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Another example of how registries keep the public safe and prevents those on the list from committing future sexual assaults. The guy was released from prison only 5 months ago after being sentenced to 15-30 years for 2 counts of first degree CSC involving a weapon.
A**hats like this is why those of us who want to live a normal life have to suffer from more and more restrictions.

Actually Will is right on that issue. Do you think I could work for Park services again. Work in National Parks. Yes even thou I took some criminal courses in college at a community I also took travel and tourism at a business college. Sure this registry holds a lot of loops for many but can one say government plays fair with many that are involved in this ordeal.

Its almost like rank promotion with many of these LEO’s in many area’s of the States for this type of branded Justice.

One things for sure… you either have justice or injustice. One is either branded or unbranded. I just got a message from ACLU of Texas Advocates. I’m sure many have heard about their victory to help block much of this unjust constitutional measure from getting passed.

I’m sure that Janice and her team can give us more information this. Being on this registry is bad enough for folks that got involved in all this or were FTR.. forced to register in some means and fashion. Doesn’t everything have their weaknesses even this constitutional law. I’m in my mid 60 and this registry is a nightmare to many even out in your area I’m sure. Sure we can all pat ourselves on the back as one good degree of justice is another degree of true justice for all.

🤔 I guess the DOJ now has a new name for us: “Sex Felons” 🙄🙄🙄😒

Department of Justice: Monroe Prior Sex Felon Sentenced To 10 Years In Prison.

Last edited 2 months ago by David⚜️

This is disturbing:

“**** was tried as an adult since he was 20 years old when the girls came forward in April of 2016.
According to the release the girls’ parents didn’t want the girls to testify, but they wanted **** to have a chance to receive rehabilitation since he was 14-16 when the abuse occurred.”

Sex offender sentenced to two consecutive life terms.

Maybe the old saying needs to be updated to “Justice delayed is punishment enhanced.” 🤔

There’s a lot more to the story than what you quoted. I read the entire article and it seems he was itching for trouble.

Actually Janice is right and are others also. Yes many times one can label someone wrong.. even my little alcoholism was labeled wrong although I was treated with respect even in jail way back when.

Even the jailer at one time ask my dad to help him and his son with their gas station business and look at their books and do some tax returns for his little gas station business. I hate to say it but I was put in the”swet box” as they called it at one for being upset at being in jail. . Some of the guys in jail stressed to me I didn’t want to get to a pruneytown level as I grew up in a coal mining area and yes their were many levels of status families from poor, medium to standard. Course those are levels of family ecomony.

Huntington WV or the Tri-state area was different. Course its the home of a University and things are very different in a college town as compared to a small town. This registry as I see is disrprespecting many in many states via some internet machine. Course sex or sexual behavior has always been around…….But stick with the bible and those without sin cast the first stone . And yes challenges are good to stand up for another if one is in a position to do so.

Now nothing wrong with Appalachian or other states but government needs to be refreshed in many ways. Here’s something that will scare you.. I have a big thick.. red book… that one has to study when taking a criminal course…. I’m sure janice and her team know’s what that big thick red book is and the many court cases within one has to study with questions and answers for review.

Yes I hope just like you all that much all of this registry goes away as it is disrespectful in this deceptive manner for true justice.

Has anybody noticed that under tier 1 it says misdemeanor sexual battery 243.4 and also felony sexual battery 243.4 B. Both appear to be tier 1. I wonder if the 243.4 B will be on Megan’s law in January 2022? Kind of weird huh? feedback is welcome

CA – The way I read it is that 243.4 can only be a misdemeanor to be Tier 1. A felony 243.4 will be Tier 3 (I believe). 243.4(b) seems to be the only exception as it can also be a felony? Tier 1 will not be displayed in 2022.

Ok, I finally figured it out!

