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  1. Son of Liberty Child of Freedom


    16-768 SNYDER, GOV. OF MI, ET AL. V. JOHN DOES #1-5, ET AL.

    Very interesting: The lower court ruling Stands.

    As Yehovah lives, so should we

  2. anon

    We have new tools that we don’t fully understand. They are not ideal tools, but they are more than what we had. We now have a tiered registration system (to be implemented later). We have Snyder in the 6th and due to the denial of cert, it can propagate to other districts. Perhaps there are other, less known tools that we can use. How can we combine these for the maximum benefit? What is the most strategically beneficial path forward?

    • AlexO

      Well this may cause California issues. At least have a bit more solid ground on which to bring the lawsuit against the new tiered registry. Mainly being that they plan on classifying everyone solely based on conviction codes without individual evaluation, and currently placing someone with CP charges into tier 3 only based on the code would be a huge violation of due process. This type of suit would come up regardless, but now it has a bit of fodder because of this ruling (though not nearly as much had they taken it and ruled in our favor, then there wouldn’t even be any question about it).

  3. bluewall

    For whatever reason the local paper is shouting praise over the Registry has it was used to solve a cold case and also some sort of support article showing that Sex offenders can be anyone

    • AJ

      I don’t see anything in the article that ties solving the crime to his being a RC. It may be that they only had his DNA due to his having to register, but that’s mentioned, only possibly inferred. Regardless, it’s “bad PR” for our cause, for sure! That said, some RCs are indeed high-risk and in need of greater scrutiny…just like some DUI people are higher risk for another DUI versus others. There are always outliers.

  4. Just Say No

    I hate that every tragedy is an excuse and justification to point the finger at this or that scapegoat but this is an opportunity I can’t pass up.

    Las Vegas has a sex offender and felon registry.

    • cool CA RC

      some of the RC do not have to even go to the police they can register online.

      In order to assist the members of our community, LVMPD now offers an EXPRESS option for our citizens who are required to comply with the registration requirements according to NRS 179D.

  5. TS

    Does Gov Brown sign the law anyway now that Snyder denial is in place and see it challenged immediately possibly or does he not sign it only to see the CA legislature try something else in the same vein? Let the speculation begin.

    • AlexO

      Seems like a tough one. I think even without Snyder, CA would still have lots of due process lawsuits on its hand by trying to tier people solely based on past conviction without an individual evaluation. Now with Snyder, its seems inevitable.

  6. ab

    Anyone know if the governor actually signed the tiered registry legislation into law that was recently passed by the Assembly and Senate?

    • anon

      Governor Brown has not signed it. Yet. He will.

    • Son of Liberty Child of Freedom


      Governor Brown is not required to actually sign the tiered registry legislation for it to become law.

      His inaction projects a Correct Inference of his approval.

      His action in Vetoing would by contrast project his disapproval.

      Knowing that Governor Brown was the cause which Resuscitated the Bill makes it highly improbable that Brown will Veto what he reanimated.

      I speak a true song

      As Yehovah Lives, so should we

      • Lake County CA

        I also think Gov Brown will just avoid this controversial tiered registry and just let it automatically take effect without a signature. If he signs it and afterwards there is a high media case of a prior registrant reoffending, then he would be the person most likely to get blamed for signing the tiered registry. Even if he wanted the tiered registry to pass, it’s smart politics to distance himself from it and be able to blame the State Legislators for it’s passage. Perhaps on the last day to sign any pending controversial Bills, he will suddenly be away for a family emergency.

  7. David Kennerly, the Very Model of "Containment"

    I could use your help to remember where it is that I recently saw the video of a woman saying that parents should get twenty minutes or so alone with a sex offender using a baseball bat. I need to grab that video. Anyone who remembers which story that was or the location, I would appreciate it.


  8. Not Really

    It is the start of the NY Times opdoc about the “frightening and high” meme.

  9. AJ

    A nice collection of upstanding behavior by sports stars:

    (Hint: a number of them should be members of the Price Club, and at least one is.)

  10. It doesn’t work

    What is this nypd Chief saying..? I REST MY CASE.

  11. Lake County CA

    Just wondering; prior to my sentencing, the judge sent me to his preferred expert sex offender psychologist to determine my risk of recidivism. I was rated low risk and therefor given a very light sentence. Is it normal for a judge to have the court order and pay for such a (expensive) report prior to sentencing? And since this individualized report rated me at low risk, would that now benefit me if I wanted to contest any tier level above 1?

    • TS

      @LC, CA

      I’d say so. Any good info like that is well within usability for contesting anything.

    • Son of Liberty Child of Freedom

      @Lake County

      Most assuredly you would have cause to seek and demand redress and satisfaction.

      furthermore: If any government agency should publish any statement that goes beyond what was determined by the judge, it would be a clear Defamation of Charter.

      Giving you Cause to seek redress and satisfaction for the damages inflected UnJustly upon your person, your Real Property, or Estate.

      I speak a True Song

      As Yehovah Lives, so should we

    • AlexO

      No idea how this might effect you on the tiers, but yes, this is a common practice in sex offense cases for the judge to order and pay for these evaluations. I’m in the same boat as you regarding actual risk assessment and not that Static-99.

      • Lake County CA

        Logic would have you think that a formal psychological evaluation showing low recidivism would be much more useful and accurate than a simple 10 question static99 test.

        • AlexO

          One would think that, but here we are, with a bill that will currently place someone into tier 3 solely based on their Static-99 score… possibly decades after the fact… despite the tests own documentation to the contrary.

  12. USA

    AlexO, omg! Your nuts! We should classify everyone together? Uh, why should we implement a tiered system then? Let’s put a convicted ie: rapist and misdemeanor indecent exposure in tier 3? Or, what about a guy who did 10 years and a guy who plead to a misdemeanor battery and was released with summary probation? You guys are truly disturbing. I’m clearly not perfect, but most of society views those who take advantage of children different. It’s just society. So, when I hear about those convicted of possessing child pornography, I first ask why? Why where you looking? You typically don’t get caught the 1st time you break the law?

    • AlexO

      Which of my comments are you replying to? A potential lawsuit against the new tiered registry?

