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WA: Time to revisit sex offender registration act

We see a recent state Supreme Court ruling on the public release of registered sex offenders as victory and a defeat. We are adamant proponents for access to public records and champion the critical role of that information to make sure our government and public agencies are being fair and just.

When the state Supreme Court ruled that Donna Zink was entitled to access to information about thousands of low-level sex offenders, it overturned rulings of lower courts preventing the release of that data. Full Editorial


WA: Supreme Court – Records of low-level sex offenders are public

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  1. Two States East, but helping Washington Citizens.

    Thank you CA RSOL for again posting on this vital issue, and best wishes on your today effort up in Sacramento! For an update on Washington:

    This is a huge breach in Washington State’s good record for a quarter-century now of registration based on risk, versus the AWA/SORNA decade of failure of registration by conviction. Not posting (and thus not notifying) of level One citizens is all about risk; they are LOW risk! The other facet of Washington State’s proven risk concept is this level One only registers for 10 years.

    The Governor is pushing AWA/SORNA even in this solid Democrat State. The State Police are also quite willing to release the information, even though they are NOT allowed by law to post level One info on their official website !!

    At the present time, this thing may well turn on what their SOPB does. They tried last year to stop this and weren’t listened to. While the situation is now worse, the SOPB meeting this April 25 at 1:00 PM will try again. So far we have 2-5 Registered Citizens that will attend this public meeting . Can you make this meeting too ? The meeting will also be teleconferenced : 855-203-0771, pin: 3375525. But I don’t know at what time during the three-hour meeting this will be introduced.

    One last thing: the editorial this current post refers to suggests only juvenile registrants be protected. That is a cop out; ALL level Ones need to be protected !!

    • wonderin

      “ALL level Ones need to be protected !!”

      All people need to be protected from harm, as they go about their lawful business.

  2. Two States East

    To Wonderin:
    Good point, and I so agree with you ! All I was saying is that the quack doing the editorial was saying to leave the level One juvies out of it . The bigger issue I’m indirectly referring to is about the push to get kids off the registries and the hell with adults; they stay where they are. But this dilutes the biggest issue of all: That the ENTIRE registry needs to be gone !

  3. Stephen

    All her requests are now public record, and because she says she works at home, so will be all her Business records and home address. A long with all her family members records. The us supreme court says you can publish any true fact without it being slander.

    • Will A

      There does need to be a national, public Registry of harassers/terrorists like Donna Zink. I haven’t really seen anything close to it. The closest that I have seen is Sobin’s “Idiots Registry” ( It is extremely rude but I personally don’t think that a person can be too rude to anyone who supports the SORs. Many of the supporters deserve to be murdered, obviously including the ones that say “sex offenders” should be.

      I have been thinking for years of creating a harassers/terrorists Registry. But (unlike Sobin’s) I would make it nearly identical to the SORs. I would include mapping features, of course. And ways to provide tips and information about the terrorists. I can’t blame anyone else for not creating the Registry when I’ve done nothing myself. I have done a lot of work and given a lot of resources to the war against the terrorists, but I have not created a Registry. Maybe in the future.

  4. Will A

    There are few comments on the article. I take that as a sign that no one really cares much about it. More and more of this will continue to happen because people won’t speak out against it.

    • Erwin

      People have commented on this story in other threads. You can’t beat a dead horse. Yes we all know Donna Zink is a despicable attention getting hor who has nothing else better to do except ruin lives. Maybe people should access her arrest record from one of her grandstanding events in Arizona

  5. John

    Will A. I think a public registry for all government officials including registrants registers but more specifically we should register all these people’s family’s addresses and convictions this would send a chilling message. Just because there family wasn’t convicted of a sex offense doesn’t mean they don’t want to hide it. Could you imagine a neighbor living in your area for 20 years you said hi to everyday was a upstanding citizen and then they find out he has a theft record,domestics and so on.

    • I can't wait to die

      Thats what i been saying for a long time, we could start with drunk driving (remember if it saves one child)
      the reason there is no reg. for dunks yet is cause many people would be on it including some high up people.

  6. Jon

    Here is my question. They are fighting and want to see juveniles off of the registry. Why? If the registry is not punishment in any way, then there should be no cause to take juveniles or anyone else off the registry. Them fighting to keep juveniles off the registry shows that they know being on one can easily ruin your life for as long as you live. Which to me, I see that as punishment, being made a target, not being able to live in certain places, or work certain jobs.
    I say we build our own registry online, and list the name, addresses and work and anything else we can dig up, on every judge, law enforcement, and pro-registry activist and politician. Im sure some of them have made their own enemies, and they would complain immediately about having their info online painting a target on their back. But its not punishment, right?

    • kelnothiding

      I cant see why they should get off , I mean if they really beleave its not punishment , and if anyones going to get off of it I should be just lev3’s ,because there are less of us , lol

    • PK

      Right like that’s really going to happen. Build our own Registry? Build a coalition? Band together and fight?

      There was only 1 other guy, including myself, from this Blog who bothered to protest, and say something back to the mean Commenter from the Wisconsin Article.

      You have a right to be upset, but don’t expect some sort of a coalition or for RSO’s to even fight back.

      • kelnothiding

        PK ,, if we could move the fight off of some dang article , and put something together we can see and feel that poivtive rather than just hiding on a computer , we really would have something to look forword to , something where everyone not only see’s what is going on , but also gives us a chance to figure out what everyone is good at , and how to best help , we could get much more action , rather than trying to fight with people that just plain think we should be dead , and we cant change that by fighting with self appointed hero’s

        • Will A

          This is a response to both you and “PK”.