The prior exclusion for MLW:
Felony 243.4
Misdemeanor 647.6
Felony 311.1
all above could be off prior to January 2022

On and after January 2022 will be excluded only:
Misdemeanor 243.4
Misdemeanor 311.1

This is only from the exclusion list that we would submit to the DOJ,
for exclusion from MLW.

It has been a bit hard to follow you, and I fear you are creating confusion and perhaps even alarm for some with these whipsawing posts.

I don’t know what you mean when you say “This is only from the exclusion list that we would submit to the DOJ, for exclusion from MLW.”

But to be clear here, speaking of misdemeanor 311.11a, this offense has not been on ML. And it will not be on ML in 2022 and thereafter. And there is no exclusion request needed to be made to the DOJ for it to remain off ML. It is a Tier 1 offense that will not be listed on ML. Full stop.

MJN , allow me to clarify myself, before January 1, 2022 when we applied for exclusion from the MLW we needed to have the above three types of convictions in order to be excluded from the site. Now with the changes being made in regards to MLW only misdemeanor sexual battery 243.4 and misdemeanor CP 311.1 will remain excluded from the site. Believe me the last thing I want do is cause confusion amongst my fellow registered citizens. Also ,I did not mean, that we have to reapply for exclusion to remain off MLW that was a misinterpretation.

Florida: “Inmate Jimmy Carruthers Gets Life in Prison for Killing Sex Offender Cellmate

The murdered man was incarcerated for FTR. Is this appropriate or reasonable – that a “civil regulatory” FTR is punished by incarcerating someone and putting him at great risk of being murdered?? 😡

Had my conviction dismissed years ago with an 1203.4, though I wasn’t present at the hearing my lawyer said the original District Attorney in my case Deena Bennett showed up in support of the DA representing the state, After going back and forth for minute the judge ended up haveing the final say and granted it.
My lawyer said Deena Bennett told them, it doesn’t matter A 1203.4 won’t relieve him of his lifetime 290 registration here in California.
That was before SB384 was passed
I bet she’s somewhere all mad at the possibility of me going free, every case she prosecuted on her way to the top she won and everyone she convicted all did hard time in prison.
I wouldn’t be surprised if she popped up during my petition hearing next year on my birthday because for the last 22 years every time I had an issue in riverside county Superior court she would show up representing the state.
Another thing my lawyer showed me that was strange about my case was my conviction date posted on Megan’s law was wrong it said 2003 instead of 2000, my lawyer said he believes Deena had something to do with it but we couldn’t prove that it wasn’t a DOJ mistake.


Last edited 2 months ago by AERO1

I know this is probably wrong to feel this way but…… I get a certain amount of satisfaction watching America eat itself. Every time I read about some high profile yutz getting “canceled”, I think to myself now you get a partial view of our reality

Yep, I feel the same way. I love seeing the people who delight in my anguish tear each other apart.
F ‘em. At the same time, I loved seeing the emergency workers block roads in protest of vax mandates today and the South West pilots making the company reverse course. If only we held so much clout.

Oh look:

SCOTUS famously indicated that Corporations are people.
Now, animals are people.
Soon, planet Earth will be a person.

But, alas, Registrants remain non–people. 🤨

Last edited 2 months ago by David⚜️

Man is this a Fking joke David. Were stuck on a list for persecution for life for non-contact non-violent offenses while animals get the full protection of the courts. I want to know when or if ACSOL will ever file suit challenging the placement of individuals like me in tier three with the repeat and violent offenders?????????????????

@ Mike R: It is my understanding that ACSOL is taking a strategic approach to Tiered Registry lawsuits – pursuing the most obvious absurd elements of it, one after another. Be assured, ACSOL is taking action. 👍🏻

Aero 1, I have to comment, I am a tier 1 with no victims ever, having raised my children and have loving grand children, I want off this Damm registry. It is punishment to all, regardless of Tier, the intent was supposed to protect the public. If you simply didn’t reveal a potential offender you are still required to register. The excellent team working for registration removal is focused on our rights, not money as you state, ( not profitable ) let’s get the tier 1’s off first. This is a place to start, then we can show that offences do not increase. Isn’t that the objective ?