    • David Kennerly, the Very Model of "Containment"

      Out of curiosity, what do you mean by “rapist?” Are you using it in the sense that having sex with someone under the age of consent is, what was once referred to, as “statutory rape?” Or are you using it to describe sex that is violent and against the will of someone else?

      Because the term “statutory rape” seems to have pretty much disappeared (it was often used when I was a kid) with no attempt these days to distinguish between violent and non-coercive, willing acts. The term “rape” is getting thrown around very loosely today which means that we can no longer discern between different acts as we’ve lost the ability to form meaningful distinctions.

  13. David Kennerly, the Very Model of "Containment"

    “Wakulla Correctional Institute prisoner [Sex Offender] killed in ‘inmate-on-inmate altercation'”

  14. Cool CA RC

    Why are we talking about this?
    I think once this become law. Everyone should file lawsuits claiming that this law is illegal. I know some of us support it but still it is illegal


    Okay. ENOUGH!!! We are all on this frickin joy ride together. I can care less if you are non contact or have a minor “victim”. The fact of the matter is that we all agree the registry as a whole is unconstitutional. So stop having a pissing contest and let’s start doing what needs to be done.
    Call all the time a voice needs to be heard. Write when it needs to be done. Our voice is louder when we speak together. A movement is only as good as our working together.
    I do not compare myself to others. Only ME. My crime is my business, but if people want and feel the need to dig things up, go ahead. They don’t pay my bills or eat at my dining room table.
    Tired of hearing comparisons. It really doesn’t matter. We are ALL regestered.
    Now, make your calls and mail your letters. Do your job!!!! We do.

    • norman

      True being on the current registry we are all viewed as SVP’ matter what you did to get on the registry to begin with..

    • Gralphr

      I agree with you completely. How can people in this thread complain about how they’re treated, but then say “well I only did this, and the other guy did that so he should be treated worse”. At the end of the day BOTH are considered sex offenders and BOTH are mistreated by society and the law. It reminds me of people in prison, all of them are comparing themselves to everyone else as to why they shouldn’t have a long sentence instead of working TOGETHER for a common cause that will benefit all of them. Its as if some people in here are ok with the registry as long as they’re not on it! I myself am married with children and while I understand the intention of the registry, I also know it does nothing and if anything, all people should fall off of it after their probation/parole is over or 5 years after being released from custody.

  16. David Kennerly, the Very Model of "Containment"

    This vigilante murder in the U.K. puts the bag of rotting garbage thrown at my front gate yesterday in perspective:

    “Nightclub doorman, 49, is beaten to death in the street ‘in front of cheering crowd’ just weeks before he was due to stand trial over rape of teenager 30 years ago”

  17. AJ

    It looks like there’s quite a bit of legal activity in IL re: RC laws ( They have the State’s brief to ILSC for the Pepitone case, too ( I have to admit, the State makes some strong points. IL doesn’t seem to open-minded or RC-sensitive, either. Could be an ugly result, but let’s hope for the best! It’s still not on the IL SC docket, BTW, just pending.

    • hh

      Hello ,

      Can anyone point me in the direction of states with the most lenient laws ? We are trying to figure out where to potentially move if this tiered registry in CA ends up being as it states today. It would move my husband into having our address listed. I don’t think we can take much more. We are hoping to possibly find a state where he might no longer have to register , he has been for 11 years . Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
      Also second to that, if we were to mget be to another state where let’s say for example his registration was 20 years. Would it start from the date of his release or the date we moved into that state ?

      Thank you for your thoughts.

      • Relief

        @hh: Not many options when you have a conviction from a state requiring for-life registration, but there have been good comments from DC, which does allow early release as soon as 10 yrs of registry depending on the conviction and you receive credit from time spent on the California registry.

        Good luck.

      • Son of Liberty Child of Freedom


        I suggest Not to move to any State but The U.S. Capital Washington D.C.

        Doing a bit of research should prove the case.

        I sing a True Song

        As Yehovah Lives, so should we

        • Tim Moore

          I guess then you never go back to California for more than five days or to some other states, because your offense still originates in California and that fact may come into play when visiting other states and you may have to register. Theses laws have never been static. Since they are deemed regulatory, they can change at any time. Having to register anywhere may put you onto these third party sites and you will never be anonymous. In the end we have to all get together and kill the spider of public opinion that keeps spinning the sticky web of laws that keep us indefinately under de facto custody.
          In my opinion, no spot in the US is safe. Maybe temporarily one has to find the safest place at the time. Going to a non authoritarian, sensible country may be the only safe option. Still, we have three years to make changes to this tiered registry to ensure no one is getting new punishment. The courts are leaning in our favor. Things could get better.

      • Tired of this

        HH, that sort of depends on what his conviction was. I am from CA and was listed by zip only. I recently moved to a neighboring state known for gambling and silver mining and was assigned tier 1. I’m not publicly listed here at all. My info disappeared from the ML site, then Homefacts a few months later, after leaving CA. As the law currently stands, registration for tier 1 here is 15 years, starting from when you move here. The drawbacks are that you have to renew your license/ID card annually and they ask for Internet identifiers, but not being publicly disclosed is priceless. Plus there’s tons of high desert, mountains, and lakes to explore and the cost of living is lower, for the most part (and no state income tax). Less traffic and lower population density are added bonuses.

        One caveat, though: there’s currently an injunction against the implementation of the AWA here, but a Vegas-based law firm I’ve been in touch with has so far been very successful (for several years now) in holding back the tide of RC laws and keeping AWA from being enacted.

        There’s also Oregon, where tier 1s aren’t listed either, but they have lifetime registration for all tiers.

        You may try calling the state repositories to get an idea of what tier he might be in those states.

        • AJ

          @Tired of this:
          “As the law currently stands, registration for tier 1 here is 15 years, starting from when you move here.”
          As I mentioned in my reply to hh, this may well be Unconstitutional. It may behoove you to consult an attorney about it. The State could have a hard time showing even a rational-basis argument.