          Obviously it is extremely important to fight these attacks in court and by any other similar means available. But I also think that it is very important that any time that a news article comes out that as many people as possible comment on it. I do believe that the pen is mightier than the sword. I think people in the U.S. need to see hundreds of thousands or millions of people continually repeating, ad nauseam, that the “sex offender” witch hunt is counterproductive and that it is not acceptable to Americans.

          People who support the SORs aren’t getting anything out of it. The SORs just exist and don’t give any benefit (unless it gives them a job, income, or whatever). So day in and day out, they get nothing. But while they are getting nothing, they will get constant retaliation for the mere existence of the SORs. I will never stop complaining about them or throwing them in their faces. Not ever. There are a lot of people who are very tired of hearing from me. That is too bad. That is the burden that they will bear in order to have their SORs.

          PK, of course we can build our own Registry. The software infrastructure wouldn’t be difficult. And it would certainly be a small project when compared to most IT projects. I have thought about building one for years. I’ve been debating the pros and cons of it with myself. Perhaps I will do it one day. Been thinking more about it every day.

          A very long time ago, I did write software that tracked every change to one state’s Registry. Many people suspected that the government was misrepresenting certain numbers (e.g. like the number of people changing addresses) and I wanted to track it. I provided the data to media for various articles.

          I also sent a letter to over 500 people listed on the state’s Registry and asked them to join an online group. The membership of the group was controlled. We had various professionals that were members and assisting. Did some good things. But I feel that people just got more and more accustomed to the BS and harassment of the Registries and learned to live with it. I feel like they got tired of fighting and just gave in. That’s a danger. Anyway, as the laws finished being litigated, people grew less and less interested and the group languished.

          PK said, “don’t expect some sort of coalition or for RSO’s to even fight back”. There are a lot of coalitions already. We all need to be members. Registered people are fighting back. Some of us won’t stop. I decided well over a decade ago that I was going to have a great life regardless of the Registries and if that was interfered with in any way, I was going to make people pay dearly for it. I’ve done that and that’s not going to change. I’m getting more radicalized by the day.

          IF the criminal regimes that have SORs had ANY SENSE AT ALL, they would’ve removed me from their list a long time ago. But the fact is that they don’t have sense and they are arrogant, clueless, and hateful. Most of the people who zealously support it are true scumbags. And originally I was only supposed to be listed for 10 years but then the criminals changed that to life. If I had only been listed on the SOR for 10 years, then I would have had to punish the criminal regimes to only a small fraction of the extent that I have and am. But now they have an enemy forever.

  7. erwin

    That’s a great argument if another case concerning the registry ever goes back before SCOTUS

  8. JJ

    if a juvenile commits a crime and has to register (so be it) let the families really see how screwed up and hypocritical the laws are, maybe the familes will get involved and really get educated that not all are monsters, people hear that word sex offender and automatically think rape of a child, even that word lewd or lascivious act with a child sounds horrible! but in fact and reality a 16 year old can have a relation with a 18 year old, and in the same situation a 16 year old can have relations with a 26 year old (both being consensual) and of course there are the ones that really need help and have a disorder, but i think here in cal there should be a blll that makes registrants get classified as that tier 1-2 or 3, after all the government makes and forces registrants do this and do that which makes it sooooo difficult to move on, the law will say a person is a level 3 (according to them) and must register for life but in reality that person could be a level 2 or level 1 and has a possible chance of getting relieved from registration, give them a chance to look forward and prove once again that there is a zero chance of committing another crime, some have not committed any other crime in the last 15-20-25 years.

  9. Will A

    The terrorist Donna Zink has posted some replies at the article.

    • anonymously

      Zink seems to be sarcastically denying the truth of low reoffense rate for registrants where registrants have an under 1% re-offense rate. She says that of course they will not reoffend all sarcastically, when the numbers indicate they won’t reoffend. Someone needs to stop lying or learn the field of statistics.

  10. skeletonlander

    Looking at a picture of the place she lives, it is clear that statistics was not one of her better subjects.

  11. David

    I certainly agree with the creation of a Drunk Driver Registry. Only then – when millions of people’s lives are affected – would the courts be forced to recognize that all Registries are punishment. **Bear in mind that drunk drivers have a very high rate of recidivism and that they kill and maim indiscriminately.

    • Erwin

      The problem is drunk driving doesn’t have the stigma of being a registered sex offender. In fact, drinking is kind of a badge of honor in my state. Lawmakers, prosecutors & judges are too much cowards to crack down on dwi. They’re more concerned about sending people convicted of sex crimes to prison….even when it doesn’t involve violence, contact or communication with another individual

      • Timmr

        Speeding in a car leads to more deaths than registered citizens. But that is considered cool to many. You are right, it is the sex, without distinctions as to what the sex acts were, that draws the attention and makes us pariahs. There already is an arsonist and gang registry, but does the local news do any stories about one of them moving into a neighborhood? It is not just the list, but the perception, the myths and stories in people’s heads and shared between them in person and on social and general media, concerning the people on the list that is critical to making our lives distressed, not the list itself.

  12. Frank

    I’ve mentioned the fact that Judges, Attorneys and Law Enforcement officers are all drinkers. Many are down-right drunks. I’ll also bet that most of them have driven while under the influence.

    I don’t know the statistics, but I’m willing to bet, that “Drunks” have killed and have destroyed more lives of “Children” than all SO’s in the entire world combined.

    The lawmakers nor society wants to bite the hand that feeds their own dysfunctional lives.
    I can hear it now: “I can control my drinking” and “you have no control as a SO”.

  13. Edward Villegas

    The lie that sex offender have a 75% redcidative rate, is wrong and should be looked at closely, when determining, the length of time, of each offense the real truth is by the DOJ that all sex offerder will offened again is a lie and was intended to frighten the community.. It has no effect on safety of the community but causes sex offenders, to be homeless, not able to work or to obtain jobs..

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