No because there’s no profit or anything to gain from representing nonviolent, no contact offenders placed in Tier3.
Not only that everyone can’t go free, some people are forced to stay behind to be Publicly sacrificed To appease the masses and The powers-that-be.
The Feds are comeing they already applied SORNA on the Virgin Islands their just waiting for all 52 states to finish up reclassifying their offenders.
Oregon push their reclassification process back to 2025 but they’ll probably be done by 2023 and Oregon will become fully SORNA state.
California is no different the only difference is SORNA will be enforced on tier3 offenders and SB384 will only applie while residing in California, once you leave the state your under the new SORNA law and will probably be forced to register with the Feds.

Stay focused

Last edited 2 months ago by AERO1

There are good reasons for why corporations are regarded as “people,” they are made up of “people” acting collectively, just like citizens are organized into communities. Animals, however, should never be accorded the rights of people since they can never exercise the responsibilities that all people are encumbered with. That’s a terrible idea.

Not even Cocaine Hippos?

Treatment of PTSD with MDMA?

At the recent ACSOL conference, a study reported that many SO’s have PTSD, some quite severe.

A recent study, published in the prestigious journal Nature Medicine, showed the significant results of a phase 3 study using MDMA (street name “Moly”) for people with severe PTSD. This follows other studies, and a popular book by Michael Pollan (“How to Change Your Mind”) on the use of psychedelics to treat PTSD and other related disorders (depression, anxiety, etc.). The treatments appear very effective, when administered carefully under supervision. They seem to do a better job than anti-depressants, with fewer side-effects.

I’m curious if anyone in this group has experience with these drugs as a treatment for PTSD. I’d be interested in hearing your experience or thoughts on the matter. For privacy, I’m available to discuss off-line as well.


Dave A.

Phase 3 Trial Results:

Book, “How to Change Your Mind:

The sad part is people don’t think we do have PTSD.

“Hendersonville Police crack down on sex offenders as Halloween approaches”

[Henderson Police] Commander Ryan: “If they can’t control their compulsions, to whatever it is they desire, we are not just dealing with crime, we are dealing with evil, and we will put our foot down on that, and we will do whatever we need to do to make that happen.”

Crack down on them doing what?? Going to their jobs?? Living in their homes?? Paying their taxes and living a regular law-abiding community members??

So Henderson cops are harrassing them for no reason. Is that the real story here?? #LEO-News-Whores 😒

Last edited 2 months ago by David⚜️

(I posted a comment to the Hendersonville crack police article. 👍🏻)

A smorgasbord? Is there a buffet too?

“We know in the past, Halloween is a time when predators can be out there and there is a smorgasbord of victims to choose from,” Commander Ryan said. Really, commander Ryan? Would you care to provide that data? No? Because nothing has ever happened.
The only predators that are out on Halloween are drunk drivers.

@ Disgusted: Drunk drivers and LEOs.

There is a radio station in Albuquerque and a 2nd one somewhere in New Mexico that makes public people who have been arrested.

Not people who have been found guilty of a crime, but people who have been arrested.

Guilty until proven innocent is the practice of these radio stations and ruining lives of people who have been arrested but not found guilty of committing a crime.

The article in the link below may make you sick to your stomach no matter your skin color and may put thoughts in some of your heads of wanting to eliminate some LEs and judges as some LEs and judges are a cancer on society and to civil rights. Of course the LEs and the judge in the article who are a cancer on society and to civil rights received only a slap on the wrist and still are in power with the exception of one who retired.

I heard this story on the radio not too long ago and happened to run across the related attached article. When it states “children” in the link below, the author really means children as young as 7-10 years old. And note in the article the failures which allowed the years of arresting and jailing including solitary confinement of children as young as 7, mostly minority children, even for non-existent crimes, include a state government and its agencies.

