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Women Against Registry (W.A.R) Lawsuit

The WAR (Women Against Registry) Admin Team AND our Class Action Core Team are proud to announce that we will begin work this week on two law suits to be filed at the federal level this fall. That’s right – two of them! The first is on behalf of registered sex offenders and the second on behalf of families and friends of registered sex offenders. The challenges will be against SORNA and the impact to the registrant families, which has been verified and documented by researchers.

Also, the public impact will be defined in an upcoming survey being developed with the assistance of Professor Crysanthi Leon of the University of Delaware. Even though these laws were mandated at the Congressional level then enacted to varying degrees by the state legislatures, we will be asking the court to rule on “the law” thus removing the manner in which legislators have purported to keep children safe – punitive punishment for registrants and families.

It is time to take the issue out of the state legislators hands and campaigns and place it firmly in front of the supreme courts. The concept of filing based on the collateral damage experienced by those who seek to provide positive support at re-entry and thereafter will gather steam and provide a more assertive approach than is being used today.

Please consider this your invitation to visit our website where you will instantly see the announcement as well as the opportunity for participation. We have also listed some Frequently Asked Questions to help answer as many immediate questions as possible. More Information

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I have posted W.A.R.s effort on over 100 blogs and sites. My fiancé even has posted on her Facebook page. Let’s back their effort and sign up. We already have and encourage all RCs and their families to do so also.

I would love to participate but the fear of my name being out there and the real possibility of losing my job I just can’t do it. Does anyone know if they will be using real names or “John Does”?

John Doe #_

The website specifically states that they will use John or Jane Roe with a number.

Steve if you go on the WAR website and read the information it states they will be assigning a John Doe number. Check it out.

Thanks all. Missed that part.

please tell us what we can do to help! And thank you a million times over thank you!

John Does. Your name is already out there. This is a class action suit. Everyone involved will be a Jane or John Doe.

This is fantastic – God Speed!

Thank you for posting this. I have submitted all of my information to the organization via the online form and offered to be included in any legal action or Federal class action suits.


Out of curiosity, if the suit is filed in the 8th Circuit, do the rc’s have to be registered in the 8th circuit jurisdiction, specifically in the following districts?

Eastern District of Arkansas
Western District of Arkansas
Northern District of Iowa
Southern District of Iowa
District of Minnesota
Eastern District of Missouri
Western District of Missouri
District of Nebraska
District of North Dakota
District of South Dakota


True, but it really doesn’t matter where you are from as this is only the first round of class actions that will be filed in federal court. They are looking for precedent rulings to approach SCOTUS. They will have my info when it comes to the 9th circuit court. By me voicing my concerns only help my cause. Our cause. I may not be from there, but my voice will be heard.

WOW! Please announce how we can anonymously help!

From the FAQ section on the lawsuit: If you are able to contribute monetarily, please do so by making a donation to WAR either via Pay Pal on the organization website and earmark it for the law suit in the memo area or send to the post office box with the same instruction. If you have time available to assist in gathering and compiling documents to be used in the law suits that would be appreciated. Watch for media coverage or documentation where authority figures talk about the collateral damaged/consequences to the families of registrants. Also, any new study data… Read more »

I sent a copy of the motion I am preparing and I beleive her name was Barbara from war actually called me that evening to verify my email and thank me for all the useful info I sent to them. Very nice lady we spoke for a good half hour or so and she explained to me that they have actually have a legal team that has agreed to help prepare and go forward with these actions. She says she will forward any relevant material that they receive thru their site to the attorneys. After speaking with her I feel… Read more »

Maybe her name was vicky Im not sure if I got her name wrong I apologize. God speed to war and rsol and everyone in this fight. I have a six month old grandson and my fiance wants to have a baby I really hope that these laws get abolished for their sake as well as mine. I will take them wherever I wish anytime I wish regardless of any of these laws.

The legal reasoning is what I feel is hypocritical. Obviously cruel and unusual punishment comes into play. The argument is it isn’t the intent of the law. If I get drunk and kill someone unintentionally I still go to jail. All the retroactive stuff is garbage to. I have two kids 3&6. It Has Been nearly 20 years. When I was so close to FINALLY putting this behind me and it gets yanked from under me. Seems like double jeopardy to me. Is someone civic Ted of murder less dangerous? Wouldn’t all these people want to know they were living… Read more »

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