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FL: DeBary ordinance expands sex offender regulations

DeBary’s City Council passed an ordinance expanding regulations over registered sex offenders.

The ordinance bans registered sex offenders from community pools, water parks, school bus stops, and other private and public areas. The ordinance also increases the distance sex offenders can live from these places. Full Article

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  1. Dave

    Is it Right or Acceptable, or Justice to expect Law suits to ensue all over the world at the expence of equality, fairness and the poor !
    How long does it take for human life waisted in the process of Balance and So called Safety… suffering and Wild Goose chasing for the sake of getting or keeping the Baaaad guy away !!!

    • Dave

      It’s disturbing to the utmost when Courts can arbitrarily do whatever they want to a sex defendant.
      How can Authorities work all this Legal garbage into plea deals and long prison sentences and fines and probation and so called treatment and we pay ! Pay ! Pay ! And alllll the other crap that is allowed because YOU ARE THE PERPETRATOR, HOW DID SEX OFFENDERS END UP WITH ANY AND ALL HELL UNLEASHED WITHOUT A WORD FROM ANYONE !!!
      AUTHORITIES CAN JUST do almost anything they choose,
      Why even take a Plea Deal in today’s time !
      Hell is on the Outside of Jail !
      Which is Mind Boggling in 2019
      This happening to RCs is Exactly what’s not Suppose to Happen !!!!
      Why have Laws if the Laws are Lawless !

  2. Eric

    I don’t understand why there aren’t lawyers in Florida taking on this full on assault of people with sex offenses? All these laws are grouping all people with a sex offense together with the worst of the worst. What has happened to our justice system? These people need to have a fair individual assessment on a case by case basis. Someone who has been incident free for a decade or two should not be subject to these new whimsical and punitive laws. And is there any evidence that these laws are necessary? Has there been a rash of people on the registry offending in public pools and parks? This is sickening. It is bullying, and harassing a minority group that can’t defend themselves. Most of us don’t have the resources to fight. Just like the big, overgrown, bully in school harassing you and making your life miserable for their own perverse insecurities. Somebody has to stand up for these people. If someone has proven themselves to be a danger and untrustworthy, then so be it. But most of us did a single incident and have not done another. This abuse must stop.

    • R M

      @ Eric who said “I don’t understand why there aren’t lawyers in Florida taking on this full on assault of people with sex offenses?”

      Lawyers work for money. Politicians work for us… fight them.

      “And is there any evidence that these laws are necessary? Has there been a rash of people on the registry offending in public pools and parks?” No.

    • Tired Old Man

      That’s why we need the great Janice to relocate or long vacation in Florida

      • Lake County

        Tired Old Man,
        Sorry, give up that idea, you can’t have her. There are more of us in CA than FL, so we get her. And besides, Floriduh can’t be fixed.

  3. Will Allen

    Only criminal regimes have residency “restrictions”. People with brains have to note that, yet again, these criminals don’t care about people who have shot children with guns. They want shooters to live by schools. They want shooters in schools. They do deserve karma, that’s for sure.

    Remember people, never, ever support these criminal regimes. Never support their law enforcement criminals. They richly deserve all the contempt and disrespect that they get. Deliver more. These “laws” are acts of war by anti-American criminals. Retaliate.

    Ensure that the Registries harm as much as possible. Today and every day.

    • C

      You frequently mention your philosophy of making sure the registry comes at a cost to those who support it. I’m sure you’ve provided examples of how to go about this, but could you provide them again for those of us who missed out?

      • Will Allen

        Yes. I’ve thought for over a decade that I need to create a website and just lay out all the things I do and ideas. But I haven’t done it for whatever reasons. It is pretty easy to think I should just ignore all of this horsesh*t and continue being very successful in life!! It would be easy for me to do. I’ve succeeded very well in spite of the Registries. And I’ve neutralized almost all of its effects. So it would be easy to skip it. Maybe that is why I haven’t done it?! I do stay too busy. Lot going on. All about priorities though.