I read the article. Wow, corruption flows freely in Tn.

Part of me never wants to see minors (and adults) on the registry. Another part of me wants to put every minor across the country on the registry that can be put on the registry so that the public will become outraged at having minors as members of the “Price Club”.

And at that point, maybe politicians will start agreeing to eliminate the registry for minors. Then in my opinion, I think that makes it easier to fight in court to vastly restrict the registry for adults.

I do remember not too long ago there was the story about the students having sex in school and filming. In all such situations, make all minors including those who watched, did not intervene to stop or viewed photos/videos be “Price Club” members. If children are caught playing doctor, put them on the list too. And don’t forget to put the parents on the list who take photos of their naked kids in the bathtub. Maybe then the public will become outraged at the bullsh_t.

If the parents of (minors on the registry) see what the price club has to offer I will guarantee you they change there position on the registry. This actually is our best

way of getting to the public as you can see they try to suppress news about minors on the registry to protect them, and then they still prosecute them!

Can you just see a parent wearing a t-shirt saying my child is a “sex offender”. Most importantly remember if your legal rights are trampled don’t lay down you can sue them and make money.

High schoolers forcibly strip teammate on bus as part of ‘tradition,’ Texas cops say
This came out today, 4 teens girls all given felony indecent exposure of a minor charges for taking part in a volleyball tradition.

Stupid prank? Yes. Bad judgment? Yes. Worthy of felony charges and ruining people’s future? No. Kids do dumb things all the time, and I certainly understand how humiliating this was for the girl, but a better punishment would be suspensions, expulsion from the team, make them write written apologies and a term paper on why their actions were wrong. These girls don’t need to be prosecuted and have their futures destroyed.

Prank? Nope, not when you are 18 years old and know this is out right sex assault. You are an adult and know better because you are an adult. At 18, you are probably a team captain too, which does not set a fine example. Because it was a high school team is not an excuse. Would they say the same thing if it was strangers on a bus ride?

They could charge the 17 yo girls as adults since the justice legal system does it when they feel it it is necessary and here is a situation where it would be applicable. People want minors to get the message, set it right here. The coaching staff of this tradition, like the other traditions which get coaching staffs in trouble, know about it?

Is there any cellphone evidence of it because that would add another dimension.

Make as many minors “Price List” members as possible so that the public will become outraged with the registry.

Four members of a high school volleyball team were handed felony charges of indecency with a child by exposure after they allegedly stripped a teammate on a school bus against her will, Texas cops say. If convicted, they face two to 10 years in prison.

Despite the 14-year-old girl telling her 17- or 18-year-old teammates to stop, they continued stripping her by removing her pants and panties to her mid shin, exposing her genitals, according to the court documents.

More Texas news…

Five students are accused of sexual assault during a “possible hazing incident” at a Texas high school, officials said. A “juvenile victim” was assaulted in a locker room.

Meanwhile, another school covered up bathroom rape of a girl by a boy in a dress because it interfered with their woke trans policies. The father of the girl was arrested for calling out the school board for their lies.
The government is the enemy. Pure and simple.

NY is ahead of you. They’re currently prosecuting a 7-year-old for playing doctor. I think they charged him with 3rd degree “rape”?

I just listened to Janice’s Oct. conference call and am seeking some clarification regarding her statement that 311.11a is a wobbler. Apparently there is some confusion about this because I am hearing that in CA after 2015 it is NOT a wobbler, but is a straight felony and that is why anyone with cp (just images, no violent offense or hands on offense) is stuck in Tier 3. I have a friend who was convicted in 2018 under 311.11a and was given 5 years probation and did 4 months in county jail (sentenced to six months). He was shocked to see that he had been assigned Tier 3, as was his public defender. If Janice could clarify this issue it would be helpful. She stated that she got reduction for two of her clients because 311.11a is a wobbler, but were her clients from pre-2015? If post 2015, would she have been successful with this? Thanks for further info or if there’s hope at this present time for post 2015 cases to get reduced to Tier 1.

