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While crying about Gabby Petito and remembering about George Floyd and the PTSD that I suffered when I saw George’s murder, it occurred to me that if 50% of all cops were locked up in prison, I think there would be a 50% decline in all crimes, including a 50% reduction in sex crimes.
I truly believe that dirty cops commit more crimes than all other criminals put together. They plant evidence, they murder people, they rape people, they lie on the witness stand to convict innocent people. They disobey traffic laws without any emergency, they believe they are immune from being charged for any of their crimes. There may be some good cops, but they will not stay good cops when they have to work with dirty cops every day.
It is insane that our country has spent billions of dollars on the hate crimes of enforcing inhuman sex offense laws for the last few decades and yet those laws have in those decades not saved even one Gabby Petito.

I was just issued a pre adverse action letter from safeway. They say they sent the letter because of my inclusion on the sex offender registry. The problem is the conviction is over 7 years old. How can they legally disclose the fact that I’m on the registry to safeway? If they can’t how much can I sue them for? Apparently this is happening, to everybody on the registry too as referenced, here. . I really need your help Janice.

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I went to my yearly registration appointment this week and was told that they didn’t have my tier designation letter as it was still to be determined. I plead to a misdemeanor that is not listed in in 290, and have to register due to the plea agreement.

I thought all misdemeanors were automatically tier 1? I also heard that there are changes with regard to who is added to the ML website next year. How are “to be determined” going to be handled with those changes? I’ve never been on the site and don’t want to have to start now.

The lawmakers tell us to trust the science for the vaccine, so why don’t THEY trust the science when it comes to the registry?

In three months people who got moved to Tier 3 will have their full address disclosed on the registry.
Haveing your exact address posted on Megan’s law website is extremely dangerous, I put cameras all over my home, I even installed cameras in my truck just in case some vigilantes decide to spray paint or vandalize it, also i record every interaction I have when pulled over by law enforcement.
I never noticed that Tier 1 offenders weren’t listed on Megan’s law website anymore, I remember back in The day they were zip code only, and Tier 2-3 were were full address.
Tier 1-2 ofenders are lucky, not having your full address posted on Megan’s law website is a major game changer, because people in your community don’t know exactly where you live and long as you lay low and don’t cause any unwanted attention to yourself no one would even know your a sex offender.
I hate getting off work everyday and having to prepare myself for whatever comes my way knowing I could be sent to prison just for defending myself.
I’ll probably move at the beginning of the year so my full address isn’t blasted all over the internet anymore.

Good luck

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Anyone one here if know Janice won the lawsuit in Rialto California about the Halloween restrictions? We are getting close to all the crap again.

Received postcard in mail today to complete a federal juror questionnaire. Not sure if this pertains to all federal districts or just the one where I live in north Texas, but even if one has no conviction but one was sentenced, if the maximum possible punishment is > 1 yr no matter of the actual punishment, one is not eligible to serve as a federal juror.

The sentence for my 2004 state charge where I attempted to commit an offense was 10 years deferred adjudication and the judge dismissed my charge after completion of the sentence so I have no conviction on my record. The maximum possible punishment was 10 years in state prison.

After completion of my sentence I have since been called and showed up for a state jury (in the state of my original charge). During my deferred adjudication I was able to vote and also ran for public office when asked to do so by the local business community as state law did not prohibit.

“Trial by jury is a cornerstone of our democracy” per a statement on the postcard.

Apparently for the remainder of my life after my 2004 charge the federal government has deemed me not worthy as being part of the democracy and the democratic process. Though I am not suprised.

This is not really a comment more of a question i noticed that when you get to read the original articles, they have done away with the comments section is that intentional?

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Theres no sanctuary for people forced to register, everytime I see homeless people who don’t suffer from mental illness living on the streets or in their cars, I emditly think this guy must be a sex offender.
A couple years ago this homeless black guy kept brakeing in and sleeping in this little Laundry room in our apartment building after being removed and told to leave almost every day the owners of the building decided to install cameras to captured him brakeing in and sleeping in the laundry room every night.
Eventually they ended arresting him for trespassing, breaking an entry and last but not least FTR poor homeless guy was just trying to stay warm at night and got sent to prison.

