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ALERT! AB 884 will be heard April 9!! Show up, and keep calling and writing. Here is how…

AB 884 will be heard April 9!!

Click here to find out how to show up! We need at least 100 people for maximum impact!

Please continue calling and writing. Please do so if you haven’t already.

Here is the committee’s report:

AB 884 – Assy Pub Safe – Analysis – April 2019_00001

Comments regarding the proposed bill start at the bottom of page 4 and a list of supporters and opponents is on page 10 (final page). Please note that there are only 3 supporters, 2 of which are law enforcement organizations. Also please note that there are 12 opposing organizations, including ACSOL and the CA Sex Offender Management Board, as well as 78 private individuals. The strongest arguments against the bill as reported in the analysis are attributed to the CA Public Defenders Association including the comment that the bill “is a m



Click here to find out how to show up!



See this letter for talking points:

AB 884 – Letter to Asy Pub Saf – March 2019_00001

Assembly Public Safety Committee Members – District – Phone

Reginald Byron Jones-Sawyer, Sr. (Chair) Dem – 59 (916) 319-2059
Tom Lackey (Vice Chair) Rep – 36 (916) 319-2036
Rebecca Bauer-Kahan Dem – 16 (916) 319-2016
Tyler Diep Rep – 72 (916) 319-2072
Sydney Kamlager-Dove Dem – 54 (916) 319-2054
Bill Quirk Dem – 20 (916) 319-2020
Miguel Santiago Dem – 53 (916) 319-2053
Buffy Wicks Dem – 15 (916) 319-2015



Letters should be addressed to Committee Chairman Reginald Jones-Sawyer and sent by FAX to (916) 319-3745. There are many online fax services such as free

The mailing address for the Assembly Public Safety Committee is:

1020 N Street, Sacramento, CA 95814

Mail soon to get there in time!

Click here to download a sample letter:

AB 884 – Letter to Asy Pub Saf – March 2019_00001

Below is the plain text of the body of the letter. Please just use it for your ideas. If you copy and paste a lot of it into your letter, they won’t treat your letter as important as one you word yourself:

AB 884 – Letter to Asy Pub Saf – March 2019_00001 – Plain text body of letter [Word]


This is more important than almost any other bill we have fought!

In related news, the CA Sex Offender Management Board agreed today to formally oppose AB 884. The Board will send a letter to the Committee this week and a board representative may testify during the futurehearing.

“If AB 884 becomes law, 50 percent of those who would benefit from the Tiered Registry Law would be harmed,” stated CASOMB member Janet Neeley. “The board made a stand during negotiations of the Tiered Registry Bill and threatened to withdraw its support at that time if the bill included assignment of those convicted of PC 288(a) to Tier 3.”

“Passage of AB 884 would undo everything we worked for in supporting a tiered registry,” stated CASOMB Vice Chair Brenda Crowding.

“We don’t want to abandon the tiered registry,” stated CASOMB member Judge Brett Morgan. “Sending a letter to the legislature about AB 884 would educate legislators about the potential significant impact of that bill.”

Due to the one week delay, there is additional time to send letters to and call the offices of the eight Committee members. There is also additional time to make plans to participate in the future hearing.

“If Assembly Bill 884 becomes law, it will gut the Tiered Registry Law,” stated ACSOL Executive Director Janice Bellucci. “Specifically, the bill would move more than 40,000 people from Tier 2 that requires 20 years of registration to Tier 3 that requires lifetime registration.”

The Tiered Registry Law was passed by the legislature and signed into law in October 2017 and is scheduled to take effect on July 1, 2021. Under the Tiered Registry Law, individuals required to register would be assigned to one of three tiers based upon the offense for which they were convicted. Tier assignment would determine when an individual is eligible to petition for removal from the registry. Specifically, individuals assigned to Tier 1 could be eligible to petition for removal after 10 years while individuals assigned to Tier 2 could be eligible to petition for removal after 20 years. Individuals assigned to Tier 3 would not be eligible to petition for removal because they would be required to register for a lifetime.

The bill was introduced by Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez (Republican, Murrieta) on February 20.

This bill would assign to Tier 3 individuals convicted of violating PC 288(a), lewd and lascivious acts with a minor under 14.

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  1. Roger

    This is a CALL TO BATTLE YOU SHOULD NOT IGNORE OR MINIMIZE, fellow registrants and supporters! This is one of the most devastating bills we have ever fought!

    This monster bill affects over 40,000 of us registrants! It DESTROYS HOPE for most on tier 1 and tier 2!


    I am already level 3, so this bill doesn’t affect me.


    However, as a fellow registrant, I am willing to fight for YOU!

    NO CIVIL RIGHTS HAVE EVER BEEN WON JUST BY HIDING AT HOME due to fear, just typing comments.

    ARE YOU A LURKER IN THE BACKGROUND who thinks JANICE AND OTHER VOLUNTEERS WILL SAVE YOU so you don’t have to show up, write, and call?

    Are you someone who just makes comments on this website and thinks that will change things? COMMENTS DON’T MAKE CHANGE!

    Are you placing all your faith in change in the courts? THEN YOU ARE DOOMED TO DISAPPOINTMENT. The courts are only part of the solution because social change comes from grassroots, not just top down!

    Are you willing to fight for yourself and other registrants? Will you call and write NOW?

    We chuckle when we think of a kid pulling blankets over his head to hide from the monster under the bed. WILL YOU SHOW UP, OR WILL YOU PULL YOUR BLANKET OVER YOUR HEAD and hope the very REAL monster bills will magically go away?

    Are you right now making excuses in your head why you just don’t have the time and/or money to write, call and show up to Sacramento with us?
    Are you thinking “this doesn’t affect me so I refuse to sacrifice for 40,000 of my fellow registrants!”

    If you or someone close to you had cancer would you find it too inconvenient and cost too much to take treatments yourself or help that person to get treatments? YOU WOULD FIND A WAY!