I believe you are mixing up expungement (1203.4) with Felony reduction to a misdemeanor(17B). Penal Code 311.11a is a wobbler and can be reduced to a misdemeanor which would take your friend from tier 3 to tier 1.

Thanks so much for this clarification. This makes sense and supports Janice’s statement that 311.11a is a wobbler for the purposes of reduction. Fingers crossed that my friend will be able to be re-classified out of Tier 3 into Tier 1 at his upcoming hearing. I will report back and let everyone know what the outcome of that was. i realize that it may or may not work out that way due to the judge or the particular county he lives in but to leave him permanently in Tier 3 for possession of images only would be cruel and blatantly unfair. Thanks again for the advice on this board, it has been incredibly valuable.

Not surprised by LEs’ lack of common sense and willful distrust of facts and distrust of any kind of science no matter the issue or topic.

Covid-19 has become the leading cause of death among police officers in the US. Since the start of the pandemic, 476 police officers have died from the coronavirus; about five times the number of deaths from gunfire in the same period. Despite these figures, many police officers have resisted the guidance of public health experts touting the importance of masks and Covid-19 vaccines.

Yeah for idiot LEs! More power to Covid! Keep eliminating all the bad LEs!!!…

As one can tell, I possess no love for LEs, especially after it was overheard the local police department were planning to plant drugs in my car and plant my DNA in the local parks and schools after the either the Mayor or the City Administrator directed the chief of police for some officers to break into my house and steal multiple items with my DNA. All that did happen and my house was vandalized and I was out @ $1,000 due to damage and/or stolen items. (I got my $1,000 back later from a developer in bed with the mayor who was receiving bribes.)

When I went to the FBI they wanted to know all the details and why the local police would do all this. I never supplied that info to the FBI – I just used the FBI visit to scare the crap out of the local city council and the chief of police and I never had any more issues with the city or the police.

Right to privacy sacrosanct, says Supreme Court

Can’t figure out which side of their mouth they’re talking out of.

Isn’t the “Compelling and necessary” referenced on a national level?

But right to privacy is not absolute also if one reads on…

Ex-NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo Charged With Misdemeanor Sex Crime
Plea deal in the works? Preferential treatment?

SB 384 is changing who qualifies for an exclusion from the Megan’s Law website. I am concerned that I will be added to the site after being excluded for PC 288(a)(b)1. I qualify to terminate my registration in March, 2022, and it would be a shame to be publicly posted just months before I can be relieved. (I am Tier I)

I cannot find any clear answers in all the legal mumbo-jumbo, regarding who is in and who is out. All I can find is the oft-cited provision that if you did something with a family member, which does not include certain acts, you may still be excluded. That does not apply to me, and it is pretty narrow and specific. So, I am anxious to know what happens in my case, which did not involve a family member.

This does seem a little unfair to people born before July 1. True, the group is small, but the impacts to them could be substantial. Does anyone know who will/will not be getting that dreaded letter in a month or so?

Last edited 2 months ago by Exclusion

All of you all I have to aplaud you. At times we all have a hectic weeks. I findly got my covid shot after my sister keep bugging me. Sure we all have our ups and downs’ with this registry or should we all join a nudist colony. Understand is what we are all looking for understanding in this registry.
While this registry has its ups and downs, even this leg monitoring is a bit flaky and many times the stigma can get to one but those going thru this don’t worry, Much of this registry is a breakdown in ethics and human behavior irrationality… So do Cops do it? Now they are into kids or teens playing locker room antics. Hey if I did some antic I got suspended for 3 days. After the third of forth suspension they can either suspend one from school or kick one out for the rest of the year.
We did have one episode of a person bringing a gun to school and that was rare in the early 70’s.About that time women started wearing skirts short things of that nature. Today much of this registry is an endangerment to even government law whether its a he said or she said ordeal of an internet related enticement or a blackmail scheme.

