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Living with 290

Living with 290: Banned

For 13 years now, I have been going on cruises with my wife and daughters! Today I attempted to book a 4 day cruise with carnival! I was told I am permanently banned from all cruises! I asked why, and the specialist told me I was a RSO and Carnival does not allow RSO’S on cruises. I then asked her where she got her information from? She hung up on me.

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Well, well, well. I wondered how long this was going to take. Should we get pissed off yet?

“It’s not punishment”

More Ex Post Facto screwing of the registered citizens of the United States of America.

When “bank robbers” are put on lists & not allowed to use banks or any other financial institutions, everyone will see an uproar then!!! Especially the older bank robbers getting out after 20-30 years in prison, applying for social security to find out it cannot be received unless it is direct deposited!!!
All joking aside. There does seem to be change about in alot of states, it’s just changing law takes forever & as long as a majority of the voting base is women those seeking election will ALWAYS put up subjects such as sex offenses to get them elected!!!

I’m not big on cruising (the only thing to do was eat and I gained 5 pounds in 1 week), but I hate that I now can’t if I want to.
Frankly I’m surprised it took the cruising industry this long. They got some bad PR a few years ago when third-world crew members were sexually assaulting passengers.

Last weekend we went down south to a well-known theme park and had a great time. How long before we’re banned from those places?
This sh!t has got to stop!

Yes, but none of whom were already registered as sex offenders. (That makes a huge difference you know). In the criminal world (the well oiled machine), it was called “on paper” or “off paper”. That made a HUGE difference in life in general. The criminal and “civil” world isn’t all that different.

Probation officer gave me a VOP for traveling out of the county for work, when I had a judges order that I could travel out of the county for work only. I sat 7 days in the county jail before they realized they messed up. No pat on the back just your reinstated our bad!!

Yes this has got to stop. There trying to prevent us from our freedom to enjoy life and travel. We already paid our dept behind bars. What more do they want from us. People can change to a much better person from there pass defence.

Obviously another case of “company policy” where no one has to be accountable and no person has to look you in the eye to rudely insult your character based on some event from your past, regardless of your proven worth as a loyal customer.

Sounds like Carnival Cruises is going to miss out on a lot of your money. I wonder if they plan to recoup the loss of turning away paying customers by advertising themselves as ‘sex offender free’. Maybe you can look into cruising with a European-based line that has not been infected with paranoia. Carnival Cruises is headquartered in Miami Florida – the headquarters of hate and insanity.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you should check and see what other cruise lines Carnival owns. Try Cunard, Costa, Holland America, AIDA and P&O/Princess.


More information is needed from the OP, but the anectdotal evidence is very difficult to pin down. For instance, in addition to phone rejections, there are some people who claim they got letters from Carnival (or Royal Caribbean, the other line I checked) saying they were banned. I would LOVE to see what one of those letters look like, and frankly, I would wager that Janice would love to have one of those in her possession as well. (If I were an RSO, I would love to get one of those letters for potential lawsuit with damages, but I digress.)

I have scoured terms of service aggreements for Carnival and Royal Caribbean, and have not found any specific rule denying RSO’s to cruise. Obviously, there may be criminal checks at disembarkment points into foreign countries, but not specific to taking the cruise in the first place, as passengers always have the option of staying on the ship.

My own take is that the cruise lines do not want to put out anything specific for legal reasons. It does take a lot of time and resources to do any background check, even in advance, and this would have to be done on EVERYONE if there was a policy.

Having said that, I would imagine that if the CA RSOL suit fails, and the passport marks are allowed, then the “problem” of identifying registrants would be significantly made easier; hence, they will be used by the cruise lines to justify bans on registered citizens from cruising.

Hi Eric, I am an RSO and have received one of those letters, I called the security specialist on the bottom of the letter at carnival for verification.

Sorry for getting back so late. Do you still have the letter? If you do, please offer to send a copy of the letter to ACSOL management through the Contact page above. While I can’t speak for Janice Bellucci herself, I would try to contact her directly through this site, or through her law office (she’s listed, google her) and see if she would like a copy. Even if you can’t be helped directly, you may be helping other registered citizens by bringing this to her attention.

My husband is a rso and we have gone on 3 cruises. He has been pulled aside in Miami coming through customs. Which was scary. Then on our last cruise with extended family the security called and wanted him to come down and get a copy of his birth certificate and we were scared shitless! Even though we didn’t need to be. They got a copy and never heard anything else. It always scares me. We always take papers from the bca saying his civil rights have been restored. Still scary.

Bryan, how much notice did they give you when they sent the letter? Did you receive a refund for your cruise? Were you booked by yourself or with a group? Did they cancel the whole group? Did they give you a chance to replace you with another person?

Wow…this is absolutely insane. We’ve effectively become non-humanlike in societies eyes. Much like the OP, I have gone on cruises almost every year for several years now and this will have a major effect on my family and I. How can these restrictions not be seen as punishment and discrimination and even be allowed? If you’re banned from something based on race or gender, you can file a civil suit and win for discrimination. At what point are RSO’s able to take a stand and win against being discriminated upon?

Secondly, to the OP, are you listed on the Megan’s Law website? Perhaps, they do a quick check when you’re attempting to book travel with them. I’m not listed on the website, so I wonder if I’d pass through this ban?! The bigger question might be, have they been given a secret list that gives them all RSO’s names that they cross reference with?


