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CA RSOL Meeting: May 14, Berkeley [NEW DATE]

Please mark the following dates on your calendars. California RSOL will hold monthly meetings in Berkeley on May 14 (revised date).

As always, start time is 10 am and the meetings are expected to last about 2 hours.

Join us at the Finnish Hall, 1970 Chestnut Street in Berkeley on May 14 (new date), at 10 am.

Topics of discussion will include general issues facing registrants and their families as well as pertinent current issues, such as the recent International Megan’s Law lawsuit.

The meetings are intended for registrants, friends and family, associated service providers and other supporters. Government and media representatives are not invited to attend.

Join us! Show up, Stand up, Speak up!

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I am not a sex offender, but plan to attend because someone I care about is.

Hi Mel, I just got involved about six months ago too. I have learned so much from CA RSOL and have also attended a meeting. It is incredibly eye opening. I have only been to one meeting but will be going to more. Aside from getting great information, the meeting helped put faces to the cause and helped me to understand that these are people from all walks of life. From what I’ve seen, there are some that the laws are intended for, however, it seems that the greater majority made mistakes and have paid their dues and deserve better ~ deserve the opportunity to assimilate back into public life without the insane restrictions. But the thing that has been most compelling is that I realized that registered citizens can’t fight for themselves; in many cases because the laws are written to keep them “in their place”, shame them into submission and disable them from protecting themselves. They need non-registered people like you and I to help them in their fight. For me personally, I want to scream at the world about the injustices I’ve learned about here. However, my partner (and registered citizen) does not share his information with people because of the problems it creates. I have to respect those wishes, but the meetings and this forum give me a place to talk to others living it. So…get involved…as the list of registered offenders gets bigger so will the need to examine the policies that created it to begin with. There is power in numbers!

My boyfriend and I will be going to our first carsol meeting at the ACLU building in Los Angeles (Sat, April 16). My BF has been a registered sex offender for almost 5 years now and it hurts me so much to see him with the label. I love him 100% because he is such a loving person and no one gets to see that side of him. He just made a mistake.

I just wanted to say. you’re awesome. I am like your boyfriend. Caught in a terrible mess. Many people who find out about our status run for the hills. But it’s because of the stereotype. While there are some legitimately dangerous SO’s many are normal people who got caught up in something they shouldn’t have. Anyhow. Good for you to stand by his side. There are many of us that would love to have the same!

I went to the L.A. meeting last time. A lot of people were there compared to 2+ years ago (when few people went). Last L.A. meeting, all chairs were filled with standing room only. Many people who went were not even registered offenders… just supporters who support us! I plan to go again next month. The more the better, so attend!

Yes. Our movement is growing. We will have more chairs for the April meeting. Look forward to seeing you all there!

I will go because we must defend our RIGHTS against the many politicians, police, and judges who have demeaned and abused us to further their careers.

I wish we had a rsol in every state

You can start one…

I got out of prison 2 months ago and starting my life as a SO for PC 243.4. I want to get involve so I can be educated and informed about what my new “normal” will be like. I do have probation with very limited PO contact “thank GOD”. Struggling to find a job but I can’t give up. Hopefully I can make it to the April meeting.

Thankfully, a PC 243.4 is known as a “wobbler”. That may help you later on to try and reduce your crime to a misdemeanor which may enable you to have a better chance to someday get off the registry depending on the details of your case. Just be sure you have no travel restrictions while on probation/parole before leaving your county to attend the meeting. Do whatever you must to not violate your conditions of release. And if your house has not been searched yet, (they will search eventually) be sure you have nothing in your home, including roommate’s rooms that would be questionable. If you’re unsure of what things they look for during searches, post the question in April’s General comments section (when it’s put up) and then we can all share our searches experience. Best of luck to you.