Good luck

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Fed guard asks for leniency from judge for repeated assaults on female inmate in NY: Brooklyn federal jail guard who repeatedly raped inmate begs for no-prison sentence. Another one in the 95% who can’t be trusted.

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Who do you contact if you find major errors on the Static-99R score sheet done by probation about 8 years ago? We or our attorney never received the score that IMO should have been done pre-sentencing. I had to request it to look it over and was shocked to find three mistakes.

“Circus Verify”, with three law enforcement units, visits Scranton, PA. Lots of harassment clowns! 🤡 operation dunder mifflin

This will rock the USA if a report similar to this appears here:
Nuns Raped Girls With Crucifixes as Female Pedophilia Was Covered Up by the Church

Be careful what you search for, no matter how innocuous.

google keyword warrants give US government data on search users

If I spend a few nights a month on my boat in the marina, at one point do I have to have to tell the Gestapo?
I believe I have to tell them of all vehicles/vessels/aircraft/etc I own. When they see the boat’s size, they’ll probably realize it ain’t parked in my driveway and want to know where it is kept. Will they declare this an additional residence and list my marina, dock and slip number on the public registry?
I haven’t made the purchase yet, but getting close and want to keep everything above board, as it were.

While I am sure everyone is aggravated with this registry were to live, who you have to notify, what route’s one takes to get to square one whether coming or going.. than if thats the case law enforcement are playing a devilish game. No one owns another human being. Sure you do your time in jail or probation and that should be it.

Its well past time and its getting to be a mockery of Justice. Is the sex offender a bond slave or do we all have responsibities to make a wrong a right. This whole internet is a bad deal. Is social media getting out of line today with this new generation or were we all born into trouble. Anyone ever heard of aggravated abuse via internet. Oops I’m sorry guess authorities have the right to instill aggravated abuse of a sesual or sex nature to catch a predator.

I stumbled across this very moving podcast this morning. I thought it would go into the absurdity and injustice of high cost prison phone calls, which I did not experience while “away,” but it deals more with the relationship between a daughter and her father while he is incarcerated for a sex offense.

the true cost of prison phone calls

Sorry, just gotta vent….. I have Google News searches for “SORNA”, “Megan’s Law”, “sex offender”, etc. – trying to stay alert to any notable changes, news, legislation, etc. And, day after day, the great majority of stories are about Registrants going back to prison FOR Y-E-A-R-S for FTR offenses. It is soooo frustrating to me b/c NO ONE ELSE who has been convicted of any other crime has this eternal back-to-prison sword hanging over their head!! How is this SH#T legal?? How is this endless probation/parole/community supervision/registry oppression & punishment legal?? 😡
Furthermore, many of the requirements are so convoluted that it’s hard to know what, when, where, how things are required. But it’s expected that we are to comply with all requirements in a timely manner….. or GO TO PRISON!!
Honestly, it’s intolerable. 😒
If I fail to register my vehicle, I’ll get a fine. If I fail to renew my dog’s license, again – I might get a fine.
Why if I fail to provide a new car VIN number or description of a new tattoo, would I be at risk of going to prison??? For a civil requirement!!??

Pedophile Nazis on the Loose!

Gives new meaning to the title The Boys from Brazil.

I am taking deferred adjudication for indecency with a child by exposure in Texas. 2 more years to complete my probation and my conviction will set be set aside. Do I still have to apply for that IML stamp on my passport? technically I am not convicted. but I still have to be on the registry for 10 years after probation. I am eligible to deregister. in the mean time I wonder how IML plays with those who are on the registry that dont involve children?

I love Fridays because that is a day when I can really start to live life completely ensuring that the Oppression Lists (OLs) are very counterproductive. I am around random children and families just about every weekend and no one ever has any clue that I am one of the Unwashed listed on the OLs. I really have to thank the OLs for making me so social. The OLs have led to me living a life around children a lot more than I ever would have, I think. I have a lot of my own children but I’m around a lot of others more because of the OLs.

