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The Alliance for Constitutional Sex Offense Laws (ACSOL) is dedicated to protecting the Constitution by restoring the civil rights of registrants and their families. In order to achieve that objective, ACSOL will educate and litigate as well as support or oppose legislation.

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Action Alert: AB 884 Fight – How to Get Transportation and Housing

ACSOL ACTION EMERGENCY FOR CA–PLEASE READ NOW: AB 884 Would Gut Tiered Registry! Hearing on March 26! AFFECTS 40,000 REGISTRANTS!

Assembly’s Public Safety Committee Approves Bill Excluding Registrants

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Janice’s Journal: When Will They Learn?

The CA state legislature began a new two-year session just last month. And in that short period of time, legislators are already heading down the wrong path. What path? The path which identifies all individuals convicted of a sex offense as dangerous and likely to commit a new sex offense. For example, Assemblymember Kevin McCarty who is known for his compassion for those who are or have been incarcerated, introduced a bill (AB 277) that would allow parolees to earn...

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Kat’s Blog: Reframing the Message Begins With You

General News Feed

12 Feb 2019
Doe v. Marshall - decided February 11, 2019 Conclusion: Alabama can prosecute sex offenses to the full extent of the law. It can also act to protect its citizens from recidivist sex offenders. But the State denies that ASORCNA is designed to "punish" offenders. And once a person serves his full sentence, he enjoys the full protection of the Constitution. Harris, 772 F.3d at 572; accord Packingham, 137 S....
11 Feb 2019
The United States government has commended the Bureau of Immigration (BI) for preventing 200 American registered sex offenders (RSOs) from entering the Philippines in 2018. Immigration Commissioner Jaime Morente said Friday the bureau was recently awarded a certificate of commendation by the US Embassy in Manila after registering the second highest number of excluded American RSOs throughout the world last year. Mexico, which shares...
11 Feb 2019
Women Against Registry - Have Questions? We have received many questions since notifying our members of the amicus briefs filed in the Michigan Supreme Court by new Attorney General Dana Nessel in Michigan v Snyder (Case number 153696) and People v Betts (Case number 148981), arguing that Michigan’s sex offender registration and notification requirements are punishment because they are so burdensome and fail to...
11 Feb 2019