RE:,, etc. These sites claim that they are posting sex offender names and likeness and photos because they are a matter of public record…and, it is in the interest of public safety. That may be the case when purchasing/subscribing the service. But, when someone Google’s a sex offender’s name…a listing/notice/photo appears before purchasing/subscribing their service. Therefore, that initial result of that is that of being an ADVERTISEMENT to get a person to purchase/subscribe to the companies product service! This is breaking California law re below:

Under the California Civil Code section 3344 it states:
“(a) Any person who knowingly uses another’s name, voice, signature, photograph, or likeness, in any manner, on or in products, merchandise, or goods, or for purposes of advertising or selling, or soliciting purchases of, products, merchandise, goods or services, without such person’s prior consent, or, in the case of a minor, the prior consent of his parent or legal guardian, shall be liable for any damages sustained by the person or persons injured as a result thereof.” Further, this section provides for both statutory and actual damages to the person whose likeness is used.

Good point, you would definitely need to show that they are using the pictures to advertise a service. However, I don’t think they require a membership to look up registered citizens. Definitely there is a fine line between the free public service and any advertising for paid memberships/service.

What I would like to know what can be done to theses sites when the information they post is incorrect?

I subscribed to one of those people search background web sites to see what they said about me and what they said about a relative who is a sex offender. I mistakenly paid twice and just found the bill so I called them. In the process I thought there were things wrong with my relative info (his arrest charges was not what he actually later plea bargained for) The fellow told me that if i did not like the info I could opp out and asked not to be included both for me and my relative. he showed me how at the bottom of the page how you can request no information show on the site by a request for the person’s name and birth date. Since they allow this that is how they satisfy the laws so please go to all the sites that do background information and asked that you info be removed.
This feature probably is how they get around the law and also using that big disclaimer they ask you to agree to at the beginning (not using info for employment etc. or other reasons). Call them and asked how to be removed if they do not show it on their sites. Good luck. If you cannot use a computer have a relative do this for you.

Justice Granny I have an alias web name as my relative thinks if we don’t make waves people won’t know or ask about his background. He was 19 when he dated a girl who on the internet posted her dating ad as an 18 year old and she was really 14 and he really did not know until they arrested him…. and you know the rest of the story.

What site has an opt out??? Homefacts?? I’m confused about what sites have this feature??

I’ve heard too many stories like that of your relative. As a female who is not on the registry nor has a family member on it, I find it deeply disturbing that the teenagers today are getting away with lying about their age and entrapping those older than them with sometimes it resulting in the arrest of the unsuspecting older person. They have fake ID’s. I heard from a neighbor that a friend of his met a woman in a 21 and over bar only. They got together. Dated for about 3 months. She’s stay the night or he’d drop her home at 2 or 3 in the morning. He eventually broke it off only to find two police officers at his door with the woman (who was really a teenage girl at 16) and her parents demanding his arrest. When he said that she had an id that indicated she was over 21 because she was in a bar drinking where he met her, the police told him it was still his fault. It is a felony to have a fake ID in many states and I wonder why this teenager was not arrested for her crime. There are double standards everywhere and I can only forsee this list growing into the millions unless this insanity stops. America has an obsession with sex crimes when in fact the real problem is their weird relationship with sex. You don’t have that in Europe or anywhere else in the world. It’s an illness I might say. Sorry for your relative that he was trapped like that. It’s horrific.

According to Money Magazine Nov. 2015 page 14 has an article that reads Due to airport security “for Residents of New York, New Hampshire, Minnesota, and Louisiana your driver’s license will no longer get you through the TSA Airport security and to your gate. The policy is the result to the 2005 REAL ID Act which aims to combat Terrorism by standardizing all forms of personal Identification. In these states the drivers license fails to provide enough security features in the card to identify the immigration status of the license holder. The only solution is to pack you passport even on domestic trips.”

How does this fit into International Megan’s Law and the augment at the hearing that is “a passport is not widely used for identification”????

is the area safe enough to walk from the Berkeley BART to the Finnish Hall?

Very safe area

I plan to go to the meeting in Los Angeles on April 16, but I’m worried about parking? Where is the best place to park??

There is free underground parking at the ACLU building. There are also a few parking spaces on the street which are also free.

Hello all,

I am new to all of this, just got out Feb 6th of this year, and will be attending the meeting on the 16th.

I have an issue right now, and am looking for someone to point me in some direction for help.

