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Committees to Hear Residency Restrictions Bill and Internet Bill on April 19 [updated]

Added 4/9: Also on April 19 the Assembly Public Safety Committee will consider Assembly Bill 2569 that would terminate certain offender’s exclusion from the public Megan’s Law web site. The hearing will begin at 9 a.m. (#13 on agenda) in the State Capitol, Room 126.

The Senate Public Safety Committee will consider Senate Bill 1021, a bill that would allow cities to adopt and enforce residency restrictions, on April 19. The hearing will begin at 9:30 a.m. (#8 on agenda) in Room 4203 of the State Capitol Building.

“Senator Sharon Runner has introduced yet another bill that violates the Constitution and destroys families,” stated CA RSOL President Janice Bellucci.

The California Supreme Court decided in March 2015 that residency restrictions, as applied to parolee registrants in San Diego, violated the Constitution. This decision is based, in part, upon a lack of available and affordable housing for registrants. SB 1021 provides that a registrant could apply for an exception to cities’ residency restrictions if they could prove to a state appellate court that there was a lack of available and affordable housing where they chose to reside.

“This bill would shift a significant legal burden from cities to registrants,” stated CA RSOL Vice President Chance Oberstein. “The cost to pursue this remedy would require the expenditure of significant resources including time and money. As a result, many registrants would not be allowed to live with their loved ones.”

Senator Runner has introduced similar legislation in the past. Prior to introduction of SB 1021, the senator’s latest attempt to punish registrants was Senate Bill 54. California RSOL opposed that bill and it was defeated by the Senate Public Safety Committee on June 30, 2015.

“We cannot rest on our past success,” stated Bellucci. “It is time to send letters, make phone calls and testify before the Senate Public Safety Committee.”

  • For Senate Public Safety Committee Contact information and sample letter, as well as previous discussion, see here
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I think as a group people should show up on senator runners front door step.

Making ones Presence Know is the only effective means to have ones Rights & Titles restored thereby ones Peace of Mind can begin to heal and place ones Being in a State of Wholeness.

Once a person reaches this Position in life of Wholeness a person can begin to Extend & Project Wholeness to his fellow & Create Harmony for all.

It is Truth & Fact that Incomplete Beings can only Create Chaos & Unfulfillness for themselves & the world around them.

Senator Runner is clearly, for what ever the source of her intentions may be. a clearly seen Obstacle for all of the residents of the great State of California in reaching renewed Wholeness.

Senator Runner Stands in the Path of Fulfilling Righteousness.

Senator Runner will not forgive, Those who do not forgive will not be forgiven.

As Yehovah lives, so should we.

i wish all rso’s would move out here to CA , and stay tell they put a stop to this unsafe , unjust , Reg , then we can all move to another state and do the same thing there , in there face , but most are doing good just to be able give 20 bucks a month to help out , let alone be able to relocate , and that’s just one of many reason’s that this bill sucks , is having to Relocate , and not even enough places that are so called safe , no where safe for RSO as long as the Reg allow a RSO web site , just so stalker witch hunters can punish us , and use as life time wiping post , oh but we create jobs , and build self important’s for people that are murders , armed robbers , and unknown offenders , or just love to make people suffer , And my fav the stalker that have nothing better to do than troll , internet ,as well as our family , just kind of makes me feel worm and fuzzy ,

Does this apply to all registrants or just registrants on parole?

As it is currently written, it only applies to felons convicted of a crime enumerated with penal code 667.61 (which is quite a lengthy list).

Well ain’t this just peachy! It has to be a Constitutional violation of some sort to make a bunch of us sell our houses and move….(on?).

Not to make us fell any more paranoid than we already do…but I hope that Janice’s opinion is correct on this.

But Paul is smart, (and I thank him for reading all this crap), so who knows?

Best Wishes, James

My parole officer told me I couldn’t be within half a mile of a school. Because I had two minor girlfriends one 15 @ 19, and 16/17 @20/21.

I bet if this passes, she’ll make this a condition

If I were leader of the Senate, I would pull Senator Runner aside and say, “You will withdraw your Bill and you will enter mental health treatment for this irrational obsession…..or I will take action to have you declared mentally unfit to serve out your term and have you removed from office.”
Seriously, there’s something very wrong with her.

Yeah, you have to wonder about her ability to grasp simple concepts of cause and effect. As someone had said before, this bill will only drive more homeless registrants out of cities into rural areas — the areas with a low density of schools — like her district.

Good one David. I think you summed it up well. She sadly is not running for re election! My letters will go out tomorrow with round one of phones calls being made also. One more time let’s do it!

The week prior, on April 12, SB 813 – eliminating the Statute of Limitation on many offenses – will be heard by the Public Safety Committee.

