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NY: Cops Gave ____ A Pass While Making More Than 7,000 Arrests For Similar Offenses

The New York Police Department allowed wealthy financier and convicted sex offender ____ ____ to skip dozens of court-mandated check-ins with law enforcement for more than eight years before he was arrested and charged with the sex trafficking of minors, the Washington Post reported earlier this year. During roughly that same period, cops in New York state made at least 7,061 arrests for similar violations of the state’s complicated sex offender registration law, according to data obtained by HuffPost.

Several of those arrests include people who committed minor violations, like submitting paperwork days late, or who struggled to keep up with reporting requirements because they were living in homeless shelters or on the street, defense lawyers said. Full Article

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  1. AJ

    Subject individual aside, I’m pleased to see this article–second one in as many weeks for this media outlet–regarding the stupidity and futility and RC laws. Chip, chip, chip…pieces crumbling from the falsehood. Anecdotally, it seems there are three types of stories that come out anymore: 1) the registries are burdensome and useless; or 2) some outlier RC re-offends; or 3) a RC living life like anyone else is “outed.” It seems to me, purely on gut feeling, the first is the one that is being published more and more. The other ones seem to be click-bait type stories from local rags with an online presence that needs some zing. (I wonder if the same stories ever make it to the print edition.)

    As has been mentioned by numerous people on here before, say something long enough and people start to believe it. “Our” mantra is becoming the one heard more and more, and fewer people (nut job soccer moms aside) are stepping up to have us all shipped off to some island. We also have the benefit of our mantra being the truth.

    • Tim in WI

      A massage is changing perceptions, but maybe it’s because more folks are recognizing the impact databases have on privacy expectations. Sooner or later they all will come to acknowledge that the database is far more dangerous than any man. As soon as your child’s SS# is sold on the dark web. As soon as an Equifax re- dump lends itself to CC accounts, or fraudulent accounts at Wells fargo. SOR could be considered a form of gov sanctioned identity theft. The ex post database upkeep fee certainly is sanctioned theft.

      Pay for your protection OR else!– Plomo o’ Plata?
      @FTR ………de me plomo!

    • TS

      Really?! “Sex offender registration laws “aren’t based in any data,” said Erin Harrist, a senior staff attorney at the New York Civil Liberties Union. “They’re just knee-jerk reactions to certain horrible instances.”” Then work harder to do something about it is my advice to you!

      I’d like to see those in the hierarchy of the New York Police Department to be personally held accountable for these blinders they wore in giving him a free pass for so long. I like to know what sort of possible back channel favors were provided to allow him such a clean slate even though he did technically change his residency to the Virgin islands.

      This is a good article that shines a very bright negative light on the entire situation which is what is needed and possibly will tell the other well known individual in the state of New York who fervently fights for these things to go back to the cave from which she came and be quiet.

      I’d also like to see the prosecutor’s office go back to really review all the cases since these instances have come to light and truly review the efforts folks made to try and meet the letter of the law. New York wants to address the homeless problem but it seems kind of hypocritical when they’re continually adding to the homeless problem. That’s a self-licking ice cream cone in a negative way.

      We in this forum always wanted the subject individual to give us a hand. Now he actually is even though he has not directly contributed to the effort but is doing very well in shining a bright light on the entire scheme. Thank you sir for your assistance.

  2. Mp

    How about a lawsuit against the NYPD for discrimination against poor person’s required to register vs rich. I am so disgusted.

    • AJ

      How about a lawsuit against NYPD for willingly endangering the public? 🙂 After all, they keep singing and claiming that it’s a public safety issue, and yet they were grossly negligent with a Tier III offender. I (and I’m sure @NY won’t let go) would love to hear a defense of his not being a public safety risk because he’s out of state.

  3. Tim in WI

    State of WI, attempts to place a special condition on 1000$ bond of “” compliance with SO registration ” on a man who refuses to register. Kinda redundant no? However judge is limited on what he can do as scotus ruled a jury must assemble before incarceration can occur. He can take the bond $, but what then to maintain appearance from same.

    ODD INDEED, but then our administrative branches answer only to the press while in office.

