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Congressman Nadler Introduces the Keep Kids Safe Act to Stop Sex Offenders Who Target Children from Owning or Acquiring a Gun

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Congressman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), senior member of the House Judiciary Committee, introduced legislation to prevent guns from getting into the hands of sex offenders who prey on children. Federal law prohibits persons convicted of a felony from buying, selling, or possessing guns or ammunition, yet it is perfectly legal for someone convicted a misdemeanor sex crime against a minor to acquire a firearm. The Keep Kids Safe Act of 2016 would close this safety gap, making it illegal under federal law for someone convicted of a misdemeanor sex crime against a child to transfer, acquire or possess firearms or ammunition. Full Article

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  1. kelnothiding

    LOL , he is going the wrong way , i think it should be against the law to not own a gun of some kind , Everyone , people can chose to use it , or not ,,

  2. Erwin

    So someone who committed a sex crime of looking at a pornographic image of a 16 year old is likely to go out and shoot someone? So let’s not allow them to own guns. However for the adults & parents who beat kids and get charged with misdemeanor battery…..well, they can keep their firearms

    • Rob

      He constantly refers to offenders with misdemeanor crime against a minor as child predators. He calls a sex offender an unstable and unfit person to own a gun. He argues that (hey its a sex offender, we can at least all agree on this new law because everyone hates them)
      I own a gun and have CWP. I live in state where two people were shot and killed from a nut job who went to there houses with the intent to kill them. My apartment was broken into, don’t know if it was related to me being on the registry but it sure makes me suspicious.
      If anyone should have a gun it’s us.
      He says that people with misdemeanors convicted of domestic abuse shouldn’t own a gun, yeah no kidding.
      How does an RSO with a gun cause anyone harm?

      This issue is very important to me.
      I just called the senator’s office and spoke to someone and voiced opinion against the bill.

      Please call him or your local congressman to oppose this bill, before this gains to much traction.

  3. PK

    I got one- Why not create a new law that bans the Internet from any person convicted of a Sex Offense?

    • kelnothiding

      PK , why not ban internet for everyone? i did no crime with a gun or internet , so why not just do away with having any rights at all ?, hell lets just go jump in the fire , or stand at the fence and everyone go Moooooo ? and wait for the truck to come pick us up so they can sell us , lol , hell yes , lets ban cars , planes , trains , ban water , lets just make law that all SO’s lose there right to protect them selfs at all , let people molest our kids so they have more RSO to punish , i think your on to something PK ! lol

    • Renny

      I am positive that one will pass in our lifetime.

      So will internment camps. The internet will be irrelevant when the federales and buses come to get us to take to the camps.

        • kelnothiding

          like I said ROB , camp lol Semper Fi , thanks for posting that vid, more folks should be checking that out, like ole boy said we need to start our own towns and then we would have a much louder voice

        • Rob

          Your welcome. I sometimes think of that video when I think of our cause and how absurd everything has become.
          I too often think If this can happen to people of a certain religion then…..whats to stop it from happening to us?

          I’d imagine if we started our own town they would pass a national law or state that prevents a certain amount RSO’S living next to each other.
          Oh wait they just did that in Alabama, crazy. Hopefully the ACLU can win that fight.

        • kelnothiding

          well Rob we are a long way from sticking Alabama , but I see your point , I still think our own towns would give us a much bigger voice , as well as more elbow room to work on our broken lives , strength in numbers even if we are spead thin , become a town that is about positive , produce , rather than just consume , and all about rights ,

        • Notgivingup

          You say a town, but all of us are living in towns, cities, would it not be better for the RCs in the community to get together and have their voices heard? A town needs jobs, schools etc, if you cannot find jobs where you are what makes you think a town for RCs could accomplish what every one needs to survive, get their children a good education, have a nice home, Yes I am sure there would be areas in this country that one could start a new life, but there are thousands of RCs that are doing fine where they are at. Surround yourself with the people who are in your area., run for city council, try and have the laws in your area changed.

        • Renny

          That is how I feel living in the US today. Mainly because we all know in our hearts that if that were FCD being rounded up, the streets would be just as empty.

          Our former countrymen would not band together to stop the round up. There would be a few very brave souls like Janice, who in my opinion is probably in mortal danger from being killed by some California legislator in order to end the “Bellucci Woman Problem” so they can move forward without being questioned.

          Make NO mistake, an American police officer WOULD kill a child who committed a sex offense of he was told to do it. That is the United States in 2016. They have the guns and they have them for a reason. We either obey or they will kill us, not just FCD, Americans too. You obey, or you will die. THAT is America.