      • AJ

        I think you’ll need to look into what offenses merit what tier in the various States. Were I you, I would browse the file on here that lists the States’ requirements and conditions for relief ( Cllck the “LEGAL” tab at the top, or go to These files are by no means to be relied on as gospel truth, but they will at least give you a pretty strong indicator of what States show possibility. I would also check out SMART’s latest data on what States are SORNA compliant or nearing compliance…and then consider those that are not (

        As to the how the clock will operate if one moves, it kind of depends. Some States say you have to register for the longer of their term or the term imposed in the State in which convicted. Some States also say they do not give “credit” for time in other States, but that could quite well be Unconstitutional under either or both the Equal Protection Clause ( and the Privileges and Immunities Clause ( (Both Clauses deal with non-natives of a State having equal rights as natives.) Absent any goofy claim that they don’t count other States’ time, the clock should start whenever it does for those convicted of a like offense in that State.

      • Gralphr

        Indiana is somewhat weird, but you’re allowed to petition to the local court to get off the registry 10 years after having been released from prison or probation/parole. However unless someone hires a lawyer, I’m still clueless as to how to write a petition in the right format. Does anyone know of a template one can use that’s generally universal for any state other than changing state codes? The cops who run the registry said they know for a fact they have had people released from it and they have encouraged me to petition. They’ve actually said based on my conduct for the past 10 years and achievements, I should have something positive coming my way from the judge.

        • AJ

          Were you convicted in IN, or moved there post-conviction?

        • AJ

          If you know of specific cases where relief has happened, you might be able to get the court documents and copy the filing. Once a case is known, call the applicable court and ask how one can view or get copies of the documents associated with the case. Anything entered *should* be public record and, at minimum, viewable. Even if they don’t let you make a copy, I’d ask if you can take notes–and then would sketch enough of an outline that I know what to do.

  18. Matthew

    Here is what I was thinking… Since all our information is posted on websites right now (for the most part), Why can’t we come together and send letters to all of us involved and inform everyone we can about this page/group and how we are trying to come together to get laws changed/heard. We can also inform them about making donations to help this team fight it in courts. I am really good at creating letters, marketing, etc. I am very business-minded. Can we start something like this? I know the laws about going on Megans Laws but it does not say anything about third party websites ;). We can also start “chapter leaders” based on cities in California. From there we can build strategies to inform everyone what is going on. We truly would just need stamps and paper…If we truly need 1 million dollars for legal fees, lets get this going. For those not familiar with the internet we can send out newsletters that just give information about what is going on.

    • Benny

      Matthew,,,,,,,,,, yes that’s a wonderful idea. In fact about 2 years ago I mentioned the exact same suggestion. Inform, recruit and educate people. Registrants addresses can easily be obtained by our friends and loved ones who of coarse can’t b on it. Knowledge is power. Their are many registrants whom givin up not knowing we have this site along with a team of great lawyers fighting for this cause. Enlighling them with hope can go a long way that maybe just maybe that by participating theres a strong chance this whole wicked scheme can be taken down. There’s power in numbers!!

      • Matthew

        Maybe we can reach out and start something and really create a “business plan” to get it going? Cover all the bases.

      • Matthew

        Even reaching out to therapy groups around California. They RC’s can share information there and hand out newsletters. I think a lot of people are sent to therapy groups now. I see this as being very successful and have calls like the Acsol does to talk about numbers, plans and current avenues.

    • Tim Moore

      We tried that last summer. We have thousands of California registrants names and addresses, probably obsolete now. We needed some funding to do the outreach. The plan was similar to what you describe. If you would like, I can send you the outline of the campaign. No use going over the same ground twice.

      • AlexO

        Silly question, but couldn’t you simply look at the registry for such information? If 75% of the registrants are listed publicly, that’s about 75k people. Even if some are out of compliance and no longer live there, that’s still a ton of people.

        • Tim Moore

          Yes, some people think the law is unenforceble. It is clear to me the prohibition is violation my first amendment right. Nonetheless, the state does prosecute us for other acts that seem to be constitutional after one’s sentence is complete. I also wonder if scraping the names off the Megan’s law site is considered “entering”. Nonetheless these third party web sites do just that, scrape the information from the government sites. Either way the process of getting the names is doable, there are other factors to consider, such as how is the best way to first communicate with the registrants. I for one am suspicious of any letters I receive claiming to help me as a registrant, unless I already know the organization that sends it. Also, some letters may arrive at residences where the registrant may have moved or where the registrant does not want his status revealed to room mates, etc. Approach has to be done with delicacy and forethought.

        • David Kennerly, the Very Model of "Containment"

          We had no problem scraping much of the California Registry last year and could do it again. It is time-consuming yet doable. Tim is right in that we then have to have a purpose for doing so and that would necessarily mean creating a mailing since we don’t have email addresses. That mailing might have as one of its purposes eliciting from Registrants their email addresses.

        • Tim Moore

          I think it was also a great idea to get phone numbers, which was not so easy to do, but possible, and call up registrants. Taking advantage of cultural perceptions, it is better to have women make those calls, it is less threatening.

  19. michael w

    I just had my annual and was speaking to the deputy regarding the changes and that I had read on here that the update would be changed to quarterly, Is this a correct assumption (if so please point me to the information) or did I make an ass of myself. Thanks for your time.

    • Lake County CA

      Michael w,
      “or did I make an ass of myself” lol
      90 day updates are only for SVP’s

      • Gralphr

        The weird thing is in California, I was only required to register once a year, but in Indiana they make me register four times a year…..

    • AlexO

      If this is in regards to California’s new tier system and being in tier 3, currently you would NOT need to register any more frequently than you do now, whatever that frequency may be.

      The new tier does not change anything about the frequency of registration for anyone. To register every 90 days you must have been given an SVP designation.

      The confusion may be that in most other tired states T3 is generally reserved for SVP. That’s not the current case here.

    • Nondescript

      The new California tiered bill only amended a few sections of PC290. It did NOT amend the frequency with which one must update/ register (which is and will still be annually unless you are in that separate category already that must register every 90 days)

      They would have to write and pass new legislation to change that- and let’s hope they don’t try that one.

    • michael w

      Thanks all for the responses to my question, I go in annually to get my new “tags” and some years its a simple fill in the blanks other years its like you just ran over their beloved family pet and they want to project all of their misery at you. I try to stay informed and pass on what little I know to others in the hopes that it might lessen the shit-storm of bile that is thrown our way by those purporting to be working for the betterment of the community.

      Many Thanks to all here that are making an active effort to bring about change.

