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Oh btw, I also emailed that comment to the attorney in that JC case along with some other choice words.

Well today is our big day! Vampires, zombies, werewolves, devils, demons…they got nothing on us. Everybody put on your scariest sex offender costume (maybe a pair of jeans and a t-shirt) and watch people run for their lives as they have been brainwashed to do.

So, I’m laying here in a hospital bed just 2 days after emergency surgery, and I get a call from my fiancé. An KUSI 51 here in San Diego, aparantly “operation boo” is in effect. Janice, I think a phone call is appropriate to this fear monger if entity about how things really are.
Would love to stick around and chat, but I’m in to much pain.

Here’s a really good paper from the Cato Institute regarding Packingham:
There are *so* many gems in this paper, and what I found also to be some good legal arguments from other case law (Hello, mike r?). Packingham may well have done more wonders for us than at first imagined. Coupled with Snyder, it may really start rolling things back.

One thing–of many–that struck me when reading this paper was how SCOTUS does not like Government intrusion in Free Speech (the Roberts Court is known to be rather 1st-Amendment-centric). Ok, so why not fight presence restrictions as abridging my Free Speech rights. Why must I be held back 300′, 500′, or whatever, from a public place such as a library, park, or school? (I could be protesting certain books, failure to protect the environment, and school board decisions, respectively.) What about if there’s a speaker at one of these places? I am not allowed to exercise my Free Speech right to listen. I know this isn’t the first time this has been raised, but it seems Packingham has strengthened the case.

@Chris F: There’s even passing comparison to the Bills of Attainder against Communists.
@New Person: There’s an oblique reference to involuntary servitude. (Not those words per so, but the concept.)

Very good observation Steve. That fact totally slipped by me. You are absolutely right, and even though the numbers need to be debunked, what you just stated has to be noted in any future cases….

Jesus AJ, thats crazy shi*(&*^%* how many briefs were filed in that case…..I’ll make note and see about making contact with the names you mentioned….