But not only will I ensure that the OLs are counterproductive, I’ll ensure that they cause actions that end up harming a lot of people. No one seems to have any interest in ending the war. America can continue to be at war with itself. Other countries love it.

California is the 1st state to ban ‘stealthing,’ nonconsensual condom removal

Unbelievable. 🙄 A Sex Offender’s FTR get top billing over an all around bad dude wanted in connection with a murderer. 😒
Really?? FTR beats homicide?? 🙄

Texas 10 most wanted list adds Lubbock sex offender

I’m sure many have came to the conclusion of much of this registry. Its not the kids you have to worry about… its the adults? Sure everyone is different, circumstances can be different… much of this internet or social media is garbage or who wants to be in the “Yahoo” fan club… guess they weren’t happy with the mickey mouse fan club…..

So has this generation came from good to worse…. I’ll let you all explain that. From being a Juke box hero to a strung out junkie and now an assumed predator or on the registry classification. Being ordained doesn’t give one the right to judge? Privacity is still privacity…. learn to love not to judge..

Every California registrant’s favorite Assemblywoman getting dragged in the media for encouraging Tesla to leave the state (with its jobs and tax revenue).
What encouraged Elon Musk to move Tesla HQ to Texas

Today is a great day to ensure that the Oppression Lists (OLs) are not just worthless, but a lot worse. The OLs are counterproductive, but that’s not enough damage.

The OLs are an immoral, illegal act of war. The perpetrators of the OLs are committing crimes daily and deserve the consequences. It is a beautiful day for consequences.

When people insult others due to their cognitive or writing abilities in comments I find it extremely petty; while it makes me think less of a forum and advocacy in general. So you don’t like a person’s comments than ignore them.

See Will Allen its all your fault that nobody likes me and I have to see my probation officer on Tues. I am so oppressed and to beat it all my battery went dead on arrival in my car today but I’m sure the PO will understand.
One wonders if that’s a good excuse or I cant come down to meet you because my battery went dead in my car when they ask you why your taking so long. They even did that trick on me… excuses, excuses… this registry is shameless.

Go get ’em, USeless Marshals! How dare they live in homes, work at jobs, pay taxes like everyone else!? Intolerable! They must be harassed! And you are just the asshats to do it!!

Seriously, these FEDERAL LEOs have nothing better to do????? 😖 Really?? 😒

Sex offenders arrested in Denton (TX) compliance operation:

I am unclear regarding the January
1st 2022, Megan’s Law change, so if we are Tier 1, we are NOT going to be posted on the site?
And if we are not going to be put back on the site, which Tier 1 registered citizens will be? And if we are CURRENTLY not on the site, do we have to reapply to be taken off after the 1st of January change? Or is it automatic? I’m having a difficult time trying to understand this clause under the statute. Thank you guys

More on McLennan TX’s prostitution/sex trafficking sting.

Two of those arrested were former law enforcement officers.😲
And seeking the services of a prostitute in Texas is now a felony sex trafficking charge.
So I am really curious if those convicted of seeking to purchase sex will be required to register will be listed on the Texas sex offender Registry. 🤔🤨 If so, it will add that many more voices to the anti-Registries movement.

KWKT – FOX 44: 15 men arrested in McLennan County sex sting.

has anyone in CA completed the new ID and any markings on it???

You know I find this registry oppressive and depressing as Will says. At the same time is it could be the state of someone having a bad hair day. Many talk about sex and prostitution like its new. Prostitution is one of the oldest professions… Now its social media prostitution by officers in so many ways or who’s dating a teen in a tell all book
Crime is bad enough without creating more offenses. Its how one perceives it.

Ask yourself this is government creating much of this registry, these inducements, provoking others in an ambiguous way. So is true justice really served?…..See offenses can turn into crimes but with much of this registry you have the offender and the offendee in a clockwork orange position and that is so wrong for any government to induce on another.

