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I’m leaving this here because it shows (or appears to show) that SCOTUS does listen to the masses when their decisions impact people and maybe have a chance to change it going forward. Key difference here was request timing, not the basic request itself. The court does have egg on itself here but, BUT, does this mean it understands the difference between “frightening and high” and reality?

DON’T FORGET TO SUPPORT SB 145 by calling and writing NOW! Here is how:

Well, this is why I/we are hated so much… a registered sex offender offends again on a school playground:
One bad apple spoils the whole damn bunch and instilling fear into American society.

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This is scary the judicial system is relying on AI to do their human work. I wonder what a person who is impacted by the registry would rate for bail? Any guesses?

Freedom, in the hands of an algorithm