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(Long Island, NY) Assemblyman Dean Murray (R,C,I- East Patchogue) hosted a press conference today to highlight the need to fix laws pertaining to the sex offender registry to help keep our children and communities safe. Since the start of 2016, some level one sex offenders have been removed from the registry, while a State Appeals Court decision last year removed all local restrictions on where convicted sex offenders may reside. He was joined by his Assembly colleagues and Paul Alonzo, Program Manager of Parents for Megan’s Law.

“In February 2015, a State Court of Appeals decision overturned all local laws that restricted where sex offenders can reside and since the beginning of this year, level one sex offenders have begun dropping off of the sex offender registry,” said Murray. “That is why I have introduced legislation (A.8503) that tackles both of these issues. This bill will extend the amount of time that level one offenders must be on the sex offender registry from 20 to 30 years and will allow local governments to set reasonable restrictions as to where sex offenders may reside.Full Press Release

Assembly Bill 8503

Tighten the reins on sex offenders (Editorial – maybe behind paywall)

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Under the “A08503 Memo, “Justification” it says: “There was a recent study that shows that recidivism rates were the highest at the twenty year mark.” Therefore it means that the rates will be higher at the thirty year mark ? Hmmm….

Where is this “respected study”? This is absurd, especially for level 1 offenders.

man I really hope someone challenges this law on the merits of true recidivism rates

Didn’t they already try this with a Bill last year to extend the Registration from 20 to 30 years?

They didn’t try to extend but the day after the court throw out residency laws the State Senate passed like 15 laws dealing with sex offenders. The assembly never voted on any of them so they currently sit there. They have 20 days or so left after today in session this year (they only are in session till june)

This man is probably up for election this year

Yes all politicians pander, but it’s time to admit it’s GOP politicians that pander the most to people & groups that want anti-RSO laws…..just look at the south & midwest. This new proposal by Rep Murray doesn’t have legs as long as the state of New York stays in the hands of the Dems. And the courts there remain moderate to liberal

NY Level One offenders were originally required to register for 10 years. This has already been retro-actively extended to 20 years.

This bill will make it LIFE for those convicted over age 21:

22 3. A sex offender who is classified as a level one risk and has been
23 convicted of or has been convicted for an attempt to commit any of the
24 provisions of section 130.25, 130.30, 130.40, 130.45, 130.55 or 130.60,
25 or has been convicted of any offense in any other jurisdiction which
1 includes all of the essential elements of any of the foregoing crimes in
2 this subdivision, shall register annually for life unless at the time of
3 the act, the defendant was less than twenty-one years old, in which case
4 registration shall be annually for a period of twenty years from the
5 initial date of registration.

and MAY be relieved after 30 years AFTER proving that they are no danger to public safety. In other words, proving a negative.

22 1. Any sex offender who is classified as a level one or level two
23 risk
, and who has not been designated a sexual predator, or a sexually
24 violent offender, or a predicate sex offender, who is required to regis-
25 ter or verify pursuant to this article and who has been registered for a
26 minimum period of thirty years may be relieved of any further duty to
27 register
upon the granting of a petition for relief by the sentencing
28 court or by the court which made the determination regarding duration of
29 registration and level of notification. The sex offender shall bear the
30 burden of proving by clear and convincing evidence that his or her risk
31 of repeat offense and threat to public safety is such that registration
32 or verification is no longer necessary.

This is horrible. Is there a NY chapter of RSOL or similar?

There is not. As most of of us hide in the shadows… i’ve even had trouble finding attorney’s to speak with as most do not want to help

Below is a link to New York State penal law for sex offenses. It will give a definition of the added provisons 130.25, 130.30, 130.40, 130.45, 130.55 or 130.60

But I still believe this proposal by this Long Island politician won’t get far in the democratic controlled legislature of New York

man someone has to challenge the Courts justification for these laws since the recidivism rates are so low that’s the only way that’s the only way we can stop this dominoes from continuing to fall. get at the heart of the issue there is no justification for these laws

there never was any justification for these laws and there never will be the courts were and still are being lied to and manipulated by the legislators

On March 22 as being a Level 1 offender considered low risk in New York,my name was removed from the registry. I also received a letter from New York stating my name has been removed and will be placed back on registry if I am convicted again of a sex crime. So My term was 10 years and then they uped it to 20. And now 30 to life? Aren’t I supposed to be convicted of a crime first before handing me a life sentence? Rep Murray can kiss my ass if he thinks that I will have my name placed back on the registry. I will fight this till my death. Its already bad enough that my wife and children have left me because of IML. So now I am so full of hate to be messed with. Taunting me with being relisted back on the registry. I will NOT back down from Rep Dean Murray. Another politician on his ass kissing parade. As for me, I will be going to Singapore in a couple weeks to find my wife and children. I will let everyone know what happens. Its so sad knowing that I have become such a miserable person. Especially when my family is not allowed here because of the AWA. And not one politician will answer my calls or letters.

Robert, to think that I was considering a Downward Departure from a Level 2 to a Level 1. I don’t see how it would be worth it for me to do that. Year after year they threaten to add more laws, more regulations, and more time to the SOR. This issue about extending the time for Level 1’s, was brought up en early January. From what I believe, that Bill didn’t make it anywhere.

