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CA: Assembly Committee Approves Senate Bill 145

Today the Assembly’s Public Safety Committee approved a newly amended version of Senate Bill 145 (SB 145) that eliminated all references to residency restrictions. Specifically, the newly amended version eliminated Sections 5, 6 and 7 of the bill.

“This is a great victory for registrants and their families who no longer need to worry that SB 145 would cause them to be homeless,” stated ACSOL Executive Director Janice Bellucci.

In the introduction of his bill, Senator Scott Wiener apologized to “everyone who could have been affected” for language in a prior version of SB 145 that would have resulted in homelessness for tens of thousands of registrants and their families. The senator stated clearly that he opposes residency restrictions and believes they are unconstitutional.

During the hearing, representatives from the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office as well as CalCASA, a victim’s rights group, spoke in support of the newly amended version of SB 145. This bill is “long overdue”, according to the CalCASA representative.

More than 30 additional people, including registrants and their family members, spoke in favor of the newly amended version of SB 145. Included in that number were representatives from ACSOL as well as the ACLU, the Public Defenders Association and Equality California.

“Today’s success is the direct result of action taken by registrants and their families,” stated ACSOL President Chance Oberstein. “We appreciate and thank everyone who made phone calls, wrote letters and participated in the April 9 and July 9 hearings.”

The next step for SB 145 is consideration by the Assembly’s Appropriations Committee in August followed by consideration by the entire Assembly in September. If the Assembly passes the bill, the Governor must sign the bill before it becomes law.

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San Diego and Orange County loved keeping there foot on sexofenders throats smh ….im glad to see that theres light at the end of the tunnel

Any chance we can find out who added the amendment we called to remove?

And here is the funny thing on San diego… they wanted to WAIT for 145 to PASS with residency restrictions (allowing them to set their own rules) this would VALIDATE San diego so they could get Janice’s lawsuit dropped as a mute point….. well that alone just shows that SD has a ordinance that is ILLEGAL…. Now that residency was REMOVED “the show must go on” as queen would say.. SAD thing is when SD looses they don’t care taxpayers pay for it !! The city is NO different than the county…. Here is a short story (TRUE) Years ago… Read more »

Thank you Senator Weiner for your incredible leadership and commitment to the registry community. Having you on our side means the world.

Way to go. That result there an example of EFFECTIVE ADVOCACY.

Sorry because he knows he can’t get away with his bullshit. We need to organize in San Francisco to get this asshole out of office.

Are you referring to Weiner? Are you asserting that he was responsible for adding the residency restrictions? As I understand it, they were not part of his original bill, and anyone in the legislature could have amended it to add those dangerous restrictions. I don’t believe anyone yet knows who it was.

Yes. I don’t trust him at all, and I think he’s the one that put these provisions in there. I don’t care what he said after the fact. Maybe anyone could put it in, but it’s usually the bill’s author.

@ Jack – I respectfully disagree with your characterization of Sen. Wiener who has been a great help to our community. First, he authored the Tiered Registry Bill after the bill’s first author abandoned it. Although we didn’t get everything we asked for in that bill, we have a starting point to which he can add improvements in the future. Second, Sen. Wiener authored SB 145 which is very similar to a bill bill that was stopped on the Assembly floor in 2013. The language to which we objected in SB 145 was not the senator’s idea Instead, he was… Read more »

Thank you for the explanation, Janice. It’s helpful to learn the process of everything.

Ah I see. Thanks for the clarification Janice that’s much appreciated.

No disrespect to Sen. Weiner, but it took sleuthing by ACSOL legal analysts to find the addition in the first place, with no public discourse by any senator with regard to the addition. I’m glad that Weiner was up front about his opposition to the amendment, but I sense this is something that he should have made more public in the first place. The point is this: Had Janice/Chance/ACSOL not said a word to anyone, including Weiner, would the bill have passed with the poisoned restrictions intact? Again, this is not a full criticism of Sen. Weiner, but an observation… Read more »

Eric, this is the perfect argument for why this organization is so essential. We cannot rely upon politicians to safeguard our rights or our interests – even those politicians who gingerly and tentatively push-back against the carceral state such as Wiener (the “better Wiener”); we must do that ourselves. Thank goodness for our ACSOL sleuths and legal analysts. This is teamwork for which we can be proud and should be grateful. This forum, itself, is pretty amazing serving, as it does, as an essential means for sharing and concentrating information simply unavailable from anywhere else and for coalescing our nascent… Read more »

Erik, the problem is that this did NOT stick out like a sore thumb. I honestly still don’t understand how that amendment would’ve effected everyone when it was in the penal section specifically regarding parolees. Pretty much everyone here who’s been reading it over and over over the past several weeks couldn’t figure out why this would have caused so much chaos. So I do not blame Senator Wiener for not realizing the mess that this may have created. This was engineered by someone who had a deep level knowledge of the technicalities of our laws. Someone with a ton… Read more »

Great job, Janice, Chance, and ACSOL – What a relief! I’m so impressed that you were able to get an audience with the right people, and convinced them to drop the references to Jessica’s Law. You did all that quickly and effectively. We’re lucky to have you fighting for us! And thanks to Senator Wiener as well for his leadership on this issue, and for doing the work necessary to amend the bill. It’s nice to see an elected official do the right thing.

Here, here!! Great job, Janice. Those Jessica’s Law sections that were added, then deleted, were an absolute nightmare for all of us registrants. Many of us, including myself, may well have ended up homeless! Thank you for pushing to meet with Senator Wiener and congratulations on such a successful outcome!

Neil, has this correct…Thank God for Janice…and especially for her strong relationship with Weiner; I myself have questioned to what degree can he be trusted, especially with this latest problem. And yet, without Janice and his trust in Janice to steer the ship correctly, we could have been sunk. So yes, Thank God for Janice….and thank God she had the relationship ready when needed to march into his office and straighten this out. Seriously, without Janice, tens of thousands of us would probably be homeless…and this is not just for now, but this goes back years and years when Janice… Read more »

Thank you Janice and team and all others who called in to voice their oppo to the hypocrites George and late Sharon Runners’ language of hate and fear mongering. I don’t even want to mention the name of the law to give it any credence as it started all this drama in CA since it passed in 2006.

I will call Sen. Weiner’s office to express my thanks.

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