So whats confusing about that understanding but you have to admit the registry does suck for air alerts to boaster one in this evil type of way. Talk about the Susie

@janice Bellucci. Any word from the government about reduced misdemeanors? Are they still making people who’ve had felonies reduced to misdemeanors register as tier 3? Or are we still in the dark about that?

Those who say, I have come to know God and yet does not keep his commandments is a liar. Yes I’m sure we could all speak about Nevada, the Missouri compromise and many other issues but the issue at hand is the sex registry. Hey even those that want to get abortions should be punished or keep there skirts on. So the whole situation takes understanding and reasoning, with a little luck wisdom may be in there somewhere, Talk about a misscariage of justice or true justice.

Is the registry a ponzi scheme? Tell us about this get rich scheme or prostitution. I would not know as I don’t wear tight fitt’n jeans, or who’s speaking with fork tongue today. Sure I could of brided my tongue, even went down to prove that it wasn’t a teenager which is wasn’t . Could of keep it all to myself but don’t you think many advocates are having a tough time trying to counsel others.And people thought Law enforcement were counselors.

. Many advocates don’t even know were to turn in this registry ordeal. Some have never even went thru this type of ordeal of a word play sex game,so how do they know how it plays on the person that got a plea deal that was scrambled in tar and feathers. Guess one could say thats a Christian Nation for you……..

This might seem weird, but has anyone thought of seeing if high profile offenders with old crimes can advocate to take this registry down? The person who came to mind is Nicki Minaj’s husband.

Ok.. pep talk. Remember in high school when the school team pep rally’s were wanting their school team to win. Sure pep talks were very important for a football team and yes they wanted their team to win. Nothing wrong with winning is there. Sure who can predict the outcome of a win or a lose in a football team. Is the quarterback good enough to handle the game. Some have to even look at the registry as a confidence game of a grunge type of situation or a grudge match and when the game is over the outcome can be very different.

Maybe some might even want to call this sex registry a one trick pony type of enticement. Sure I’m all for ending these internet encounters of ambush and I’m sure many fathers and mothers are also for their sons and daughters sake. These registries are what brings a nation down. So get in there and stand up.

Was taking with my public defender today about my petition process and was told everything looks good, i asked about Deena Bennett head of the DA office out of riverside county, he said the DA office in los angels will take in consideration whatever they have to say but at the end of the day they make the final decision and they might not feel the same way.
Is it possible for a person to become Institutionalized from being on the registry for 22 years? I’ve been on the registry so long dreaming about one day going free that now that it’s finally here I dont know how i feel about it.
I dont think I could just walk away from this situation knowing some 18 year old kid is being placed on the registry for life for something they did In high.
People forced to register always talk about changing the sex offender registry but never use their number one weapon the youth that has been placed on the registry.
No disrespect but trying gane public Sympathy for somebody who committed their crimes above the age of 20 is pointless the DOJ will never budge, we gotta fight fire with fire, if it saves at least one 18 year old kid from a life of pain then its worth it “right”.

Good luck

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CEO of Nike’s Jordan brand reveals killing innocent boy in 1965 and Nike stands behind him 110%. Of course, if he’d merely groped that boy 56 years ago he’d still be a pariah and would never have made it into the boardroom.

Can we go back to the days when murder was the worst crime one could commit?

Last edited 9 months ago by C

Aero their are many things that come up in life. If one uses their understanding even the bible makes more sense in all this fighting, advocacy, or bickering. Now I’m going thru this who ordeal without parents as some still have. Sure my sister is a bit of support but when a person is blacklisted who is controlling one’s though or character thru this maze process. Nothing wrong with a little punishment but to much can be to much. I’m all for banning all this porno stuff. Using the sword in vain in the right way or the wrong way can be evil in itself. Having something proved and proof read is also good. Wow talk about an override of a thorn in the flesh in much of this flaky ordeal.

Many and much of folks, from reading some of these comments and ordeals should of been off the registry long time ago. Nothing wrong with showing support to ban much of this registry. Even the sentencing issues are a bit much. The promoting of job discrimination, etc.

