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MA: ‘Change of culture and mindset’ needed at Sex Offender Registry Board after probe finds no current addresses for 1,769 sex offenders, state auditor says

Massachusetts Auditor Suzanne Bump on Tuesday criticized the Sex Offender Registry Board for what she described as a culture of passivity in tracking sex offenders, after an audit found the board did not have a current address for more than 1,700 offenders. Full Article

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  1. It doesn’t work

    17hundred. 17thousand. Doesn’t matter. “The Registry” does NOT lower the number of sex crimes committed. Doesn’t matter if the entire human population’s address and picture and vehicle reg etc, etc was listed, or if Nobody was ever listed again. The number of sex crimes will be the same, unfortunately. Nice try though. Now let’s make some progress in the fight against sex abuse, using facts, and professionals, not political pander.

  2. T

    The tracking and monitoring of sex offenders is pointless because it’s a waste of time, money, and lives of many people that are on the registry that are struggling to live their lives everyday. The sex offender tracking and monitoring system is not designed for safety for the public which we all like to easily believe, it was meant for humiliation, deprivation, isolation, and denial of human rights like what we witness the situation in Florida when registrants were denied shelter and refuge from the hurricane just because of their criminal past. And there are maniacs that are using the system to commit harm while knowing that they are commiting a crime, and there is a high recidivism of vigilante violence against people on the registry.

  3. AJ

    Yeah, the change of culture needed is the realization that not knowing where they are has had zero impact on anything. But we wouldn’t want to admit that fact, would we?

    • New Person

      Those are facts that politicians who want to be re-appointed or be appointed don’t need. Fear is the greatest motivator, not facts.

      Just remember how long it took the world to finally accept the sun was the center of this universe even though many scientists have already proved it, but didn’t share it to the public because the atmosphere would not accept it.

  4. jo


    If this is true…isn’t someone going to ring the bell and bring up the FACT? The FACT that if there are all these raging sex fiends running around unchecked, that means there must be a huge spike in sex offenses, right? I mean, tracking is so effective…

  5. Stay outraged

    “It has a statutory responsibility to ensure that information is kept up to date, accurate and secure.”

    ^It doesn’t MATTER if the information is current, complete or accurate, Megan’s Law (community notification or whatever) simply will NOT curtail, thwart or prevent ANYTHING.

    “Rep. David Vieira, R-Falmouth, suggested that lawmakers look at their ability to withhold licenses, deny public benefits and even freeze bank accounts and credit cards of sex offenders “until you show up and tell us where you are.”

    ^ What in the actual HELL!? This idiot is actually serious!

    • AJ

      Absolutely asinine, but not surprising. Just one more sign that some legislators will go to any length to come up with ways to try to keep RCs under the boot heel.

      Maybe that dipsh!t should think for a second: if they have licenses, benefits, bank accounts and credit cards, those would have address information included. Maybe a top sleuth in the State could put two and two together and “somehow” locate the people.

      • JoeDoeNC

        Well here’s my story.

        I was convicted in a state that has a lifetime registry for all offenses. I moved to another state and of course informed the state I was leaving and the state I was moving to. Once I arrived in the new state I was registered and placed on their SOR.

        The entire time I was there I was listed on both the old state SOR and the new state SOR. My address was listed as my current address in the new state on my old state’s SOR. I’m living 400 miles away. How did being listed on my old states SOR with my new address promote public safety?

        I stayed in that state for one year and moved to a new state where I have been living for the past 10 years. I did as required by law again and informed the state I was leaving and the state I was moving to.

        There was no legal obligation to inform the state where I originally registered of my move to a new state. So I am now listed on the state where I was convicted and first registered as “whereabouts unknown, please contact the sheriff’s dept”. Just to be clear I am under no legal obligation to inform them of my residence in the state where I currently reside. A simple google search by the sheriff’s department would clearly show my current address and registration status. I am also as most of us are listed on the national SOR.

        So, again why the big issue with the state I was originally registered in. Why do they still need to track and monitor me. Why do they have me listed as if I were an absconder when I am clearly legally registered as required in the state where I reside. I have consulted two different attorneys and been told I have no legal requirement to update my address with the original state of registration.

        Maybe, just maybe there is a matter of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Maybe they can argue they need more resources to track down all these absconders?

    • Eric Knight

      Technically, the registered citizens not properly registered are already felons in many jurisdictions, and would be subject to those conditions on a properly executed warrant. So this is all showboating. THIS is why the registry should be disbanded.

  6. Eric

    And so how many reoffended when they weren’t being monitored? It seems they left that tid-bit out.

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