  20. USA

    Everyone, take a deep breath! I feel 99% sure this Bill will Pass. I believe some years back, the number of sex offenses that could be reduced to a misdemeanor or expunged was reduced (certain offenses are no longer refuceable). You have time. Start researching this. You can contact your public defenders office and literally download the documents to process this (I did a 17B and expungement on my own). It will take a little time, but it’s better to try and give it a go! Time is on your side!

    • Matthew

      Did you have to stand before a judge? If possible can you inform us on the steps necessary in a board sense if you have time?

    • AlexO

      The problem is that expungment currently has zero effect on your ability to registered or even what tier you’ll be placed in. Even getting a reduction via 17b for many codes may not help in the current bill. For example, 311.11 felony will place you in T3. Misdemeanor will place you in T1. But 311.4 currently puts you in T3 regardless if it’s a felony or misdemeanor. Previously, 311.4 was a T1 but was moved to T3 in the last few rounds of amendments. Who knows, maybe your code will be bumped up in the next few years before the bill goes into full effect. Nothing is set in stone.

      • Matthew

        I am personally a 311.11 (a) felony.. looking to get it down to misdemeanor.

        • AlexO

          The process for both 17b and 1203.4 are pretty straight forward and simple. For both, you needed to have been granted probation (so not prison and parole) and completed probation without any violations (if you violated you can still get both but it will require extra work and you’ll more than likely need a lawyer to navigate things in such a case).

          Regarding your 311.11 (a) specifically, if you were convicted prior to 2014, you’re good to go. If you were convicted in 2014 or later, then it’s highly unlikely you can get an expungement and reduction as 311.11 has become a straight felony (17b needs to have it be a wobbler, meaning it can be charged as either a felony or misdemeanor) as well as added to the short list of no expungment.

          The process itself is simply filling out a few forms and filing some papers. You can get both the forms as well as your official documents from your local court house clerk. You’ll need to go in front of a judge as more of a formality than actually arguing your case. If you want assistance navigating all this, most lawyers will charge less than $1000k for this process due to its simplicity. Keep in mind that if you do talk to a lawyer and your conviction was prior to 2014, don’t let the lawyer tell you you’re not eligible. I’ve seen too many lawyers state this outright as a blanket fact and its incorrect. If a lawyer tells you this, you probably want to go see another lawyer. Several people on this website have recommended the website as they specialize in all of this and know the ins and outs, including sex offenses.

          Good luck!

  21. USA

    AlexO, we didn’t ask for your negative comment! Negativity will get you no where and it’s not all about you! Certainly, if a charge is reduced to a misdemeanor pursuant to 17B, for all intense purposes you have never been convicted of a felony (gun rights/Tier). Your clearly not a lawyer! Matthew, the time frame depends upon your County etc. Its been 17 years
    I downloaded the form (reduction) online, filled it out and made a few calls to the court clerk. I personally hand delivered it along with a short letter/college diplomas! The judge will run you (I was still on summary probation). He granted the motion and the probation was reinstated. I literally mailed my expungement in and never came to court/granted! I don’t think it’s like this today, but who knows. Best of luck. Please ignore the negativity and narcistic people. (I downloaded the form and submitted it a few weeks later/I received a court date for 3 months or so later. The worst case scenario is the judge says come back in a year or ? Clearly, a reduction or expungement tells people (especially if your requesting to get off the registry) your working hard to get your life back in order! I literally mailed the expungement in along with diplomas and a brief letter! Good luck and stay positive!!!!

  22. Eric Knight

    Just heard from my contact in the Governor’s office. Brown signed the tier bill!! Great news!!

    • anon

      I think this is news. I cannot say that it is good or bad. I’ve been through too much to make that kind of judgment. As we all know, the registry serves only to punish; there is no public safety element. The right solution would have been to repeal the registry all together, but that is not possible right now. So what we have are tools to get some off the registry (including me) within a rather confusing system. It’s going to be several years before we know what this means and it is possible that judicial relief will come sooner. I am grateful to all those who worked to get us here. I’m thinking today of Tom Ammiano who retired a few years ago, but introduced the initial tiered registration bill. But many people, including Janice and the Board played an important role and deserve our thanks.

    • Doug

      Erick, are you sure the Governor Signed ,?
      Great news !

      • AlexO

        Articles like this make me angry knowing more about the bill than they’re stating. They make it seem like T3 is for actual SVPs which is currently far from true. As written, I highly doubt that only 8200 people will be T3.

  23. static-99R scam

    I just saw it on the TV. Hopefully the “SARATSO” and its Static-99R component can be removed before tiered registry is enacted. In theory, the “risk” component sounds great. But in actual practice, the bill is leaving people’s destiny and liberty to 10 questions based at time of release, with no regard to *current* risk level. Ridiculous!

    In my opinion, the Static-99R is the worst part of the bill. The politicians call it “SARATSO tool” in the bill so that they can change whatever “SARATSO” is in the future should the Static-99R be removed or replaced. The SARATSO/Static-99 part of the bill needs to be struck down somehow. No need for minority report style junk science.

  24. Lake County, SB 484

    Did I miss something? Where did this bill come from?

    Assembly Bill No. 484 Sex offenses: registration.

    Approved by Governor October 06, 2017. Filed with Secretary of State October 06, 2017

  25. Stay outraged

    We need to send a message that the oppressive and “community notification” will no longer be tolerated by us.

    What would stop everyone from having a sit-in once or twice a year in local elementary school parking lots? Perhaps on the first day of school for maximum impact?

    Signs could be made:

    “I’m the innocuous ‘bad guy’ your government is wasting tax dollars on to castigate and vilify on The Internet.”

    “I’m tired of being perceived as a threat.”

    “Congratulations! You fell for it!”

    “Your child is not worth circumventing my privacy, safety, security and future.”

    “A child’s worst enemy is his/her own mother.”

    “If you think your child reserves the right to feel safe at this school, then we reserve the right to feel safe in our OWN HOMES.”

    • David Kennerly, the Very Model of "Containment"

      Some of your signs may need to be rephrased a bit but, in principle, I support our taking a much more vocal and visible approach that would include demonstrations and non-violent resistance.