This bill would allow the prosecution of rape, sodomy, lewd or lascivious acts, continuous sexual abuse of a child, oral copulation, and sexual penetration, as specified, to be commenced at any time.

What’s with the Gulag State? The penal machine has shifted into high gear. This is the third sex offender bill to be brought up this year, and it is only March.

Part of this, sad to say, is a function of the fact that society can no longer, at least not openly, spew hate at gays or blacks…the focus has shifted to a safer group to hate.

We are serving as a societal safety valve…some people always got to hate someone.

Best Wishes, James

“some people always got to hate someone.”
Those are the people society has reason to be concerned about.

I believe that it is in California where our voices will be heard and fairness will be applied.
I will be moving to California in few short years when i Retire and will put more of my time and efforts in supporting our movement. When I was released in 2003, I had to register once a year. In two years time they had moved it up to twice. Not long after that it became 4 times a year. We also have to pay 150.00 per year. All it takes is one more sexual crime in the national news that will motivate vote hungry politicians to come up with some new punishment for people who are on the registry to get their faces in front of a camera with some new restriction named after the victim.

Timmr, on bringing up the amount of sex offender bills in Calif. For the last few years I follow sex offender bills introduced in many States. Please try this: Go to Legiscan. Where it asks for what State, a list comes up. At the top of the list is “All States”. Then under subject, just put in the words “sex offenders”. Just incredible numbers of bills in New York for example. And this is only for this year. It’s the same for previous years. New Jersey will get high numbers too. The number one “annual attempt” in those States is AWA of course.

Gulag State, Gulag Nation.

I mailed out my letters, as well as made my calls earlier today. Hope it makes a difference.

I sent my letters today. I wish I had self adhesive envelopes like the stamps, the taste is awful. But I guess I must get used to it as our letter writing campaigns will never be able to end.

Use tap water for crying out loud. A little sponge helps too

Thanks SadAndMad, You’re right, I wasn’t thinking. In fact I just found my old envelope moistener. Good, now I’m ready for the next letter writing campaign.

Round 1 of phone calls and letters mailed today!

Thank you, PR! It’s time for calls to be made to all members of the Senate Public Safety Committee to request that they vote “no” on Senate Bill 1021. Because Senator Runner has announced she will not run for re-election, this will be her last attempt to punish registered citizens.

Such wonderful news Janice! Although sadly, that will not end our fight for our constitutional rights.

We’ve got one here in Nevada who compares to Runner. Former Nevada Attorney General and Democratic candidate for United States Senate Catherine Cortez Masto.

Every commercial on TV she mentions a personal goal to expand the Nevada SOR.
She is on a mission to end all sex traffic in Nevada while destroying more lives.

It’s no longer the right wing fanatics. Have you ever listened to these progressive witches on the “VIEW”. They are worse than Nancy Grace.

Thank you Frank. I get a lot of emails from this lady asking for support. Not that she is in my district, anyway, but definitely not now. You know it would be good to have a list of those politicians who at least aren’t rabidly seeking to re-punish registrants. Most of the politicians have helium balloons tied to their wrists and their hands go up automatically in favor of punishing registrants. Some may be more willing to cut those strings and think more liberally when it comes to these laws. I am not a one issue person on even this. It is a virus that has spread within the two parties, and we need to vote for those who are more immune to its hatred.

Hi Timmr:

I’ve been noting some of your posts and seems you have a political perspective on the RC matter, as I do. I joined with a couple others here that were interested in building a mailing list for CARSOL awareness among RC’s, and I have taken that a step further by adding geopolitical identifiers to the names and addresses.

We have only begun this endeavor about a week or so ago. And via folks I know abroad performing the data entry we’re over a thousand names in the database.

If the moderator would be so kind as to pass on my email address to you I’d like to hear more about your thoughts and activities

AB 2569, would only apply to offenders whose victim was their child, stepchild, sibling, or grandchild from being eligible for exclusion from the Internet Web site??

Janice I believe Senator Runner is going to push for a “sympathy vote” for the passage of this Bill. Its sort of her golden egg and as the author of Jessica’s law it’s her legacy’s last stand. Perhaps shining that light of truth as regards to this Bill will help defeat it…underscore the fact it is honorable to want to push to protect children and society but the recidivism rates are so low that such concerns (though popular) are not founded.

Quietly under the radar, Melendez’s AB 2569 will be heard by the ASSEMBLY Public Safety Committee on the same day as Runner’s SB 1021, which will be heard in the SENATE Public Safety Committee.

That was quiet. I checked their agenda two weeks ago and they did not have it scheduled. Thank you.

Anyway, I wrote letters opposing both bills.