        Anyway, I really don’t have much time right now to adequately address this. But long story short, my feelings about the Registries is that I can’t just let them exist without making as many people suffer as possible. The Registries just are not acceptable. It’s ugly and I don’t like it. But oh well, I guess.

        People in Amerika are stupid and they apparently think that them getting their jollies with their Registries is worth the harm that they cause the ENTIRE country. But they are stupid. It actually does matter when people stop caring about being good citizens. It does matter when people stop worrying about other people.

        I’m really short on time and I’m just going to ramble a bit, lol. I feel I’m a very organized person and I know that I’ve enumerated a list of actions before and stored them. But I wasn’t able to just now quickly find them. I will in the future one day and post them in “General Comments”. But, going on vacation soon, it’s going to be a while.

        So, quickly …

        I think an obvious way to make sure Registries cost plenty is to actually commit a $EX or other crime in retaliation for the Registries. That should be obvious. What could be a better way of destroying any benefits of the Registries? However, I’m personally not going to be doing anything illegal and wouldn’t recommend it. I’m not up for it. But people have absolutely done it.

        Near where I live, a Registered Person (RP) had been living about 900 feet from a park for over a decade when the criminal legislators of our state passed residency “restrictions”. That guy, George Edenfield, didn’t move out of his long-time home “fast enough” for the scumbag criminals. So they arrested him and convicted him of a felony. He got 10 more years of complete horsesh*t “$EX offender” probation. Three days after he was sentenced for that, he said “F them” and retaliated by murdering a 6 year old boy. Did it on purpose and for retaliation.

        So that is what their Registries got them. And the scumbag idiot legislator who pushed for the “restrictions” tried to keep lying and said that all was proof that we “need” such “restrictions”. Hard to believe that anyone would think there are very many people who are actually that stupid but I think there are. I do think most people who support Registries are dumb.

        There are more examples of that. So those are very obvious ways of making Registries really, really harmful. There are plenty of other illegal ways as well. Timothy McVeigh comes to mind.

        But forget all that … on to the legal stuff. If you cost the government that have Registries time, money, effort, etc., then you are making them pay for it. Granted, all of us have to support that. But it’s not good. I have to say that the best way to do that is to own businesses that do business with government. It is not hard. They don’t even have to know you own it or part of it. Once you are working with them, it is normal to cost them. Inefficiency and waste are the norm. You can make money from it. All while making them less effective.

        How else? Never support law enforcement. It matters when 50% of a community does not support them. Makes their lives very difficult. Really, really drives down their morale and productivity. Increases turnover, which is extremely costly. It’s just harmful, harmful. Leads to more crime. Leads to less crime being solved. Registries absolutely have contributed to that. And the idiots that support Registries think that them feeling “good” is worth it? It’s not.

        What else? I think hanging around with people who have no idea that you are Registered. IF the idea of the Registries is SUPPOSEDLY so people can be informed, then don’t allow that to occur. THAT makes the Registries ineffective. It is very easy to never associate with your “neighbors” and to live a full life with people who have no idea that you are Registered. Easy. I can do it any and every day. So what good have the Registries done?

        Additionally, when I travel or go to places like malls or whatever, I like to look for children who are vulnerable. I like to assess situations and try to figure out just how Registry Supporters/Terrorists dream that their Registries are going to do any good. I think “if I wanted to kidnap that kid right there, how would it be done and how would the Registries help?” It is good to do critical thinking. It helps me understand if Registries are ever legitimate. My question is – would it be good if all one million RPs did that type of thing? Went around looking for situations and assessing them? That is probably not a good result of the Registries.

        Another thing that I practice is just general anti-social behavior. Completely different than the good, engaged citizen that I used to be. I haven’t volunteered for over two decades. Haven’t given a dime to any charity (only give to ACLU, ACSOL, etc.!!). Used to donate blood as often as I could. Haven’t done that for over two decades. Canceled my organ donorship. And on and on. Anything I can think of. What effect would it have if 100 million more people in Amerika decided to do that? And encouraged others to do the same. Devolution.