    • Lake County

      Stay outraged,

      I agree that getting together for a protest would be a good idea, but doing it at a school would be a big mistake. The school parking lot is still school property and 100% off limits to us without prior approval. I doubt any of us would take that risk. If you want to protest, do it when Janice is sponsoring it at the courthouse steps like she did last time at the SF Federal Courthouse. Did you show up at that protest with the media there? There is no way any of us wants to be arrested and get a violation of any 290 laws. Believe me, the cops and DA would not hesitate throwing the book at us no matter how many of us there were. As bad as our lives are, getting a violation of the 290 laws would make our lives so much worse and make it much harder to ever get relief from the registry. Plus they would use the violations as further statistical proof of recidivism and how dangerous we are. I think you would have to protest all alone. Make sure you have your attorney waiting at the jail to bail you out. Good luck with that.

  26. David Kennerly, the Very Model of "Containment"

    “benefits of joining INTERPOL”

    This story provides a bit of insight into “subscriptions” to the INTERPOL I 24/7 data base.

  27. AJ

    As I read the dissent in Detroit Free Press v DoJ (, I came upon something that piqued my interest:
    Of course, an individual can have a statutory privacy interest in information that is public. In United States Department of Justice v. Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, 489 U.S. 749 (1989), the Supreme Court found a cognizable privacy interest in rap sheets that contained publicly available information about individuals’ arrests, charges, convictions, and incarcerations. Id. at 752, 770–71. But it does not follow that all public information “connecting an individual to criminality” is protected by a statutory right to privacy. Majority Op. at 4. The Reporters Committee Court emphasized that rap sheets are different from other sorts of publicly available records because they compile “otherwise hard-to-obtain” information from multiple offices in multiple jurisdictions into one document, thus “alter[ing] the privacy interest implicated by the disclosure of that information.” 489 U.S. at 764. The booking photographs at issue here, by contrast, do not compile any information that is difficult to find.”
    Hmmm, something sounds familiar there. Can anyone name a regulatory scheme that, “compile[s] ‘otherwise hard-to-obtain’ information from multiple offices in multiple jurisdictions into one document”? Is not a ML listing equivalent to a rap sheet? I would say it’s even more detailed, as no rap sheet of which I’m aware includes where I work or go to school, or what I drive. Even the dissenting Opinion, citing SCOTUS no less, says such a compilation of information has the effect of, “alter[ing] the privacy interest implicated by the disclosure of that information.” So, like the many burdens placed upon RCs, they individually are not much of a privacy (i.e. liberty) interest (or punishment), but as a compilation, they are. Just as no single raindrop causes a flood, and just as no single straw breaks the camel’s back, combined they are a liberty interest deprivation (or punitive burden). The question is, where is the balance between public safety and one’s privacy interest? That question aside, since it entails a privacy interest, which SCOTUS has declared a fundamental right ( & *), due process kicks in and it should all be subject to strict scrutiny–NOT rational basis. We may still lose the argument in court, but at least it means the burden is on the State, not the RC.

    *”Privacy as a concept appears to encompass at least two different but related aspects. First, it relates to the right or the ability of individuals to determine how much and what information about themselves is to be revealed to others. Second, it relates to the idea of autonomy, the freedom of individuals to perform or not perform certain acts or subject themselves to certain experiences. Governmental commands to do or not to do something may well implicate one or the other or both of these aspects, and judicial decision about the validity of such governmental commands must necessarily be informed by use of an analytical framework balancing the governmental interests against the individual interests in maintaining freedom in one or both aspects of privacy. That framework cannot now be constructed on the basis of the Court’s decided cases.”

  28. mike r

    Hey AJ, did you read what I wrote about how their new bill is attempting to control and dictate when we can petition the court, as well as under what conditions?????Give me a friggin break..How fundamental is our right to access the courts ????????? Does the legislature have the authority to hinder that process in any way???? They are attempting to usurp complete power and tyranny and send us back before even the Magna Carte was created…..They are already jury and executioner b y convicting us of crimes that we haven’t even committed yet and then punishing us for life in most cases, now they are trying to tell us when we can petition the court, and under what conditions the judicial branch must follow when hearing the case…Look at this way, this is not some far fetched scenario either, it could really happen if the tyrants get their way, imagine you are sitting in your home and all of a sudden some one kicks in your door and demand that you give up all your firearms or some other possession, for example, and then they tell you that you have no recourse other then to wait 10 or 20 or more years before you can file a petition in court and that you must prove to their corrupt DA and the judge at that faux hearing that you are not going to kill someone and they might let you have your property back…….Well that is exactly what they are telling us……….I hope this sinks into peoples minds and they take notice of what is being done through this bill that has never been attempted before in modern jurisprudence and it is attacking over 8 hundred years of progress that we have come through to get to the point that each and everyone of us has a constitutional right to access the courts for redress……At ANY time, and WITHOUT any mandated preconditions…….

    • AJ

      @mike r:
      No, I’ve not paid attention to the ins and outs of the new law you have in CA. It sounds like a mixed bag, benefiting some, harming others. It does seem a bit odd there’s any sort of limiting of the courts. Is it somehow framed as an appeal of a regulatory process? Even so, one can always pursue such events in court. Very disconcerting, if it’s as you say. I wonder if it can withstand even rational basis review.

  29. mike r

    Some people may not agree with Steve Bannon, but he just made a declaration on Hannity last night that I think should be repeated and noted. He waged war on all congressional incumbents last night, and vowed that his organization and his close colleagues are going after everyone of these corrupt gov. officials, and that none of them are is safe from the onslaught that is brewing against them. He even called out Mitch McConnell and vowed that they will be challenging each and everyone of them, both financially and politically, and promised that they will take these corrupt officials down and out of the swamp….Whatever you may think about Trump, or Bannon, this is extremely encouraging for our country……….I really believe that he is going to do what he stated he was going to do, and that all these elite that think they can not be touched better take notice and prepare to be ousted out of office in the next election in 2018…………

    • David Kennerly, the Very Model of "Containment"

      Our improved future does not lie with populist demagogues, Mike. If you want a taste of where these guys’ sympathies are vis-a-vis “sex offenders” then take a look at Alex Jones/InfoWars channel and look at whatever most recent “pedophile” outrage has set him to shrieking. The culture of the under-educated and ignorant populists is no friend to us. That is to say nothing good about the rest but, sometimes, there is an even worse choice. Now, if you are saying that a mutual-annihilation of the miserable political choices we enjoy is underway, then I would applaud that but keep in mind that we currently have almost no political friends, apart from Libertarians.