    I am low income. I care for a family member. It will cost me time and money to go to Sacramento on March 26 because I will lose a day of work, but I will do that for you.

    What is your excuse for not taking action and showing up?

    Are you willing to break through your fear by standing with us, or do you want to pull that blanket over your head and hope the monster disappears?

    I look forward to seeing you on March 26!

    • RegistrantNotAnOffender

      Great post I am not in your state but I’m impressed by the number of people on here who actually put their face out there and demand change. Nothing more irritating than people who simply post Janice get me off the registry without putting some skin in the game

    • Mark Judkins

      I have faxed Jones-Sawyer (Chairperson of the Public Safety Committee), made my calls to the members of the Committee, and I WILL BE THERE on March 26. This bill doesn’t affect me either, but I don’t want the progress we made go backwards. Its a slippery slope we don’t want to get on. Its up to us to fight this battle, no one is going to do this for us. Janice doesn’t have a dog in this fight but she takes the time to do it. Why can’t everyone? Can you imagine if 40,000 of us showed up in Sacramento to fight this bill? You may think you don’t have time, can’t get away, can’t afford it, but it is YOUR CIVIL RIGHTS, YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS that you can’t afford to defend, can’t take the time to defend, and can’t get away to defend. Seriously! What does anyone have in this life that is more important? This affects you and your family. Come join us in Sac.

    • M L

      I am in. I am all in. I show up. I stand up and I speak out. I don’t yell. I don’t scream, and although that might feel good that is not what we need for all of us to make positive changes.

      For many years I thought that there was no one who cared about people who were registrants. Then, finally about 5 years ago I came across ACSOL on the internet. It gave me hope. I was a little scared, but I attended a meeting in Berkeley. It was so emotional for me. It was very up lifting for me. For the first time there was light at the end of this very long dark tunnel.

      I met Janice Bellucci. She has helped to make a big difference in my life. She has been working hard for our cause without a dog in the fight. Two of the things that have made a big impact on my life is Janice’s successful lawsuits against presence and residency restrictions in cities throughout the state of California.

      Can you make a difference? Yes, you can. Again, I was afraid at first. Then I realized that fear was just holding me back. Nobody knows if you are a registrant. You do not have to mention it. But showing up makes a huge difference. There is power in numbers. When we attend hearings at the state capitol building, we have stopped many bad bills from passing. It is extremely important that you, family members and friends show up to help us stop Assembly Bill 884. This is all you need to do. Show up, stand up and get in line with us. All we do is take turns saying our name. (Any name) It could be your first name. Say what city you are from and say that you oppose this bill. That is it. It is simple and then you walk back to your seat. It would be wonderful to fill the room with people saying I oppose this bill. It would make everyone notice and very hard for AB 884 to pass. Let’s stop this bad bill!

      I look forward to seeing you on March 26!

  2. HopingforHope

    No question- THIS IS IT. This has dire consequences. It’s a life changer for everyone affected and their families. Even their extended families. Each and every one of us must act!
    Question: What are the other ramifications of being assigned a Tier 3? In addition to lifetime reporting, what other punishments does Tier 3 include compared with Tier 2? Does it come with more frequent compliance checks, community notification, a Megan’s law website profile that indicates you are a clear and present threat to the community, etc?

    • Bobby

      @Hopingforhope, if it’s anything like ours here in Michigan, then you will have to report every 3 months, ALL your info will be online including your cars info, your work address and info, were you go to. School if your in school/college. That is what we fought about here in Michigan, when they made it retroactive for a lot of us here, until the 6th Circuit found it punishment and unconstitutional. We are still waiting for the Michigan Legislatures to make the changes to our registry ordered by the 6th Circuit. Good Luck to everyone that this bogus Tiered System will effect.

  3. Illinois Contact

    What’s happened with CP possession? I know there was an effort planned to get it into Tier 1 like it is with Federal SORNA. Will this new law affect that adversely too?

    • Janice Bellucci

      @Illinois Contact – We are still looking for author of bill that would reduce CP offenses to Tiers 1 and 2. We will keep looking until we find one.

      • American Detained in America

        What about 288.3 and 288.4 cases where there was no real victim? We were part of those moved from Tier 1 to Tier 3 at the last second.

      • matthew

        Can I author it? I am kidding of course.

    • JC

      Will you also be including misdemeanor 647.6a convictions to NOT lose their exclusion from the public site when the tiered registry goes into effect, with that authored bill?

      • Janice Bellucci

        @JC – The loss of the internet exclusion will not take effect until 2022 while the rest of the Tiered Registry will take effect in 2021. We need to stop AB 884 first. We will then fight the loss of the internet exclusion soon, but probably not this year.

        • JC

          Understood. And also thank you so much, Janice, for all that you’re doing.
          Will be drafting my letters for this bill and having friends and family call in.

        • 2019

          I think I keep up on articles here, but what bill is the loss of the internet exclusion on Megan’s website?

  4. Matt

    I have a single conviction from 18 years ago and an otherwise crime-free life. I am not currently on the public website. When the tiered registry bill passed, I found out that on 1-1-21, I will go from what should have been a tier 1 to a tier 3, and become one of the most dangerous people on the planet overnight. When this passed in 2017, I was very angry. I was almost universally told to shut up and stop being selfish by many people on this website. All about “the greater good” I suppose. Now that 40,000 more people are about to get thrown under the bus, I suspect there will be a few more very angry people. I don’t know if I can attend yet, but I will write, and I will call. And I will ask the few friends I still have to do the same. I do not personally believe that the tiered registry is a successful way out. There will always be lawmakers who go for the low hanging fruit that is the registry, and the modern day lepers that we are. I think it has to come from the Supreme Court. That said, we, as a group, cannot let these people get away with this. Every time they think they get traction, it emboldens them. And we can, and should, try to derail them every single time they do these things.