Another bad LE story. But I instead blame the STUPID people who kept putting the LE back in office. Thank God eventually the LE was finally voted out of office.

As everyone knows, Joe Arpiao, a sheriff in AZ was convicted of a crime, received a presidential pardon, has already cost the taxpayers of AZ $278 million dollars for his violations of civil rights, has caused more than 6,000 federal lawsuits to be filed (and that does not counting state filed lawsuits) and will cost the taxpayers even more money when the remaining lawsuits are settled, is now on the ballot for mayor.

If he is elected mayor, then that just shows how STUPID the voters are in that municipality and those citizens will get what they deserve for being STUPID – that is higher taxes to pay for the idiot decisions by Arpiao.

I believe no matter at what level of government across this country, if an elected or appointed politician wastes taxpayer money due to violation of some regulation, that that politician should be on the hook to pay, not the taxpayers. That person would have made the decision to violate regulations, not the taxpayers so why should the taxpayers be penalized?

And I believe that person should be automatically and permanently barred forever for holding any government position in any capacity even if a clerical position.

These people are suppose to be servants of the public and are suppose to do what is in the best interest of the public. Wasting taxpayer money is not in the best interest of the public.

So based upon the last paragraph, every government person involved with SORNA need to immediately lose their jobs and be personally liable to all registrants who have been harmed due to their actions of implementing SORNA because they wasted and are wasting taxpayer dollars.

How many people here have stated numerous times that those bashing others of being child molesters or pedophiles are doing so to hide what is in their own closet?

“A QAnon influencer who accused Democrats of being pedophiles turned out to be a convicted child molester.”

I never have understood the psychology of those with skeletons accusing others of having those same skeletons. I always though that if one had skeletons, one would just keep quiet and out of the spotlight and stay under the radar. I do not understand human behavior.

lovewillprevail: There is a psychological term used to describe the phenomenon you describe: “Reaction Formation.” It is very common and does, indeed, consist of people turning their self-hatred into a force to use against others who possess that same attraction. In this case, the cognitive dissonance giving rise to such rage is ones sexual preference, such as pedophilia, hebephilia, and ephebophilia (all different chronophilias that invariably get lumped in to “pedophilia.”) I’m convinced that this is a major force behind the hatred.

A number of studies done on the makeup of those who beat up or kill gays several decades ago found that the vast majority had same-sex attractions themselves. I have every reason to believe that those same hypocritical motivations give rise to much of the animus directed towards us.

A cop delayed his child sex abuse case for 25 years. The justice systems treats everyone the same. NOT. LEs seem to get special treatment as we all know.

dying ex ny cop decades

I’m involved in a lawsuit against the California parole department and I’m going to be appealing. I’m in a unique position in that I have standing now to challenge penal code 290.04 and penal code 290.45 because these are inconsistent statutes. Inconsistent statutes violate procedural due process. If I am successful, the California sex offender laws will change dramatically. Specifically the subjective static-99 test will be eliminated and the objective conviction statute will be used. These appeals are very expensive and I am looking for an attorney to help me with my appeal preferably a pro bono attorney. Any suggestions would be welcomed. Thank you.

Brian – I don’t know of an attorney but may have some suggestions. Also, I am very interested in your case as you can probably see from my previous posts regarding the Static-99R. How can I get in touch with you?

I found this,
I don’t know anything about the people,,,,, I’m not in your state,,,,, just a heads up.

I received a COR in June, just before the deadline and no longer am required to register. I know that includes a petition for a governor’s pardon, but I had no thoughts that it was even in the realm of possibility, especially since I had heard the parole board almost never recommends a pardon for anyone convicted of sex offenses. However, this week, I received a letter from the parole board saying they are recommending me for a pardon. I’m still skeptical as to whether I should be hopeful.