  30. TG

    So I was convicted in Michigan in 2001 of misdemeanor cp possession. I am wondering: I know I’m not SUPPOSED to have a Static-99 score, but I have seen folks on this site comment that some 311 folks have one. So my question is, how do I find out if I have a score? I never served a day in jail and received only probation, and it was all through Michigan

  31. John

    I was wondering for the filipina/ usa couples had anyone has had any luck finding a way together, im off in a couple years and want to go to philipines to be with my gf, will the Phil let me or is it all convicted members. If i read right, after im done registering I will still have 21 day notices sent on my travels? i had a consent/ victim that cant consent but me and her are still close friends if i needed her help she would vouch for me. If anyone has any idea’s I would love to hear them, we are close to giving up and i want to at least set up a plan to help up get past this waiting time, but we are worried that we might never be able to live together as a family. I am willing to move to any country, would like to hear from any Filipina/usa rc couples that have successfully beat these odds, also was wondering anyone know a good immigration lawyer down there?

    • C

      If you can’t get to PI and can’t bring her here, can you meet her somewhere like Thailand or Europe?

      I knew a very wealthy man, happened to be of Mexican descent, with a passion for Thai women and would travel frequently to meet them in different countries, paying, I assume, for their travel costs, as well. Maybe he had travel issues? Anyway, if you have the interest and willingness to live outside the USA, get yourselves to Sweden or Germany and be happy together.

      • John

        would those be easy countrys to get into? im not 100% they wont let me in philipines when im off but guessing it is c related im guessing they wont,but i still will try to go there from another country without a visa and try to get one there. i heard of people getting in but not sure how. I believe thailand is a no go but ive been considering europe just finding the country that says ok, possibly france maybe

        • David Kennerly, the Very Model of "Containment"

          Sadly, you can’t just live someplace because they’ll open the door to you as a tourist. You’ll find that you can only stay ninety days or so as a tourist in most countries, perhaps less. Then you have to leave. Also, if you need to work for a living to make money then you will have another hardship getting permission to do so which means that you will have to have some kind of residency in the country and that means that a criminal record will probably disqualify you. They don’t make it easy for us; it’s completely rigged against us. Sorry!

        • John

          yea ive looked into alot of places finding one would be a miracle. I have an meeting Monday, the first place i found what the immigration was looking for for an appeal so im hopeing she will give me good news. Im very low income so im not sure how this is going to go, just a free consult atm. Also getting a lawyer in the philipines, which seems alot more affordable to me. My last option i have in my head is getting her here on her own, but she doesnt have college on here background so i will proboly have to send her to school and thats proboly going to be a good 4-6 years i think to get her here
          so far I have to prove beyond reasonable doubt im not a threat, so far I have my victom(still close friends) vouching for me im not a threat, and my registering officer. Im trying to get ahold of my arresting officer because when I got arrested he said to her he could tell I really loved her. she has no minor kids so im hoping this works. should so be free after done registering, i don’t even see the point of being done if any state can put me back on after I am done.

          For some reason this confuses me ive been calling around trying to figure this out, they never required me to do treatment? anyone else not have to this is odd everyone tells me i dont have to, but havent found one person that hasent had to do treatment

  32. TXSO4life

    Martin County bans sex offenders from parks, beaches — but can they do that? Today, a news article coming out of Florida…

  33. James

    A Very, Very good article with dozens of actually intelligent comments over at Bloomberg today.

    A fine read, I suggest everyone goes there and reads this article…and maybe the comments too. It will make you feel better about yourself and restore some faith in the fact that some people are actually smart on this

    Best Wishes, James

  34. mike r

    David , I totally agree with you, and I did mean the latter of your comment. I don’t believe that we have any representatives or government officials that would be favorable to our plight. What I do no is that our country needs to change and go back to a constitutional democratic republic which I believe these demagogues are actually attempting to do. That they famous words that are still seared into my subconscious from my early education, where we actually celebrated and respected our flag and country, needs to be restore in this country before we can move forward we have to get rid of the corrupt, entrenched politic body. That’s my opinion…For truth, Liberty, and Justice for all…………….I think this is where our country is turning to s>>> because a lot of these people have no respect for their own country or it’s past and founding fathers. the country that was created by what they call, and rightly so, a bunch of hypocritical bigots, but we have to accept and recognize the history of this country and our constitution that wasn’t created by just these guys in America, but is a conglomerate of jurisprudence dating back to the Magna Carte. Those racist bigots were a product of that era, just because they were living in a time when racism was just a way of life does not mean that they didn’t have good intentions when crafting the constitution and their vision for our country. That is where a lot of the problems are arising from, a hate for they founding fathers and any of our heroic warriors that fought for what they believed in at a time when society was undergoing change. Just like they pulled down General Lee’s statue, they hold the fact that those men were racist and bigots so they are not worthy of respect, but they were a product of their environment and were doing what they believed was right and just in that point in our countries history. I think if people would understand that and stop being blinded by pure hate themselves then they would see that era is behind us , and that no matter what they think of those men, they were true Americans that were fighting what they believed in,which was the status quo of that time….I totally agree they were racist, hypocritical bigots , but in order to avoid history repeating itself, these people have to learn to respect everyone’s heritage and not disparage others for their beliefs and opinions. This crap of tearing down statues and not letting people speak at college campuses, etc. isn’t respect for others, its a form of fascism……..

  35. Tim Moore

    Where is the next protest or other hands on action? We are not going to reason our way out of the registry.

  36. ML

    In a few weeks, I may be testifying on my own behalf in an effort to deregister. The judge is a very conservative Republican. Can you guys give me a check list to talk about on the stand? I do not want to miss anything if it can stimulate any human compassion at all, the costs, the burdens the shame, anything.

    • AJ

      If you can, try to sit in on some of judge’s cases ahead of your hearing, to get a feel for how s/he treats people appearing. One thing I did at sentencing–because I meant it and wanted to do it–was make a Step 9 amends to the judge, prosecutor, bailiff, etc., as representatives of the community, and also to them personally as members of the community. The judge–who was quite sympathetic to my plight anyway–kindly told me I owed him no apology. (As well, the prosecutor told my attorney she felt sorry for me…though apparently not enough to reduce the charge. 😉 ) I cannot give you a checklist, I can only suggest not to try to blow smoke up the judge’s @ss, so to speak. Honest, forthright speaking always goes a long way.

