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NY: Neighbors question nonprofit’s assistance of sex offender’s home

Along Fountain Street, tall trees and manicured lawns are graced with flowers, trimmed hedges and American flags. And, in the yard next to convicted sex offender ____ ____’s house, two lawn signs together read “Sexually molest a child and you get your home remodeled for free!”

The signs highlight not only a simmering feud between ____ and several of his neighbors, documented in several Olean Police Department reports over the last two years, but also a debate the neighbors would like to have: Should nonprofit assistance funds for the impoverished be used to help those with a criminal history of sexual abuse? Full Article

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  1. AJ

    Why limit withholding of funds to RCs and their families? Let’s not let anyone every convicted of any law-breaking get assistance. Parking ticket? Sorry. Speeding? Sorry. DUI? Sorry. Shoplifting? Sorry.

    • Ya Can't Fix Stupid

      Amazing! The never ending consequences of registry creep. How many more reasons does there have to be to prove that a public registry does zero for anyone. Everything from harrassing this poor woman because of her son, to decreasing home values of the neighbors, government programs coming under scrutiny so extreme as to potentially remove assistance programs from everyone. We are an incarceration nation. 1 out of every 4 of us have some kind of criminal background. The rest just have not been caught yet. Drunk drivers killing kids, people like Bernie Madhoff destroying peoples financial stability causing homelessness, politicians doing shady backdoor deals and the whole time an entire nation smoking marijuana whether it is legal or not. Sad…

      • Tired of this

        “The rest just have not been caught yet”


        What’s the difference between a RSO and a non-RSO (or felon and non-felon, but I prefer the former)? One of them has been caught.

  2. TS

    What the neighbors don’t understand is it was the mother that needed the work, not the son and she applied for it, not the son. Just because he is listed as a co-owner and could possibly receive monetary benefit from it, it is her doing, not his. You cannot do the six degrees of separation here and web out a ring of punishment. She could down the road decide to remove him from the deed and other paperwork. The atty is correct when they say their beef has no merit.

    @AJ is right, where does the slippery slope stop once you start it with one type of crime.

    • David

      And what if the Washington’s sell the house and get a higher price for it than would otherwise have been received had the remodeling work not been done? Then those nearby homeowners will benefit by their property values increasing. Will they donate that difference to a child abuse prevention foundation? No? So I guess they don’t really care that much about those children after all, do they?

      And as for this:
      “We’ll never be able to sell our house,” added his wife, Janice Randall.
      Their concerns are valid, according to a study published by the American Economic Review in 2008. The study states houses within one-tenth mile of a sex offender’s home drop 4 percent in property value, while houses directly next to an offender’s home sell for about 12 percent less.”
      Well, maybe you should have thought about that BEFORE you were all gung-ho about internet sex offender registries, huh!?

      • Paul 2

        That just gave me an idea bet real-estate companies would love to see the reg down too. Anonymous legal fund?

  3. AlexO

    “Maybe there are rules (the nonprofits) have to follow and they couldn’t say no,” said Carrie Peters of 360 Fountain St., who lives directly across from the Washingtons, “but if that’s the case, our legislators need to know that this is not OK. It is not OK to spend our money on people like this.”

    You know what? Fine. Don’t give RC’s and people convicted of other crimes any public assistance for which they paid and continue to pay taxes on. But then lets also relive them all from having to pay these taxes. I want that school funding tax on my property taxes omitted because I can’t be on campus anymore. I want the portion of my taxes going towards housing omitted as well since I can’t live in any government housing anymore. Why should we have to keep paying for things we’re now barred from using?

  4. Paul 2

    I grew up in this town 70s and 80s The only people left there are on welfare and they seek out SO to pick on to make themselves feel better about their crapy lives. Whole town is full of zombies. Just like in jail.

    • trish

      We need to get back to the main problem! It is unlawful for the government to impose restrictions ! And create a public registry ! Period! …….Because we see this ridiculous and perpetual mess in society! no one can live in peace and prosperity with authority stirring up animosity between ex-offenders and the general public! unjust laws fuel hate and fear!
      It is impossible to expect an ex offender to stay out of trouble when the law creates trouble, in every area of society….housing….work….family….social interaction….recreation….and so forth! It is insane to punish harshly an ex offender for rules violations that are petty and hold no real value or so called safety for society and ex offenders….etc…..benefit! Maybe if an ex offender could live free after prison, i.e. penalty (hence the word, penal institute) as they should and have a constitutional and civil right too we would not have to be worried about stupid conversations concerning poverty programs….instead we would see much of the ex offenders moving forward in their life journey….but this is were the politicians and others who have bias motives are seen for what they are…..FEAR AND HATE BASED LAWS WITH THE COVER UP STORY ” IT WAS NOT INTENTIONAL FOR TOUGH ON CRIME LAWS TO CAUSE LEPERS AND WASTED MONEY AND TIME AND RESOURCES AND ON AND ON FOR THE AVERAGE TAX PAYERS EXPENCE….BUT AVERAGE TAX PAYERS LIKE SCAPE GOATS AND BELIEVE THE “FEEL GOOD” LIES POLITICIANS TELL THEM AS WELL AS EASE THEIR OWN GUILTY CONSCIENCE!

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