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CT: Police awards questioned after sex offender honored

Some Town Council members are calling procedure into question after the Police Department dolled out a Citizen’s Award to a registered sex offender at its awards ceremony last week, recognizing him for his actions in thwarting car burglars in his neighborhood last July. Full Article

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  1. Tim

    Why not promote victimhood, or becoming a victim, as it pays much better?
    In opting for SORNA did all 51 And SCOTUS tell the world about how many bad people make up America. Yes!
    Does this policy?
    A. Encourage others to think well about Americans
    B. Encourage other to think of Americans as corrupt or deviant.

    While we’re building a wall on the Southern border add a PSA stating


  2. Harry

    In other words, a former sex-offender are not capable of being a good person, even through they really are.

  3. The Vampire

    Once you do evil evil will stay on you till you die even thou are country say lets forgive yea right!! It all about the feelings if you hurt someone,s feelings you F!ed and will pay the price even if the price is right or wrong

  4. Bo

    “Hall added that it would have been discriminatory to disqualify Silva from the list of award recipients simply because he’s a registered sex offender.”— the police defended him and their award. Impressive.

    • Tim IN WI

      It did my heart good to read the quote. Cops recognize the underlying INTENT expressed by local politicians and press politicos. SORNA has indeed proven to INCREASE LAWLESSNESS and general distrust of each other among the people. Big data has done a brilliant job of convincing the people that they are the good guys who promote harmony and bring us together. Social media thrives on folks input into their databases, mostly unpaid and by volition, but it is as much anti social, or exploitable by firms for profit.

  5. KM

    Have you all read the whole article? He was arrested 3 days after recieving the award for sexual assault and stalking! This is bad publicity for registrants!

    • Dustin

      I wouldn’t disregard the possibility that the accusation is false.

    • Harry

      Do you have a link to the article?

    • Tim

      Your comment speaks toward efficacy of notifications. Won’t work! Duh.

    • Will Allen

      Yep, isn’t the timing interesting? I’m sure it’s just a coincidence. Or just all false.

      Also, how could the guy commit a crime if he was Registered? Don’t think that’s possible.

      Lastly, why was this guy helping police in the first place? Dumb.

    • Joe

      I would agree with you as long as all recipients of these (silly) awards were disqualified for any criminal infraction in their past and publicly stripped of the award for any future criminal infraction.

      As someone stated below, 1 out of every 4 American adults (65 million) have a criminal record. If the pool of eligible recipients were to exclude all of them, fine by me.

      This – not so much.

  6. NorthEastPENN

    This type of article and reporting reminds me of the volunteer fire chief who was voted back into office by his own peers (others that give their “free” time and risk their lives to save people and property) and his re-election supported by the town’s mayor.

    The media got wind that he is a se$ offender and everything came tumbling down. The coverage was so bad that it pressured the chief to resign his position. So being a se$ offender automatically says that you can’t be good at what you do or no matter how good you are at something as important as saving lives and property it does not matter because of your past, but only this type of “past” negates all the good you can possibly do in the future also.

    The police department supported their decision to issue the award just like the mayor supported the re-election decision of the fire chief – BUT the “past” for something like this type of crime will always trump anything that may come out of something potentially “good”.

    I was a volunteer firefighter years ago and I will be the first to tell you that when it comes to voting on a person to be any ranking officer in the fire department and especially the chief you are not just voting for a person you are voting for a person that you have a lot of confidence in performing their duty, not so much of their duty telling you what to do at the scene of the fire but knowing that if he/she sends you into a fire and puts your life in danger that he/she will be right behind you giving you all the support you need to protect you. I would not base my judgement on such a person’s skill level mainly because of his/her background but how I see him/her today!!

    • Q

      It’s as if they’ve chosen to attack manliness, aggression in any sense. Our birthrates dropping like a stone in favor of foreign talent. IML is aimed at protecting foreign nats – on their turf from Americans……….BIZZZZAAAAAROOOOH!. Perfectly antithetical to Democratic form development. How can you take care of others if you can’t take care of yourself? If you remove imperfect human leadership in favor of ambiguous database use you opt to remove humanity itself.

  7. Facts should matter

    So, they’re going to start “vetting” candidates for these dumb awards now? This just showcases another punitive aspect of Megan’s law – It doesn’t matter if you find a cure for cancer, All the good you can do in the world won’t matter because it won’t cancel out your past sex conviction and being on the registry.

  8. SR

    This politician is basically arguing for 25% of our population (that’s how many American’s have a record) to just turn a blind eye to all the wrong that’s going on, since they’re not going to be viewed for their current actions, but just their past misdeeds. Not that doing something good means that you’re looking for a reward, just that if you are recognized for it, someone is going use your past against you to diminish what you did. I personally fear that if I am to be recognized for something positive publicly, it’ll instead turn into hell as then people will inevitably learn of my past and use it against me, possibly costing me my job or worse. Articles like this and from a while ago where the volunteer elected fire chief got the shaft, squarely because they were publicly recognized for doing something very positive. Were I in a more secure financial standing, I’d welcome showing the public hypocrisy through good deeds. But I’m currently not going to risk my families well being by doing big enough good things to be recognized for.

    • Will Allen

      They are not talking about 25% of the population because the only crimes that matter are crimes that involve $EX. Everything else is fine. If this person had merely been convicted of beating children, no one would have known or cared.

      I think that Registered People (RP) should not worry about trying to do anything good. Most people don’t deserve it anyway. Help people who you know are good and forget the rest – those people love Registries so f*ck them. And I certainly would never consider helping law enforcement with anything. Let them struggle on their own, it gives them something to do and keeps them from committing crimes.

      Where I live, if an RP volunteers for anything, they have to visit a law enforcement office and inform them. Forget that. Won’t be happening.

  9. Joe

    Here is another case just like this:

    Honor recipient name is removed from the list after publishing, with the note:

    Editorial note: “Out of sensitivity to members of our community, the original information in this article has been modified. Our priority is to provide a safe and inclusive environment for all students. The College of Arts and Sciences is launching a thorough review of our award processes, to be sure that we are using all of the information available to make the best choices for all of our students.” Ken Petren, Dean

    So “inclusion for all” excludes those we don’t like, and his mere receipt of this award makes the academic environment unsafe.

    In all fairness, no criminal records are mentioned in the bios of the other recipients.

    The student in question got probation for his offense – for perspective. From his sentencing: “Houston appeared to weep while Kelsey read to him the responsibilities of registering as a sex offender.”

    No kidding.

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