 Sure we can all do the best we can in life but things weasel their way in at times. From the book bans, the porno bans, playboy, swank mags to government approved milk… where is the human kindness, were is the human compassion or this right or wrong judgment. Are not we all sinners or do we all put it in writing in many ways or does goverment protect by deception in many issues now that this internet or ordeal came to one’s attention.

Really? Thanks for sharing, ORLEOs. 🤔😒🙄


So Florida registrants are forever ineligiblle to vote? Why… do they fondle the ballots? Do they “groom” political candidates? 😒🙄 Oh Flori-Duh. 😒🙄😖

Once again we see how sex offender laws continue to pervert our law and government.: 
Act Now
Senate Joint Resolution 1 (SJR 1) undermines the core American principle of being presumed innocent until proven guilty. If passed, it would deepen injustice and racial inequity in Texas’ criminal legal system.

Tell your State Representative: Stop jailing people who may be innocent.

Sign this petition here.: 

If passed, SJR 1 will dramatically increase pretrial jail populations. It could subject more than 100,000 presumptively innocent people each year to unnecessary incarceration. This will disproportionately harm Black and Brown Texans. SJR 1 is a dangerous proposal that would not improve safety, but instead would deepen injustice and racial inequity in our criminal legal system.

Wow LPH at least you got one thing right and yes Hope is in there. The Bible my man is a history of a nation with characters of Jews and gentiles. It tells us about the heart, even about government corruption. It even has a Jezebel in it, but the most important thing is it talks about love such as loving thy neighbor as thyself. While it talks about Hope in a lot of ways it also talks about blessed assurance.

Yes one could say the bible is a guide for mankind for the professting of the saints. Even Jesus said why call me good? Oh yes its spiritual or how many on the registry were led astray into all this confusion…Oh and it also tells us the “Devil” is the author of confusion and roams around like a roaring lion and yes you are right we are all sinners. Sure some take the bible with a grain of salt, some even lose the savor or understanding of what the bible s all about or are governments just as wicked as in the old or new testament. Even the proverbs are good that I send to Janice from time to time.

 You know it is sad that many had to go to prison and were lead away by much of this registry. Yes I got involved in this and yes I was lead away/astray in a certain way as many on the registry manipulation. So do we all press on to end much of this registry or go on believing in oneself character. One can either use the sword of justice or the sword in vain and that’s each person’s decision. Choices we make daily, Decisions we study before reacting. One wonders if law is corrupt in many areas as it was back in the day or even why Rome was destroyed.

LPH, Janice and her crew and many on here are doing the best they can my friend. I’m sure we all don’t like much of this registry of overthrowing. Speaking of games I found this on the internet it may not be of interest to any of you all … Bing search ‘Rome dystroyed”

Oh and one more thing before I end my comment thread text when I told the officer that night I made a decision he said to me decision, choices whats the difference and than he had to “think” and find something to charge me with or who is guilty in much of this charade. While I hope this registry and this new President today calls a holt to much of this registry it seems no one is above reproach.

While I can’t say much about the past president I’m sure the people have spoken about our new President and its very good. While we all have hopes I’m sure this new President is their for a reason and being fair and honest is always good for any nation or presidency. One wonders is their still truth in America and yes true values.

“People” who support the Oppression Lists (OLs) are scumbag Karens. Poor, helpless, little “people”.

Yesterday, I ensured the OLs are a lot worse than just worthless. It is too funny how useless they are. Today, I’ll repeat that.

But hey, big government should do some Halloween PR stunts. The Karens eat that up.

I was able to listen to the latest 10/17/21 conference call, and my take from the call was that regarding who will be posted on the site in January of 2022. If you were designated Tier 1 you will not be posted on the site, Tier 2 and Tier 3 will be posted, however if you fall under the exclusion criteria under Sb 384 and you are a Tier 2 or 3, you can apply for exclusion from the megans law website. Also Felony 243.4a, 647.6 misdemeanor and CP offenses will be put ON the website in January. If you have had a Felony 243.4a reduced to a misdemeanor, then you will not be posted on the website.
And misdemeanor 647.6 will be, and felony and misdemeanor CP also will be posted.
any feedback is appreciated thank you

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