Has anyone else on here received a recommendation by the parole board for a pardon, and if so, what were the results?

Oh wow! Getting recommended is a huge step. Do keep us informed of your process and results. This is the first I’ve heard of such a thing in the many years I’ve been on ACSOL.

Congrats on the recommendation. I pray you get the pardon.

Thank you, prayers are always welcome here!

Curious here… how long between you receiving the first letter from the board of governors (BOG) and the second letter of BOG, which was them recommending you to get a pardon?

I know a few people on here earned their CoR before the deadline. No one’s mentioned anything about being contacted by the BOG before and you’re the only person I know that’s posted about it. You could be helping others out as they could be waiting too.

I received the CoR the second week of June. The first letter from the Board of Parole Hearings(how they identified themselves on the letter was in August, around the same time the DOJ removed me from the registry, a little over two months after the first letter.

It’s an interesting feeling being this isolated and controlled. Very few if any want to spend time with me. I tend to watch a great deal of TV. Not sure why this isn’t considered cruel and unusual punishment. It’s been declared punishment. Thoughts of suicide cross my mind frequently

Hang in there, friend. Turn off the Idiot Box and find something healthy you can enjoy doing alone, preferably outside in the fresh air.

Sailing and mountain biking keep me sane. If anyone wants to join me, maybe the admin can out us in touch. I could use some friends, too.

Been there before. The feeling comes and goes still. It’s PTSD for us now.

To get me through rough parts, I try to find things to do to keep me distracted. I don’t watch much TV, but I do a lot of youtube stuff on many things like how to videos to fix most things I can do around the house or car. There are some good woodworking stuff too. I listen to a lot of podcasts. All these online personalities essentially become my friends in my head to keep bad thoughts out of my mind.

You could try going to your local community college for some classes. That way you’re with people, but don’t necessarily have to be their friends. You can network yourself via the work in the class and leave it there. Or you can join a gym to help keep you distracted. Don’t worry, sometimes you can’t help feel helpless in the middle of your set. It’ll happen. Let it happen for a second and then catch yourself to finish your task.

It’s okay to crawl sometimes to your destination. It’s a long game. There are others on here that are more successful at overcoming the stigma of the registry and I enjoy reading their triumphs because I’m not as strong as they are.

Being on ACSOL helped me out lots, despite lots of bad news being shared. It’s the many posters on here that converse with you that has helped me throughout the years.

It’s okay to feel low. Just imagine that your emotions is a huge elephant and your mind in the rider. You can’t completely control it, but you can nudge it into a better direction if the elephant starts to diverge from the path.

I think all of us here know and feel it is punishment, but it’s taking time to move up to the federal level to make a dent. Janice is already approved to argue at the Supreme Court level. That’s how far ahead Janice and ACSOL is thinking, despite it being years away when she was approved. Things are lining up, but it’s still a slow process.

There’s comfort knowing that Janice, Chance, ACSOL, and many other scholars are fighting for us. I was here when ACSOL was CA RSOL. I’m very grateful for this website and the community b/c they’re the only ones that understand the depths of our depression and suppression of being a normal person.

Just what we need! What an idiot!
Of course, the general public thinks we are all like that!
This guy lives only a couple of blocks from my brother – I’ve walked through that neighborhood numerous times. I would never have guessed someone like that would live in that nice a neighborhood. Guess next year Provo will demand signs in front of the the RP’s houses.


A data point outlier from the norm but enough to gum up efforts.

And of course lawmakers and cops will cherry-pick this story in the future to cite how this guy right here is why the “registry is needed” to “protect our children.”

And when they do, we can ask them to explain exactly HOW the registry protected those kids.

They might try but that would be colossally stupid. Of course, colossally stupid works very well in Amerika, Land of Oppression.