You mean like the very same type of people who qualified for the death camps?

I tried to contact Fox News but apparently they don’t provide transcripts or taped shows anymore. I cannot easily find the episode in which Bill O’Reilly discusses his daughter’s illness and how in another time not that long ago, she’d be “defective” and would be classified as such and ushered away into imprisonments or internment camps to be destroyed. He wasn’t far from the truth. In fact, he was probably telling the truth.

I prefer to think you have “hit the nail on the head”…. It has been on discussion sites, & travel sites of people being banned from travel to alot of countries since this international stuff started up. Requiring a time period you have to report expected travel abroad, then they notify the country in question… just in time to deny you before you board a plane…. leaves you sunk with a travel bill full of pre-paid expenses!!!! Hotels, airline tickets, etc!
Costa Rica will not allow ANY RSO in their country!!! Even if you make it to the airport there, you will be detained until the next available flight leaves… with you on it.
More than likely, our tax dollars have paid for a database to be made accessible, or an employee dedicated to researching passenger logs….

People should take this very seriously. I’ve heard DisneyWorld? I imagine they might go onto the National Registry? I was convicted/plead to a misdemeanor battery/summary probation/expunged 20 years ago/don’t show up online. Although, the laws affect me just like anyone else! This is no joke. What’s next? Banned from airplanes? Driving at night?

We will be not allow drive. We will need to get rides from the police.

What’s next? Not allowed to fly ?

I note, it might very well be a foreign country that is imposing that ban. I don’t think any of the cruise ships are US flagged. And a ship is considered to be sovereign territory of the country under which it is flagged, and so all that country’s laws apply.

You never heard of “Flag of Convenience”?
They register ships typically in poor countries with little regulation, or laws regarding shipping to reduce costs.

I think you should call the cruise line and talk to a supervisor. It sounds like this could just be a conscientious employee who is taking “company policy” into her own hands perhaps by doing her own unsanctioned search of the public registry. I’m assuming you live in Florida?

By the way–something else that needs to be exposed: Large churches around the country are banning RSOs but are keeping this out of the media and published policies. They are scrubbing their lists of members and attendees, calling people who have a name/address that matches someone on a public registry, sending out letters requesting that the person call the church to setup a meeting with the security department, and at that meeting telling them they are banning registered sex offenders from the church campus.

I called the special services # and spoke with the Security department. Again, they said this new policy went into effect last November. I asked for a letter stating I am banned for being an RSO. The representative stated, She would not write or send a letter to me and that I could review it on line. # 21. CARNIVAL reserves the right to decline to accept or to reject any person as a Guest, at any time, or to cancel a vacation package due to circumstances beyond the control of CARNIVAL. I also contacted a maritime attorney and he said it was legal. A lot of cruise lines are following suit!

On a more positive note, I contacted Princess cruises and they were very sensitive to my questions. They were also very compassionate and nice. They do allow RSO on their cruises.
She then was ready to book me! Great employee!

As for the churches banning RSO’S. I am from the San Francisco! I am a catholic and I have not heard of any banning here. Especially the Catholic church! Shame on those churches that do!

I would like to know if you got to go one your cruise with princess cruise lines. Also where did you go if you did

Have went on two with Princess cruise line, we just got off the boat Sunday March 4th, 2017.

March 4th, 2018

The cruise ship, travel problem and all the other denial of the rights everyone else takes for granted is one thing. It is demeaning, humiliating, debilitating.

But if a church chooses to engage in this paranoid bigotry and isolation it is quite another. The solution for the church problem is easy. Any church that would do this is not an authentic church. You would not want anything to do with it. It is spiritually dead. Run away from it as fast as you can, because they have no idea what they are there for – beyond the $ of course. It might be a good idea to write the pastor and thank him or her for revealing the true nature of their faith and advise them that they may not be looked on so kindly by the higher power they falsely represent.

I have heard of a church insurer requiring churches to find out who the RC’s are and eject them in order to retain an insurance policy. It doesn’t matter. Find a different insurance company. If a church removes anyone who wishes to worship because of financial concerns, it is a dead church. It is merely a business.

Really? Insurance companies ask them to eject RC’s? Why not ask them to eject someone with previous uncontrolled violence? Or burglary? There is a lot of gold in some churches. Or arsony? Burning down churches happens all too frequently. Mass shooting in churches. These are the things they should worry about. How many RC’s go to church to molest someone? The ones doing it are not RC’s.

Yes, Timmr. And I am certain that it is the insurance company that led the Humane Society I volunteered at for 10 years to put in place a policy that does not permit any convicted sex offender to be a volunteer there.

christ fellowship and calvary chapel both very large church’s in florida ban rso’s i was attending the first 11 years before i had my arrest. Soon after my arrest even before the court made a decision on my guilt or innocence i was informed by pastor mullins and his wife the heads of christ fellowship that i was not allowed to attend in person and that i could attend online. The problem with that is i was not allowed to go online until a decision by the court was made.
big church’s are all about the money they have no interest in spreading the true word of god or practicing his teachings

I have never heard of any church having a security dept.

Churches that have day cares or schools would most likely be the ones that would do this. Remember many states have regs that if they allowed SO there they could face charges/penalty.

Some churches in CO have security details due to past gun violence in the church.