    • Thoughtasweak


      There were many who were thrown under the bus at the last minute. None of us were happy with the final bill. However, we won’t give up and work to remove more people from Tier 3!

      My loved one is also looking at being on Teir 3 as well, and I will advocate for everyone impacted by these laws until my last breath.

      I will be taking the day off to be there to Show Up, Stand Up and Speak Up!

    • Pete

      same here, not on the website currently, and i would otherwise be tier 1, but because of damn static 99r scam i will be tier 3 come a few more years.

      i was thrown under the bus too.

  5. Nick

    How can I find out what Tier level I am?

  6. Eric

    This bill is the thin end of the wedge. Lots of people want all registrants on the list for life. They want life on the list to be as restricted as possible. These sorts will never stop their efforts. No policy will make them feel “safe enough.” It all has to be fought. I don’t know the best way to fight. Certainly voting matters. Sharing this struggle with people who care about us, if possible. Being politically active and vocal. Telling elected officials what we think of these bills, respectfully but forcefully. Supporting Janice’s work with donations. There may be other avenues as well, such as educating the public about negative information on the sponsors of bills such as this. But, unfortunately, we can’t rest.

  7. KM

    Just had a lengthy conversation with Murietta’s staff. Apparently, this was put on the radar when people were asking if child pornography can be removed from tier 3 since lewd acts with minors is tier 2.

    Plus, a Republican in California needs all the fear mongering that can be mustered to stay in office.

  8. USA

    Question. Convicted? What if the 288 is a misdemeanor? Expunged?

    • Mot

      Will they distinguish between an actual 288(a) and an ATTEMPTED 288(a)?

    • NPS

      There is no misdemeanor 288. All (sub)sections of 288 are straight felonies.

      288a (completely separate category) can be a misdemeanor. By the way, this code and its subsections have now been changed to 287 (Perhaps to avoid the confusion).

      • Mr. D

        @NPS – perhaps I’m not following correctly or understanding correctly, but I know that a 288C is a wobbler and therefore can be tleither a felony or a misdemeanor.

        • NPS

          There is no 288C.
          But yes 288(c)(1) and 288(c)(2) are the only wobblers under 288. I stand corrected on that.

          One thing everyone needs to do is know their codes. I see people interchange 288a for 288(a). Two completely different codes.

        • Political Prisoner

          I know that there i a lot o confusion about PC 288. Example I have a 288.4(b) expunged, which resulted from an internet sting, it seem no one can tell me what tier I am looking at. I agree if there was no victim (CP, stings) they should be a tier 1.

        • American Detained in America

          @ Political Prisoner

          If it was labeled a felony, then you’re Tier 3.

        • mike r @ Political Prisoner

          @ Political Prisoner, or whomever wants to know their tier,

          Except add 288(a) in there now….

          Sorry to say, but it appears 288.4 is tier three, just as my 288.2 just for taking about sex is a tier three………. The tiered bill puts more people back on the public registry than it will ever remove. And places almost everyone in tier three………. Worthless, not rationally connected to public safety without individualized risk assessments. Bottom line. The worse and the more people left on it the better off for everyone when it is challenged correctly.

          Does v. Snyder, No. 15-1536 (6th Cir. Aug. 25, 2016) “A regulatory regime that severely restricts where people can live, work, and “loiter,” that categorizes them into tiers ostensibly corresponding to present dangerousness without any individualized assessment thereof, and that requires time-consuming and cumbersome in-person reporting, all supported by—at best—scant evidence that such restrictions serve the professed purpose of keeping Michigan communities safe, is something altogether different from and more troubling than Alaska’s first-generation registry law” (emphasis added)

          The bill is and has always been a sham!!!!!!!!! It is an attempt to save the CA SORA because CA SORA is the only state that I can find that does not have tiering and it was doomed without it. That is the only reason the bill was passed………

  9. Concerned Registrant

    Correct me if I am wrong. But wasn’t this exactly the complaint of some registrants regarding the tiered registry? Other states have gone to a tiered registry and then progressively moved those in lower tiers to higher ones, including extending people to long terms before removal or no chance at all for removal. I seem to recall this argument being made for not supporting a tiered registry.
    The argument at the time seemed very logical to me, especially since there were priors.

    • Feeling sad

      Yes this happened in NV and it’s just awful. My husband went from tier 1 to tier 3…no due process no questions asked. Caused him to lose a great job and almost made use homeless with our son. No one has done anything about this. I’ve called the AG. Wrote letters and everything. No one cares it’s almost like it is what it is. He can never be removed from the registry. No matter what he does and the fact hes never reoffended doesnt matter. Its unconstitutional and unfair

    • Eric

      This also raises the unjust treatment of attempt crimes in the tiered registry regime. Attempts are treated as harshly as completed crimes.

      Regardless, I’ve just called my assemblymember’s office, introduced myself and urged the member to oppose this legislation. I will reach out to all of the safety committee members next.

      • Janice Bellucci

        Thank you, Eric, for calling your representative as well as the members of the Public Safety Committee. Our voices need to be heard in the State Capitol in order to defeat AB 884.

      • David

        @ Eric: Please also write letters if you are able. It matters for this major bill that we must defeat. It also matters that these legislators start realizing that there is an opposition movement opposing these unconstitutional laws IS GROWING. Like standing up to any bullies – and that’s what this Bill’s authors are – once they realize that our numbers are growing and we are fighting back, they will back down. They need to know we have had it. We’re fed up. And we’re not going to put up with their crap anymore.
        It has happened before and we need to make it happen again!
        A couple years ago, a particularly nasty Bill was coming before a Committee and Janice and crew managed to get a lot of people to attend that hearing. As I recall, there was one person who spoke in favor of the Bill, and then one person after another after another stepped up to the podium and opposed the Bill. One after another … and there were like 50 people all saying, “I am so-and-so from so-and-so, and I oppose this Bill.”….. “I am so-and-so from so-and-so, and I oppose this Bill.”….. “I am so-and-so from so-and-so, and I oppose this Bill.”
        It was great to see and the committee killed that Bill right then and there! Now, let’s do it again!!

