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MO: Sex Offender’s Art Sculpture Allegedly Attracts Children, Disrupts Neighborhood

An art sculpture in the front yard of a Kansas City home attracts a lot of children, which has the surrounding neighbors upset. Normally such art wouldn’t be a problem, though in this case, it’s in the yard of a registered sex offender.

The sculpture is made of hanging bikes, and a majority of the bikes look like they’re for kids. The neighbors thought it was a piece of art until they found out the creator and man who lives there is a registered sex offender in Missouri. Full Article

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The thing that all of us that have been convicted these crimes need to keep in mind at all times is avoidance of anything appeared to be evil. I was ask by my pastor “to head up the food service for a visiting youth group” I declined because I do not want to seen in among children.

If you were the right guy for the job, you should have accepted.

Nonsense. True only if Harry wished to be a martyr for the cause. A Rosa Parks type of figure, albeit with far fewer sympathizers than she had, not that she had many.

No, I think that even saving a child from certain death would be a foolish risk to take for any one of us. Recommended only for the altruistic masochist.

In my city, there was RC that open up a restaurant and painted the exterior with his wife’s favorite colors. There was high school over a 1/4 mile away and community members got upset because, apparently, it was the school’s colors. People said, “he painted the building those colors so he can attract students so he can molest them” and this was said, even through the place was a dinner place and opened at 4 p.m.


Well, we know that the majority of “people” who support Registries are truly dumbasses. So what should be expected? We’ve seen plenty of this kind of stupidity.

@Harry – I don’t blame you for turning “to head up the food service for a visiting youth group” down. The safest thing to do is not to put yourself in a position where not only could you possibly be accused of something but some time down the line either when you would be heading up the food service or afterwards if someone catches wind of your status I would be very very surprised if word was not spread all over very quickly and the very first thing uneducated people on the subject would assume would be that you had other motives all along.

It is just not worth putting yourself out there like that. I am sure there were other people that were qualified to run the food service.

@ Harry:

Everyone has to decide these things for themselves, but I don’t think “avoiding the appearance of evil” is even possible in our case. To some in the public, our mere existence is evil and nothing we ever do will persuade them otherwise.

Personally, I couldn’t care less about public opinion if I tried. I’m fully aware that if I pulled 10 kids out of a burning bus the headlines would read “Sex Offender Gropes Children in Burning Bus; Cause of Fire Undetermined” but there’s simply no way I could in good conscience turn away from a burning bus with kids inside it. Would probably look forward to the naysayers trying to explain how sick I am when they insinuate those kids would have been better off dead then rescued by a registrant.

Live. Do whatever you want if your time was served. Let the ignorant public bitch and moan and wallow in “yeah, but…” when you do nothing remiss. If you want to hide away and not be bothered, that’s fine too. But don’t be afraid to stick up for yourself when a few ignorant jackasses complain that everything you do is prepping for your next offense. Particularly when most of those jackasses always complain to news editors, bosses and government/LE officials because they don’t have the guts to say it to your face (and those that do will often back down immediately if you stand up to them).

I’m right there with you. I’m going to live a normal life. All there is to it. ANYONE who supports doing anything that gets in my way is going to be a target. Those “people” are going to mind their own business and stay out of my life, or they are going to pay. I’ve been doing it for decades. I’m only getting better at it.

I’ve committed myself to only helping people and organizations that I know are decent. So I can’t stop and help anyone who is on fire. If I see a car crash or one burning, I just keep going. If I see a home on fire, wouldn’t matter to me unless I knew the people didn’t support Registries. Just the way it has to be. It’s not 100% though. I don’t think I would be able to actually pass a child that I knew was being harmed or was hurt. If I saw a school bus on fire, I think I’d have to stop. But I’d certainly hesitate and see if enough people were already there to take care of it. The default is that I won’t get involved. And if I did, it would be the absolute minimal amount possible and I’d certainly never help law enforcement with it.

Regarding the Halloween nonsense that is upon us, I’ll have to leave my home on Halloween and go out and wander around all of the trick-or-treaters. I just have to. I won’t do it anywhere near my home or where anyone knows me. I may go precisely to those areas that are harassing the locally Registered People. I’m certainly looking for where to go. It’s the proper, moral, American response to the Registry stupidity.

Registries don’t protect anyone. But they cause a lot of harm. It is very easy to MAKE SURE both of those statements are true.

First, that artwork in the front yard is protected speech underneath the First Amendment as ass been proven by other artists in this country. The neighbors can go away if they don’t like to look at it. “Mommy, I want to be an artist just like that man when I grow up.”

Second, the story just proves how efficient the registries are because if it took them this many years to figure out he was a person impacted by the registry because of artwork in his front yard that he completed, well, we must have more of them of course. At the same time, his reoffending statistics possibility must be off the charts at this time! 😆 15 years later…

Third, he’s not mandated to tell any of his neighbors, anyone in the neighborhood who he is, what he’s done in life, where he has been, or what’s happened to him.

Fourth, just because Missouri is known as the show me state, what is he supposed to show people? The money? 😆 I think his showing the art in his front yard is enough.

Take note the hyperlink to FWD, a private form Who profits from use of gov data. FWD Holdings group operates the site for free but it is not free to those by law rewired to update to theirs. Packingham v NC discussed the ubiquitous nature of these kinds of private firms who overrun state sovereignty to both data AND jurisdiction.

A neighbor of three years that has caused no problems in his community and all they focus on is his status. It’s not like he changed or did anything different that disrupted the neighborhood.

That STIGMA will override logic, compassion, and the ability to judge properly of anyone.

Oh and it was so thoughtful of these people to want the Registrant to move somewhere else and “be some other neighborhood’s problem”.

It’s moments like this that makes me wish that being an arrogant selfish prick ought to be a crime too.

But then again that would put nearly the majority of the population behind bars!


He did disrupt the neighborhood by beautifying it with art in his front yard to overcome the negativity and ugliness of the neighbors in the neighborhood. I don’t care if it is art with bicycles, anything’s better than the ugly cloud that hangs over that place, especially in the state commonly known as Misery.

You guys forget, individuals on the registry have forfeited their humanity and are no longer considered human. Its the very reason why many rights said individuals are denied basic “human/citizen” rights in the Us.


Interesting point. Perhaps inversely it’s more true the other way around. Consider this:

Anybody that subscribes to the myth of Sex Offenders, thinks it okay to prejudge them without using critical thinking skills, and FAIL to see the humanity in the Registrant like our artist friend in the story here…

It is THEY that have forfeited their humanity for real and not by label like our Registrants.

And history bears this out.

Just think of all the disenfranchised people in America: African Americans, Latinos, LGBTQ, etc.

For a person to show hate and fear to such an individual would require to lose their compassion, their ability to identify a human being, and let loose their worst personality because they think it’s okay to do it to these “people”.

All the things that make us human is gone in that moment of fear and hate.

Incredible; you have GOT to see the sculpture in this guy’s front yard !! Derek Logue found a picture and put it on his Shiitake site:

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