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The Alliance for Constitutional Sex Offense Laws (ACSOL) is dedicated to protecting the Constitution by restoring the civil rights of registrants and their families. In order to achieve that objective, ACSOL will educate and litigate as well as support or oppose legislation.

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Janice's Journal

Janice’s Journal: Church Guidelines Repeat Myths, Spread Fear

It is essential that registrants have access to church services because for some registrants the ability to worship at a church is more important than food, shelter and clothing. In the words of North Carolina attorney Glenn Gerding, “Given….residency and employment restrictions, as well as societal discrimination against and vilification of sex offenders, churches are often the last hope for...

Janice’s Journal: Three Opportunities in Thirty Days

Janice’s Journal: Beware of False Prophets….and Some Lawyers’ Letters, Too

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25 Oct 2018

CA: Governor Vetoes Eight Sex Offender Bills

Governor Jerry Brown vetoed a total of eight sex offender bills, passed by the state legislature, that could have negatively impacted registrants and their families.  Of that total, three of the bills were authored by Assembly member Lorena Gonzales-Fletcher who attempted to stop the Tiered Registry Bill last year. "We thank Governor Brown for protecting registrants and their families," stated ACSOL Executive Director Janice...
25 Oct 2018
When _____ _____ , a convicted child sex offender, was released from prison after serving almost 30 years, he quietly moved into the Washington Park neighborhood in Providence. One would not have expected a welcome wagon — but an angry mob should not have been the result either. Because his crimes were committed so long ago, Gardner is not subject to the community notification...
24 Oct 2018
At approximately 8:20 p.m. on Monday, October 22nd, University of Utah college student Lauren McCluskey, 21, was found shot to death inside a car parked on campus. Only a short time before, the star track-and-field athlete had been on the phone with her mother, Jill McCluskey, who reported hearing her daughter’s last words. “Suddenly, I heard her yell, ‘No, no, no!’ I thought she...
24 Oct 2018
Two Floyd County Department of Community Supervision officers received commendations Tuesday for the efforts to clarify the importance of ongoing supervision of sex offenders across the state of Georgia. Brandon Henderson and Cody Franklin were honored in front of their peers for raising questions that led to an amendment of state law this year. SB 174 was passed in 2017, which called for anyone...
23 Oct 2018
Check out Root & Rebound's upcoming Fair Chance Employment Workshops & Free Legal Clinics! Los Angeles area: Fair Chance Employment Workshop on 10/25 in LA Legal Clinic for People with Court Debt Questions on 10/29 in Inglewood Oakland: "Access to Justice Day" on 11/7 Fresno: Fair Chance Employment Workshop on 11/9 Legal Clinic for People with Records on 11/10 We are also accepting applications from women with...
23 Oct 2018
[Updated] With Halloween right around the corner, Grovetown is rounding up registered sex offenders to make the night a little less frightening for parents and children out trick-or-treating. Full Article Jones for Mayor Facebook Page Related Media Washington Post Article  10/24  10/24  10/27  
23 Oct 2018
[ - 10/17/18] KEENE — The identity of the man found dead in the woods off Route 101 on Oct. 6 has been confirmed as Peter R. ________. ____was reportedly found in the wooded area near Main Street. Keene police detective James McLaughlin said Tuesday that ____was known to police before he died. “He was a registered sex offender,” McLaughlin said. The Office of...
22 Oct 2018
A federal judge Monday lifted the stay he issued last month that had kept the Nebraska State Patrol from putting juveniles on its sex offender registry if they weren't tried as adults. Full Article
20 Oct 2018
ACSOL will conduct an Emotional Support Group for registrants and their loved ones on Saturday, Oct 27, beginning at 10 a.m. at: ACLU Building 1313 W. 8th Street Los Angeles Free parking is available under the building and there is no charge to attend the meeting. The meeting, which is based upon 12 Step principles, will provide registrants and their loved ones with an...
19 Oct 2018
This is an open discussion where you can share your ideas on how we registrants can find housing in a society that discriminates against us. For example: How to look for housing Available housing search resources Your success story If your information is specific to your state, please mention the state. WARNING: No advertisements for specific housing will be posted. We are discussing general...
17 Oct 2018
The Court of Appeals heard arguments on Tuesday in a case brought by a sex offender who alleged the state did not do enough to help him find appropriate housing before his release from prison, which caused him to be held in state custody for several months after his scheduled release. Full Article
17 Oct 2018
A registrant who has lived overseas for more than two years recently won a battle with the Angel Watch Center after the Center falsely notified the State Department that he was currently required to register as a sex offender. As a result of that notification, the registrant's U.S. passport was revoked because it lacked a "unique identifier". The registrant, who was traveling on business,...
17 Oct 2018
[ - 10/14/18] AN INNOCENT FAMILY was lucky to escape injury after a number of shots were fired into their house in Dublin by a shooter who gardaí believe was targeting a convicted sex offender, has learned. The case of mistaken identity happened on Tuesday night in Crumlin. Around four shots were fired through the front door of the house at approximately 10pm....
15 Oct 2018
Every year around Halloween time, Patch, the news website specializing in local coverage around the country, publishes maps that show where sex offenders live. Patch claims this is some kind of public service, even though a thorough study of 67,000 cases of child molestation found zero increase in sex crimes against children on Halloween. Full Article
15 Oct 2018
[ - 10/10/18] The president of a Connecticut synagogue resigned his position on Sunday, one week after his status as a registered sex offender became widely known in his community, bringing a #Metoo-era quandary about repentance and disclosure to a small suburb of Hartford, Connecticut. In 2008, Jason Wasserman, now 53, went to meet with who he thought was a 13-year-old girl, allegedly to...
14 Oct 2018
Article I, Section 10 of the Constitution provides that “[n]o State shall … pass any … Ex Post Facto law.” The Ex Post Facto Clause was incorporated into the Constitution to prohibit states from enacting retrospective legislation, which the Framers believed to be inherently unfair and contrary to the principles of limited, constitutional government. Despite the Framers’ clear aversion to retrospective lawmaking, the Supreme...
13 Oct 2018

Discussion: How can registrants make a living?

This is an open discussion where you can share your ideas on how we registrants can find employment in a society that discriminates against us. For example: What regulations we are up against; Available job resources; Tips on the types of jobs that are most available to us; Your success story. If your information is specific to your state, please mention the state. We’d...
13 Oct 2018

ACSOL Meeting October 20 in L.A.

Please mark your calendars for ACSOL’s upcoming meeting: Saturday, October 20 10 a.m. ACLU Building 1313 W. 8th Street, Los Angeles (free parking below building) Registrants, friends and family and interested service providers are invited to attend these free meetings. There will be no law enforcement or media present in order to protect everyone’s privacy. The meetings start at 10 am and last about...
12 Oct 2018
[ - 10/11/18] Albany, NY - Being a sex offender carries with it the often well-earned reputation of being unable to mix with society. Even hardened criminals have expressed their disgust with the lewd and deviant acts perpetrated by sex offenders. A recent study has found dozens of sex offenders in New York State living in group homes for people with developmental disabilities. Their...
11 Oct 2018
Today a registrant in Orange County, California, is dead. He may have died at the hands of another or he may have taken his own life. This brings the total number of known dead registrants, killed by the hands of another or themselves, in California to 18 since 2005. How many dead registrants is enough? How many dead registrants will it take to persuade...