lower court, no more arguing, no more filings. It is up to the real judge to accept or deny the magistrate’s findings and recommendations or do whatever he thinks needs to be done such as sending it back down with instructions for the magistrate of accept and close the case. Then it is off to the 9th.. Betch your ass I will use Piasecki in my briefs to the 9th though……..

  6. mike r

    What happened to @ R M, Hope I wasn’t to harsh, but man, come on… This shit is hard on all of us, but we have to be real. I truly do try to be more sympathetic and empathetic, but even being in the same shoes as I was it is still hard for me. My P.O. is the one that was the hard ass with us, he was like deal with it like a man dude. You got yourself into this shit deal with it. And I think he was exactly right. I actually really liked the guy. He reminded me of my buddy that did not let me do dope. Shit he helped get me housing and took me to get my bus passes and all kinds of shit he did not have to do, but he was all business. Cross the line and you’re gone back. I really hope @RM takes it to heart and sees a psych or makes the call. I feel for him and his family man. If I would have did something crazy and clocked out I know my son would be devastated beyond repair for the rest of his life. Sure he would go on, but man it would haunt him forever. And my sister too. So he needs to think about them if not himself !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. TS

    Since we’ve discussed here in this forum before, it is appropriate to remind us of our country’s knee jerk reactions from history among the many they have done before:

    The War Relocation Authority, established on March 18, 1942, 120,000 men, women, and children were rounded up on the West Coast. Three categories of internees were created: Nisei (native U.S. citizens of Japanese immigrant parents), Issei (Japanese immigrants), and Kibei (native U.S. citizens educated largely in Japan). The internees were transported to one of 10 relocation centers in California, Utah, Arkansas, Arizona, Idaho, Colorado, and Wyoming. The quality of life in a relocation center was only marginally better than prison.

  8. Facts should matter

    If Megan’s Law is merely “regulatory, civil or administrative” (as SCOTUS claims), then how can THAT be perceived as justice, or even more succinctly – the “will” of the people? It’s a paradox to me because they claim it’s not punitive, yet it IS punishable with a criminal offense if not strictly adhered to via role or duty.

    Isn’t that the definition of someone’s life whom’s under siege and held hostage (subservient servitude under duress?)

    • mike r@Facts should matter

      @Facts, we will see what the 9th thinks about just what you are suggesting because that is one of my claims exactly…. The magistrate just stated, “While SORA does compel action by plaintiff, the compelled action is not “service” and thus cannot constitute involuntary servitude in the vein of African slavery, peonage, serfdom, or feudalism.”

      So under her own logic, I must prove that it is in fact “service” and it is a done deal. I thought I made it clear but apparently I have to be more precise.

      • mike r

        So, the only thing these people listen to is case law. I need 9th circuit and SCOTUS case law demonstrating that registration is a service.

      • BM @mike r


        I’m curious if interment would be considered “servitude under duress”? Seems to me that the recent 3rd Circuits Habeas ruling could be a persuasive argument.

        Internment is the IMPRISONMENT of people, commonly in large groups, without charges or intent to file charges, and thus no trial. The term is especially used for the confinement “of enemy citizens in wartime or of terrorism suspects”. Thus, while it can simply mean imprisonment, it tends to refer to PREVENTATIVE CONFINEMENT, rather than confinement AFTER having been convicted of some crime.

  9. Bo

    Has anyone ever tried to be enrolled in enough colleges and reside in enough states to make it physically impossible to actually get to all the jurisdictions in the amount of time it takes to get there? (Some states that you have to give notice of travel would make this especially easy)

  10. steve

    “The pre-Thirteenth Amendment understanding of “involuntary servitude” indicates that the condition did not result from government compulsion of an unwilling actor, per se. Rather, courts and legislatures drawing the line between permissible enforcement of contracts and the creation of “involuntary servitude” under the guise of a voluntary agreement looked at four interrelated factors.12

    First, did the promisor enter the contract while in a state of “perfect freedom,” or did the promisee have some overarching power over the promisor?

    Second, was the promisor compensated for her services with a “bona fide consideration,” or did the relationship constitute “unrequited toil?”

    Third, were there temporal limits on the contract? Agreements extending over extremely long periods of time were suspect while more limited engagements were not.

    Finally, did the promisee—the master— physically dominate and degrade the promisor—the servant— with abuse and claim a right to personally capture her and return her to service if she tried to quit?


    • BM @Steve


      1. We do not enjoy “perfect freedom” and the government has overreaching power on us.
      2. After 5/10/15/20 years our freedoms are not restored, no matter what we do to prove otherwise. Unrequited refers to something that is not returned or reciprocated.
      3. In most cases there are not temporal limits and at the very least they extend over long periods of time.
      4. The “master” (government) degrades us. Sheriff’s posing on FB, plastering signs on lawns and doors, etc.. This is abuse with a threat to capture if we quit their registration scheme.

      • Facts should matter

        “1. We do not enjoy “perfect freedom” and the government has overreaching power on us.”

        It’s actually worse than that. Megan’s Law implies that our freedom is a conditionary privilege. Not only are we made out to be something that we’re not, we’re forced to live that lie under threat of a criminal penalty. So… there is definitely a indirect punitive element present. Yet the current argument they present is: “it’s not meant to be inferred as punitive, but as public safety tool.” Yeah right.

        Community notification = PUNITIVE!

      • steve


    • Notorious D.I.K. / Kennerly

      Good find, Steve! I think that that puts things into proper perspective pretty handily.

  11. mike r

    “Second, was the promisor compensated for her services with a “bona fide consideration,” or did the relationship constitute “unrequited toil?””

    Unrequited=not returned or rewarded. Toil=work extremely hard or incessantly.

    All the requirements are there, but there is that damn word again though. “Service”
    Unless I can find SCOTUS or 9th case law showing service is more than or equal to “African slavery, peonage, serfdom, or feudalism” then the court is going to walk right over the claim.
    I will be using all the recent cases in my brief to the 9th, and hopefully I can find SCOTUS or 9th case law that backs the “service” issue up better.

    • mike r

      You know, I wonder if we can claim that we are providing a service to the public through the Megan’s Law Website? I know we are not the ones providing the service, but we are the ones providing the information and are the subject of that service. Just thinking out loud here……… Undoubtedly the site is a service to the public provided by the DOJ and AG.

      • mike r

        Yeah I really do not see a involuntary servitude claim going anywhere. It is just to far a stretch from current case law. Although we know what it is, the corrupt system is not going to allow it to be considered as such. There are to many instances where a person must provide information or a service to big nanny. IDK, I will definitely keep the claim going, but it is a long shot. That bar is pretty high, involuntary military service is not involuntary servitude. Neither is involuntary jury service, or involuntary service as a witness. Nope, neither one according to SCOTUS.

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