        • Will Allen

          Of course the criminal CA legislators are bullies but that is too nice of a term for them. They are criminals. Scumbags. Un-Americans. I don’t think such “people” learn lessons very easily. They are like a snake that needs its head chopped off. Otherwise it will return again and again. Once a scumbag snake, always a scumbag snake. That’s what they’ve taught me. ASCOL won’t let me say how I think they should be dealt with. I do think it would be effective.

          The snakes need to see people showing up. I do really think it makes a difference. I was at a similar government function within the past month (not talking about CA, so keep that in mind for all the rest of this). The room that it was conducted in held probably around 100 people. We filled that and had tons of people milling about right outside the door, being loud. It really mattered. At one point, the chairman asked everyone to raise their hands if they were there for the specific issue. Nearly everyone in the room did.

          And as other people have said, they don’t have time to let everyone talk. They will only let a few people talk. They very often just ask questions and ask people to raise their hands. I’ve also thought it is fairly useful to have a very raucous crowd. Chaos has worked. I’ve been to plenty of meetings where someone will yell out “liar” at an appropriate time. The level of chaos certainly would need to be tailored to the environment and audience.

          Another thing that we have done is to all wear the same color of shirts. We wore red. Very noticeable. Perhaps ACSOL could sell some very patriotic shirts and make some money? Shirts could say something about the constitution, have some great quotes on it, or something. Maybe “Americans don’t support big government Registries.” We need to frame people who support the Registries as the un-American, uninformed, hysterical rubes that they are and people who are anti-Registry are Americans.

          I also think it has been effective to be loud and in the way, outside of the room, throughout the building, and outside of the building. If they are forced to have significant law enforcement present, it’s been good. I think signs would be appropriate in many places also.

    • Thank you

      Thank you for reminding them. They saw “tiered” and thought,” hey, finally, a sensible start”. Wrong! In auto sales it’s called a bait and switch. Let’s have a tiered system and make everyone tier 3. The only offense that is basically tier one is public urination!
      When did California become Florida’s Bitch!

  10. JACK

    You know this brings to mind what Mr Weiner had to say about the lifetime registration scheme. He seemed to be of the belief that if everybody has to register for a lifetime it wouldn’t be constitutional. While that isn’t the point of the bill per se, it would make virtually everybody on it register for life. Might want to take that angle here.

  11. USA

    The 10 million (this would be a lawsuit) dollar question I have is if you where /plead to a wobbler felony that was reduced to a misdemeanor and later expunged? Or, how (what) category will those people fall into with expunged offenses? I actually emailed the Sex Offender Management Board requesting clarification today! Stay tuned!

    • LS

      Thank you very much USA This applies in my case as well. It will be very interesting to see if you receive a reply.

    • Benny

      USA,,, thank you for your efforts in seeking an answer to that question! I await patiently.

  12. LS

    Thank you Janice as well as ALL OTHERS who are willing to stand up, speak up and be heard. Letters and phone calls will go out first thing tomorrow morning. God bless you Janice.

    • Janice Bellucci

      @LS – You are very welcome! It is indeed my honor to be an advocate for registrants and their loved ones. One of the reasons I am doing what I am doing is I asked myself what would Atticus (Finch) do after I learned about how registrants’ civil rights were being trampled upon on a daily basis. The answer was obvious. Another reason I am doing what I am doing is Frank Lindsay’s book, “We’re All in This Together” which described Frank’s life on the registry including an attempt on his life in his own home by a stranger who found his name and home address on the Megan’s Law website. That book is available on Amazon.

  13. Crami

    Letters will go out tomorrow and I will try and show up in support. This is a terrible bill and needs to be stopped. Hopefully our legislators will listen and not just go with what’s best for them.

  14. AERO1

    No matter what bills like (AB)884 are going to continuously keep poping up but just because someone writes a new bill doesn’t mean it’ll allways pass .California has study long and hard about this tear registry. Law Enforcement,District Attorney, Attorney General and Sexoffender Management Board have come to the realization that the sex offender registry does not help it’s broken it’s flawed it’s so obvious I don’t see them taking three years to prepare for a tier registry then turn around and put all 288(a) cases on the registry for life I just don’t see it happening it just goes against the whole point of having a tiered registry.40% more people on there for life then you have the 20% who are already on there for life then you have all the tear 1 people who have to petition to get off then you have all the new people who are being placed on the registry just sounds crazy but i hope people do come out and show some support on March 26 the more people stand up the better but at the end of the day I don’t see this bill passing anytime soon

    • Mike G

      I appreciate your optimism, but I hope you will still be at the hearing with us!

    • Tim Moore

      Most of the registry has not made very much sense all along, but the stupidity continues. This bill may pass, because the legislators really don’t care that much about us, that we are inconsequential. Law enforcement can ask for and most likely get more money for the growing registry, and many of them already are not supporting the tiered registry. The only thing is that as the registry grows, there will be more angry people. We have to show them a preview of the greater opposition they will face as our numbers grow.

      • Notorious (& slightly radioactive) D.I.K. / Kennerly

        Tim, Agreed and regardless of whatever our position was on the advisability of supporting a tiered system in the first place – and you and I had my own reservations – because it is what is now in place, we have to fight to keep it from becoming worse. This will also help to test the theory that the tiers can be modified over time to bring relief to more people. Which is to say, if we can’t stop them from making it worse as time goes on then we are looking at an almighty struggle to make it better. Regardless, we now have little choice but to fight this bill. Let the “preview” begin!

        • Notorious Typo Spotter

          “…and you and I had my own reservations.”

          Argghh!! Well, you know what I meant.

