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Mexico: 53 denied entry in PV for pedophilia records

Immigration authorities in Puerto Vallarta turned away 53 foreign visitors between January and July when it was found they had a criminal record for acts of pedophilia.

The National Immigration Institute (INM) began implementing a program call Angel Guardian in December of last year. Anyone entering the country who has a record for pederasty is denied entry. Full Article

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  1. Nicholas Maietta

    It’s always been my dream to visit my family’s home country of Sicily and Italy. It now appears that will never happen. I am essentially confined against my will, to a country i am growing more hatred for each and every day our government tightens it’s control on the people.

    This tax-payer funded “list” shared with other countries needs to be considered unconstitutional as it limits our freedom of movement.

    • B

      Im not sure that every country thinks we know what we are doing regarding sex offenders. If you were to fly to most European countries, there should not be a problem. There might be a couple where there would be a question, but stick to the most liberal countries.

      • Anonymous Nobody

        Not so about Europe. Read the comments in the threads on this Website about foreign travel. European countries, and many others, are rejecting all sex offenders, not just pedophiles but even simple misdemeanant sex offenders, for any offense. Some people say Canada is one of the worst about it.

        I still can’t find out exactly what info the US is sending to the foreign countries. Since all offenders are getting rejected at the border, and no matter how old their offenses, I have to think the US is simply sending info identifying people as a sex offender without telling the offense on which they were convicted — gee, we have people registering in California for offenses that are not even illegal where they are going, and they are getting rejected. And mind you, it has been identified that the US is sending this info direct to the receiving country, not simply to Interpol and then see if the country looks it up; the US is shoving it in the faces of the receiving country. For all intents and purposes,that is telling the foreign countries that they will be making a BIG mistake if they let you enter — and so the countries are acting accordingly.

        The US is waiting until after you actually board the plane, and then sending to the foreign country. And when you step off the plane, you get hauled aside — some people are even getting hauled aside before the plane even lands!

        And you can’t even know about this until AFTER you arrive in the other country! There is nothing you can do about it, not even via the country’;s consulate in advance.

        Mind you, while this story talks of only pedophiles, those threads on this Website make it clear it is ALL registrants, including in Mexico.

        • Answer Man

          Ok now you are just spreading rumor. I have not seen any adverse reports from registrants traveling to Europe (outside the UK). Where are you getting this information?

        • Joe

          @Answer Man is right. @Anonymous Nobody – why are you spreading rumors? Please link your sources, otherwise this is not helpful.

          I have read pretty much every word on this site and elsewhere on this subject and nowhere has anyone ever said they were turned away from a European country other than the UK.

          The best illumination of this super-secret operation (why is that so?) I have found is here. It will explain a lot of things:

        • Tired Of This

          Does this apply for land border crossings?

    • Q

      “The INM is reported to have increased its vigilance due to cases of youth prostitution in recent years!?!?”

      Sounds like something thought up in the only place in the world that thinks up this kind of deceitful propaganda; the US.

      I have family in Mexico that I’ll probably never get to see again. We used to get together every few years.

      I used to go to Mexico fairly regularly and can tell you first hand that “youth prostitution” has been happening in Mexico for generations; it’s nothing new. mexico will deny entry to anyone on the registry, even if what happened to land you on the registry didn’t involve sex, or another human being.

  2. Doug

    How are you going to know , where you can go for sure , until you arrive there on a plane , and hope they let you off. Effectivly stopping me from going .

  3. USA

    So, are they only stopping individuals with child related cases? I had a battery charge (expunged/masseuse). I was allowed to visit Canada on several occasions? I’ve visited Costa Rica, Canada, Dominican Republic and Hawaii/lol. I’ve also visited the Philippines several times, but thats before the ban was instituted. No offense, but I could probably hand the customs officer my passport with a $20 and go right in. This is really dumb! 18-20 years after, no offenses prior/after and summary probation? So, I think its time for California to institute a Tier system where people can move on with their lives!

    • Anonymous Nobody

      No, people for ALL sex offenses are being barred entry,according to the many reports in the threads at this Website about foreign travel since about last December. Even ones that are several decades old, even misdemeanants.

      • PK

        He is correct. I had a misdemeanor sex offense “attempt criminal sexual act” from 2001. I was denied entry into Mexico today. This after traveling to Mexico 4 – 5 times per year for the last 7 years. I think it could be a little risky being within Mexico without a tourist visa, but some people would have no other option.

    • Harry

      “I could probably hand the customs officer my passport with a $20 and go right in.” That may work in the Philippines, as this is normal business practice there. Obama could of handed the Filipino president $20 to get laws against RC entry established.

  4. G4Change

    How exactly does Mexico define “acts of pedophilia” given that their age of consent is 12? Do they use the true, clinical definition of the word? Or do they use the watered-down and distorted American Media definition?

    • Mexico News Daily | Sunday, August 10, 2014

      Of course is it’s all about getting eyeballs . Just pull out the old tried-and-true sex offender stories . It always works.
      This is precisely why educating our elected officials is so crucial. Majority many people listed on registries that have never touched a child inappropriately or committed a predatory act.
      Nobody – absolutely NOBODY – deserves the humiliation of public registration..

      • Q

        Educating our public officials is necessary; yet seems like it would be a tall order. I think it’s pretty obvious allot of them don’t want to be educated because they think they know it all and wouldn’t recognize truth if it smacked them up the backside of their head. Just look at the reactions of many/most city counsel members when they find out they are being asked to obey the law and repeal their illegal ordinances.