I also tried to to enter asia again this past jan, i have been there about 3 years ago with no problem, flew to Jamaica (no problem) flew into Mexico “guadalajara” many-many times (no problem) i’ve also drove into mexico from San Diego countless times (but) back i think hhhmmmmm?? 2012 i was sent to secondary, i initially asked/inquired about why i was sent to secondary (they simply said because i was a registrant) and i was on my way in about 45 minutes, i also drove into Canada while in NY, after my passport was scanned there was a beep from the comp (i was also sent to secondary) was there for about 45 minutes than on my way, they were humble and profesional about not saying anything.
Back to this past jan before trying to enter Asia, i called the philippine embassy here in the cal and spoke to a gentelman, i explained what my situation was and he mentioned there should be no problem (so i’m thinking im good) so feeling a little more inspired (now) i call my local police department and mentioned i will be flying out of country to Asia and she also mentioned there is no problem and im good to go “wrong” while trying to enter customs they told me i was not allowed to enter, i was like what!!!
I’m “NOT” upset on the money i spent for flight and hotel! to me that is nooooo big deal, a little about what my situation is from my past, i basically took a deal back in 97 (looooooong time ago) to a deal of registering, i “never” went to prison but went to wayside instead for 9 months, came out went to college finshed that, also went to counseling he kicked me out early and saw not a problem with my thoughts or actions.
Was on probation for 5 years but he cut it short to 3 years, he also mentioned there is no problem with my life or thoughts, he also came to my house where i lived with my mom/father my sister and her little girl, people have this stereo type that all sex offenders can’t be rehabilitated and will always have that urge for a easy prey or looking for that next target.
My family all lived in the same house, her little daughter was the age of 1 up until the age of 7 until they moved out (NOT) because my situation but for her job purpose, during that time “NOT A SINGLE THOUGHT OR PULSION” to act agianst my sisters daughter, to this very day i have nooooooo reason nor am i looking for any girl, i’m 40 now and my current girlfriend is 38 which we have known one another for 10 years, she knows about my situation and i think and feel things should be out in the open, in my case we were both very young and being completely new to the u.s system was a slap in the face for me! i basically wanted “OUT” of the system and did whatever i felt was necessary to get out “huge mistake”.
Yes i could of beat the challange that was presented to me but being very young-and in the system-and with that type of case-i’m a walking target that is subject to getting physically hurt on (daily bases) the girl did not press charges against me it was the D.A pressing and pushing, i was born and raised in the united states but i’m not sure that is something to be and feel proud of! all the places that i have travelled to has been and with the exact same girl, and was “NOT” to look for any underage or over the age girl but was for seeing the world! really appreciating what and how great the united states is and how the country treats and gives equal rights and gives good oppurtunities for the people ( “SO I THOUGHT” )

So just to add to this conversation, my husband is an RSO who was convicted 30 years ago when he was 19. I booked a cruise on Carnival for myself, my husband, my son, our granddaughters and my 2 sisters. I booked two cabins. Today I got a notice saying my booking was cancelled because of a ‘security concern’. I called to ask them about it and was told it was because of Carnivals policy against allowing sex offenders to cruise. The person I talked to of course deflected and said it wasn’t them, it was Customs that requires them to ban offenders. We also have cruised with Carnival before and had no problems in the past.

This really is a humiliating and dehumanizing experience. For me and my husband as well. He wants us to go on the cruise anyway without him which for me is unimaginable. And to add insult to injury, Carnival only cancelled the cabin that me and my husband were booked in. They said if I want to cancel the second cabin it will be with cancellation penalties of about $700 because there is nothing precluding my two sisters who were booked in the other cabin from continuing on the trip.

This is so unbelievably unfair.

You know, Kelly, there seems to be lots of lawsuits floating out there right now, in many states, on many subjects…not everyone, or even most, have the means to do something like this. (all these lawsuits, hopefully eventually a flood, are a good thing).

But you could put Carnival on Notice, formally, in writing, that this was unacceptable and that you will….accept a full refund, Thank You very much.

If No, you may have to pay the cancellation fees under protest to get your balance back…but then, you really must take them to small claims court…this, with Sheriff’s service on the Corporate Office, wherever that is, and the filing fee will be less than $100 dollars.

Then show up in Court, hold your heads high, and win or lose, you gave the devil’s hindmost to Carnival.

We should all do this on a host of things, I think…

I was having my annual physical today and told my Doctor about my status…we go way, way back, he was shocked but, (and I don’t recommend this or, at most, very, very selectively), I felt proud when he told me to go retire on a South Sea’s island, and I looked him in the eye and…said I couldn’t, literally, I could not.

It was kind of empowering.

Good Luck,

Best Wishes, James

Francis wrote: “On a more positive note, I contacted Princess cruises and they were very sensitive to my questions. They were also very compassionate and nice. They do allow RSO on their cruises.”

Kelly wrote: “The person I talked to of course deflected and said it wasn’t them, it was Customs that requires them to ban offenders.”