Everyone needs to comment at the location of the actual article. The people pushing this are pure evil. They must be defeated.

You are right. Whenever one comments on these articles with common sense, the response is viscous and personal or just plain stupid. Let these supporters of the registry kill the registry with their own blather.

I find it ironic that this idiot Rep Dean Murray hold a press conference to anounce this bill. And next to him is that slob director Laura Ahern of Megans Law web site. Her funding for the web site and to track RSO came from Suffolk county at the tune of $800,000. That funding runs out at the end of this month and will not be renewed. And here she is grandstanding with Dean Murray. Must be New York is now funding her crusade

Scotus save us now,,,, there is an attorney here in New York that does represent RSO’s. She gas won many cases like Janice has. I have her name written at home and i am going to call her. I have had enough of this bullshit

Is it Kathy Manley? She doesn’t do federal cases at all so if thats your issue, she won’t be able to help. She did win the Diack Case however.

I would like someone to challenge that if your “victim” was under 18 for a misdemeanor you have to register. Seems like an equal protection issue but what do I know. Especially since most of those case the age isn’t a element in the crime so the jury never decides it.

Hi Robert, I just spoke with her and this was her take regarding this new Bill:

“That bill is sponsored by a Republican with almost all Repub co-sponsors in the Dem-controlled Assembly”

She indicated that these Bills come up all of the time, and usually never get anywhere.

Of course this Dean Murray character is up for re election in the fall. Typical 😒

It is good to talk and clarify, etc. among “ourselves” but I really feel like we need to be out in “public” and commenting on every article that we see. I think the general public needs to come to realize that the people who are being attacked by the Registries are not putting up with it. I think they need to come to realize that Americans don’t support the witch hunt. They will stay in their ignorant “the Sex Offender Registries are protecting children” bliss unless they hear and see otherwise.

Personally, I am ENSURING that having me listed on a Sex Offender Registry is a very, very, very bad idea. I will not accept being on a government list where they feel they can add any sort of harassment or vindictive, retroactive punishment that they can dream up at any time. This is my life and anyone who interferes with me living a great life is going to pay DEARLY for it. Just like harassing, attacking terrorists should.

It would be great if RSOs could comment on many of the articles giving false info on the web, but most can’t. Lots of states prohibit it and most sites have gone to using Facebook comment sections, effectively keeping us silent.

Most media and news sites today use Disqus. I believe they have no restrictions against RSOs commenting. If you run into a site that requires Facebook, have a loved one or spouse advocate & comment on your behalf.

I red an article on Facebook recently posted by some organization that accused Janice of supporting NAMBLA! It’s total fiction but Facebook doesn’t care, as long as it’s not a RC posting actual facts then it’s ok I guess. I hope Janice and the others found this post and can answer those who are posting blatant lies.

Any particular reason you can’t use Facebook? F their terms of service. They are a P.O.S., un-American company. They deserve complete disrespect. Create ten accounts and use them all.

Is using Facebook illegal in California? I’ve heard of people being banned from Facebook because there on the registry but it must be a state thing?

It’s not a state thing at all. Facebook has made it a policy that registered citizens are not allowed to have an account. Unless you are mandated by your terms of probation or parole there is nothing to keep you from being on any “social site”. Zuckerberg took it on himself to impose this ban. I’ve had a site for years and it’s still active so hell, give it a try.

Actually it started in New York. General Andrew Cuomo urged (Bullied) other social networking sites

New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo urged other social networking sites to follow the lead and apply the Electronic Security and Targeting of Online Predators Act (e-STOP), a law passed last year that requires convicted sex offenders to list all their online addresses with the state.

“Facebook and MySpace are successfully using e-STOP to help make the Internet safer, and it’s time for all social networking sites to do their part to keep others from being senselessly victimized,” Cuomo told reporters.

Facebook booted 3,410 accounts linked to 2,782 registered sex offenders from its service, while MySpace shut down 1,975 accounts linked to 1,796 offenders in recent weeks. There was overlap because some of them had accounts with both networking sites.

Some 8,100 registered sex offenders have provided their online details to the state, which then supplies social networking sites with the information

The state of New York is a criminal regime that needs to be sued for this. I don’t think they can defend it.

The un-Americans who support this kind of idiocy are unbelievable fools IF they actually fantasize that this does not DECREASE public safety. These kinds of laws are not merely worthless, they are much worse.

No, it’s a Facebook thing. They forbid sex offenders from using their site in the terms of service. If caught you can be banned or turned in to police.

Not in california.. Facebook just banned you if your not on paper.

So why would they turn you into the police? I don’t believe it is illegal to violate a company’s terms of service. It should be a civil issue. Or does Facebook just want to waste even more big government resources?

I am on 10 years of “intensive sex offender” probation. I have a wife and 3 young children. I hide in the shadows because if my proba officer ever found out i was advocating for SO law reform, she would take away the crumbs i have been granted thus far and then she would either put me in front of my sentencing judge (which she had done and I got reamed out by him but not a violation of proba) or she would impose new debilitating restrictions on me. My family is in disbelief. They want their pain to end and me fighting anything right now would hurt their very, very fragile souls. They are being used as pawns.

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