MO: Registrants Refused Shelter from Sub-Zero Weather by Half-Empty Salvation Army of Jefferson City

Source: 11/27/23

Nine years into offering an overnight shelter, the Salvation Army of Jefferson City is ready whenever winter weather strikes.

“It’s something we’re kind of accustomed to now,” Center of Hope director Brian Vogeler said.

Sunday marked the end of the first full week the Salvation Army’s Center of Hope offered cold cots, Vogeler said. About seven people utilized them each night, filling about half the shelter’s capacity.

People on the sex offenders’ list cannot use the cots.

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Apparently the Salvation Army needs to change its name to salvation for some, as usual registrants not welcomed

Well thats very christian of them. I’m glad this was posted because I have a lot of stuff I was getting ready to donate to my local salvation army. Not going to do that now. I’ll find an organization that actually cares about ALL people.

They talk about doing the most good and showing God’s love. Apparently for them, the Love of God stops at those on the registry, which is hypocrisy.
God loves everyone including those on the registry.

In the past we’d just separate the men’s sleeping quarters from the women’s (and children’s) like sensible bloody people but now we demand IDs and background checks to let a soul come in from the cold. Midwestern values.

Folks, it appears that this is a Missouri state law, not a hate motivated action by the Salvation Army. I remember this being an issue in Louisiana and Florida too when registrants have needed to seek shelter during hurricanes and are turned away.

Such behavior in California would become very expensive for the Salvation Army because of the way the Megan’s Law legislation is written. Despite their humanitarian mission, they should be rightly sued for their inhumanity and hypocrisy.

This is not new with them or AGRM (Rescue Missions who also take donations) who have the same policy towards PFRs. Insurance over the word you espouse…

Side note – read recently SA needed funds from a city to run their services but the funds the were requesting came from marijuana sales which they were servicing recovery for. Sooo, you need sales of this to receive funds from it to service addiction recovery from it…a vicious cycle there.

Another reason to avoid the red kettles.

The Salvation Army is known for also refusing non registrants. They’re a bunch of heartless creatures., and they only help drunks. And you can forget about people on the registry. I’ll never forget back in 1990 when I was a very young man traveling around the country. I stayed at the Des Moines Salvation Army for 1 day after jumping a train there from Lincoln, Nebraska. The Sallie told me the shelter was only for people in the program, and I had to leave by the next day. Since my uncle was on his way to pick me up from Minneapolis (4 hours away), a staff person at Sallie agreed to let me wait in the thrift store lobby. I waited for a couple of hours until everyone was in bed and the place shut down, but another staff person kept harassing me and telling me I had to wait outside where it was 30 something degrees and freezing in October. So I waited by the display window, and this fu*k*r still kept harassing me and telling me to move away from the window! I refused and gave him the bird. He was warm inside the building, while I was freezing my buns off. So this loser started to call the cops, but I beat him to it by walking over to a police station just across the street. I went up to this officer (this cool clean cut brother) and told him about this chump. He said, don’t worry I can wait by the Sallie as long as I want. I said all right and went back over to wait. But 15 minutes later, my uncle arrived in Des Moines to take me to Minneapolis. 33 years later, I still refuse to drop a dollar in the red till.

Law suit? Misuse of ML Information? Probably not. Claim that the information can “only be used for…” and “will never be used for..”, then do whatever you want with it. If you run into any difficulty, legalize whatever you need to, and make it all retroactively apply as needed.

Time to combat absurdity with absurdity!

Just declare the absurd lie that, “All PFRs are relentless, indiscriminate predators”, and NOBODY IS SAFE! Now elevate that ludicrous crap into an “Universal and Eternal Unquestionable State Truth”…. Tada, anything and everything is all legal under AmeriReich Law! Not just “is legal…” it magically “Has always been legal…” on an as needed basis.

It’s not just legalizing criminal acts that have already taken place, how dare you suggest such a thing! It’s simply… Clarifying AmeriReich Law to make it expressly understood you can do whatever you want with complete impunity?

How dare you!. No you can just do….whatever….is…..regrettably necessary for the safety of others with absolute immunity! A totally different thing!

Just make a decree that all PFRs, along with millions of others that have gotten away with their hundreds to thousands of “Perfect crimes” over a 60+ year crime spree, are mad dog, loose cannons that will rape anything and everything they can ever get their hands on, for life! Now elevate your decree to a divinely infallible revelation of Universal and Eternal truth and… Viola!

Worked for the Nazis… at least for awhile.

This is how MTG is sure that all, registered Democrats (Predocrats?) are relentless predators that have committed… Lets see…. About 50 million…. say 4 per year…. not particularly “relentless”, but at least committed…. 200 million a year…. 20 years …

Yes, this is how MTG is certain that the “Predocrates” have committed roughly 4 BILLION sexual assaults over the last 20 years! So either about half the global population, or everybody in America about 12 times each. That would, of course, include a whole lot of, “Predator on predator” assaults. Perhaps they take turns, older predator gets to go first? Alphabetical order perhaps? Not really certain what the rule of etiquette are for this…

Hmmmmm, I wonder if the corruptly appointed Demagogues of the Supreme Hegemony of Unquestionable State Apologists will continue to ignore everything?

Hope you enjoyed reading this at least half as much as I enjoyed writing it. Yes, well spotted, this is one of the ways I fill up the endless hours of my utterly pointlessness life.

Judging by the last photo, the biggest danger to anyone staying the night is being eaten by the director, Brian Vogeler. That guy cuts a mean profile.

This makes me sick. 😫🤮
And I’d really like to know who 8s to blame:
1. risk management executive or insurance provider worrying about potential liability?
2. or fear of scaring off current and future donors??

America runs on selective outrage, selective empathy and whatever is politically safe in the moment..Everyone is afraid to speak their mind or offend others by either comment or action so they’re not considered “rude” or guilty by association of the controversy. Nobody wants to get fired for standing up for the marginalized and vilified. So we hide behind a SAFE facade of virtue signaling to appease societal norms even when what we’re witnessing is contrary to doing the right thing.

Never forget that you ARE a hostage. Your life has been hijacked and under siege, but don’t expect any action or empathy from the media. They’re too busy covering the feel-good and “safe to report” daily hostage exchanges from the Hamas. The media doesn’t care if we die in the gutter from exposure or cannot secure food, jobs or housing. Our deaths are not notable because we’re more valuable to the media while alive for fear fodder and outrage bait! ..

At one time the S of A was caring and the reflection of Christ, now are more interested in making money, even their thrift stores are overpriced and the reflection of the god of mammon and self-righteous authorisms. I do not have anything to do with them.

Last edited 6 months ago by Harry

The Christians at the Salvation Army apparently have no use for sinners. Is it not weird, here we are churches and Christians do not want sinners in their mix…. I mean, wasn’t part of the mission of the church was offer a place for sinners to find salvation?