You stated Carnival pointed the finger to US Customs? I made a complaint to Customs and they sent me a redress number. I don’t know if I screwed myself or helped. As I stated in my post, I have gone on many cruises and 7 with Carnival. My real problems started two years ago. My wife and I were going to do the Alaskan Cruise out of Vancouver, Canada. When we arrived in Vancouver, I walked up to the customs desk. I handed the officer my passport as did my wife. They then sent me to a special line, leading to a big gray door. We walked in and were seated. The officer asked my wife and I, where we were headed to. I responded and said the Alaskan Cruise on Carnival. Then the bad officer came out and interrogated my wife. She had my wife shaken! The officer, then interrogated me! I mean hardcore. the officer Asked me if I had ever been arrested before. I said yes and went into the specifics of my arrest and conviction. Canadian customs, already knew what I was convicted for and came to their own conclusions. I sang like a bird, leaving nothing out!The officer then told me, I would probably be going to a Canadian prison, because if I committed the crime in Canada, I would be sentenced to 10 years each charge, which was two! My wife started crying profusely and shaking. I said that would be double jeopardy! The officer said this is not the United States and if we find you guilty you are going away for 20 years! I said for what? The officer said we are strict with Pedophiles! I said excuse me! I definitely am not a Pedophile and where did you get your information from? So, the officer prints out my FBI record/Rap sheet, and shows me. I said excuse me, do you understand California Penal codes?
The officer then handcuffs me and shackles my legs! I calmly said, if you look at the penal code charge, you will see that there is a subsection of the charge you are not looking at. The officer then turned red and went to the back room to talk to his supervisor! I also said this happened 25 years ago! The supervisor came out and took the cuffs and shackles off and proceeded to lecture me about the rules of Canada. He told me I was now red flagged and could never come back. He gave me a choice of being deported or paying for my own flight back. I took the second option. I was walked to the gate and watched until I boarded.

I believe that started my troubles with Carnival and Customs! I made my wife continue on the cruise, because I wasn’t going to lose another few thousand! Shortly after this incident, I went on NCL cruise to the Caribbean. after the cruise, and as we were disembarking, I put my card in the slot and the alarm went off! I was lead to customs and detained for 1 hour. They took my cell phone and searched it. US customs officers were very professional and sincere. I was then released.

Wow, thanks for the vivid story Francis…that must have been horrifying! But you handled it well.

For some reason, when I was put in a South Korean jail for disembarking for a Buddhist Temple Tour….they were bad to me, but there was a communication problem…lol

What were they going to do, keep me forever? Likewise you, what was Canada going to do with you? You committed no offense in Canada…

The world has certainly changed.

Thanks for the story.

Best Wishes, James

OMG Francis- To me that is an absolute horror story. My wife and I were planning a cruise. Not after reading this crap. As I see it, my future plans
will keep me within the confines of the new Trump Wall. Thank You USA and the World for all you do for us.

Frank, Don’t let my post discourage you! Just do not go to Canada! They do the same to DUI people and anybody with a record! Always check homeland security and US Customs! I do find it ridiculous on cruise ships sailing to Mexico or Caribbean. In my latest research, I have discovered that US Customs is working with Carnival Cruises. As I stated earlier, Princess cruises are more lenient and do not discriminate. That being said, Just call the cruise line and ask twice. Have them double check. I would also contact US customs and ask them if there is going to be a problem. If you do go, do not bring a cell phone or laptop. The peanut brains there will scrutinize you and search those items for pornography and all your contacts. Traveling the United states is and always will be safer and less humiliating with your family! My wife has stood by me from the very beginning as well as my now adult children. When that wall does goes up I am sure there will be more changes!

Francis and James. That’s terrible. Your experiences show that registrants receive more than a polite detaining and turnaround back home. Shackled and threatened with two decades of prison and thrown into jail without charge? Well, they are instructed by our government to do whatever they deem necessary. Sheesh. That information should be evidence in any complaint to the Human Rights Commission or lawsuit against IML, I would think.


For sure! I saved all the paperwork just in case! From what I have heard and seen, The US does the exact same thing to Canadians. It’s kind of a little war they have between each other. In my incident, I was actually brought to the US territory holding facility in Vancouver, so that Canadian customs agent could advise US what they were doing to me. As i watched and observed, The Canadian officer had to ask permission to enter and then they put her to the side until they were ready for her. But the Canadian agent called the US customs agent sir! I found that very odd. But as I looked around, I could see shackled Canadian citizens sitting on a bench as if they just arrived back. These people, looked like regular up citizens. I mean elderly people as well as middle aged Susie home makers. The two agency’s, were just a large gray door apart.

As a follow up to my Carnival experience, I did finally get them to agree to refund both cabins in full. Although it hasn’t been returned to my card yet so I don’t know if they were being honest.

Additionally, I did get a call back from security services at Royal Carribean. I called them to find out if their policy was the same as Carnivals. They said that they do review any matches and reach out to the person involved for additional details. They don’t do blanket cancellations like Carnival but they will cancel a reservation if their review indicates the possibility of a risk. That’s at least a little more reasonable approach

No it isn’t. They are neither a judge nor a jury.

It MIGHT be a more reasonable approach if they subjected everyone with a criminal background to their review. If they simply bothered checking all prospective passengers against the murderer / wife-beater / drunk-driver / thief / burglar / bank-robber registries.

Wait…. wait..


I am a RSO, who was convicted 23 years ago. Me and my wife have been traveling with carnival for 18 years.
I truly understand your frustrations. Just two weeks ago, I was informed through email that my wife owed monies for carnival cruise transfers. When called to inquire about those fees for my wife. I was told that I was no longer assign to that booking number and that I need to call a certain number and give a code the next business day. I did just as instructed only to find out that I had been placed on Carnivals (donot sail list) and that I would incur a penalty for cancellation fees for my wife if she decided not to go. Our trip was plan for April 21st 2019. Hopefully I can get my monies back without incurring any penalties. However i truly understand your frustrations. I hope that someday Carnival change that rule even though I don’t see it nowhere on Carnival’s website. You are not alone Kelly.


