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Locals Call California’s Sex Offender Registry Into Question

Sex offenders are required by law to register their name, photo and address online at A disclaimer on the website says The Department of Justice does not assess the specific risk that any convicted sex offender on the site will commit another offense. However, the website does have a Risk Assessment Score. Another disclaimer says that score determines the statistical probability that an offender will commit another sexual offense.

Risk assessment scores for many of the sex offenders on the registry are currently left blank. Full Article

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  1. Q

    Lawmakers and those charged with overseeing this total mess called “the Megan’s Law Website” have done nothing less than a slop job; ditto for the rest of the chaotic and confusing/misleading laws designed to supposedly keep the public safe.

    It’s clear and obvious that none of this does ANYTHING to keep anyone safe or to prevent anything; all one need do is to look at the record/facts and the truth of the above statement will become clear. Of course the regulars on this site already know this, but I encourage anyone new to this site or those just passing through to measure what I’m saying against the facts easily attainable from various posts on this site or by way of a Google search.

    These laws mirror the Nuremberg laws the Nazi’s used to create sub classes of citizens (Jews-Poles-Slavs, etc) and these laws also facilitate the mindset that resulted in many people being killed (which has been happening here for quite a few years, yet almost totally ignored by the press) because they were labeled lesser than by the state.

  2. Joe

    PC 290 clearly requires all dates of last conviction and release to be displayed on the Megans Law web site (by Summer 2010, I believe).

    The State of California has been in violation of its own Megans Law for over 4 years now. High time someone called them on that.

    • Tired of hiding

      “The State of California has been in violation of its own Megans Law for over 4 years now. High time someone called them on that.”

      Well, that’s not gonna happen now is it! It would be too obvious and take no effort so no lawyer is going to sue the state for that. Besides, the government will just point out that they are doing the “best” they can with their “tight limited” budget to monitor us perverts and then simply ask for more money (which will be found even though the state…hell the whole country is broke)!

      No…the system is broken and no one cares. In fact, it remains that way be design.

  3. Avig

    Well: rehabilitation means you have a job, a place to live, a normal life. That’s why we have Registration and Megan’s law: to prevent that.

  4. mk

    my hub told me the only way his stat99 score could be lowered is if he committed another sex crime. How stupid is that? (and no, he does not plan on re-offending in anywayshape or form)

  5. anonymous

    I will sue California after I get Megan’s law found unconstitutioal in us courts. I have the 1203.4 in 1992, before Megan’s law in California. I have since received a certificate of rehabilitation. It does not appeared on Megan’s web site anywhere. Then they tell you don’t look at this or go to jail.

    • Anonymous Nobody

      I wish you could find justice in the federal courts. But they are as bad as the California high court. This is NOT the court system that most of us grew up with and saw as the savior of justice and civil rights. Fro decades, the right wing Republicans have made stacking the courts a major goal, and they have accomplished it.

  6. mch

    I’ve not viewed the website nor do I plan to, but I did write CADOJ and ask them if my 1203.4 record clearance would be shown on the ML website. They responded with a resounding “no”, as I figured they would. Accurate and timely information is important to the public and to our safety. I’m just curious if the handlers of the website purposely leave off information or if this “tool for public safety” has gotten too large to handle.
    Perhaps an author of the tiered registry bill could include that as an amendment to the bill, that is, if it has an author.

    • Joe

      No way a “1203.4 record clearance” would be shown on the web site. PC 290.46 does not require it to be displayed, and there is no database field to show it.

      However, what IS required to be shown, pursuant to PC 290.46(a)(2) is the date of conviction and last release. This requirement became a LAW as of July 1, 2010.

      Most profiles are blank in these (legally required) fields. With that the State of California is in violation of PC 290. Has been for over 4 years. Everyone should have someone look up their profile and check (not the registrant themselves).

      I think years ago (before she got busy suing city’s pants off) Janice had offered here to help individuals get this information added (might be of slight importance since there are registrants from the 1950’s).

      This is a cumbersome process, however, involving getting a life scan, requesting records from the CA DOJ, getting an attorney to send them along with a formal request to the exact same CA DOJ which maintains the web site (explain that one!) and then hounding them until it is added. All this for information that MUST be, by law, displayed on each profile.

      Until this is fixed, until every last date is added to each and every profile, the California Megan’s Law Website is illegal and must be removed from the internet.

      Why no none has ever called the State of California on this I do not understand….

      • MM

        Joe, contrary to how you describe the process of getting a date added to a profile it’s not that difficult. We did it. Simply made an appointment at a facility for a Live Scan (roughly a 20 minute process), paid the fee and and waited for less than two weeks for the results of the background to be mailed to us. Once received we sent a copy to Janice Bellucci. Janice put a cover letter on the front, addressed to the correct contact at the DOJ and much to our surprise the conviction date and release date were added. Th process was done in less than 3-4 weeks. Sure felt good to see a date of 1987 added for those who may have thought it was recent, it wasn’t.

        • Joe

          Good for you! But your description of the process is identical to mine. What you call easy and quick I call cumbersome and lengthy. ymmv…

          Not to mention costly (livescan is not free and maybe not everyone has heard of Janice and her big generous heart).

          Especially when – I repeat – the state is legally required to do this – has been for 4 (four!) years, and is the keeper of the information that you will have to request and send to them.

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