    • Paul

      I’ve never bought into the political leaning mattering much. It’s not as if democratic strongholds (California, New York, and Illinois come to mind) are any friendlier to us. If that were the case, very very blue California would be a far different place for us to live.

  37. AJ

    Today a probation officer mentioned to me that being present on the grounds of an educational institution (including colleges and universities), without having registered with LE responsible for that institution, is a violation of Federal law. I’m nowhere near fluent on the Federal AWA and SORNA ins and outs. Can someone chime in on this and let me know if this is so, and where it is in the law? I was under the impression the Feds don’t have any restrictions. (And given my State is more onerous than the Feds, I’ve never bothered to read AWA/SORNA.)

    • Paul

      I can’t recall a single law pertaining to that. There are state laws regarding students and employees having to register, but simply walking onto the campus? I don’t think so.

      Remember, these hacks will blow all kinds of ridiculous smoke up our you know what. Like California LEO’s telling us that we have to immediately present ourselves if ANYTING changes (it doesn’t. Only Home addresses and name changes require an in-person notice within whatever number of days it is).

    • AW

      Here in California, I was told that you only have to register with the higher learning institution if you are ATTENDING said institution. Sounds to me like he’s a typical lying through his/her teeth probation officer. K-12 schools are another matter.

    • AJ

      @Paul & AW:
      Thanks, that what I understood it to be as well. He was a fast-talking, know-it-all kind of guy. Pleasant enough, but also a bit quirky (and who enjoys be a PO for 20 years, anyway!?!?). I guess I’ll poke around and through the nasty mess that is AWA/SORNA, spread across however many pieces of US Code, and see what I can figure out.

      I re-read the USSG amicus for Snyder, and found these two tidbits: “And SORNA does not require a jurisdiction to create any exclusion or school-safety zones, as Michigan has chosen to do.” and “In particular, SORNA does not require jurisdictions to adopt residential restrictions or school-safety zones at all.” Aren’t SORA’s “school safety zones” presence restrictions? (Maybe Bobby or another MI RC can help me with this?) From what I read of it, the USSG–who I will certainly trust over Mr. PO–says there are no sort of distance or presence restrictions in Federal law.

      • AJ

        I did a little more digging around regarding what Mr. PO claimed about presence restrictions on college campuses. I read the actual laws a bit, but then found a handier source, the SORNA FAQ and the SMART website ( and (I’ve had it kicking around for a while; I should have thought to check it sooner!) Here’s from the file:

        10. Does the Adam Walsh Act place restrictions on where sex offenders can live,
        work, go to school or loiter?
        No. Residency restrictions and safety zones are NOT part of the Adam Walsh Act. All
        such restrictions are the result of jurisdictional or local legislation, not federal law or the
        Adam Walsh Act. Numerous jurisdictions and local entities do currently restrict sex
        offenders from living by or being present within certain areas (e.g., within a certain
        distance of schools, parks or playgrounds). All inquiries regarding residency restrictions
        or safety zones are a matter to be addressed at the jurisdictional and local level.
        I chuckled a bit that they felt the need to print “NOT” in all caps to get the point across–that was not a change I made. Sorry Mr. PO, you’re dead wrong. Good thing he’s got 20 years of knowing everything under his belt.

  38. Matthew

    Hey guys, I was wondering if I should do the reduction from Felony to Misdemanor (prior 2014, 311.11(a)) probation in my current county or prior one? They are pretty close so getting there isn’t a issue.

  39. Tim Moore

    Lake County, how are you doing? The massive fires in your part of California, are you Okay?

    • Lake County Fires

      Hi Tim, Thanks for asking. The fire started in my town about 1 mile away from my house. By chance, I actually witnessed it start. It spread very fast. I watched some homes just explode. The wind was awful that night/morning (1am). I didn’t have fire damage, but the wind blew the roof off my porch and my kitchen window broke in scattering glass everywhere. It was quite a morning cleaning up the mess with a pinched nerve in my back. Now I just need to get a new glass cut before the winds blow in my new cardboard window. Unlike many others in my town, I’m only suffering from 4 days of breathing thick smoke. Many homes have been burned down. This is the third year in a row that major fires have devastated LaKe County. I just hope that no registrant lost their homes in this fire. I have no idea if they allow registrants into the emergency shelters (probably do). If we survive through this weekend’s projected winds, things should improve quickly. At least this County is now an expert at providing fire recovery services.

      • Tim Moore

        Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I thought that was only a disaster common south of the Tehachapis. We had mild Santa Ana winds here in SoCal just the other day. Every time the East wind blows I start to think about my evacuation plans. Where to go and how, Not easy with two dogs, three cats, six chickens, one turkey and five humans to move out in no time at all to spare. Hurricanes give several days warning, an hour or two for wildfires is all you get generally. Will neighbors help knowing you are on the registry? I wonder. Luckily, I have family to go to, but a decade ago here they weren’t letting registrants in the shelters, many of which were on high school grounds, and for those who don’t have a friend or relative who can take them in, that may be a problem. Glad we don’t have a social media ban. Twitter is how I get timely warnings.

        Glad you are safe. I hear 22 have died and the devastation (houses burned down) looks pretty complete in some communities. But it is a big area affected.

      • NPS

        We’re getting the residual effects out in here in the East Bay (central CoCo County and Alameda County). I’ve had a terrible sinus infection, and even my dog is hacking up a bit of phlegm. The last few days has seen the “bloody sunset”. I’ve read a lot of news stories of the devastation. Very sad. So far, everyone I know who lives up in Santa Rosa is safe. Glad to hear you’re well, Lake County.

  40. AJ

    FYI for anyone wanting to get court documents off PACER (, apparently you must ring up at least $15.00 in a quarter before you’re charged anything. So when I retrieved a bunch of docs about the Millard (CO) case and rang up $8 or $9, in truth it was free! (I still did it because I like you, Chris F….it just didn’t cost me anything. 😀 ) The exact wording I got in an email from PACER: “Usage for this account was less than $15 for this quarterly billing cycle. In accordance with the Electronic Public Access fee schedule, the fees for this quarter have been waived.”
    This could be a handy way for people suffering a common plight, interested in seeing court documents pertaining to this or that case, to each retrieve parts and upload them to or similar, and remain under the $15 balance. Just a thought, in case some set of such people were to exist. 😉

    • Paul 2

      AJ can you confirm on PACER if Freed has filed or not Some are saying he did already?