        • Tim Moore

          As I have said, it is very healthy to have disagreements between ourselves, but when it comes to presenting ourselves to the public showing a united front is more important in the long run than the issue at the time. What some of these legislators are doing is trying to play us off one against the other. That’s not going to happen. We are better than that.
          Btw, I knew what you meant. Mentally kicked myself many times for pushing the the post button before adequate proofing. (Error intentional.)

    • Laura

      I hear you Areo1 but stranger things have happened. So best not to chance it if it a possibility to stop it sooner rather than later…..

  15. Tim Moore

    You said car pools? When will we know about them? That would help me out greatly. My finances are recently going down hill, but I want to be there.

    • Frank

      Tim Moore,
      Check the site. There is a link to get on a carpool if one is available.
      I am going from LA Union Station.
      Sign up and get a ride.

  16. David

    Okay, all, I have just purchased my [non-refundable] ticket and I am coming to Sacramento to kick some legislative a$$! I can’t wait! We WILL defeat this Bill! (And they damn well better not change that Hearing date!!) 😡
    And I will be sending my hand-crafted, individually-tailored, incredibly persuasive letters to each Committee member this week!
    And I will he making phone calls.
    And I will be encouraging my family and friends to call AND write as well.
    We need to make it rain down phone calls on them and we need to bury them under an avalanche of mail! (So the next time some pretty tyrant proposes any similar legislation, the committee members will say, “Oh Hell no!! Don’t even try it!! We will kill your Bill at our very first hearing!”)
    Let’s overwhelm them so they will absolutely think twice in the future!!!

    • Janice Bellucci

      Thank you, David, for your enthusiastic response to our call for help to stop AB 884. You are setting a great example for others to follow!

    • ML

      Thank You David. It is so important that everyone do what they can. You are stepping up and it is my hope that others are inspired by your efforts. Let’s defeat AB 884!
      See you at the Capitol Building on Tuesday, March 26, 2019.

      • James

        Called all of them this morning. Took about 5 minutes. Just said, “Good morning. I’m calling to oppose AB 884.” Then they ask your name and zip code. One office asked me for my full name and address but whatever. They can look me up on ML.

    • steve

      I too just sent my personalized fax to the chairman. I will also be making the trip to Sac. Anyone who wants to carpool with me from the SFV area let me know.

  17. Notorious Typo Spotter

    “…and you and I had my own reservations.”

    Argghh!! Well, you know what I meant.

  18. DavidH

    there was a lot of high profile people: DA’s, Police, Sex Offender Management Board (SOMB), etc who supported the 2017 legislation due to become law on 2021. There were also public statements and a video made by the SOMB regarding the ineffectiveness of these laws. A lot of people put themselves out there to pass that legislation.

    I wonder if they will just rollover now and allow this thing to pass– chances?

    When the 2017 legislation came out, we here at the ASCSOL site tended to form a consensus that a move in a positive direction was better for the good of all and that we should support the legislation. The legislation threw CP folks under the bus but they went along and saved the largest group of all: 288(a). Now we are back to the largest group of all and probably the second largest group both back to where we began.

    What this says if it is passed is there can be no justice and no peace without the complete abolishment of the registry–Period!!! And I would encourage crowd funding to use the public statements and videos against them in a lawsuit to do just that– abolish the registry completely.

    I dont know what the membership numbers are here, so I dont know if we can crowd fund solely from this website. But I’m certain we can crowd fund enough to purchase the phone numbers and addresses of every registrant in the state and the contact them– what happened to the days of the phone banks and mailers, knocking on doors. Liken this struggle to any other civil rights struggle in history. Then you get passion, organization and power.

    I know where to purchase the database of registrants– let’s get started. over 100,000 folks and growing.

    • Matt

      It’s actually worse than “from where we started”. Remember that the new tiered registry eliminates the possibility of a Certificate of Rehabilitation. So, they passed a tiered registry. They eliminated the COR. Then they will slowly and methodically move everybody to tier 3. We got suckered.

    • Frank

      I would personally donate $100.00 for mailings. I know it costs more, but it would be a start.

  19. Frank

    Hotel booked. I will be there. I hope we fill the halls to the point where they just give up.
    Let’s make a showing that will let them know we are serious and will not stand for this ….

    • Janice Bellucci

      Thank you, Frank, for agreeing to join us on March 26! Your voice needs to be heard that day.

  20. Really?

    Hate to be Debbie Downer, but really? Did no one see this coming? Just look at historically ever other attempt to modify the registry in any way. It has always been met with new bills and local ordinances to “re address” the registrant problem. I am sure the second the tiered bill was approved, those little political worker bees put on their thinkin’ caps to devise ways to put everyone back where they wanted them.
    They only had to look at how others states addressed it and copy them, like Nevada. Then when opposition is voiced in the way of a law suit or attending a safety mtg to cry foul, they will either appease us with a “ maybe next time” or “ it not punitive”, knowing full well that they have 0 intention of ever changing it to our benefit.
    You only have to look as far as The public outcry to Governor Newsome’s suspension of the death penalty to see what people think of felons. And all they did was murder a bunch of children. We are waaaaay worse than that! Just ask the moronic B**** that sponsored this bill.

    • R M

      Of course we saw this coming.

    • wonderin

      Yeah, I hear ya but it has always been about baby steps to freedom from tyranny.
      Personally, I would rather see a large crowd of registrants lined up supporting this bill just to worry them as to why and what are they missing????

      I’ve been on the registry for 40 years and never considered petitioning to get removed. They can either remove me because it is the right thing to do or kiss my ass.
      During that time I’ve been an asset to my community in too many ways to mention and I deeply resent anyone asking me to prove it just like I resent the public label which affects my innocent wife and child.