        Along the anti-social lines, I’ve found it to be completely freeing to know that I really don’t have to be polite or kind to anyone. If a person knows that I am Registered somehow, I’m the nicest person they will ever know. The exception being that if I know that a person supports the Registries then I try to make life as unpleasant as I possibly can for them. Works pretty well. But for just general people who don’t know me? I don’t have to be nice to them ever. Driven on our roads lately? That’s a bunch of people who don’t give a sh*t about anyone else. It’s the Amerikan way. If you are listed on a Registry, you have carte blanche to act as you please. You don’t have to be polite or courteous. Freeing.

        These days, if I see a car accident or whatever, I just keep going. Never would have done that pre-Registries. Never. Same with a home on fire. Might’ve well not have seen it. That kind of stuff matters. If you see something, do nothing and forget about it.

        I’ll also attack specific individuals if they motivate me enough. I’ve had a neighbor here and there whose lives I have not improved. I’ve called law enforcement and code compliance on them as often as I could. And if they don’t follow up, I’ll get a lawyer after them. All just very un-neighborly. But so deserved.

        Or I’ll attack their business. I’ll find out who their competitors are and see what I can do to help them. I’ve helped incumbent mayors get defeated. One of them was by 40 votes and after the election, I was very pleased to inform him why he lost and how. The Registries made him feel good, lol.

        Okay, that was a lot of rambling. Don’t have time to edit it. I’m sure I left plenty out. As I said, it’s ugly. Don’t like it. But that’s my path for now. Not sure it can be changed. Which reminds me, if these criminal regimes had any sense, they’d leave me alone. But they don’t. They are stupid and arrogant. They really aren’t bothering me much and if they ever do, I know there will be serious consequences. I’m not talking tough or bragging. I just know myself.

        I’m not going to sit around and let the Registries exist. People must pay dearly.

  4. mark

    I read the article I think sheriff shitwood needs a new job and quilt bullying people… so’s need to SUE for damages of the cost of moving etc.. When someone costs you out of pocket money you sue. I lived in orlando, debary… craphole area, almost like deland and deltona, both craphole areas there is a area also called sanford… another dump place to live same with bithlo ! 95% of florida isnt worth living in, hopefully it will all sink and be eliminated then they all can go look for new jobs !

    • Will Allen

      Yep, harassing terrorists like that sheriff should be harmed by any and all means that are legal. People should target such people individually and make their existence as miserable as possible. Terrorists need to get the message that they must stop harassing families or they will pay as much as possible. Further, these terrorists are targeting spouses and children so there is no need to be concerned with their families.

      The children of Registered People are ALWAYS harmed. They are always bullied. Always ostracized. Always psychologically harmed. I’ve yet to see a case where that is false (of likely over a thousand direct views). And they are not isolated occurrences. They are continual, day after day, year after year. Terrorist attacks.

      So do not worry about harming people like this sheriff or their families. They are enemy terrorists who cannot mind their own business or leave other families alone. Real anti-Americans. People should not target “the government”. There are people/scumbags behind that who are responsible.

      And yeah, if we want to build a wall on our southern border, we’d be a lot better off forgetting about Mexico, use the southern border of the Floriduh panhandle and build a wall straight across Floriduh to the Atlantic. We’ll keep the panhandle and up. F the rest of those “people” in Floriduh. They can be their own P.O.S. country.

  5. Tim

    More affirmative disability in banishment form.
    I spent the morning in Rock County Circuit court battling in an FTR.
    “We wouldn’t be here if Congress obeyed the constitutional prohibition on ex post laws” I exclaimed to the court. Judge was irked I’d no attorney. “Attorneys are necessary for those proceeding in court based upon the presumption of innocence.” I said ” Here state proceeds upon the presumption of guilt, do we not” Referring to guilt found by jury in 91CF 74. ” WE know damn well the first thing state will do is call SOR AGENT to the stand and refer to the guilt finding in that case. ” understood mute.

