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CO: State and local laws push more registered sex offenders into low-income communities

The laws requiring the names of convicted sex offenders nationwide to be catalogued, and available to the public, bear the names of children sexually assaulted and murdered by predators who had committed sex offenses before. The goal was to prevent the same from happening to other children.

The Jacob Wetterling Act. Megan’s Law. The Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act.

The intent of the laws may be unassailable. But throughout the country, they have largely sequestered sex offenders in low-income neighborhoods. Full Article

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“There is growing doubt about whether sex offender registries protect children — or anyone. “Virtually no well-controlled study shows any quantifiable benefit from the practice of notifying communities of sex offenders living in their midst,” Eli Lehrer, president of the nonprofit research organization R Street Institute, wrote recently in National Affairs, a publication of the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think tank.”
A conservative think tank putting out this message? Excellent!

Side note: I’ve made my semi-regular check on Rankin to look for progress. Nothing as of 16:00 MDT.

Here’s a registry case where an infamous man was purposefully deleted from the WISOR.

NOTE: Look how the media outlet turns the victim into click bait when the story is not about her. This story deserves a place here all its own.

This is so true. No one and i mean no one is ever let off the Wi sex offender registry. Its like FL. It will be very telling to see where he ends up.
My son has been revoked(rule/crimeless violation) in Wisconsin and would be at the same intake center as Jake Patterson (Dodge correctional). I have not had a call from my son in two weeks, now I think this would explain why I haven’t heard from him. Normally he would call me every other day. The doc us probably concerned about any information about Patterson getting out.

Sorry to learn about your boy. Mr. Paterson was wiped clean from SOR So none of his data can be exploited. Your son will not be so fortunate as his, as mine, is out there to be used by whoever for whatever. The SOR database is not very secure at all.
Keep in mind WI once had law forbidding ” unauthorized agency ( DOC) discloser” in law punishable by jail and fine( 30 days\ 500$) via Act 98(1993).
SORNA is the direct inverse – a fiat scenario.
The fiat is a trait of a federal gov overturning a state’s established self determination and bad constitutional juju. Given that we already know Byrne Grant withholding coercion was also evidenced in law( OMNIBUS 94) we have sufficient evidence of undue influence from outside sources. We’re talking racketeering on a federal level AND a nation wide regime causing crime with little influence on recidivism.
Lastly Rehnquist was from Wisconsin and voted to uphold the ex post use of “A person who was in prison….a crime” and internet broadcast despite his already established home state’s inverse constitutional determination on the issue.( Constanteneau : 1974)
Simply put, Rehnquist was a traitor to his own state’s Sovereignty with respect to the federal surveillance saint & Byrne Grant folks( those who often refer themselves the benevolent ones) desire for unfettered use of the database itself.

The intent of the law unassailable.
That human privacy has been forced subservient government database machines is hardly unassailable and I will prove it in an FTR. Who made it alright to stockpile citizens data on these machines? Congress did using the sex offender as the scapegoat for necessity in legit gov interest concern. Applied first wholly as a state’s right but abducted by federal surveillance saints to maintain the elites political security. All of it right under the surface in the Mueller probe & FISA warrant misuse. What being the long and short of it? The Don doesn’t get indicted but the surveillance saints techniques and technologies get to remain hidden, or at least undisclosed to the general public.

Bullshit theory? Why is it some internet porn cases get dropped when defense lawyers demand discovery upon the electronic surveillance utilized to gain indictment. Privacy violation by firms (FB, Raytheon, Google, Offender Watch etc) too was promoted the the virtue signaling in the DOE03 SCOTUS rulings. So if you wonder why folks are being forced into the ghettos look to your leadership and remember history. We’ve seen it before.

Another excellent article challenging the wisdom and utility of public sex offender registries and related restrictions on residency. One of a number of such articles in recent weeks calling this practice into question. I applaud the author for such a well-written piece.

The word is getting out. Awareness is growing. We need more thoughtful pieces like this. We need more champions. It’ll take a continual effort to convince the public, and even more to come to the notice of legislators.

“The word is getting out.”

Yes, but albeit at a snail’s pace and I’m tired of waiting. Megan’s Law unwittingly exposes man’s true nature – misguided altruism.

I expect that only a small percentage of people support Registries for altruistic reasons. Perhaps 10%. About 0% of those people are informed.

A majority of people are kind and decent when it is convenient for them. A majority of those will show their true self the second it’s not.

The motto of Amerika should be “Sheep Embracing Flippant Hatred”.

@Facts should matter:
“I’m tired of waiting.”
Fair enough. So what are you doing or planning to do, if not waiting?


I’m not sure what that hashtag is all about, but I can guarantee I’ll never find out on my own. This homey doesn’t do any form of social media.

AJ, in denial,
You don’t do social media? As if posting here isn’t a form of participation in social media!
Posting here is exactly that – a use of social medial! You and I are each banned from FB, not by law but by TOS. Therefore gov and big media are engaged in collusion to abridge speech and peaceful assembly. all4 & NARSOLs exposure on FB would certainly be much greater if TOS was not prohibitive.

Today I called C-SPAN and got on the air. Called the fed gov out on Wetterling act ex post wording and use. SCOTUS too for upholding it. And the indenture of humans to gov government databases.

Tomorrow I attend a court date for FTR, courtroom B, Rock County WI. I’m gonna crush them.

@Tim in WI:
Whatever. My point stands that I won’t ever find out what that precious hashtag is about. Now if you’ll pardon me, I need to go kick myself for digging into another one of your posts. It shall be the last, so please save us both some time and refrain from including my moniker in anything.

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