  21. HopingForHope

    Letters going out this weekend. If ever there was a call to action, this is absolutely it. Tens of thousands of lives will be forever altered. What this law essentially states is, ‘We really don’t care what you’ve done to turn your life around. You are, and always will be the base element of society, and we’re going to take away any hope that you’ll ever return to normalcy.’ If the goal of this legislation is public safety, this kind of message will create the OPPPOSITE effect. It is not based on data and facts. Heightened emotions should not be allowed to dictate the fate of tens of thousands of people who are trying to build their lives back.

  22. R M

    Janice, I love you for helping Ca. If you need an out of state registrant there, tell me now.

  23. HopingForHope

    So, help me understand this. Some who committed a 288(a) 40 years ago, and whose rate of recidivism is practically non-existent, will be placed in the SAME Tier as someone who has just been committed to a state mental hospital or mental health facility in a proceeding substantially similar to civil commitment as a sexually violent predator??

    • Mike G

      They are THINKING that 95%+ of the public thinks that ANYONE on the Registry is a sexually violent child predator, because that is the narrative that they, with the enthusiastic help of the media, have been feeding them for years. They must constantly keep the public in fear of us to assure their re-election.

  24. Mot

    Even stranger will be the fact that my 664-288(a) from 19 years ago as a result of a sting with no contact will place me in Tier 3 for life. Nothing in my time since I was arrested will help me. Maintained a job since that time, married for 40+ years to the same woman…

    • steve 2

      how could this bill affect prior convictions, ex post facto?
      i would think it would only affect future convictions.
      what happens if you are let off the registry, if they change your offense to a tier level 3, does that mean you will be put back on?
      also, why has no one challenged the punishment aspect more rigorously, if they can put you in prison it is not civil. the law is not what is meant to do, it is what it does.
      thank goodness Texas has no tier’s, we are based on levels

      • steve

        I assume there will be a lawsuit if they re-classify people to tier 3 who are currently not considered the highest risk. DOE vs Snyder said unconstitutional.

    • HopingForHope

      This bill will actually have the total opposite effect. Take away hope, and what’s the incentive for those on the margin to live above board? ZERO. They will go straight underground. Then you’ve got a much, much BIGGER problem.

  25. Janice Bellucci

    @Tim Moore – You are correct, Tim. Those who oppose registrants and their loved ones are trying to divide the registrant community. I hope that everyone in the community remembers “United we stand, divided we fall”. We all need to fight for each other’s rights. Those convicted of one offense need to fight for the rights of others convicted of a different offense and vice versa. As the title of Frank Lindsay’s book states correctly “We’re All in This Together” so let’s pool our resources to do together what each one of us cannot accomplish alone. There are almost 1 million people in this country who are required to register. And each person has at least 1 to 5 friends or family members who care about them. What if we ALL spoke against AB 884 through phone calls, letters and/or showing up in Sacramento! The elected officials would be sure to listen. That is our plan of action. Join us TODAY so that we can help YOU tomorrow.

  26. someone who cares

    I will make calls this morning. I know, this bill has to be stopped, but even more so, the registry needs to be abolished. I don’t want to hear one more time that the registry is not punishment. We have police knocking on our door, yelling and making a scene to do one of their unnecessary so called “compliance checks”. Our registration is current and up to date. We are not on the public site, not on probation or parole. It IS punishment because they don’t verify address via in person intrusions for Drug Dealers, DUI offenders, assault offenders, etc, etc. If they want to get away with calling this administrative, they would need to do it with anyone and everybody who ever committed a crime. So, yes, it IS punishment, and we are being singled out. The registry has to go. Just like with any other “crime”, they just need to re-arrest a person if they were to re-offend. With this bill, the registry and public disclosure will multiply by so much, and that is exactly what the Tiered Registry was going to try to get away from. The registry is too large as it is, and it becomes unmanageable. With this new bill, people will be exposed who have lived a law abiding life for years, sometimes decades. Do they really want to “scare” so many people by showing them that they live next to “horrible” people who never caused a problem or concern in the past? It is absolutely mind boggling how supposedly smart people can even want revert to mass hysteria that is completely unnecessary. With all the postings, people feel safer? They still don’t know if the person to their left who is not on the registry is a future criminal or a current criminal. We all just have to be vigilant and protect ourselves as much as we can, and mostly, use common sense. No registry will ever accomplish this. Te registry HAS to go.

  27. James A

    I shall be there.

    • Janice Bellucci

      Thank you, James! We look forward to seeing you on March 26.

  28. mike r

    Now wait a minute, the tier one states,
    (1) (A) A tier one offender is subject to registration for a minimum of 10 years. A person is a tier one offender if the person is required to register for conviction of a misdemeanor described in subdivision (c), or for conviction of a felony described in subdivision (c) that was not a serious or violent felony as described in subdivision (c) of Section 667.5 or subdivision (c) of Section 1192.7.
    (B) This paragraph does not apply to a person who is subject to registration pursuant to paragraph (2) or (3).
    Of course tier two has that same caveat.

    There are a lot of offenses in section (c) that do not fall under a violent or serious offense based on subdivision (c) of Section 667.5 or subdivision (c) of Section 1192.7

    Then it goes on to state,
    (3) A tier three offender is subject to registration for life. A person is a tier three offender if any one of the following applies
    (C) The person was convicted of violating any of the following:

    And the goes on to list all the same offenses outlined in section (c).

    Why is it even stated for tier one?,
    felony described in subdivision (c) that was not a serious or violent felony as described in subdivision (c) of Section 667.5 or subdivision (c) of Section 1192.7.

    What scandalous and BS deceptive language is gong on in this damn bill? They state in tier one and two that these people are in these tiers and describes who, but then states the paragraphs do not apply to those required to register for life according to paragraph 3. Then according to paragraph 3 (C) everyone is covered. WTF???? So they state, all these people are tier one or tier two if this and this and this applies, except for 99.9% that are covered in paragraph 3(C) who are tier three and required for life.