  4. Anonymous

    I’m actually puking. Scumbag politicians.

  5. Eric

    As well as not following registry rules, he continued to abuse minors, travel out of state with them, and traffic them to wealthy friends…all while on the registry, which, as is common knowledge, that the registry only worked for those who follow the rules, and it only punishes those who follow the rules.

    • Joe

      “he continued to abuse minors, travel out of state with them, and traffic them to wealthy friends…all while on the registry” – where does it say that? I read the article twice and did not see it. I have seen no reports that this went on after registration. Did I miss it? Please link to a report that states this. Thanks.

      Let’s not lose sight of the fact that this case is about people old enough to be treated as adults by the system engaging in biologically appropriate conduct in exchange for financial compensation. In some cases even engaging in the exact same crimes as this defendant (will those girls who recruited other girls be charged for sex trafficking of minors? As adults, I hope?).

      Against the law? No doubt. Then again, if he had recruited the very same girls to be his drug mules, they would be rotting in Adult Prison.

      While everyone is freaking out about these “children”, to me this case is about rampant government corruption and incompetence at a level that should shock the masses, were they not distracted by the lurid details. Panem et circenses.

      • NPS

        No Joe, you did not miss it. I have not seen one report about E****n committing new offenses after placement on the registry. These new accusations are for actions committed BEFORE 2008. So there’s another issue here. In addition to the inequity of enforcing registration compliance, also demonstrated is how the registry is ineffective anyway. There’s no evidence/documentation of him committing a new sex offense after registration.

      • pgm

        and another thing… the media keeps referring to Epstein as a pedophile. I have been reading all I can on this case and nowhere has the reporting indicated Epstein’s preference for prepubescent children. I think the man was lusting after fully developed young women, not little girls. The media is very lazy and inaccurate.

        • Carl

          Media is only worried about selling papers, not the truth!

  6. Mot

    The registry only keeps those of us who will follow the laws from having the freedom given to the rich and famous. If a regular RSO missed ONE registry event that person would be hunted down and arrested in front of everyone. Proof that there are sets of rules for normal people and another set for the rich and famous. The registry only works if we continue to follow the rules

  7. TS

    I can’t resist this, but the subject individual truly did it in grand New York style by doing it “his way”. 😉

    May the famous singer who brought that song to everybody to enjoy not be rolling over in his grave at this moment.

    • Tim

      Old blue eyes,
      Did you believe old blue eyes never” pushed up”, ” macked on” or ” made a pass at” any females while 3\4 in the bag on burbon? You think he never showed aggression towards women? Part of the ” rat pack ” hanging out in the old Hollywood clubs boozing it up doing the “shimmy shimmy” in their bachelor pads? Laughable!

  8. Joe

    7,061 arrests over 8 years or 921 last year is TWO AND A HALF arrests – PER DAY! With investigation, execution, booking, jail time and resolution in court, how much does that cost the tax payer????

    • Mp

      Imagine if that much effort was put into prevention, education and mental health services. We might have actually saved some kids. We might have saved the now adults who were once the kid being abused (and not just sexual).

      • Joe

        Oh, but where to start…. wait a minute, here is an idea;

        “A 2013 report by the HHS Administration on
        Children, Youth and Families cited a number of alarming
        statistics, including several studies showing that 50 to
        more than 90 percent of children who were victims of
        child sex trafficking had been involved with child welfare
        services (HHS, ACF, 2013). “

        • CR

          That doesn’t necessarily imply causation. Did the report reach any conclusions or offer any hypotheses for why that might be?

  9. Nondescript

    I think this guy was engaged in all sorts of crimes to blackmail politicians. He was/ is an intelligence agency asset? He didn’t have to abide by the registry requirements. They are throwing him under the bus now though because they have more to gain from him spilling the proverbial beans and publishing it. Remember- it is always the politicians that have the most dirt on them that are forced to sponsor laws outlining the the very crimes they have committed. This is how it works. I believe when it comes to the judicial branch it is the judges who are NOT compromised that tend to rule in our favor. It is a sordid and evil system .

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