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WI: People living near violent sex offenders push for changes to state’s Chapter 980 law

Kristine Knickmeier, Kelly Kopecky and Tom Hergert did not know each other before last summer, but are now united in a fight to make changes to how violent sex offenders are placed under the state’s Chapter 980 law.

Knickmeier lives in Stoughton. She can see one home housing violent sex offenders out her front door. There’s another down the road.

“It does affect people and you never know the next time there’s a for sale sign, who’s moving in,” she said.  Full Article

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So this person just wants all registrants put on civil commitment just because the only housing one could find is half a mile away from her? GTFO

This makes me think that the extreme paranoia of these neighbors should make them candidates for the civil commitment they support.

This has been an ongoing issue here in Wisconsin. They created the civil commitment process (Chapter 980) which allowed for eventual release, but absolutely no plans were made as to how to make that work. Once people were eligible for release everyone started running around claiming it was a crisis. After a few releases took place, the rules have become progressively more restrictive and made release more and more difficult for those for whom confinement was no longer deemed necessary. This doesn’t technically affect the vast majority on (non 980) sex offenders in Wisconsin, but the politicians and media are… Read more »

So do they want to commit more people for longer? Sounds expensive. Maybe bill that cost directly to the people who really want this so bad. If they have to pay for it maybe they might have a different opinion on what is and isn’t acceptable risk to the community.

While a some minuscule level reasonable concern exists, most of ” this problem” falls in the minds of complainers. The national anthem ends: “……and the home of the brave.” On the collateral note, this all being a natural outcome from ” crying wolf” via database in the first place. Wisconsin used to know better and had law prohibiting most of it. Unauthorized department disclosure carried a fine and jail time. Network privacy molded in AT&T cases had to be overcome by the data brokers for the surveillance economy to flurish! The Doe cases03 IMO were about ” rent seeking” carving… Read more »

Here’s a radical idea:

Instead doing all this law research, rallying the community, and pester lawmakers to make expensive frivolous policies, why not just talk to the Registrant, get to know him as a human being, and realize it’s unneccessary?

I know, I know, that’s asking too much…

Society is inhumane, inconsiderate, and inconsequential. The society of the green lawns and lily white approns dictates that any “disturbance” in their perfect world is a sudden and immediate danger.

Then they’d complain that society is stiffling. HOA’s, community meetings, nextdoor, social media, Netflix. It’s all about the constant assault on how you think. Submit to their thinking, and forfeit your independent thought.

“why not just talk to the Registrant, get to know him as a human being, and realize it’s unneccessary?”

Because WE should NOT have to PROVE ourselves to ANYONE.

When you have to explain yourself, you inadvertently normalize the entire mission statement of the registry.

I’m not sure that’s exactly what @Bill was fully meaning, but I agree with you completely. Most people have no right or need to know about my past, including all of my neighbors. It’s none of their business. So I’m not going to worry about discussing it with anyone. I never “disclose” it to anyone. None of their business. I will disclose to a person that I respect or care about if I think it might ultimately have some kind of impact on them in the future. Other than that, I don’t care what happens to any Registry Supporter/Terrorist (RS/T).… Read more »

@Facts Should Matter The meaning behind my statement was philosophically addressed to the people blinded by their fear of the unknown. Kinda like the plot of the movie, “The Sandlot,” where the boys in the story act around “the Beast” that lives in the local junkyard. In the movie the boys come up with all kinds of scary stories about this Beast which results with them getting into all kinds of ridiculous hijinks only to realize that their fears were unfounded. They realize this Beast was just a Mastiff that they got to know and the owner of that dog… Read more »

A close friend of mine lives in the next town over. I am on the Penn registry and he is not. He lives in public housing. A few months ago he told me that he heard some talking outside his front door so he opened it. There he found a cop handling out flyers to the residents of a SVP who will be moving in a block over (not in the housing project). He was getting the residents all fired up by telling them that this “pervert” is very dangerous and he is on the Penn Megan’s “Pedophile” List (yes,… Read more »


Not only has police lied to the public but have secretly harbored their own perversions as well! News are also filled with cops caught in the act!

As the saying goes, “Takes one to know one”….

Karens are the biggest NIMBY whiners!

“They can look in my yard.”

So what? Get a f’ing life!

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