        • kelnothiding

          Renny ,, well all I can say about that is , that they got the easy part done , the talking about it , don’t ever under estamate what will happen when the greater mass see what is going on , like in NAM , people dug in like ticks , pulling together as a people and show positive action , create a life for people with the least amount of fear , for as long as possible , there for you project the least amount of fear , being in tune is a much stronger tool that a bunch of fear and anger , but being in tune with not only your brothers and sisters , but every thing around you , like how the wind moves , all the sounds that all of the crows make when they since danger , how blues jays move , there is no cheating the path of life , only learning how to live every were any time with the path set before us , in tune with the very people that want to keep each other alive , and all that you hold dear in life as well in death , full circle ,

        • sadandmad

          Gee, I’m glad I don’t have Gingervitus! Looks dangerous!

      • kelnothiding

        Renny ,, sad but your right , but hay , they make it sound fun , internment Camps” sounds like a trip to north cali ! what ever happens , happens , we got each other as a people , don’t ever give up the fight for freedom as well as your BRO and SISTERS , we all count , no matter what the fools say , at least you can look at your self in the mirror if you do what ever you can to help , if we are not out there being the critters they say we are , at least we are a good number 1% , all we need is the other 99% lol someone was talking about the NRA , wait tell the NRA can see how many things that are used against RSO’s , that can and will be twisted against people of the NRA , you want to see some nuts , wait tell some those guys get dragged down the rabbit hole

        • sadandmad

          God bless the NRA!

        • kelnothiding

          yes god bless the NRA ! GOD knows that the NRA care so much about everyones rights ! lol , they get right to waving the ole flag about there gun rights , then turn right around and not give a darn about everyone else’s rights , they just jump right on the very leg of the people that are pushing hard to take the all the very basic rights from RSO’s , a kind of two faced funny really ,

  4. Rob

    His email and other contact information if anyone wants to call.

    Washington, DC Office
    2109 Rayburn HOB
    Washington, DC 20515
    Phone: 202-225-5635

    Manhattan Office
    201 Varick Street, Suite 669
    New York, NY 10014
    Phone: 212-367-7350

    Brooklyn Office
    6605 Fort Hamilton Parkway
    Brooklyn, NY 11219
    Phone: 718-373-3198

  5. Two States East

    Wot about the NRA ?? I thought they always come a’ runnin whenever the second amendment is threatened ? Oops, I forgot we don’t count…

  6. Mike r

    like I’ve said these laws are going to keep coming until someone challenges the justification for these laws the courts were lied to and manipulated by legislators using some junk statistic by some retard that had no qualifications to even opine on the subject until that false data that was used to justify these laws is introduced into the record and the justification for these laws are challenged the dominoes are going to continue to fall forever one after the other

  7. Mike r

    i meant to say that until the false data that was used to justify these laws is challenged and the real data is introduced into the record we can then challenge the Courts justification for these laws

  8. Nicholas Maietta

    Every time i hear something like this, i cannot help but thing the true reason maybe simply be to remind people that most registrants don’t have guns. You can easily kill a registrant and they cannot defend themselves or their own family easily or legally.

  9. Renny

    Figures, someone that AQ unfortunately missed is sponsoring this bill.

  10. stephen

    Email the NRA and tell them next were going after the drunk drivers. Let them think were helping push this RSO bill, act like just a member of the public. Make sure you add the Congressman’s name some where in it.
    ha ha fight dirty.

  11. Notgivingup

    Sometimes I think the media is to blame for a lot of the myths and downright lies that are told about people who have been charged and convicted of sex offences, then the scum lawmakers jump on the wagon along with other ill inform people and the train just keeps rolling faster and faster until it is nearly impossible to stop.

    I just cannot believe that after a person has served his or her time or whatever punishment was dished out that it is legal to keep adding more restriction and punishment after the facts. This gun bill will probably pass just like IML and the 100s if not thousands of other laws put in place across this country with little or no facts to back them up.

    I am shocked that this has continued even after so many years being beat down, no matter how many times I stand backup this BS continues. All I can say is what’s next? I have built up from nothing, have a great family, A good job, pay my taxes, where are the other RCs? Where is our Army?

    This is media, and the lawmakers and how they twist the facts.

    A King enrolled his donkey in a race & won.

    Local paper read :
    ‘ KING’s Az WON

    The king was so upset with this kind of publicity that he gave the donkey to the queen.

    The local paper then read:
    The king fainted…

    Queen sold the donkey to a farmer for 10$.
    Next day paper read:
    The queen fainted…

    The next day king ordered the queen to buy back the donkey and leave it in jungle.
    The Next day Headlines :
    The king died… !!

    That’s M e d i a….!!!

  12. Erwin

    Maybe someone would like to comment on this. I heard some states including the federal government offer a “relief from firearms disability” I know it’s nearly impossible for felons to get the federal government to restore firearm ownership privileges unless it’s thru some pardon. However some states do offer relief as long as they didn’t commit a federal crime as well as violate certain state statues. From my understanding some states do allow convicted felons & misdemeanants to own long guns. I heard Pennsylvania even allows pistol ownership as long as the crime wasn’t federal or violent in nature, So I don’t think it’s totally hopeless for some RSO’s to protect their home & family from the nuts.