    Most of these offenses were not even considered ‘serious’ as outlined in Section 1192.7 let alone violent under Section 667.5, but yet they are tier three according to para 3 ?????? Either they are or are not.
    Which is it?
    This is going to be interesting if they are placing all these non-serious and non-violent offenses into this tier three. There is absolutely, without even being questionable, NO rational basis at all for such a move.

  29. Harry

    Because of work and other obligations I will not be there for the hearing, however, I have faxed my letter to the chairman, called all the member’s offices and prayed. I will be there is spirit and expect all is well. Safe travels for everyone traveling.

  30. Warren

    Janice, 2 more coming to the State Capital to help fight this. This is too important for us to stand on the sidelines. Sent my letters and plan to make the calls next week to the Assembly Public Safety Committee Members. Our Hotel is walking distance to the State Capital so hope to see some of you at the coffee shop before hand and walk with you to room 126. First time there for us! Cheers.

  31. HopingForHope

    Letters sent, calls made. If you haven’t acted, you will have no one to blame but yourself if this goes bad.
    They say life comes down to a few big moments. This one is HUGE!!

  32. SFChris

    My letter and fax just went out today. Sadly, I cannot participate because I am a freshly minted RSO on probation and not allowed to “gather” with other offenders. I have encouraged those I know to also write or fax in their letters for NO on AB 884 and try to help stop this insanity. I have been spending much time reading all the threads on ACSOL and educating myself on just what a mountain we face as RSO’s. I cant tell you how grateful I am to Janice and the others for the efforts and for fighting on behalf of the powerless, the oppressed, the minimized. As soon as I am able I will be donating what I can when I can to help you in this endeavor… and the MOMENT I am off probation (or approved to attend) I will be there in-person full force. We must stand up to this. We must fight against these crazy laws that continue to penalize and force us to live in fear and shame!

  33. Mike

    Hello i found some interesting information on the Doj they have a report stating recidivism rates are 3.5% and yet don’t say anything about but yet it is on there website for anyone to see & it’s on website almost identical report 3.5% I don’t understand why then is the registry is still up n running?

  34. Mike G

    I am embarrassed to ask this very insignificant question when we are dealing with such a serious life-altering event, but would anyone like to hazard a guess as to when the hearing on AB 884 be over? Will it be the first item heard, or could it be down the list?

    It would be helpful if I could walk to the hearing from my hotel to avoid downtown parking, but I would have to be back to the hotel by noon. If there is a consensus that the hearing could run long, I’ll just have to check out early and find downtown parking.


    • Janice Bellucci

      @Mike G – it is likely that consideration of AB 884 will end before noon, however, there is no guarantee of that happening. The order in which bills are considered depends upon when the author shows up at the hearing. Consideration is not based on numerical order. If you can you may want to check out of your room before the hearing starts and leave your suitcase with the front desk. That will give you maximum flexibility.

  35. Popeye

    Making my phone calls to the PSC members this morning. The person answering the phone for Bill Quirk said “Oh 884 we have had a lot of calls on this” Love it Keep it up!

  36. Janice Bellucci

    I spoke to the Assembly’s Public Safety Committee today and was told that they have received a LOT of letters opposing AB 884. Good job everyone! Keep sending letters by FAX to the Committee this week at 916-319-3745 to make sure they are included in the committee’s final count. Also keep making calls to the eight members of the Committee asking that they oppose AB 884. I made my calls this morning and it took less than 10 minutes. The offices only want to know a name, city and that you oppose the bill. They don’t want to know why. Hope to see you on March 26!

    • HopingForHope

      Letters sent, calls made. I hope every single person on this forum has done the same!!

  37. David

    I made my phone calls requesting the Assembly members oppose AB-884 and, as an added kicker, I mentioned that I would be attending the meeting in person in order to address the Committee directly.

    Also, the fellow I spoke with at Assemblywoman Kamlager-Dove’s office said they had been receiving a lot of calls on this Bill and all of the callers were stating opposition to the Bill.

  38. Aman

    I am not from California, but I see how massively important this is….. We ARE all in this together no matter what state we live in. Those of you who do live in CA. Need to show up, write letters, make phone calls……FIGHT…….!!! From what I have seen, California tends to be the leading edge in negative legislative action, monkey see – monkey do for many other states in our less than perfect union. Believe me, as soon as I here of such a sick proposal coming to my state, I WILL BE THERE TO FIGHT!

  39. Warren

    I made my phone calls this morning to the Committee Members opposing AB-884. Several staffers mentioned they had been receiving a lot of calls opposing this Bill. Hopefully the calls, letters and showing up at the Capital will make a difference.

  40. jo

    Letters faxed!

  41. jo

    The fact that the Board is on the side of common sense, and it was a cause they championed, combined with our cacophonous voice, Janice’s persistence and the political climate (Melendez being a Republican in a Democrat-dominated arena) should bode well for the outcome. Remember, this was championed by a very popular member, Weiner, and signed into law by Brown, after MUCH deliberation and work. She has an uphill battle to defeat dignity and common sense.

  42. Bay Area RSO

    I had a feeling this would get postponed, like other bills in the past that we all prep to go to.

    Is this a tactic that politicians use to throw a wrench on our plans? (day-offs requested, babysitters scheduled, hotels booked).

    • James

      Yeah I thought the same thing and felt bad for those who made plans. On the flip side, it gives CASOMB time to submit their formal opposition to this bill, so I think the rescheduling is reasonable albeit inconvenient to those who planned in advance to attend and voice their opposition.

    • Mike G

      The reschedule is not a big problem for me, just had to change my hotel reservation date (although the price went up by $12 🙁 ). Planning to visit my daughter and grandson on the same trip, so that is now delayed too, but not a big deal.

      I, too, kind of expected this to happen. I am mostly worried about those who purchased non-refundable plane tickets, and now can’t afford to come. We all need to be there!