My PO sent me to sign-up to attend Sharper Future, but I was shocked with much of what I read in this paperwork. Everywhere I had to sign, I wrote “Signed under duress”. I just got a nasty, threatening call from my PO, stating I have to go back on the 12th and re-sign without my disclaimer, and if I don’t, he will arrest me and they will send me back to Arizona, (as I’m here on Interstate Compact).

Is there anyone or organization I can contact for help with this?

Very depressed.

As you’re here at the discretion of your PO. He really doesn’t need a reason to have you sent back to Arizona. Being on parole leaves you with few rights. Since you have opted to complete your Parole in a different State than which you were convicted, you would be smart to not “rock the boat”. Some situations you can fight, but under your situation, I certainly would be compliant with whatever they tell you to do if you wish to stay in California.

Yes, thank you. It is a very sad reality, but I have come to this same conclusion.7

Hi Daniel, It’s a good idea that you go to the meeting this SATURDAY, April 16 @ 10 am. I can imagine *at least* one of the many others might be willing to relate to your experience at the meeting. As a matter of fact, I vividly remember someone mentioning the company you are forced to sign-up with at the last meeting. Last meeting there were about 100 people, so you won’t feel out of place. Also, at the last meeting, there were people from all walks of life… from registered citizens, family, and even members of the public who simply support this cause (surpisingly, quite a few had no relation to a registered citizen whatsoever; they just decided to attend to support us, out of curiosity, or for whatever reason). It was somewhat inspiring to simply attend. It was a reminder that we are not alone in our fight against unfairness. We have already paid the price of incarceration for our mistake and we deserve the right to move on with our lives. Hope to see you there.

Thanks you very much for your comments. I planned to attend today, but am now unable to. I will for sure make the next one. I am sorry I missed this one, but will check here for any highlights from today’s meeting. Thanks again.

Hope to see you there next time.

Lake County…when someone Googles your name and comes up with your photo and lists a brief description that you are a sex offender…it is a result that then leads to the requirement of the paying of a fee to get the rest of that subject public record. Therefore, that site is using your photo, etc. to get you to spend money to go further in the process. If you think this process through very closely…that is advertising! Have your attorney send them a cease-and-desist. Or, this maybe could be subject to a class action civil lawsuit. Maybe Janice could comment on this? I had an internet specialized attorney tell me that I could very well be correct on this.

HomeFacts (the parent company is a real estate corporation with a different name) is a California corporation and subject to California law. They claim that they are doing so as a public service…not so. They are doing it to make money!

Again: Under the California Civil Code section 3344 it states:
“(a) Any person who knowingly uses another’s name, voice, signature, photograph, or likeness, in any manner, on or in products, merchandise, or goods, or for purposes of advertising or selling, or soliciting purchases of, products, merchandise, goods or services, without such person’s prior consent, or, in the case of a minor, the prior consent of his parent or legal guardian, shall be liable for any damages sustained by the person or persons injured as a result thereof.” Further, this section provides for both statutory and actual damages to the person whose likeness is used.

I was privileged to attend todays (5/14/2016) CA RSOL meeting in Berkeley. I came with the purpose to represent men who are from my county and unable to attend today’s meeting. So, with their questions in hand… and a few of my own… I headed to Berkeley. It was a 250 round trip drive for me, but worth the experience. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Having been released after 25 years on a 48+ year sentence to a world full of laws that did not apply to me back in 1989, I needed to get a clearer understanding of what my life is going to be like now. I thought learning the internet was going to be a challenge… Yes, it’s true, the internet did not exist when I went to prison… neither did most, if not all of these laws as they are applied to “registered citizens” today. I’ve still got a lot to learn, but I did learn a lot today. Thank you all for all you have done and are doing…, especially the families of “registered citizens”, and more importantly, the victims and their families; who not only participated in and supported today’s meeting, but are all too often over-looked… overshadowed… even ignored – But one thing I have found today to be true, is that we (me) under-estimate their compassion, desire, and willingness to heal… both for them, and for us (me). Again, thank you. I look forward to attending the next Berkeley meeting, and hope to encourage other men who are in my same boat to join me.

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