PA: Hampton mom’s push to restrict where sex offenders live gets lawmakers’ support

Source:  3/27/23

HAMPTON, Pa. (KDKA) – Violent sexual predators are living just steps away from playgrounds and elementary schools right here in our area. It’s a common yet false belief that sex offenders can’t come close, or live close, to our kids.

“Anyone in Pennsylvania should be thinking about this issue, especially if they have children because there are a lot of schools and daycares in Pennsylvania, and this could be happening anywhere.”

There’s actually nothing to stop sex offenders from coming too close for comfort. Currently, Pennsylvania is regarded as one of the most lenient states when it comes to where sex offenders can live.

Her plan now has the support of at least two local lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. They just filed buddy bills, uniting over the issue.

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Pennsylvania residents, are you just going to stand by quietly and let these bills strangle registrants?

Show Up, Stand Up, and Speak Up now!

Go to to find those bills then call and write! If not you, then who?

Would be a really hard not to argue this not punishment.

There’s actually nothing to stop sex offenders from coming too close for comfort.”

This is true. Residency restrictions are irrelevant. If someone wants to reoffend, there’s nothing stopping them. Not even GPS tracker.

Moms gonna be moms. The sex offender however is among the least of their worries. Propaganda plays it’s role in developing unfounded paranoia. Wisconsin Supreme Court candidates are slinging sex offender- predator propaganda in campaign advertisements all over social media and cable television. Clearly they all use the issue to get elected.
The bigger picture suggests the key tie between DDI use & Political Security. As their mutual promulgation proceeds we’re seeing a spiraling effect and onerous negative consequences. Politicos have become co-dependant( Ds&Rs) with big tech.
We used to go out of our way to meet the neighbors, yet more and more we go out our way to avoid them. Their is reliance and their is over reliance. This trend was cemented in Smith V Doe.

PARSOL is pretty active and will get into this to dissuade them while reminding the mom that her ilk as a parent is more dangerous than a stranger.

I guess these ppl never heard of a CAR ? What ya gunna put up roadblocks so a Reg Cit cant drive through your street ?

Here’s a mathematical formula you can count on EVERY single time:

Ignorant and fearful mom + opportunistic politicians = terrible legislation that serves no community, waste taxpayer money, and unnecessarily oppresses a segment of our population.

Copy and paste it to every letter you can to anyone who will listen.

As usual, I’m going to find myself being the one to point out that “violent sex offender” is, in American jurisprudence, so broad and so inclusive of decidedly non-violent acts as to be a meaningless phrase. When we obligingly repeat this phrase as members of our community, assuming that it is being correctly applied, we are carrying water for the hystericists and organized liars that have brought so much harm to the non-violent among us but who, under cynical re-definitions, are said to be “violent sex offenders.” Note: the term “violence” is applied to any whose age of interest falls below a particular age, often fourteen. No act of actual violence is required to be afixed with that smear and that lie is what helps get laws like these passed.

Also, when was the last time that you heard of a kid getting “attacked” on a baseball diamond or abducting a kid from inside the school? Through sheer repetition, the public has come to see these absurd and unfounded alarms and solutions as reasonable and sense-making.

Last edited 1 year ago by Notorious D.I.K.

So what study has been performed to show that since PA does not have residency restrictions that if it did it would have prevented all those cases of attacks or attempted attacks on children that occurred in PA over the past 10 years or so – Oh wait!! No study has been performed I am sure. Any attacks that took place because of no residency restrictions?!! So what do they have to compare? NOTHING!! but fear!!

1,000 feet from a school or playground or day care center – and what prevents a registered citizen that lives more than 1,000 feet from one of them from just walking by a playground etc. 1,000 is less than quarter of a mile – the average human being walks 3 miles per hour. A simple stroll down the street by foot is quite easy.

Last edited 1 year ago by NorthEastPA

[name redacted] refused to answer his front door in Wilmerding, ignoring a requirement for police to lay eyes on every offender, which landed him back in jail. 

HOW IN THE HELL is this constitutional??????
If this person is not on probation or parole, HOW can any law require him to open his door to cops (unless they have a warrant)??????

Wow, I just read this. I find it shocking that these clueless big government lovers can be so disassociated from reality and known current facts. I really have to wonder if all this nonsense garbage is nothing more than Karens/Darens and NIMBY. So immoral.

Katie Wymard in Hampton, PA is a piece of garbage. So are her co-criminals – Representative Rob Mercuri and Representative Arvind Venkat. F*ck them. They are harassing terrorists who cannot mind their own business or leave other families alone. Make no mistake that the enemies of Americans do not just live in other countries, there are millions of them right here in Amerika. They are even allowed to live near you and your family. Some of them likely live right next door to you.

Truly, any “people” who think these kinds of laws are acceptable in a free or moral country are scumbags. They need to be marginalized and ostracized.

Criminal Katie Wymard said, “It will require sexually violent predators that live within 2,500 of a school or daycare to move within six months after the law is passed, so that is great for Hampton because it will apply to our situation.” She is an immoral moron.

You know, the criminal regime of Georgia did something similar to “sex offenders” in the mid 2000s and a couple of the people who were illegally harassed retaliated by murdering innocent children. I wonder if the immoral moron knows that. The thing about immoral morons like Katie Wymard is that they think they can harass people however they like and not have to pay consequences. It takes an incredibly naive fool to believe and live like that.

Does the immoral moron consider that one of these unstable, incredibly dangerous “sex offenders”, which she and her co-criminals seek to destabilize more, might just hit their limit, decide to get closer than 2,500 feet to a school, and shoot it all up? Or do only Gun Offenders do that?

I’m sick of garbage like these “people” living in my country. They make Amerika a dangerous place.

Hmmm, let me get this straight, registrants that can’t be in public places, can’t have a place to live and nowhere to go for shelter due to residency restrictions, and placed on public notifications so they’re perceived in the media as sexual predators in the park or playground looking for their next victim, is nothing more than a Jedi mind trick that works on the weak mind.

The article starts out with “violent sexual predators”we don’t know about living too close to schools & daycares. Then the writer drops the violent predator nonsense and switches to just “sex offenders” are living too close. Then it’s back to a local mom concerned about a “violent predator” waiting to pounce on some kiddies at a local elementary school bordering his property. The mom says “sexually violent offenders” are the worst, but in her letter writing campaign, she’s warning concerned parents about ALL registered “sex offenders” living too close. So the writer goes talking to cops who say they found 2 violators, but no mention of if they’re serious “violent offenders.” Thanks to this concerned mom, lawmakers are proposing a bill that prevents “violent” offenders from living within 2500 feet of schools & daycares. The question now is how will they define a “violent sexual predator.” Because due to all the rhetoric, every registrant fits into that category.

Lawmakers can support it all they want . Residency restriction laws were ruled unconstitutional a long time ago in PA, maybe in other states where it hasn’t been challenged yet they can do this but not in Pa.