  43. Harry

    Truth is the light, the dark room are all the un-Constitutional sex offense laws, and the rats are the liars that pushes these laws. When truth enters the dark room the rats scatter. The rats are trying to keep the door close for another week for their survival.

  44. AERO1

    Sent letters and made calls

  45. Jun

    This is great to witness. This is showing that this group is BEYOND afraid anymore. The system has betrayed the American Constitution on purpose. It is time to make THEM afraid before they can EVER continue to disrespect a group they have evilly disenfranchised and banished and expect a million Americans PLUS their families to sit down and do nothing as they have been backed into the corner. Make them think TWICE next time.

  46. Jojo

    Just booked my flights to and from Sacramento to stand up and speak out with you April 2nd!
    Also offered to share my hotel room on the link. Gotta be there!!!!

  47. AC

    Just for clarification, should we write and call EACH committee representative, or do I just make one call and write one letter to them all?


    • Roger

      @AC, please call them all. You can also write each one, but the sample letter and instructions address them all in one, single letter. If you write a letter to each you will need to look up their individual faxes at

      Thanks for your willingness to call, write and (I hope) show up. This is a bill we must ALL fight.

      • AC


        It’s always a pleasure to help whenever and however I can; even if I’m not a 288 convict, I still would like to be an ally for those who are.

        (On a limb, from my standpoint – 288 means that those humanly-innocent adults who were drunk and were inappropriately contacted by an advantage-taking adolescent or teenager (Sorry to break the reality to you vigilantes: it DOES and HAS happened!) are criminally liable for the “endangerment of the ‘child’ “; and would register as a tier-3 SO; which makes little logical sense, if anything.)

        However, being on probation for 311, I unfortunately CANNOT go to Sacramento with Janice, as much I desire all too much too. I’m not even allowed to own a fax machine while I’m on probation. (Apparently, the reason behind this is, having one would facilitate distributing child pornography to fellow criminals. How do you like THAT stipulation??) The best service I can provide is mailing and calling.

        Unless anyone has each rep.’s e-mail addresses? That would be best, since the fax is not an option for me.


        • Popeye

          You can always put it in the mail with a postage stamp!

        • AC

          haha, I know that, Popeye.

          Snail mail will possibly not get there fast enough. I wanted them to read my sentiment dayS before the hearing; so that they can absorb and marinate on my points. That was the original idea behind e-mail and fax.

  48. AC

    So, for all involved,

    I wanted to share my letter with you all before I send it off to CA Congress. It’s my first business letter to government: I’m sure there’s room for improvement. Please let me know what sounds good, what points can be elaborated, what omissions should be made, etc.

    I’m fighting the fight with you, even if I’m not a 288 convict. We will triumph together!

    – AC

    p. s. I haven’t yet said it directly: I owe a great deal of my life and debt to Janice Bellucci, whose heroic activism has given so much hope to those feeling hopeless in the face of legalized institutional prejudice; and changed so many lives for the better.

    • AC

      I hope to send this letter no later than tomorrow morning, before 9am. So, any suggestions made before than would be appreciated; and likely beneficial! =)


  49. James

    Letter faxed! If anyone needs ideas on how to customize their letter using the template that Janice shared, here’s mine you can use:

    Dear Chairman Jones-Sawyer , Vice Chairman Lackey and Committee Members:

    I am writing to you in strong opposition to Assembly Bill (AB) 884 which is scheduled to be heard by the Assembly Public Safety Committee on April 2, 2019. As currently written, AB 884 would gut the Tiered Registry Law which is to take effect in 2021 by moving more than 40,000 individuals from Tier 2 (20 years registration) to Tier 3 (lifetime registration) .

    On March 13, 2019, the Executive Director of the Alliance for Constitutional Sex Offense Laws and Attorney at Law, Janice M. Bellucci, sent to your office her letter opposing Assembly Bill 884 in anticipation of the March 27, 2019 hearing, which was then continued to April 2, 2019. Ms. Bellucci’s arguments in opposition as detailed in that letter is incorporated herein as reference and is attached to this letter.

    By way of background, I am a U.S. citizen and have lived, gone to school, and worked in California pretty much all of my life. I am also on the California sex offender registration website, since 2009, for one conviction of Penal Code section 288, subd. (a), which occurred in 2006. I had no priors on my record before this conviction. I served about two and a half years in prison and was on parole for five years following that without any violations. Since 2009 I dutifully carried out my registration obligations where I lived and went to school in compliance with the law.

    First and foremost, I made a mistake, and I regret it to this day. Long story short, I had mistakenly believed the victim to be 19 years old when she in fact turned out to be 13 years old and had an inappropriate relationship with her. This mistake cost me and my family dearly and even more so being on the sex offender registry. A few months ago, I had an opportunity to reach out to the victim and apologized to her in person. Gratefully, she accepted my apology, and now we are even friends. I have learned from my mistake and have been living a law abiding since my conviction.

    Being on the registry with my name, photo, address, and other personal information posted online for everyone to see causes me stress, anxiety, and fear, especially when I read in the news that someone on the registry, including their family member, was harassed, hurt, or even killed because a vigilante found their name on the sex offender website. I also feel stress, anxiety, and fear when I want to move or travel in state, out of state, or overseas for business or vacation. I have also lost jobs and opportunities because of being on the registry. My family has lost business opportunities because of me being on the registry. These real life struggles I and my family face regularly are largely in part of my being on the registry, so I was relieved when the California senators and assembly persons passed a tiered registry, which took a lot of effort, insight, and courage on their part. Now, all that hard work is being threatened with Assembly Bill 884. Hopefully, I put a human face to the realities that I, others, and families of registrants face regularly due to being on the registry.

    For the reasons outlined above I strongly urge you and all the members of the Assembly Public Safety Committee to vote “NO ” on AB 884. Thank you.

  50. HopingForHope


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