Was the guy listed on the Oppression Lists (OLs)? If he was, then obviously it would be stupid to argue the OLs are “needed”.

If he was not listed, BFD. Any person anywhere could do exactly what he did. And they do. The answer is not to list one single guy who did something 5, 10, or 40 years ago. That is wasteful and stupid. Not helpful either, because you have to watch out for other people (i.e. everyone) who will do exactly the same thing.

Also, even as we see now, they only list people for SEX!!! Nothing else. What if this guy was just a guy who every other Halloween has lived in this exact same place and when he opens his door, he kicks the trick-or-treater in the face so hard that it breaks his/her nose? No OL for that guy. Because that is not nearly as dangerous as someone seeing a naked person.

The OLs are dumb. They are especially dumb when they are only about SEX.

Yup, he’s listed.

My my, can big government get any more pathetic and incompetent? Hard to imagine. They’ve done a pretty good job of selling their emperor clothes to the Amerikan sheep though. They run their scam and then do a PR release in media. They are pretty talented grifters.

At least these criminals didn’t prove they are as dumb as we know they are – they avoided saying this was related to Halloween. So, good on them, LOL. Maybe they forgot. Or maybe they just messed up their PR campaign.

The article said, “Participating agencies include OPD, the Department of Homeland Security, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Texas Department of Public Safety, Texas Rangers, Ector County ISD, the Odessa Fire Marshall and Adult Probation.”

FBI? Fire Marshall? Wow. Everyone is getting in on the easy-work, paper-pushing $$$$$. Look at all that big government. Wonder what all that cost? And all the while they were jacking off with their Oppression Lists I’m sure there were serious crimes being committed. They likely won’t even work that hard to solve those. Meh, I’m sure none of those crimes were a missing email address or something serious like that.

De-fund. All of them. We must vote for people who are committed to smaller government and less oppression.

But remember….it’s not punishment.

New person, I hate to say this but is the sex offender being taken by an advantage or disadvantage? Three years ago I wrote a letter to the Gov. of Virginia asking for a pardon if not for me for others. Here about 3 months ago I got a letter back that my rights were given back to me to vote but I am still on probation. Even one person I talked to said he had to go to court to get his rights back. So who’s looking at their own vision or advantage.
So who is thy brothers keeper in much of this registry of tier labeling and this unjust way of liberty and justice for all. Is Government, police force using vain hindsight, foresight or who’s doing a carnal knowledge abortion type of injustice. Someone correct me on this, Although I do have a letter of my correspondance from the secretary of state.

Registrants are being used as a pawn and will continue to be used as a pawn unless people start standing up for rights that should be protected equally. The reason registrants are abused so easily by the public, politicians (lawyers included), and law enforcement because no one has fought back on the idea as well as provide job security.

Janice and company have started a movement that started off with just Janice and one registrant, Frank. Now, Janice has evolved a two-person movement into a bigger organization that connects other registrants together nationally, has the aid of many academic scholars, and has influence in recommendation of laws (I forgot the org that provides recommendation).

As for your situation, it is similar to many others. There are many obstacles put before us to claw back to be treated human-like or close to it. But we really aren’t treated like equal due to the registry allowing the abuse of our equal rights. The registry is an invisible prison put into your head and supported by the community with all of the extra restrictions to prevent an individual to regain humanity and be a part of society. We can help ourselves with more knowledge and shared knowledge on here. We have to keep trying to become treated equally. [snip]
Government has made mistakes before, grave ones, but it does seem like they do not wish to review their history to prevent recreating it. Jim Crow laws were considered legal before. Japanese Internment camps were wrong, but SCOTUS has yet to revisit that decision to correct it. The government seemingly has forgotten that labelling people in WWII lead to bad, bad things.

Thank goodness Janice and company is fighting to shed light upon correct education. One day we will all be free from such mentally degrading scheme. Until then, we support all registration organizations and fellow registrants to keep fighting or even crawling.

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