Since there are two hearings at the same time, will CARSOL have representation at both?

I almost wonder if this scheduling was done on purpose. Perhaps it is possible for CARSOL reps to go to one and then the other?

I am considering going to these and am just wondering about the logistics….

Anybody who is into building and flying model airplanes better take a look at AB-2320. Now they’re saying we can’t do that either.

“This bill would prohibit a person required to register pursuant to those provisions for an offense committed on or after January 1, 2017, from operating an unmanned aircraft system. Because a violation of that provision would be a crime, the bill would impose a state-mandated local program.”

same on both day?

that a mean trick giving us a choice which one to go to.

In my opinion the Internet exclusion is in place to protect the victims. Many of those families try to work through the situation together. In order to qualify for the exclusion, the offense had to have not been on the more serious side of this issue. To lift the exclusion and require the offender to be listed on the Internet would make it harder for families to stay together. Because as we all know, the registery not only effects the offender but also their families. So, in this case, since the victim is also the family, it effects them as well, putting a spotlight on the entire family. The victim is then victimized again with the way the spotlight will draw attention to the family in their community. Then, as many children do when they see how something is hurting their family, they feel guilty. Obviously they should not feel guilt and shame but it’s human nature to do so. I hope those voting will see the bigger picture.

They don’t care about victims or their families. They have no conception of the journey one has to embark on the get back to one’s loved ones. It took me half a decade of wandering in probation land to find my way back to the family; and in that time I have learned that all they care about, these lawmakers and their lackeys, is their crusade and their image of themselves as paper heroes in it. They have one eye and that eye should be easy to stick a burning stake of truth into.
They can not see the whole picture, that is their weakness, and that is how we find an advantage and freedom.

“In my opinion the Internet exclusion is in place to protect the victims. Many of those families try to work through the situation together.”

This is what I thought these exclusions were about. Basically, incest. Now they want to release this information??? Don’t they care about what this would do to the child or sibling who was the victim in that case???

These people make me sick. They don’t care whose lives they destroy with these @#$%ing bills they keep trying to pass!!!!!

concerned mother”

what you said is particularly true as there is PC 292 that pertains specifically to a family member. So a household member is guilty (shamed) by association

I sent a message to Assembly member Melendez who introduced AB2569

Okay, AB2569 is being introduced by Assembly Member Melendez.

Let’s get to workie!

She’s another republican trying to pick up where Sharon Runner left off
She’s from Riverside County…..go figure

i guess every Greek,Roman,and every other male in every other society,including all our great grandfathers male ancestors would all be child molesters and I guess if we had a sex offender register dating back to early civilization there would be billions and billions of people on it except for a very small minority of people from the recent past from the 1900 hundreds till today. that’s should really scare the hell out of all these puritans pushing these laws.

Any word if AB 2569 passed today?

The Public Safety Committee did not consider AB 2569 on Tuesday. Instead, the bill will be heard on Wednesday. One possible reason for the delay is an amendment to the bill that is under active consideration. While the amendment is not final, the version available today is not good enough. It would allow the CA Dept. of Justice to make a determination whether a person should be added to the Megan’s Law website based upon their assessment if it would be good for the victim. CA RSOL will testify at the hearing on Wednesday.

Thank you. I’ll sleep a lot better tonight and I hope you get some too.

Thank you Janice. Been waiting and wondering. Now we can all sleep tonight. But it sounds like they are going to find a compromise to get this through.

I guess it means that someone at Justice Department wants it! i think we are entering an era where they are seeing what an expensive resource hungry and ineffective monster they’ve created.

Yes thank you Janice–I think you’re going to tell them what they know and want to hear. They are looking for political cover, I believe, to make changes to this beast

Thank you Janice for the update. Im trying to stay positive but between the IML and AB 2569 my life is in turmoil. 26 years of constant stress wonder what new law would come to destroy my life as a 290 and I have so fare have been able to dodge the bullets flying over my head, stupid me was even starting to be believe society was allowing me a little redimsion but nope I have to keep going back to hell for my sins, my victim has forgiven me but polictians don’t believe SO deserve forgiveness. if this goes all the way to the Governor and you know he will sign it as every new SO law flying through. I will make the world happy and just step off.

Thank you for all of your support

It’s not over yet I have to hold on to hope it’s all I have it still needs both houses approval maybe logic will prevail wait a minute never mind

^^ Above poster (2x)… did it pass ? I didnt see anyone saying it did ? What exactly is this bill ? just EVERYONE could be going on Megans law ? Since sen runner withdrew isnt all of the RESIDENCY restrictions gone ? THX

Janice, I could not find a calendar for The Public Safety Committee hearing listed for today. Did you mean next Wednesday? Does anybody know?

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