      • AJ

        @Paul 2:
        I won’t be able to check until Sunday night, at the earliest. There’s no docket on the SCOTUS site, but it could be delayed by administration.

  41. AJ

    While cruising around (figuratively, not in a van looking for a lost puppy) the SMART website, I noticed some interesting text in a blog (August 15, 2017) by the Acting SMART Director (
    Furthermore, the effectiveness of treatment and supervision strategies relies on our ability to accurately differentiate sex offenders based upon their risk to reoffend and their criminogenic needs — those characteristics, traits, problems or issues that contribute to an individual’s criminal behavior. An overall takeaway from the report is that sex offenders vary in their recidivism risk levels, what factors contribute to their criminal behaviors and motives. Rather than following a one-size-fits-all approach, sex offender management policies and practices are more likely to be effective when they are tailored to the risks, needs and offense dynamics of individual sex offenders.
    That last sentence flies in the face of AWA/SORNA, not to mention pretty much every single ML in the country. Kind of late to the party, Uncle Sam, but thanks for coming! Please, tell us more.
    Here’s the SOMAPI report, for those interested: They say some things we’ve all been saying. It would sure be nice if Uncle Sam’s right hand (AWA/SORNA) would know what Uncle Sam’s left hand (SOMAPI) is doing.
    Here’s a link to some research briefs from their site, too:
    I haven’t looked at them at all, but expect to find some nuggets in there.

    • Tim Moore

      Yeah, I don’t suspect the politicians even know of those reports let alone read them. The people just expect them to signal their yea on a hand vote the next time a law that increases restrictions on registrants comes along.

  42. David Kennerly, the Very Model of "Containment"

    This is a fascinating story forwarded to me by Bill Dobbs. It’s offers a look at both how different, and how similar, were the sex scandals in the early 1960s.

    “SUZI AT YALE. A look back at the original American campus sex scandal, and whose lives it actually changed”

  43. NY-level-1

    Can someone please tell me why the NY ACLU is no where to be found in regard to SO registry issues. Ex post facto etc.

    Pled to E felony in 2004.. non contact….sting operation like many of u…. alot of ada and police bs led to my deciding to plea….10 yr. Registration… same a probation. In 2006…state changed to 20 yr. Registration. In 2014 completed probation without issue… yet dealing with awa… int’l Megan’s law travel restrictions like rest of u. Worse now than when I was on probation…cant take a simple vacay with wife n fam.

    Anyone know why they haven’t done a thing at ny-aclu?….

    • David

      Like California’s ACLU, they will probably only tag along as supporters on legislation put forth by others. CA-ACLU is unwilling to help protect the constitutional rights of people who have already done their time if those people happen to be Registered Citizens. (Of course, they’ll happily defend Nazis who want to march or middle school students who want to wear t-shirts telling Trump to go F* himself.)

  44. Lovecraft

    Well the NC state fair is off and running again without rc’s being allowed to attend. Robin with narsol was interviewed by wncn, but they badly edited what he had to say and the points he wanted make. (low recividism and that plenty of felons would be in attendance, but our subgroup was singled out) He politely wrote to the columnist after the fact and wanted to touch on the sheriff’s comments: “They put a perimeter around the fairgrounds, a quarter of a mile. And, when a person comes through that perimeter with an ankle bracelet on or whatever they have, it sets off an alarm,” said Wake County Sheriff Donnie Harrison. Just as an fyi, there are very few rc’s in NC with an ankle monitor on so he is catering to the general premise that all rc’s are on ankle monitors. (dangerous)

    I spoke with Robin last night and thanked him for all his work and doing his best to change public opinion especially within the media.

  45. mike r

    the only thing I can think of is that they are either being intimidated or are being compensated, they have just become another pawn of the government.Sad but true. There are “no” other explanations.

  46. Bob

    I was recently accepted to a college program at a CSU. I see that I have to do an in-person registration with the campus police within 5 days of enrollment. Do I also have to do an in-person registration with my local PD within that 5 day period? Or is the campus police enough?


  47. mch

    Hello everybody,
    Do any of you have first-hand experience filing a successful 17b reduction in California? If so, please send me the details about the procedure, not about the charges. Even better would be if anyone has had success in Santa Clara County.
    Thanks much.

    • NPS

      I’ve had success…though I filed in Pro Per in San Francisco County.

      You will need a form CR180, which can be downloaded here:
      This form does both the 17b and 1203.4

      On this form, you will want to: Fill out item 1 completely with the charges you want expunged. Be sure to write “yes” in the column for “eligible for reduction”. If you are eligible for expungement, mark item 2 and boxes a, b, c Then mark 1203.4 in item 8.

      Once you complete the CR180, you need to take it to the clerk recorder at the courthouse.The clerk will give you the date and department number of where you’ll have the hearing. Be sure to have three copies; one for the clerk, one for yourself, and one for the DA because they have to be served with the motion.

    • Counting the days

      Another R.S.O. just recieved their reduction. They had to wait about 9 months after probation termination. They were in S.C.C.

      • NPS

        Why did they have to wait? When I was granted 1203.3 (early termination of probation), the judge immediately set a date for the 17b and 1203.4 which was 30 days out. In other words, I waited three seconds (literally) after my official probation termination for the judge to set a date for the reduction and expungement hearing.

      • Paul

        Agreed. I was relieved of summary probation in April (2010), and my expungement less than a month later, in May (2010).

  48. I don’t have a lot of sympathy for you as a policy maker

    “If you’re a registered sex offender who wants to play golf, I don’t have a lot of sympathy for you as a policy maker,” said Illinois State Rep. Michael Zalewski. Outrageous statement coming from our laws maker.

  49. rod

    I understand that all cp convictions may be posted on Megans Law soon. If so when? Originally I was told by law enforcement that I would not because of a low threat. Will this be considered? If so what can we do to stop this insane law from being passed, I left early because I am not well because of medical issues. God bless you for all your work for us.

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