    • kelnothiding

      best thing to do is study things you can use to protect your self , and get what works best for you ,

  13. TG

    My reading of the text is that it would apply to RSOs whose crimes involves actual sex acts with children, not CP.

  14. TG

    “(B) The term `sex offense’ means a criminal offense that has, as an element, a sexual act or sexual contact with another, or an attempt or conspiracy to commit such an offense.”

  15. anonymously

    The DOJ reported low reoffense rate of registrants contradicts Alito’s namecalling registrants as ‘pedophiles’. Nadler also does this on one of his pages. He refers to the targets of his legislation as ‘pedophiles’. The inappropriate and untrue namecalling has to stop. Statistically, rrgistrants are not responsible current sex crimes. I knew there was bound to be a clash, with registrants not reoffending after years and decades and newly energized legislation targetting registrants ( thanks Zuck and Kelly of FaceBook ) against those who have not reofffended in decades and will continue to not reoffend. It’s almost as if Kelly and FaceBook put the message out to all legislators in the US and wherever in the world they can get the message out, that that they are paying good money for any legislation against registrants in any way. Kelly did travel the 50 states on the FaceBook dime. Kelly seems to have taken a role keeping himself visibly on the sidelines, while his bribe money speaks loud and clear. I have no other explanation for the myriad of new anti-sex offender legislation coming from politicians that had not made this their main agenda in the past. Kelly is not listed as a supporter of Hillary in the Hillary supporter webpage of wikipedia, when he obviously is pulling strings. Kelly’s company FaceBook played a big role in getting Obama elected and plays a big role in the 2016 election. Kelly hosted a fundraiser for Hillary at his house. Yet, he is not an official supporter of Hillary. Something smells here. The sheer amount of anti-registrant legislation coming out after Kelly has been fought on internet identifiers is baffling otherwise. Even the Judge on IML dismissed a part of a lawsuit against FaceBook although allowing it to proceed on weak grounds. She gutted the lawsuit, even though news articles in their headline say how she allowed it to proceed. When it comes to all these new and strange anti-registrant legislation as of late, I do not throw my hands up in the air, look to the sky and say ‘why god?’ or ‘how could you do this to me, America?’. I just say ‘Thanks Kelly and FaceBook’.

  16. G12

    Here’s a good article from 3 years ago about this subject.

    Seems the laws and rights of registrants are changing by the day though at this point.

  17. G12

    Another article where Nadler apparently did this 11 years ago. I don’t understand if it was done away with then, why should it be allowed to be brought back now? It really is a witch hunt towards registrants. A new proposed law comes out every week it seems. Each one, limiting our rights, more and more. How is this stuff not considered punishment and better yet, how is it NOT obvious that we are being targetted?

  18. anonymously

    So it looks like I did not do my research this guy. I only looked at Nadller pre-FaceBook, in 2003 where he…

    “Voted NO on establishing nationwide AMBER alert system for missing kids.

    Vote to adopt the conference report on the bill that would assign a national coordinator for AMBER alerts. AMBER alerts is an alert system for missing children, make available additional protections for children and set stricter punishments for sex offenders. Two-time child sex offenders would be subjected to mandatory life sentence. The measure would make it a crime to pander visual illustrations of children as child pornography. It would increase maximum sentences for a number of specified crimes against children. It would also make it a crime to take a trip to foreign countries and engage in illicit sexual conduct with a minor. It also would enlarge law enforcement’s wiretap and electronic surveillance abilities in investigations of child pornography.
    Reference: Child Abduction Prevention Act; Bill S 151 ; vote number 2003-127 on Apr 10, 2003”

    He actually voted No on this. So that’s what threw me off. He seemed to be somewhat intelligent. What changed?

    I didn’t look at what he started doing once FaceBook came into existence in 2004 and onward as far as just wantonly trying to strip not-necessarily violent people of their Second Amendment rights. Kelly may not have originally thought up the ban on guns, although he might have been part of some think tank that had input into its initial proposal, but I would have to think he supports this legislation. If he would sacrifice the First Amendment to get at registrants, I don’t see why he wouldn’t also decimate the Second Amendment.

  19. Jason

    I smell another HASTERT!

  20. anonymously

    Nadler first rightly voted NO on the Amber Alert expansion bill that would mandate a life prison sentence for someone who committed 2 crimes like John Walsh admitted committing. Now, he’s done a 180 degree turn and says all sex offenders are violent predators. Even a 18 year old woman who flashs her breasts at 17 year old teenagers. I wouldn’t trust Nadler farther than I could throw him.

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