  6. Facts should matter

    “Sheriff Chitwood hopes surrounding cities will also update their sex offender ordinances.”

    Why? Just so they can garner a false sense of pride, relevance and empowerment?

    Nothing more dangerous than a bunch of like-minded idiots who think they’re right!

    But I guess that goes with the territory being Florida and all..

    • Will Allen


      Because they are little, whiny, crybaby sh*theads who feel just like the pathetic losers that they are. So they have to try to control other people and strike out at them in the sad hope that they’ll feel a little bit better about themselves. The hilarious thing is that it won’t help them. They’ll still feel like the sh*theads they are tomorrow. Real scum. That’s funny.

  7. Chris f

    And of course, they probably cant get a federal judge to block it because it is already being done in other cities and found ok.

    How this isnt a bill of attainder I have no idea. It is clear from the statements that this isnt being done for a rational reason and is just neighboring cities raising restrictions so the registered citizens dont migrate to them from the ones that already banished them.

    Perhaps this time they went too far with the ex post facto as well as restrictions for more than just overnight residency…but I bet Florida judges wont intervene.

  8. AC

    The worst has gotten even worse….and the corrupt of the Sunshine State continues to smile a smirk that I, and I’m sure many in ACSOL and NARSOL, would love to smite off their faces…

    We have to remember, fellow registrants of the “most liberal state in the US” (CA): we are very blessed to live in buffer-zone-less California; sometimes, I think we forget how true this is until we see how Florida registrants suffer.

    Having said that, any of us Californians thought about perhaps doing an operation overnight? (For us to travel to Florida, it doesn’t take more 2.5 days for wheels and rescue mission.) Because as long as they are suffering, I’m suffering.

    • Will Allen

      The rescue mission they need is an army rolling into their scum town and just destroying it, especially their criminal regime. That is the rescue mission that they need. Too bad that doesn’t happen a lot more in Amerika. Put some real fear and problems into these “leaders”.

      It would be fairly fun though to have say maybe 10,000 Registered People and other Americans show up in their sh*t town one day and just mill about. You know, just drive around. Go into stores. Etc. But definitely don’t spend any money. Wouldn’t want to help them. Just be in the way. And make people nervous. Could go around and visit Registered People in the area.

  9. Dustin

    Isn’t this basically the same situation as in Tennessee? The only real difference is that this podunk town used increased residence restrictions instead of of contact with ones own children to try to banish their registrants.

    FAC is looking for a plaintiff to challenge this. Shouldn’t be hard – look on the registry and contact them.

  10. ReadyToFight

    We need to be fighting for our God Given inalienable 2nd Amendment rights.

    • SR

      I personally don’t really care about owning a gun due to my conviction. It’s probably at the very bottom of my list. I’d be happy to be able to take a simple vacation without needing to study every single ordinance between my home and the destination.

  11. Worried In Wisconsin

    No grandfather clause? At least with people who own their own homes, how is it possible for this to stand? Georgia already had a similar law ruled unconstitutional since it deprived property owners of use of their property without due process and/or compensation.

    Here is Wisconsin, this would fall under the category of ‘regulatory taking’ and would be treated just like any other ‘taking’, meaning the affected person would be entitled to due process and/or compensation.

    In the USA, you’d think that you can’t just take someone’s property from them.

  12. Mike G

    *”The ordinance bans registered sex offenders from community pools, water parks, school bus stops, and other private and public areas.”*

    A literal interpretation of this statement would mean RCs are banned from any private or public area. Or in other words, no RC is allowed to be present anywhere within the city limits of DeBary.

    In any case, WHERE ARE THE STATISTICS? How many children have been sexually assaulted by RCs in community pools, water parks, school bus stops, and other private and public areas in DeBary?

    I guess no one other than RCs care that this is all emotion and fear, with the absence of fact or reason.

    • SR

      As courts have shown over and over, they literally do not care about facts or statistics. “Sounds right” is the only thing they care about when it comes to this “civil regulation”. As long as they’re saying they’re doing this to protect children, it’s literally good enough of a reason.

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