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MI: Prosecutor known for fighting prostitution charged with paying for sex hundreds of times

When it came to hiring prostitutes for sex, police say, Stuart Dunnings III preferred escort websites such as Escort Vault and Most of the time, police say, Dunnings would meet the women at motels. Occasionally, they’d meet at a pimp’s house.

His was a ferocious habit, one that led the 63-year-old to shell out hundreds of dollars three or four times a week for a revolving cast of heroin-addled sex workers. By the time he was arrested Monday outside a Lansing, Mich., coffee shop, Dunnings had racked up hundreds of illegal encounters in three Michigan counties between 2010 and 2015, according to an arrest affidavit.

But Dunnings wasn’t just any John, authorities say. For the past 20 years, he’s been the top prosecutor for Ingham County, a man who put sex traffickers in jail and built a reputation as “an outspoken advocate for ending human trafficking and prostitution,” according to a statement released by Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette (R). Full Article

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  1. kelnothiding

    oh man , sucks to be him , hmmmm , seems that the witch hunters can be a danger? you mean the Reg did make anyone safe , maybe we should take a closer look at these Reg stalkers that that keep stalking our familys , and go around handing out flyers at places we live , and these people that haunt this very site , when we are just trying to make heads or tails out of our broken lives , the YMCA wow , really? I wish nothing bad to happen to anyone even this guy , but I do see how it could in help with some of the fight when it comes to facts about those” that push this RSO thing so dang hard ,

  2. Mr. G

    Archdeacon Claude Frollo is, wait a second. This is the same character only using a different name. Stuart Dunnings III is a predator.

  3. sadandmad


    That’s all there is to say. Enjoy the registry, “pedophile”

    • Margaret Moon

      I think we must call this guy a trafficker, the new buzzword.
      I have long felt that those zealots who push the hardest for harsher laws and scream the loudest about predators, pedophiles, and traffickers probably have the most sin to hide. Or the most profit/power to gain…. Or both.

  4. mch

    Beware of the Zealot!

  5. Frank

    Stuart Dunnings III- In Nye County Nevada, it’s perfectly legal to pay for sex in one of the many brothels. You should have moved to Nevada. Not sure how the powers that be would like a public official spending all of his spare time and money with a prostitute?

  6. Two States East

    SEXUAL ADDICTION; now there’s a term you rarely see anywhere in CA RSOL ! But the truth is all sex is addictive. Care to argue the point ?
    As it is now, the neo-puritans are hammering away through the Religious Right to criminalize this obvious human trait. And prostitutes and their johns are the perfect target…Can’t call it prostitution anymore; now it’s human trafficking, the latest phrase from the victim advocate industry to attack men.

    There are simply many men who have a natural urge to crave sex, but don’t want a committed relationship. Everyone knows this. At least Nevada has been dealing with this truth for many years now.

    • Timmr

      Yes, but I will warrant that the sexual experience was enhanced by the danger and the feeling of dominance that comes from all the effort and planning to keep his secret. If it was just sex, there are, as you mention, places legally to satisfy that. I think power is the the greatest addiction, and the most vulnerable to falling victim to sex/dominance addictions are those in power and authority.

  7. Two States East

    Timmr: Excellent point. For some, beneath the natural urge is the addiction of power. When I was in outpatient sex offender treatment we had some single guys that tried short circuiting meaningful relationships with women and instead cruised for prostitutes. Were I still in group and said what I just wrote I would have been put on agenda for minimizing, and the rest of the group would have questioned me !

    • Timmr

      The “therapy” in group treatment of sex offenders I have found is disturbingly structured like thought reform used by the Red Army in the 1950’s for example or the initiation of new members in a cult. What people call “brainwashing.” I don’t doubt it reduces re-offense, but at what cost does this Pavlovian approach have on the former offender really trying to understand why he or she did the act in the first place? This is rather a broad accusation I am making, I know, I want to research this idea further. But I can’t see how it helps to discount cause and effect and how calling it “making excuses” really helps the former offender to know himself and therefore control his actions in a conscious way.

      • David Kennerly

        They are the American equivalent of the Maoist reeducation camps and “struggle sessions” of the Red Guards.

        Fortunately, I was able to get myself kicked out after a couple of sessions.

        I am dubious that they have any particular efficacy in preventing “reoffending”, scary as those people are.

        • ab

          1. Counseling can only work if someone chooses to let it.
          2. By choosing to let it work a person must conform to local norms.

          Of course by conforming to local norms a person accepts that they are more valid than norms elsewhere. Which unfortunately can cause problems if reality were to be addressed. In turn devaluing the worthiness of any treatment.

          The following is part of an actual conversation from a group session:

          Person #1 “What if over there nothing illegal occurred?”

          Person #2 “Well plenty of legal things happened in different countries at various times. It doesn’t matter if nothing illegal occurred, its illegal here and now.”

          Person #3 “I had stuff from decades ago that was legal at the time and place of creation. Don’t think about the legality of it. Think about if it moral or not. I understand your hesitation, if no one said anything indicating how they thought or felt, why would you or anyone else want to suddenly tell them. It might open a can of worms that could create problems for the person.”

          Counselor “How do you know nobody was raped or molested?”

          Person #1 “I didn’t see it happen. No one has stated they were treated in any particular way for better or worse. I don’t know for sure, but assuming…”

          Counselor (cutting person one off and getting defensive) “You know they are sometimes kidnapped, fed poorly, tortured, killed. Other times sold from brothel to brothel. Told to smile”

          Person #4 “Yeah. I thought they wanted me. They were smiling.”

          Person #2 “I didn’t see that, but usually the victims go through very horrible situations.”

          Person #5 “How can you know if someone did experience trauma…you were not there and it seems like no one stated they were victimized.”

          Counselor “Through treatment I believe they have developed the tools and insight to be able to make those distinctions.”

          Person #5 “Uh okay.” (unconvinced)

          Person 1# “Good points. Though in reality it is unknown so assuming one way or another could in of itself be offensive.”

          Person #3 “In reality there would be no good way to approach this. Forget reality and whatever you can imagine to be the worst assume that. Its about building or at least showing empathy for the victim. In the end empathy will probably prevent you from doing what you did again.

          Person #2 “Reality does not matter.”

          Person #1 “Alright.”

          Yes everyone read that correctly in certain instances the facts do not matter. In case anyone is confused: attend group and improve not by coming to grips with reality, but fiction. Seems reasonable enough to make sense based on how other parts of the system are corrupted.

  8. Agamemnon

    …and when there is no one left to hang, they’ll hang themselves.

  9. Tobin's Tools

    I once viewed prosecutors as the “good” ones, and defense attorneys as “bad.” One was noble, the other ignoble. But after my experience, the prosecution is not any worse than the defense. Often, prosecutors — who are now paid abrurd amounts of salary and pension — abuse their powers from a position of hypocrisy (which I personally find much worse). This article also makes me wonder what “skeletons” zealots of the registry hide in their closets…

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