For some reason when I read this story, I get a vivid picture in my mind of all of those old photos of businesses that had signs that would read “No Colors Allowed”. I don’t really see a difference, they simply substituted “Colors” for “RSO’s”. Funny how old habits have a way of coming back… Its the same Turd with a different name…

Hi, I’ve actually visited Canada 3 times (Battery 20 years back/wobbler/reduced to misdemeanor/expunged/summary probation). I have a clean record, but still required to register

Right right usak…wind up usak to tight and he repeats the same program… We get it…you pled guilty to lesser charge than original had gone to trial(what was original charges?)
Anyways, in LATimes today they report 4th arrest within a year Burbank Unified school district has a school personnel arrested for sex with students.,two are pending but the others too will get probation and of course they will get them reduced and they had full fledged sex with students.
So please stop repeating the you got probation broken record compare to crime infested school personnel like Burbank.

When I was on an registry, I has no issues.

It is easy doing to avoid things like this.

I never liked like my first name, so all my life I always used my middle name as a first name.

All documents I sign are in my middle and last name. I have a Social Security card with my middle and last name on it. Notice on the application it states, “Name as you want appear on the card”

My vehicle registration… Middle and last name. Some states have it where the licensing and vehicle registration are separate entities. They could care less if you put “Kitty Cat” as the vehicle owner name.

Jobs I have gotten in the past…Middle and Last name on application.

I have also bought airline tickets in…..Middle and Last Name. Even international tickets.

Never had any issues.

Therefore, any search on registry list will not return a result for Middle and Last Name.

Good luck

I may be wrong, but I think that when you register you are supposed to list any alias’ so that wouldnt really work if were still on the registry. Could be considered a failure to register and a new charge.

I just received an email from airbnb telling me my account has been deactivated for what I believe is a similar reason. I don’t even live in the US any longer and was trying to book a full apartment in Spain. They must have used some type of facial recognition software to find me.

“Upon review, and given information uncovered pursuant to online public records, we have determined that it is in the best interest of Airbnb, and for the users on our site, to deactivate your account permanently. We realize that this may come as a disappointment and that you may have questions regarding this determination. We hope you understand that this decision is exercised at our sole discretion and that we are not obligated to provide an explanation as to the action taken against your account, nor are we liable to a user in any way with respect to deactivating or canceling his or her account.

Additionally, please understand that this removal will also entail the immediate termination of your pending or accepted bookings. As such, we may communicate to your host that your reservation has been cancelled and refunded in full.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Best regards,


Get this, I have no idea how this came about but it has been announced in security circles that ALL WALMARTS IN THE USA will be working with Homeland Security & implimenting “Facial Recognition” on all of their cameras. Keeping logs of who come & goes off of Wal Mart properties……..
How is that for 4th Amendment violation?!!!!!!!

I guess we’ll all have to start frequenting Walmart as often as possible now so we can be sure to raise all of their alarms, keep them busy, and waste as much of their time as possible. Be sure to cut through the toy and candy aisles and the children’s clothing areas, and hit the restrooms at least once on each visit.

I don’t even like Walmart, but now at least I have a reason to shop there.

Dang, now I’m starting to sound like Will Allen.

What we need to do as RSO’s or supporters, is to put together a fund to fight these cases in court. Win or lose, we build toward the next step. A loss shows the punitive nature of RSO, on paper, this helps build a case that the Registry is not civil but criminal and a punishment. That is the avenue we need to take the next steps to outlaw the Registry, for any feedback

We all have the Freedom and Right to travel according to Article 4 of the Articles of Confederation, meaning we should be able to travel state to state without government interference (i.e. registration)

Also according to the International Bill of Rights (adopted by the United Nations): Article 13 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights reads:

(1) Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each State.

What we really need to do is set up a non profit and pool money together to battle these laws on Constitutional grounds

What do you think this organization is?

Lets do this.. when will we join together and make changes COME NOW.. this is purely ridiculous. I mean come on. So they are losing sooo much money doing this stupid s***t. I called Noreweign today and they had adopted the Carnival cruise stupidty as well. So, I will not go with my hubby, our kids nor the rest of my family due to 1 man which is my husband who made a mistake about 25+ yrs ago when he was 14 and was charged at 19.. I mean DAMN.. he still has to suffer now entering into his 40’s.. this is bat s**t crazy.

You can thank your government for this. You can also thank religion for this moralistic BS as well. Government and religion is so intertwined in the USA that “In God We Trust” is printed prominently on the money of the USA.

The sex offender list is nothing more than public shaming for some sexual “sin” and the length of time is not even considered…the sinner aka sex offender will wear that make for the rest of his or her life.

What a modern enlightened society the USA is – NOT! We are slightly less conservative than say, Iran, BUT not by much!

