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NJ: Committee Advances Megan’s Law Initiative

The Senate Law and Public Safety Committee has advanced a Megan’s Law initiative (S-205) introduced by Sen. Christopher J. Connors, Assemblyman Brian E. Rumpf and Assemblywoman DiAnne C. Gove of the 9th District, to enhance the community notification process for sex offenders in a community.

Under the legislation, “The state Attorney General would be required to establish a means for providing e-mail notifications when a sex offender listed on the internet registry registers a new address in a different county or zip code from the offender’s previous address,” a delegation press release explains. Full Article

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What safety could possibly be gained by being notified that an RC moved into a home two counties over? There’s zero rational here. What are you going to do? Avoid visiting a random address 40 miles away?

So funny. If a person is actual protecting him/her self and his/her family in actual reality (and not Registry Fantasyland), then the person has no need at all to know even about a person who lives right next door!! That is trivial to prove. But I get that most “people” living in the U.S. don’t want to have to be bothered with actually putting any effort into anything. They want big government to just hand them a list of “bad guys” and then they can pretend they are doing something other than just being stupid, lazy fucks.

And look at these criminal legislators trying to polish up their huge pile of excrement that is the Registries. So funny, but sad. It will never be useful. It will harm millions of innocent people who have nothing to do with Registries though.

Message to Registry Supporters/Terrorists: Sic semper tyrannis. Here’s a famous quote for you – “You think you can be ruthless? Let’s see how you like it when the fighting is brought to you.”

Someday citizens will wake up and realize any new overkill addition introduced by legislators to these already bloated and oppressive laws is a clear indication that that district has rising crime, growing homelessness, pot holes and other eroding infrastructure, high taxes, and corruption among the city leaders. Since none of them have the vision, fortitude, or aptitude to address these issues they do the quick and assured method to gain political favor, they draft another law claiming they care about children and want to protect you from these sex offenders that are prowling in the shadows around every corner waiting to get you.

Very few people on the registry reoffend. most sex crimes are done by new offenders, and most often by someone close to the family, not people living in some other county. Most people on the registry relocate in an attempt to try to rebuild their lives and get away from the harassment of the community they live in and the people–like the self-serving politician stated above–that prevent them from integrating into society.

“……complications encountered by law enforcement due to the transient nature of sexual offenders.”.
Maybe the “transient nature” of Registrants is the result of Megan’s Law in the first place…..which leads to lack of housing and homelessness. Oh no, let’s not fix that problem – we will just add further enhancements to the existing dysfunctional statutes!! 😠
Oh, and FYI, Megan Kanka died 25 years ago. It’s about time lawmakers let her to Rest in Peace!

They’ve really disrespected her death. What a disgrace.

Megan’s Flaw. Protecting no one, harming everyone, Registered or not.

From the producers of “Megan’s Law” and “International Megan’s Law”, comes “Megan’s Law Initiative.” What next ….. “Megan’s Law Identity”? “Megan’s Law Imperative”? “Megan’s Law Supremacy”? “Megan’s Law Ultimatum”?? 🙄
Or how about “Megan’s Law: Unconstitutional”??

First of all, I thought the registry was supposed to be the notification that they keep screaming about.

Second, do they think the AG is going to get the email addresses of all residents in the state to send these email notifications to?

Third, excellent points by SR and David.

Fourth, I’m more worried about the last paragraph in the article, proposing allowing DAs to tier before release. Tiering is useless pointless anyway (sorry ACSOL board, but it’s true), but I’d bet my left arm that all DAs will tier everyone a 3 regardless of circumstance. Strictly regulatory, of course.


“Tiering is useless pointless anyway (sorry ACSOL board, but it’s true)”

Coming from CA that has lifetime registration, the Tiering system will allow thousands to finally get off the Registry.

So not true.

While in no doubt the ending of the Registry is the ultimate goal we have to be realistic on how the legal battles can be won.

I agree on one aspect that there will always be lawmakers attempting to pass Bills to bury Registrants but there are groups like ACSOL to c@ckblock it from making it into law.

First, the public (for whom the registry supposedly exists to “protect”) doesn’t distinguish tiers anyway, as shown by the efforts of those fighting in states that don’t disclose tier ones.

Second, while some registrants MIGHT eventually get released from registration, it’s still at a judge’s discretion. Few judges, particularly elected ones, are inclined to release someone from registration regardless of circumstance. Plus, the laws and rules will most certainly change for the worse when a significant number of registrants become eligible.

Third, a tiered registry is still a registry. It’s every bit as unfair and useless as the ones that don’t tier. Dangling a very faint hope of release is simply a crafty way to get registrant support for it. To say a tiered registry is more fair or more useful or better in any kind of way is like saying the polygraph is more accurate and scientific because those meaningless wavy lines come out digitally on a laptop instead of on paper from a seismograph.

About a year ago, Janice posted an article asking for input on whether or not ACSOL should focus more on abolishment than on tiering, to which I thought a resounding yes – existing law and data completely supports it. The hard part is cornering judges into applying them as written. Nonetheless, I also appreciate ACSOL’s advocacy and wish I could contribute to it more substantially.

@Dustin: “First, the public (for whom the registry supposedly exists to “protect”) doesn’t distinguish tiers anyway…”. As this is a NJ topic, the public in NJ didn’t see me (tier 1) on a public registry, I was able to be employed readily with my skills. The public didn’t know my background (nor should they).


Your points are based on hypotheticals that may not come to pass. We’ll see when 2021 rolls around.

If you have a viable plan and means to abolish the Registry then we’re all ears. If not, we work with what we got and fight for every square inch of our rights one day at a time.

A good question to ask is how do you tier the falsely accused and convicted?

But because the ones building the system assume it’s only going to apply to legit and serious offenders they see things differently. They built a train, the rso express. It takes you on a merry journey of admission of guilt and state sponsored rehabilitation.

For many it will be a journey they didn’t need since they’re innocent. But when the accusation alone is enough to convict someone…what tier does that person fit?

The train is out of control. It needs to be stopped but there’s too much invested in it for anyone to slam the brakes. Yet that’s the kind of “jolt” that needs to happen. The ones keeping the train going are intent on fueling its success since it is tied to their success.

They need to be proven wrong.

@Dustin, I think the notification for that is more of an opt in thing. You go to the website, give your email and configure your notification preferences. Then it automatically cross checks new registrants and registrant updates with everyone’s notification preferences and if a match automatically sends the email notice.

@ M C:

If that’s true, most sites already have that feature. And I’m guessing those that want that sort of notification probably check their local registry pretty frequently anyway. Or if they wanted to know where a registered former neighbor moved, they could look him up by name.

I just don’t see any value to this bill at all, even for the registry nazis.


Political cred going into an election season is why this is on the table today in NJ. They have to redress the low hanging fruit to be reused again, sadly…

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