    • Anonymous Nobody

      It doesn’t matter how they define pedophelia. Despite what the article says, in fact according to many people in the threads at this Website on foreign travel, Mexico, and many other countries, are barring ALL sex offenders, not simply pedophiles.

      I’m not sure the info the US is sending even says what your offense is, so everyone is being treated the same.

      Your point about the age of consent is so. Many people convicted for offenses that are not even ilegal where they are going are being rejected.

  5. MS

    What is the age of consent in Mexico? I thought it was 12 years of age!

  6. sotiredofthis

    I am half Mexican, my mother was born in Mexico City. She became a naturalized citizen some time after marrying my father. As I understand it I automatically qualify for ‘dual citizenship’. All I have to do is present my birth cert and my mother’s birth cert and they give you a card that allows you to live, work and buy property in Mexico. In my mind this has been my fall back in case things don’t get better here, but this article has me wondering. These people are all entering on passports…..would I encounter the same problems?

    Any input on this?

    • Q

      If this is true then I also qualify for dual citizenship. I hope someone that has had some experience with this chimes in because I would like to know about this too.

  7. mch

    @ sotired…

    Maybe a trip to your nearest Mexican Consulate with that information in hand is a great start to a good backup plan. Get your Mexican citizenship card and kind of see what happens. Would be interesting.

    • Anonymous Nobody

      That is an intelligent approach. However, if you read the threads at this Website about foreign travel, people have reported that trying to clear things in advance at the consulate does no good. No matter what the consulate says or gives you, the people are being rejected when they arrive in the other country anyway.

  8. td777

    So if a 20 year old man in California has sex with a girl who is 17 and will be 18 a week after they have sex, he has committed a sex crime and goes to jail because their birthdays just happen to be a little over the 24 month “dating” age difference allowed and she has not yet reached the age of consent in California. In New York, the age of consent is 16, so their act would not have been a crime at all, nor in Mexico where the age of consent is 12(on a federal level, up to 15 in most Mexican states). Yet, now in Mexico, this young man would be barred from entering the country for an act that would be completely legal in Mexico. This is ridiculous, our neighbors to the south have been drinking too much kool-aid.

    • Joe

      I believe you are incorrect on all of the points in the first part of your comment…

      The Age of Consent in NY is 17.

      The California Penal Code states that sexual activity with any person under 18 is a crime, regardless of the age of the perpetrator. There is NO age differential to make this activity NOT illegal. A 3 year age difference with a person under 18 comes into play in determining whether the crime (always is) is a felony or a misdemeanor. (PC 261.5)

      Note that there is nothing to state that the perpetrator be 18 or over.

      Also note that 288a(b)(1) (oral copulation with a minor) and 289(h) (sexual penetration with / of a minor) read “any person who participates in an act of oral copulation with another person who is under 18 years of age shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison, or in a county jail for a period of not more than one year.” and “any person who participates in an act of sexual penetration with another person who is under 18 years of age shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison or in a county jail for a period of not more than one year.”, respectively.

      Please note the word “any”. It does NOT state the minimum age of the perpetrator or an age difference.

      Interestingly enough, until 2006 oral copulation and digital (finger) penetration, i.e. non-traditional, non-reproductive activities, were subject to mandatory sex offender registration (where regular sexual intercourse with a minor was discretionary) and continue to be listed in the “crimes against nature” section, but whatever.

      Many countries have ages of consent far lower than 18. Mexico 12 (Federal), Spain 13, Germany 14, France 15, etc. These are civilized, cultured and sane countries.

      I often wonder how many people here would not be on the “list” in places like Mexico, Spain, Germany etc. Conversely I wonder how many people would be on the “list” in places like Mexico, Spain, Germany etc with California / US (puritan) laws. I am convinced that half of the males in Italy would be on the list for bottom pinching in the 50s and 60s alone. Ha ha.

      Seriously, I cannot reconcile, in my little head, the fact that it is acceptable for a minor to operate a motor vehicle, be employed legally at 16 and be prosecuted as an adult (put that in your pipe and smoke it!) at 15, 14, etc, but illegal to engage in willing and voluntary sexual conduct. I suppose that is my personal shortcoming.

      However, objectively speaking, the fact that an entire demographic (sexually active minors) is saved from criminal prosecution and possible lifetime sex offender registration only and entirely due to prosecutorial discretion makes these laws bad laws. Period.


      • td777

        Why don’t we waste all our time picking apart each other’s comments until the house divided has fallen?

        You are right, my mistake, it is 17 in NY, 16 was NJ. The dating age allowance is an unwritten thing followed by most in law enforcement, not written into the law nor did I say it was law.

        The point of my comment remains the same, in California it would be a crime, in NY(and in Mexico) it would not be a crime, and he would still be denied entry into a country where the act itself would be completely legal aside from the fact that it occurred in California.

  9. Like it or not

    Guardian Angel Program Prevents Sex Offenders any all RSO from Entering Mexico. Our government sends Geen Notice to Interpol what states “traveling sex offender”
    Than all RSO are immediately blacklisted by the Mexican customs and immigration department.
    If you truly want or need to go to Mexico find yourself a good Mexican immigration attorney ,if you have the money and go to court and fight it. This is all new territory it’ll probably take over year.

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