CNMI: Sex registry’s constitutionality questioned

Northern Mariana Islands - A registered sex offender, whose adult girlfriend is currently pregnant, is questioning the constitutionality of the law that created the CNMI Sex Offender Registry, as this prevents him from being around minors, including his own children. ... Banes said, the statute is unconstitutional, under both the CNMI and the U.S. Constitutions as applicable in the CNMI under the Covenant. Full Article
11 Feb 2019
Sex offenders will be given support to help find a job and make new friends under a pioneering scheme run by a university and backed by police. The initiative aims to integrate people back into society to prevent them committing further crimes. Offenders will visit a centre, the first of its kind in the UK, where they will receive employment training – from management...
10 Feb 2019
Michigan’s Attorney General has entered the cultural and legal conflagration of how we reckon with sexual violence in our society with a remarkable (and compelling) argument: Michigan’s sex offender registries are not effective at stopping sexual violence. It’s a remarkable argument. Safety and accountability have been the ostensible watchwords in our ongoing collective discussion of sexual violence, but strong (and understandable) emotion has tended to override...
09 Feb 2019
Making it out of prison alive is a success in itself. Making a success of your life once you are out of prison is often a whole different story. Registrants who are prohibited from using smartphones and computers, often those on probation, may find it a struggle trying to reintegrate into today’s fast paced techno- world without the proper tools. It’s becoming increasingly difficult...
08 Feb 2019
Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel filed amicus briefs in the Michigan Supreme Court today in Michigan v Snyder (Case number 153696) and People v Betts (Case number 148981), arguing that Michigan’s sex offender registration and notification requirements are punishment because they are so burdensome and fail to distinguish between dangerous offenders and those who are not a threat to the community. Full Announcement BRIEF OF AMICUS CURIAE -...
08 Feb 2019
An admitted registered sex offender is suing the Lancaster School District, alleging he is being wrongfully denied access to his child's school and to be involved in his son's education in defiance of the law. The man, identified only as John Doe in the Los Angeles Superior Court lawsuit filed Monday, is asking a judge to declare that the state Penal Code does not...
08 Feb 2019
[ - 2/8/19] Charges were dismissed against a Memphis Youth football coach. He was wrongfully accused of violating the state’s sexual offender registration laws. Police had arrested and charged Mykal Madision with Sexual Offender Registration and tracking on Wednesday. It happened after a parent of one of Madison’s players said he was a registered sex offender. Madison is currently listed on the Texas sex...
08 Feb 2019
The number of child pornography offenders in federal prison has nearly septupled since 2004, and most are serving mandatory sentences of five years or more, generally for crimes that did not involve assault or sexual abuse. In fiscal year 2016, for example, 1,565 people were sentenced for possessing, receiving, or distributing child pornography, but only 80 (5 percent) were also convicted of production or...
08 Feb 2019
James is a registered sex offender. He was convicted in 2016 of felony statutory sexual assault when he was 23 years old for sexually abusing a 7-year-old girl, according to court records. His name will appear on the Pennsylvania sex offender registry for nearly another decade and he will carry a felony conviction for the rest of his life. Anytime James applies for a...
07 Feb 2019
[ Washington State] The Franklin County Sheriff's office posted some comments on their Facebook page, seeking public input on two companion bills (one in House, one in Senate) being debated in Olympia. :House Bill 1080 and Senate Bill 5244 would create a database for domestic violence offenders, similar to that which has been out for years for sex offenders. The Sheriff's Department clarifies what...
06 Feb 2019
[ - 2/6/19] A headteacher has been banned from the country’s classrooms after she failed to disclose her relationship with a sex offender. Caroline Riley, 54, dishonestly failed to reveal the courtship while she was head teacher at George Betts Primary School in Smethwick. She took over as head in 2009 and a Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA) disciplinary panel found that the following year,...
06 Feb 2019
[ - 2/6/19] The marking of convicted child sex offenders’ passports is one of the amendments in new sexual offences legislation, reported Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi. He was piloting the Sexual Offences (Amendment) Bill in the Senate today. He said borrowing from the Australian and US laws, the passports will say “child sex offender.” He added the individual will have the ability to possibly...
05 Feb 2019
[ - 2/5/19] At least one In­de­pen­dent Sen­a­tor is not in sup­port of the names of sex­u­al of­fend­ers go­ing pub­lic. Sophia Chote, SC, said that this has the po­ten­tial of open­ing the flood­gates for vig­i­lante jus­tice in T&T. Chote made the com­ment in the Sen­ate on Tues­day dur­ing her con­tri­bu­tion on the Sex­u­al Of­fences (Amend­ment) Bill to cre­ate a sex­u­al of­fend­ers reg­istry. She said...
05 Feb 2019

ACSOL Leads Lobby Day 2019 in State Capitol

ACSOL led about 40 registrants, family members and supporters in Lobby Day 2019 in the CA State Capitol.  The participants were organized into 6 teams led by Team Leaders experienced in lobbying the state legislature.  Lobby Day 2019 included twenty-eight scheduled meetings in the offices of newly elected and Public Safety Committee members in both the Assembly and the Senate as well as at least...
05 Feb 2019
A Contact7 investigation found that in the state of Colorado, hundreds of sex offenders are getting off the sex offender registry every year. In one case, a felony sex offender's motion was granted even after his victim pleaded against it. Full Article
05 Feb 2019

General Comments February 2019

Comments that are not specific to a certain post should go here, for the month of February 2019. Contributions should relate to the cause and goals of this organization and please, keep it courteous and civil.
04 Feb 2019
[ - 2/2/19] Antigua Observer:- Residents will soon be alerted when a sex offender moves into their neighborhood. Attorney General and Public Safety Minister Steadroy “Cutie” Benjamin made that disclosure in Parliament this week. Once convicted, the names of all sexual offenders will be placed on a public registry. This news follows the establishment hereof a Sexual Offences Model Court last month. Benjamin, the...
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