I appreciate all those who provide help on this forum. I would like to hear from those who have been rejected by Norwegian Cruises. We took a Carnival cruise in June (2016) with no problem. In November (2016), I was denied entry into Thailand (we were trying to visit my wife’s family and had tours booked). Since we still had the time off work, we took a Norwegian cruise (November 2016) and again, had no problem. When you were denied a Norwegian cruise, did they notify you in advance, or when you tried to board the ship? We are booked on a Norwegian cruise out of Amsterdam in late June. Should I risk calling Norwegian (and probably have a red flag attached to our reservation), or wait and see what happens? Of course, if I am denied entry into Denmark, its all a moot point.
Thanks for any help or suggestions.

Just a quick follow up. Did you go on your NCL cruise? Did you have any issues? Thanks.

Did you make that Norwegian Cruise or were you blackballed?

Sorry, I am pretty late replying to your questions.

We had no problems at all with the cruise! We flew into Copenhagen via Zurich. In Zurich, they scanned passports with no issues. After that, passports were never even looked at as we went into Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland & Sweden. When we went into Russia, they took our passports and hand-wrote us Visas for the two days we were there. Other than standing in line for two hours while they hand-wrote everyone’s Visa, there were no issues.

The return trip was a little more interesting. I was horrified when I discovered that our return flight stopped in Toronto, after all the horror stories I have heard about Canada. Surprisingly, Canadian customs said how long are you staying in Canada? I said, we are just changing planes, so he said, well, just put down one day, then. We passed through, and could have walked right outside and spent the day touring Toronto, since we had five hours till our flight. We decided to go ahead and head for our return flight to LA, and it was a good thing we did. Oddly, The US had set up Customs right there in the Toronto airport! (I don’t know if they have this in other Canadian airports). After they scanned my passport, we were immediately sent to “Secondary Inspection”. I was interrogated, picture taken, fingerprinted, carry-on items searched, and then they said our luggage (which was already checked through to LA) would have to be searched. They sent people out into the baggage area of the airport to find our luggage. This whole process took nearly 3 hours. If we had not had a 5 hour layover, we would have missed our flight. (another couple who were in “secondary” with us did miss their flight)
The only good thing was when we flew into LA, we arrived at a domestic terminal, so we just walked off, grabbed our luggage (which amazingly didn’t miss the flight), and headed on our way with no further hassles.

@Mike G:
I don’t know if they have this in other Canadian airports
Today, CBP has more than 600 law enforcement officers and agriculture specialists stationed at 15 air Preclearance locations in 6 countries: Dublin and Shannon in Ireland; Aruba; Freeport and Nassau in The Bahamas; Bermuda; Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates; and Calgary, Toronto, Edmonton, Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, and Winnipeg in Canada. CBP also staffs a Pre-inspection facility for passenger/vehicle ferry traffic to the U.S. in Victoria, Canada.
Building upon the success of existing Preclearance operations, CBP intends to expand the program to new locations. DHS prioritization for expansion includes technical site visits to interested airports, during which each airport is carefully evaluated based on the current and future capacity to host CBP Preclearance operations and aviation security screening meeting TSA standards, as well as an analysis of the potential facilitation and homeland security benefits. CBP is currently negotiating with several countries interested in establishing Preclearance operations, and recently concluded agreements to cover Stockholm, Sweden (signed November 4, 2016) and Punta Cana, Dominican Republic (signed December 1, 2016).

This may be a dumb question, but…can we 290s bring class action litigation as a protected status under Title VII, AB 1825, or any other discriminatory laws?

Hello Folks:

Just got my Carnival Cruise Lines special services call, they had security concerns. The gentleman was very polite and informed me of their new policy of not allowing RSO’s on board. I have cruised with Carnival and quite a few other lines over the years.

I asked if this was a blanket policy – “yes”

I also asked if this as only for Carnival lines, he had to put me on hold to find out and the answer is ‘NO’ it only applies to Carnival and not their sister lines. (AIDA Cruises Carnival Cruise Line Costa Cruises Fathom P&O Cruises P&O Cruises Australia Cunard Princess Cruises Holland America Line Seabourn) * (Seabourn is the only way to cruise IMHO).

Anywho that is the scoop.

I didnt really want to go on that particular cruise anyways. That said, I get what I would say is an emotional PTHD response when things like this come up – anxiety, fear, dread… etc. Not to mention the embarrassment of telling the party of 6 I was joining I cannot now go. I have learned to work through those kind of traumatic feelings.

Still being punished for something that happened decades ago and in many states and most counties is not even illegal. alas

Im willing to participate in any type of legal action and do my part. Cruise ship are in many ways a floating hotel, so what next hotels themselves?

Please (anyone) keep me in the loop and thank you.

Let us all remember that this is NOT punishment…

This is NOT social shaming (for life)…

This is NOT about being kept in a virtual prison called the United States of America…

This is just how things are done in the most hypocritical country in the world…

How very American…love it or leave it – Right?

Trust me…I don’t love it and I have tried to leave it…can’t do that either.

But no…it’s NOT punishment at all!

Just got disembarked from a RC cruise out of Australia for being an RO. I’ve always had freedom of passage out of my own country. They escorted DW and DD crying. Left us on the curb with nothing.

I’m truly at a loss. I had told my 80 year old mother I would take her on her first cruise (would have been mine too) and was in the process of planning something with Royal Caribbean, with stops in Bahamas. But this gives me pause…Perhaps I will check out Princess Cruise Lines.

For those of you who’ve successfully cruised lately, have you had any trouble entering Bahamas? I really just want to go ashore with my mom, do the whole tourist thing, and go back to the ship. If I’m going to be hassled or embarrassed, I need to look at a different port.

David have you considered:

Honoring your mother* with a passage through Europe, Air France is a Couch experience.


I give attention to the translation of “Young’s Literal Translation”


This act upon your part would place you in the Position from the perspective of The Most High Father in Heaven as:

The ProdiGal Son Resurrected to his Home dutifully following his Father simple instructions, enabling you to humbly request The Father His Highness keep His part of the Covenant to bestow upon you “Time” to Overcome the Obstacles or Barriers (Hasatans) placed before you in life – Usurping Evil.

I speak Truth

As Yehovah Live, so should we

My husband is in the process of going to a lawyer to get off the sex offender register
Once you are off of it I wonder if you can cruise on carnival or do they still not allow you because you where once registered,Just wondering if anyone knows…. We have never had a problem until this year and the security department called and said they do not allow offenders on their ships and we have been on a least 30 cruises with other cruiselines as well.Any information would be helpful.


Kelly, I don’t think that is a question we can answer here. Although not being published on Megan’s List should allow you to travel easier, we will never know exactly where cruise lines gather their data from. And if they already have someone listed in their computer as a registrant, are they willing to accept updated information and determine that the person is no longer a liability to the cruise line. There is many unknown issues here like the fact that even once you are off Megan’s list, you will still be listed on many private websites until you can get each one to remove their listing. Also remember that although many cruise lines cater to American passengers, they are often registered vessels from foreign countries and may be using a compilation of international databases that may not reflect someones current status. The cruise lines are only looking at their potential financial liability and bad publicity sex crimes aboard a ship can cause. There are many cruise lines out there that don’t ban registrants and I have only heard of a few mentioned here that do ban registrants, so just stick with those cruise lines that don’t already ban us.

When was the last time anyone ever heard of a registered sex offender assaulting anyone on a cruise? It would more like one of the foreign ship crew members do it.

My husband has been off of the registry for several years now. Recently (August 2017) we booked an RC Caribbean cruise. We have travelled throughout Mexico and Central America extensively and I thought that he would enjoy a cruise. About ten days before our departure, RC e-mailed us to inform us that our reservations had been cancelled even though he is no longer on the registry. He is, of course, free to submit himself to this humiliation again in a year if he so desires. Somehow, I think not

If anyone would like to help me fight against the sex offender registry please email me at
If we all come together and fight against the registry our voices may be heard.

No problem with Princess, we got back March 30th from a Southern Caribbean cruise. As long as the ship leaves and returns to the same port no passport is needed, so entry is not a problem from a ship.

I’m sorry Cam, I am going to have to dig into your response a little further;

“No problem with Princess, we got back March 30th from a Southern Caribbean cruise. As long as the ship leaves and returns to the same port no passport is needed, so entry is not a problem from a ship.”

I can safely guess from the above:

1. No problem Boarding a Princess cruise ship…and that no passport is needed to board or exit at the same port, (which port was this, by the way?).

2. However, I could not determine if you left your Princess Cruse ship at any other port, specifically in the Caribbean…and if you were able to leave the ship…on what Islands did you embark?

Thanks in advance…I just would like to be clear for others that might want to board a cruise ship.

Best Wishes, James

We boarded at Ft Lauderdale’s Port Everglades. Last year we did a 10 day cruise to the Southern Caribbean on the Regal. Stopped in six ports, disembarked and rentered at every one with no issue. This year we did a 7 day Western Caribbean cruise with 4 ports, again no issue (got home Sunday). I have a passport… my husband does not, he used his drivers license and birth certificate.
There is a Norweigan Cruise we would like to take but cannot find any definate info. Holland will tell you it’s a no if you call, however can’t find where anyone has been denied. Honestly think some of the customer service people just say no and do not even check. Princess very clearly tells you that they do accept RSOL if you call.

We had no problem with our two Norwegian cruises to Hawaii and Northern Europe (including Russia) last year. Of course, we had no problem with our last Carnival cruise either. It was to Alaska, and we even walked off the ship and spent some time in Victoria, Canada with no problem at all. It was right after that that we heard of RCs being banned from Carnival, so maybe we were just lucky, or maybe since we didn’t use passports, they didn’t check anything. We also cruised twice on Royal Caribbean, but that was in 2013 and 2015.
Unfortunately, these things change almost daily. Today Princess could say no problem, and tomorrow they could say “no way”. I’m sure that those of us that have to get the new passport are going to find even more limitations.

Are you guys doing the 21 day notice before taking the cruises? In FL I was told they now are required to enter each country destination stop into the Fed portal just like if you are flying. You would most likely based on my experience and review of my Paperwork (I did FOIA requests) have numerous travel alerts sent to each country. Something I do not want especially with Mexico. They appear to ban you permanently once they know. Just interested in 2018 cruises as things change all the time. I have been to places with no problem to be later rejected because of a notice to then back later with no notice and be allowed entry. That was with a specific country and sadly they are not all the same.

I’m going on a cruise (Princess) in about 2 weeks and for the first time doing the 21 day notice. It does concern me that each country I’m visiting with will have multiple alerts now. I’m doing this as it’s the law now and don’t need the feds or the host country to find any reason to make my travels any more stressful than they are. I’ll have a copy of my 21 day notice (stamped and signed) with me which shows I’m compliant.

I take a cruise about twice a year on average. No guarantees of course but today’s yes can become no’s tomorrow as others have mentioned above.

Here is the link to crime statistics for the major cruise lines since 2010:

These statistics only cover cases that have been reported to the FBI and already closed as the law requires. Carnival Cruise lines seems to have the consistently greater number of crimes. I assume that may be because they carry the largest number of passengers each year? These statistics are likely only a fraction of those cases that are actually reported and not yet closed/solved.

Here’s statistics that also include allegations of crimes:

You will notice that they also show the national crime statistics for comparison to show how much safer a cruise ship is than the overall crime rates off ship.

any new info/law on GA’s RSO laws. my situation was in 1993,overturned in ’97,took alford plea,got off probation in 2013, i’m a level 1 low risk,petition court in 2014 for early release from registry, no problems whatsoever.just got letter from my lawyer judge denied my petition for early release…what can i do now??? what cruise line can i use to go on caribbean cruise,besides royal caribbean and carnival cruise lines

Has anyone had a recent problem with Royal Caribbean allowing a RSO to cruise this year. I have a cruise coming up with my husband(RSO) and family to the southern Caribbean in Dec. Paid in full, completed pur SetSailPass got our cruise papers just the other day for embarking. I would hate to get denied at the port. We are leaving from Baltimore MD

I i’ve been on the registry for 17 years from a crime back in 2001. I recently went to Mexico with my girlfriend and wasn’t allowed in the country. I did do the 21 day notice with the officials that I was told to do that with. I guess they inform Interpol and was intercepted at the gate in Mexico and returned to the United States in the same plane. This was extremely embarrassing as they called my name inside the plane and I had to walk through hundreds of people in the plane to disembark. My girlfriend didn’t understand what was going on until we seen the officials and then were escorted to a holding area. At that point they made me fill out a large form asking me questions about my past crime why I was in Mexico how much money I was going to spend there etc. I believe that the Obama 2016 bill that went to into effect is going to make it extremely hard for people in our situation to ever go anywhere in the world. It seems like it’s a never ending persecution.

Are there any cruise lines besides Carnaval and Noreignian that allow SOs to board?

My girlfriend and I are planning to take a trip to Europe in October ( Spain, Germany). We will be going with her son and his girlfriend, both have no idea about my past. I do not want to subject them to any awkward situations during our travels, due to the fact that they want to use Airbnb to share. Has anyone used this service in these countries? Would like to know what our options would be. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

First question is: Are you subject to IML?
If so, the passport issue could cause embarrassing situations, especially if you are barred from flying or barred from entering Spain or Germany. Right now, there is no problem, but by October, who knows?

If you are not subject to IML, the only problem you will have would be re-entering the US, where you would almost certainly be sent to secondary inspection. If you can get your girlfriend’s son and girlfriend on a different return flight, that would be ideal. Otherwise, you need to drag your feet or take a long restroom break before you get to customs, and let the others get way ahead of you, so maybe they won’t see you singled out for scrutiny.

Regarding AirBnB, someone else will have to tackle that one.

Thanks Mike G

Yes I will be subject to the IML. I am not listed as a violent SO. I’ve talked with my girlfriend and figured out how to avoid her son from finding out, either tell them to meet us by going ahead and we’ll catch up later. I would at least, just once, visit outside the US once in my life. Thanks.

Please let us know how this goes.

That is good advice. We are planning a trip to Europe next summer and I fully plan on taking a different flight than my family. They all know but want to spare them and uncomfortable situations. Also I’m thinking about spending the extra for flight insurance.

I’m afraid Airbnb is not advisable unless you can manage to keep your name out of the reservations. Perhaps if this can be done entirely through your girlfriend’s account. They run checks against the U.S. Registry and prohibit us from using their service. I’m not sure if hosts are required to check passports (in Europe) of all of those staying there since this a requirement of hoteliers. That could be a problem even if you can keep your name off of the reservation if it is entered into the Airbnb system as one of the guests. So, there’s some uncertainty there and perhaps those with Airbnb experiences in Europe, or as a host, can weigh-in here.

My husband and I was deprived of cruising due to a charge he obtained in 2003, he did the time and has been on parole since, the parole board cleared the Travel and gave him permission to travel. Royal Caribbean waited 72 hours (3 days) before our departure and cancelled the Paid in full cruise. The Cruise was booked in March 2018 and paid in full in May. Royal Caribbean did not contact us until 9 days prior to our cruise for the so-called necessary documents/paperwork , we complied and submitted it 5 days afterward, one day later, was denied to sail. Ok, if RC is not allowing people who are RSO, its’ their responsibility to begin their screening process as soon as the travelers entered into a binding contract with RC acceptance of their monies. The travelers should not have to endure the pain and devastation of being cancelled 3 to 4 days before departing. Not only is this wrong, its’ a breach of contract without any consideration of their implied contract obligation to the travelers. I filed a formal compliant and is seeking to file a personal and class action suit against this Cruise Line.

Planning to take a cruise, possibly with Norwegian, out of San Francisco to Alaska, with a couple stops in Canada. I think a passport is NOT required. I do not have have a passport and do not wish to get one that is stamped until I am off the California registry in a year or so.

Does anyone have experience with an Alaska cruise? Did you need a passport?

I am an RSO, but I do not appear on the public registry at all. Anyone else in that category have problems?

It would be helpful to hear back. Thank you!

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